Best Al Ghurair Mall Restaurants

The 13 Best Al Ghurair Mall Restaurants in Dubai

Shopping can be hungry work, but whether you are taking a mid-retail-therapy-break or making a special trip for a romantic lunch or dinner, Al Ghurair Mall has got you covered. Al Ghurair is located in Deira and is Dubai’s oldest mall. It has more than 300 stores, among them some fabulous eateries. Here are the best restaurants to be found in the Al Ghurair Mall.

1. Il Forno

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There’s nothing quite like Italian cuisine to get the juices flowing, and the fragrance of fresh garlic, tomato, and herbs in the air adds to the cravings for pizza or pasta. Although Il Forno has developed into a restaurant chain over the past 22 years, they have successfully created an ambiance of an authentic Italian eatery, and their extra outdoor seating adds to the charm.

Pizzas and pasta are on the menu, with recipes built on ancient traditional ingredients and techniques. But seafood, steaks, vegetarian, and vegan fare are also available to cater to all palates, as is typical of Italian hospitality.

Keeping space for the delectable desserts, such as cheesecake or chocolate mousse cake, might be a problem after tackling the sizeable main course. Quality is valued above everything by the Il Forno management, so their goal is to serve exceptional food and present it beautifully.

  • Contact: +971 4 883 3966
  • Website: Il Forno

2. Yakitate


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Food is art at this Japanese restaurant. The chefs do a brilliant job in preparing the food and the presentation and plating of each meal. Each dish is brightly colored and decorated so beautifully that one scarcely wants to disturb the picture-perfect plate to eat the meal! And impressively, every morsel on the menu is prepared on the premises without preservatives.

Yakitate serves traditional Japanese cuisine, sushi, and other healthy contemporary foods and also offers vegetarian and vegan options. You will find many individual meals on the menu and some great platters for sharing.

Yakitate also has a tempting array of cakes, breads, pastries, and desserts. The cheesecake with salted caramel alongside is to die for!

  • Contact: +971 4 259 5661
  • Website: Yakitate

3. Shogun


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Shogun is well-known for its Korean BBQ but also offers a variety of Asian food, including Japanese cuisine and sushi. The restaurant serves brunch, lunch, and dinner daily. It also caters to vegetarians and vegans, and all food is Halal.

Every item served is fresh and tasty. Meats are tender and easy to cook, and side dishes complement them perfectly. The pitcher of iced tea that accompanies the lunch deal adds the perfect finishing touch.

Regardless of how delicious a meal is, if the service is not up to scratch, it’s not worth a repeat visit. Shogun’s service surpasses “scratch” by far, as they are all friendly, helpful, and accommodating, so repeat visits are a must!

  • Contact: +971 4 228 5568
  • Website: Shogun

4. Denny’s Diner And Breakfast

If you’re an American ex-pat desperate for the taste of home, your nose will lead you straight to Denny’s, where everything USA is on the menu. Its typical American diner ambiance provides comfort foods to those far from home. Still, it’s equally as welcoming to locals and all who enter any time of the day or night.

Denny’s is a great place to go for breakfast, and they serve it all day. Their reputation for the best breakfast pancakes has proved true. If you return later for lunch or dinner, the double cheeseburger is equally as delicious.

For a sweet tooth like mine, the chocolate lava cake ranks highest, but there are ample other desserts, including pancakes, waffles, and more, to satisfy any dessert lover. The excellent service and hospitality are good reasons to return. Besides, there are too many temptations to try in a single day.

5. The Choco Monarch


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If you’re a chocoholic, this is the place to get your fix! 95% of the menu is aimed at the sweet tooth who is very partial to chocolate. Most crépes, waffles, and beverages contain Belgian chocolate in some form.

Have you forgotten to have breakfast? A bowl of Rice Crispies with three kinds of Belgian chocolate may fill the gap!

If you’ve had to drag a companion along who, by some strange DNA twist, can’t abide chocolate, they will still find some delicious savory items on the menu.

It’s almost impossible to pick a favorite treat from the menu, as every option would be a chocoholic’s dying wish. But, perhaps a newbie could start their chocolate fantasy with a Crépe Brownie.

The treats at Choco Monarch are delightfully sweet and rich, so a lemon and mint cold drink or Turkish coffee would pair well with them to take the edge off that addictive chocolatey flavor.

The staff at Choco Monarch are friendly and helpful, quickly preparing the food to perfection.

6. Farsi Restaurant

Farsi has developed a reputation as the best Persian restaurant, serving authentic Iranian food. They have a buffet and an a la carte menu. What more could you hope for?

When I think of Persian cuisine, kababs and saffron rice immediately come to mind, and Farsi certainly does this justice. But there is so much more than this on the menu.

If the mood strikes for a hearty stew, Farsi’s Ghorme Sabzi is an excellent choice. Alternatively, if you’re intent on kababs, you can’t go wrong with the Chelo Kabab Koobideh. The grilled minced meat skewer served with rice won’t leave you disappointed.

End off with some Halvah or Saffron ice cream to satisfy the sweet tooth, and your Persian fantasy meal will be complete.

