Are Casinos Legal In Dubai And UAE? (Law, Alternatives & Future)

Dubai is a city associated with luxury, buzzing nightlife, and an array of spectacular activities. Dubai is also home to big businesses and high rollers who enjoy their fair share of entertainment.

While luxury shopping and resorts are popular activities, many people wonder if there are casinos in Dubai and if casinos are legal in Dubai and the UAE.

Casinos are not legal in Dubai and the UAE. Islam is the official religion of the country, and as such, Dubai and the UAE are governed by rules that follow the Islamic faith, one of these rules is the prohibition of gambling. There are no physical or online casinos based in Dubai and the UAE.

Many tourists enjoy gambling and look for accommodation that offers a casino. Unfortunately, you won’t find this in Dubai or the UAE.

Many international casino owners have tried to open casinos in Dubai and see the enormous earning potential of having casinos in this famous city.

Despite this, the law prohibits gambling and it is unlikely that casinos will be made legal in Dubai and UAE.

Are There Any Casinos In Dubai And The UAE?

According to Holidify, there are no legal casinos in Dubai because gambling is forbidden in Dubai and the UAE.

Gambling goes against the Islamic religion and because Dubai is an Islamic country, it needs to abide by specific rules and regulations.

Cruise ships with casinos on board must stop all gambling activity when they dock in Dubai. As a result, tourists looking for casinos in Dubai often get lured into fake casinos where they are either robbed or caught by the police.

According to CNBC, American casino developers Wynn Resorts announced that they have plans to open a 1000-room luxury hotel with restaurants, lounges, shopping venues, and a gaming area.

Gaming has often been used synonymously with gambling in resorts and hotels, but this does not clarify if Wynn Resorts plans to open a casino.

Can You Gamble In Dubai And The UAE?

Gambling is prohibited in Dubai and the UAE and you could face severe consequences if you gamble. This being said, many tourists and locals use online casinos to gamble.

Online gambling is also illegal in Dubai and the UAE, and some internet providers block online casinos yearly.

Most people who gamble at online casinos use a VPN to avoid getting caught when gambling online.

Although internet service providers try and block most sites, it is impossible to stop everyone from gambling online, especially if they have a VPN.

Some of the most widely known online casinos which are in Arab are:

  • Arab 888 Casino
  • BWin Casino
  • Arab Casino Las Vegas
  • Intertops Casino
  • Arab Casino Cruise

A few other online casinos which are popular are:

  • Fortune coins
  • Pulsz
  • Gambino Slots
  • Bet Rivers
  • Stake
  • Golden Hearts Games

When gambling online, players are advised to use US dollars as the currency of choice and avoid betting with local currency.

Online casinos are convenient, and you can gamble with various banking methods. These include e-wallets, credit and debit cards, direct transfers, prepaid cards, and cryptocurrency.

Discreet payment methods should be used, and it’s essential to gamble online with a VPN. The most discreet payment methods will be e-wallets, cryptocurrency, and prepaid cards.

What Happens If You Are Found Gambling In Dubai And The UAE?

If you get caught gambling in Dubai and the UAE, it’s considered a serious offense. According to Gambling Insider, those who engage in gambling can be fined between AED250,000 ($54,459) and AED500,000.

Illegal activities can range from managing, creating, and supervising gambling-related content.

Gambling was illegalized under Article 414 of the UAE Penal Code, which states that whoever gambles will be punished by detention for a maximum period of two years or a fine.

If a tourist is caught gambling in Dubai or UAE, they will be sentenced to a custodial penalty, and the court can call its judgment for deportation.

The closest thing to gambling you’ll find in Dubai and the UAE is horse betting.

Guests can bet on horses without breaking the law in horse racing venues, but this is very strictly regulated. The two venues where bets are permitted for horse racing are Meydan Racecourse and Jebel Ali Racecourse.

The Meydan racecourse is the most famous racing arena that features Arabian horses and thoroughbreds from all over the world. These horses compete, and there are often huge cash prizes up for grabs.

The biggest race is the Dubai World Cup which has seen some of the world’s best horses compete for millions of dollars in prizes.

Racing camels is also a popular sport in Dubai, and tourists are often tricked into placing bets for camel races; however, this is illegal, and tourists can face a hefty fine, deportation, and may have to go to court for such an offense.

Where Is The Closest Legal Casino To Dubai In The UAE?

If you are traveling and exploring the middle east and are looking for the nearest legal casino, the closest and arguably the best casino is the Casino du Liban.

This casino was made for wealthy tourists and high rollers and has an elegant, formal atmosphere. Therefore, you’ll need to dress in formal attire when visiting Casino du Liban.

This casino is located in Beirut in Lebanon, and is visited by those living in Dubai. This casino is 376 000 square feet and is filled with slot machines, poker tables, and 56 other different table games.

A flight to the casino from Dubai is approximately 4 hours, but some people prefer to visit Egypt for more casino options.

Will Casinos Ever Be Legal In Dubai And The UAE?

According to Gambling Insider, the Dubai government has stated that any rumors of licensed gambling being permitted in the city are false.

However, this information has been circulating on social media. And its also been rumored that several hotels in Dubai had allegedly received licenses for gambling, which is also false.

Currently, Dubai has no plans to legalize gambling, casinos, and betting. However, Dubai has also just recently launched an app where citizens can report illegal gambling and games, allowing you to place bets.

It’s unlikely that Dubai and the UAE will legalize gambling, and all gambling activities should be avoided if you travel to Dubai.


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