Best Restaurants at Studio City Dubai

The 13 Best Studio City Restaurants (Must Try)

Studio City, the haven for all media and entertainment enthusiasts, provides amazing dining spots for all its inhabitants. No matter what you feel, regarding either aesthetics or cuisine, you will be pleased by the vast diversity of restaurants available in Studio City. So, let us not waste any time beginning your belly-filling journey.

1. Patiala House Restaurant

Patiala House delivers the most authentic North Indian dishes directly to your table. Whether spicy or fresh, this restaurant guarantees each meal provides scrumptious delicacies with fresh ingredients and spices. Immediately stepping through their doors, you become surrounded by unique décor and artwork, allowing you and your taste buds to travel to a different land.

Patiala House’s menu showcases a substantial arrangement of traditional dishes, which enables all their customers to savor their food, regardless of specific preferences. So, if spicy food is not your go-to, like me, you will have no difficulties finding the perfect dish suitable for you.

  • Location Glitz 1 by Danube Properties
  • Contact: +971 4 333 5035
  • Website: Patiala House

2. Larte

Larte, located in the Studio One Hotel, embraces its trattoria style, providing a place for artistic expression and culinary creativity. This restaurant wishes to warm your hearts with its wholesome Italian cuisine, all delivered to you with quality, simplicity, and honesty. Like their special dishes, the dining space is spotted with striking colors, sparking the minds of each patron they serve.

The restaurant’s menu displays numerous genuine Italian dishes while maintaining some comforting classics, like their generous selection of delicious pizzas and plates of pasta. In addition, Larte’s spirit beverages are refreshing to any dish you order, including their classic Italian cocktails, which keep bringing me back for more!

  • Location: Studio One Hotel, Ground Floor – Al Qudra Rd
  • Contact: +971 4 581 6870
  • Website: Larte

3. China Bistro

China Bistro - Studio City Restaurant

China Bistro is inspired by the old legend of the first Emperor of China, King Qin Shi Huang, and his greatest Warrior dynasty. The Terracotta Warriors within the dynasty were described as romantic, each retaining a distinct personality. Their passion was also expressed through their food, combining earthy flavors with freshening ingredients that were locally grown.

The interior of China Bistro establishes a comforting area for you to momentarily rest while simultaneously experiencing flavorful adventures. You will also notice several images of terracotta statues which hint at the story that inspired all their aspiring chefs.

This restaurant strives to nourish the warrior’s passion with each meal they prepare, and its menu does not disappoint. China Bistro is the hot spot for Asian cuisine, serving various dishes such as bao, sushi, dimsums, and noodles.

  • Location: Shop no 5, Glitz 1, Danube Properties
  • Contact: +971 54 307 0988
  • Website: China Bistro

4. The Irish Village

The Irish Village brings Ireland to Dubai with its lively environment and plentiful drinks. You can situate yourself within their traditional wooden pub or on the outdoor terrace, overlooking beautiful gardens and lakes. The homely décor, with original Irish music flooding the room, provides a great area to delve into comforting foods among friends and family.

The menu of The Irish Village offers many classics while serving various tender slices of meat. If meat dishes aren’t to your taste, they provide several options for vegetarians and vegans. Did you bring your kids? No problem! Your children are also incorporated into the Irish spirit with their own menu.

And speaking of the Irish spirit, their bar supplies an impressive number of beverages for you and your mates to enjoy. Their drink menu covers draught/bottled beers, wines, cocktails, gins/tonics, and traditional Irish coffee. At The Irish Village, you are guaranteed to never be left thirsty. Additionally, all this merriment is accompanied by live music throughout the week.

  • Location: Studio One Hotel, 1st Floor, Al Qudra Rd
  • Contact: +971 4 241 8444
  • Instagram: The Irish Village

5. Masala Studio


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Masala Studio is a small but inviting space for all Indian food lovers. This restaurant is flawless for sit-in or on-the-go meals. The potent aroma of spices manifests the second you enter through their transparent doors.

With the large windows, not only do you get pleasant natural lighting, but you also get a broad view of the bustling street outside. On the contrary, you could sit outdoors to catch some early sun rays. In addition, their walls showcase Bollywood pop art, a unique style to see on display!

The dishes on Masala Studio’s menu are playful and colorful, delivering an overall pleasing result. They serve many traditional Indian dishes, combining spicy and freshness with every bite. With both cold and warm beverages available, your thirst is always sated, no matter the state of the weather.

  • Location: Shop 7, The Hive
  • Contact: +971 58 558 6089
  • Instagram: Masala Studio

6. The MAINE Street Eatery

The MAINE Street Eatery is a shining beacon for any food lovers. From savory to sweet to salty, this restaurant has it all and more. The MAINE’s riveting retro-vintage design displays a compelling combination of modern and rustic elements, forming a refreshing interior for all its customers.

Even though this restaurant is a duplicate of their original branch in JBR, they still produce a unique product. They even tailor their new dishes based on the neighborhood, such as artisan sandwiches, fresh salads, crusty pizzas, and delectable desserts. The MAINE promotes supporting local farms and fisheries, which is how all their ingredients arrive fresh and ready for your enjoyment.

Their menu is nothing to scoff at, as you can access an impressive range of ingredients, meats, and seafood. You can feast on their various steaks and chops or enquire about their Catch Of The Day! No matter what your pallet may yearn for, The MAINE Street Eatery has the means to satisfy all your food desires.