The staff gives excellent customer service, the prices are reasonable, and the food is fabulous!

  • Contact: +971 4 450 3532/3
  • Website: Farsi

7. Chowking


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Everybody loves Chinese/oriental food! Whether the name is a play on words or not, they lead the pack when it comes to Chinese and Filipino food! The menu is extensive, including something for everyone.

Some favorites are sweet chicken, chicken spring rolls, sticky rice, prawn crackers, and chicken chunks. If you’re new to oriental food, try the Siomai Sampler, which includes nine pieces of steamed dim sum with seafood, chicken, or beef.

The food is served timeously and presented well, and the waitrons are friendly and efficient. They are also very accommodating and attentive to customers’ individual needs.

  • Contact: +971 60 056 0031
  • Website: Chowking

8. Romantic Baka Restaurant


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Romantic Baka is a Korean BBQ eatery where you cook your own dinner! It’s vibey and trendy, with a warm and fun atmosphere. Cooking and catching up with friends and family at this restaurant doubles up as a meal and entertainment.

The portions are more than sufficient for any hungry patron, with ample rice and side dishes to supplement your order, and the food is fresh and tasty. The kimchi is delicious and perfectly seasoned, and the tofu couldn’t be better.

The staff are welcoming and helpful, fully representative of typical Korean hospitality. The waitrons even do a bit of a jig and a song when there’s a birthday! Good food, good service, and reasonable prices will keep us coming back for a long time.

9. Cinnabon


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Cinnabon restaurants are a worldwide taste phenomenon, and the Al Ghurair Center store does not disappoint. It’s ideal for a mid-shopping break or an outing for friends to get together for coffee and dessert. And it’s totally affordable, too!

There is no resisting the smell of those cinnamon rolls, and even if you weren’t planning to stop there, you often find yourself indulging on the spur of the moment. To pick a favorite flavor is difficult, but the Caramel and Pecan one has me returning time and again.

The drinks vary from all the other garden-variety coffee shops. Cinnabon’s cold drinks are a little bit of fresh air, and an ice-cold lemonade is just the ticket to slake your thirst after one of the super-sweet rolls. Although you can sip on a Chillata, it’s more of a dessert than a drink and quite filling. Of course, you can also order hot drinks like cocoa and coffee.

The service is typically fast and friendly, giving another reason besides addiction to return to Cinnabon.

  • Contact: +971 4 236 8277
  • Website: Cinnabon

10. Man’oushe Street

Man'oushe Street - Al Ghurair Mall

It all began in the kitchens of modest village houses when doting moms cooked up a hearty breakfast for their kids to fuel them for the walk to school. So goes the legend of where “manoushe” first got its start.

Man’oushe, a traditional Lebanese dish that originated in humble family kitchens but has now found its way to the crowded bakeries of the city’s streets, is now available to anybody, any time. Man’oushe Street was born in the center of one of the world’s most multicultural cities while remaining faithful to its roots and traditions.

Dubai is a city that values its history, and from this, we take motivation to honor the moms who used to get up before dawn to prepare a traditional man’oushe. The humble and time-honored man’oushe is regaining popularity since it brings to mind the warmth of a mother’s embrace and is enjoyed by people of all ages.

Man’oushe will eventually become as universally beloved as pizza. They’ve entered an era in which man’oushes and other street cuisine are held in the same regard as fine dining. They know sure everybody has their go-to man’oushe, and if you haven’t found any yet, Man’oushe Street will be your ticket.

11. Bikanervala


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Bikanervala deserves special recognition for being among the greatest eateries in Al Ghurair Mall. The Indian Street dish, chaat, is served with a spicy and sour twist at this renowned restaurant in Dubai.

Bikanervala is an authentic Indian restaurant serving up regional specialties from all around India, including South Indian food. Bikanervala is a famous Indian food and snack brand that has been around since 1905.

It was founded in the city of ‘BIKANER’ in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Artisanal goods represent the culture and traditions of the people who mastered the recipes over many generations. With over a hundred locations in six different countries, the company now supplies millions of clients daily with various food items.

12. Din Tai Fung

If you are in the Al Rigga region and are in the mood for Chinese food, head to Din Tai Fung, a famous establishment in Al Ghurair Centre specializing in regional specialties.

They have some of the best Xiaolongbao buns in Dubai!

But there are also traditional foods like steamed and fried wontons, noodles, fried rice, and various seafood options. Vegetarians and health-conscious diners can choose from a variety of tasty options.

13. Tim Hortons Restaurant

Tim Hortons Dubai - Al Ghurair Mall

Another well-liked UAE eatery, Tim Hortons, has many locations in Dubai, the most popular of which is the always-bustling one in Al Ghurair Centre.

When hunger strikes or the mood strikes, this is the place to satisfy your sandwich needs. Some of their best-selling sandwiches are the grilled turkey and cheese, the Mumbai bhaji, the Mexican chicken avocado, and the turkey sausage and eggs.

A visit to Tim Hortons is the perfect opportunity to people-watch while enjoying a freshly toasted bagel and a cup of hot coffee in this quaint shopping center.


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