  • Location: Ground Floor, Studio One Hotel
  • Contact: +971 4 557 2468 / +971 58 645 0811
  • Website: The MAINE Street Eatery

7. Mr. Miyagi’s

If restaurants were people, Mr. Miyagi’s would be the life of the party. They are the hotspot for partying among friends and great food. They are prepared for any occasion with countless events and deals such as Ladies’ Night, Friday Brunch, and Happy Hour – to name a few. Their rustic walls feature countless pops of color, which compliments their Asian street-themes aesthetic.

Mr. Miyagi’s menu is simplistic yet exciting, introducing creative Thai cuisine to all their consumers. Whether grilled or fried, their dishes are served with exquisite taste and remarkable presentation.

The drinks are unquestionably the stars of the show. They offer everything from wines to beers to vibrant cocktails, all of them contributing a refreshing element to your night out in Studio City. Should you have any preferences, no matter what they may be, Mr. Miyagi’s has your back, guaranteed!

  • Location: Studio One Hotel
  • Contact: +971 4 514 5447
  • Website: Mr. Miyagi’s

8. El Chapo’s Tacos

Arriving from the streets of Mexico, El Chapo’s Tacos prides itself on serving authentic Mexican cuisine to the people of Dubai. From the moment you enter, you are immediately drawn by gorgeous décor, inviting you into the wild side of Mexico. You can also instantly smell the sensational aromas of all their feisty flavors from their busy kitchen.

Their menu is as spicy as their dishes, showcasing varying traditional Mexican meals. Their menu allows you to traverse all over Mexico, from land to sea. Some top hit dishes include Baja Fish Tacos, Fajitas, and their famous guacamole. El Chapo’s Tacos embraces the entire family, providing your kids with a menu catered for them.

9. Circle Café


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Circle Café creates the utmost healthy meals in Studio City. This restaurant provides a relaxing venue for any occasion, from family dinners to business lunches. This environment is formed by a modernistic interior design that refreshes your mind – just like their food. The family of Circle even states that eating in their café is like hanging in a friend’s living room.

With fresh, organic ingredients, each meal on their menu ensures you are properly fueled for your day. In addition, their menus are tailored to each season, proving that your food is always newly produced. You can sip their specialty coffees or organic teas to warm your soul. If you are looking for something more acidic, you can order their homemade smoothies or freshly squeezed juices.

  • Location: Shop No. 5, Ground Floor of EIT Building, Warehouse No.2
  • Contact: +971 4 558 9962 / +971 56 315 6040
  • Website: Circle Café

10. Freedom Pizza


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Freedom Pizza primarily operates via its delivery services, which are convenient for stay-at-home days. Still, they offer indoor seating if you wish to pop by during your errands. The dishes of Freedom Pizza are prepared classically and deliciously, serving authentic American cuisine no matter where you are.

This restaurant’s menu promises comforting foods and diverse pizza combinations. However, suppose you are not feeling for something warm. In that case, they also specialize in delectable salads, suiting any preferences you may have, such as vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, or gluten-free.

  • Location: Food Court – Shop 2, Boutique Studio Retail
  • Contact: +971 4 457 2533
  • Instagram: Freedom Pizza

11. Taqado Mexican Kitchen

This restaurant is praised for the premium quality of its Mexican food. Taqado Mexican Kitchen (Studio City) serves excellent dishes, especially their tacos. You’ve arrived at the perfect location if you enjoy exceptionally wonderful meals! At Taqado, ingredients reign supreme.

Their meats are marinated for twenty-four hours, their guacamole is made fresh every day, and the only way their tomatoes could be fresher is if they were still attached to the vine! This restaurant is famous for its excellent service and courteous, always-ready-to-assist employees. The eatery’s prices are very reasonable, and you will love the tranquil atmosphere.

12. Tomato & Basilico Restaurant

Visiting F1-X Dubai requires time and energy, so stop by this eatery if you’re feeling peckish later. Feast on Italian food that takes inspiration from a variety of different styles. Get some authentic Margherita pizza, some spaghetti, and some grilled chicken and try them out.

Delicious tiramisu, chocolate desserts and creamy ice cream are all offered at Tomato & Basilico. If you pair your meal with one of their wonderful margaritas, you will definitely go back for seconds, and their espresso is absolutely superb.

Customers may make use of the restaurant’s food delivery service. According to several reviewers, the staff is really welcoming. These business owners emphasized providing friendly service. The restaurant’s reasonable rates are sure to please you, and it’s easy to unwind in this cafe’s welcoming, contemporary setting.

  • Location: Foxhill 7, Studio City
  • Contact: +971 800 227 45426
  • Facebook: Tomato & Basilico

13. Salad Jar


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An absolute gem of a find in Studio City, Salad Jar offers large, healthy portions of salads that are served in (you guessed it…) a jar. Ingredients are organic and all-natural, and jars are available in two sizes in case you’re just peckish. You can even build your own salad jar, full of all the goodies your taste buds prefer.

All wraps are made with high quality wheat tortilla bases, and stuffed full of fresh, healthy goodness. A little on the pricey side when compared to the salad jar option, the wraps were nevertheless delicious, tasted great, and filled the hole.

  • Location: Food Court, Shop 3, Boutique Studio Retail
  • Contact: +971 4 457 2533
  • Website: Salad Jar


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