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The 25 Best International City Restaurants (Unique Asian Food)

International City is one of the best places in Dubai to get a vast range of Asian cuisine. This 800-hectare district is one of the cheapest places to live in Dubai. As such, it’s an incredibly diverse district with clusters of communities and unique eateries considered hidden gems.

This cosmopolitan district has a global feel. Each diverse community offers excellent Chinese, Mongolian, South and North Indian, and Pakistani food choices. Since the neighborhoods are self-contained, I’ve put together a list of the best International City restaurants to make finding your new favorite easy!

1. Hanok, the Korean Restaurant

Hanok, the Korean Restaurant, has offered the finest authentic Korean and Japanese food for over seventeen years. They also offer Korean/Chinese fusion dishes, and all their food is prepared by Korean and Japanese chefs, using the freshest ingredients.

Hanok is also the number one Korean BBQ option, and every table has a fitted grill for a DIY barbeque. The portions are enormous, the menu extensive, and the staff is caring and welcoming. The restaurant also has different seating options and private rooms that can be used for hosting small parties and events such as birthdays.

2. Nine Squares Restaurant

Nine Squares’ aim is not merely a restaurant serving food but a place offering an unparalleled dining experience. This cozy, inviting establishment has décor that is modern, inviting, and light. The service is friendly, and the staff will explain everything you need to know.

When dining, you choose your preferred hotpot style, which is brought to your table and placed over the grill. Order what you want from the vast menu, cook them in the hotpot, and add the sauces. All the ingredients are fresh, and the experience offers a satisfying traditional Chinese hotpot.

  • Location: R 14 Building, France Cluster
  • Contact: +971 8 008 88999
  • Website: Nine Squares

3. The Mahal


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If you’re craving the authentic taste of Middle Eastern food, head to the friendly and inviting The Mahal. You can enjoy meze platters, koftas, kebabs, and delicious Turkish desserts in a friendly eatery with a cozy ambiance.

With excellent service and tasty food served in huge portions, you can also dine outside, enjoy the evening weather, and sit next to the fountains. The food is all Halal, and vegan and vegetarian options are available, while the butcher section has many kinds of meat to choose from.

  • Location: Dragon Mart 2, Ground Flour GC-11
  • Contact: +971 4 514 9108
  • Website: The Mahal

4. Thai Sabai Restaurant

For fantastic Thai food and excellent service, head to the Thai Sabai, where the team at this lovely restaurant work to give you a delightful dining experience. The food is authentic and prepared by a Thai chef, and tasting menus are available.

Expect a casual evening out with a homely atmosphere and delicious food. Try the Papaya Salad, Thom Kha (coconut soup), and Fish Pla Sam Rod, and taste great Thai food in large portions for reasonable prices. The staff are attentive and friendly and will ensure you have a great experience.

  • Location: R.07, France Cluster
  • Contact: +971 56 981 0333 or WhatsApp +971 56 368 0333
  • Website: Thai Sabai

5. Soy to Chutney

Soy to Chutney exudes a cozy atmosphere and offers tasting menus to experience options catering to Chinese and Indian palates. This casual, family-run restaurant is tucked away in the corner of Bay Square and has a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Food quality is high, and the service is quick and friendly. Choose from a delicious array of Chinese and North Indian classics such as Amritsari Macchli, Chicken Tikka Biryani, Schezwan Chicken with Fried Rice, and sweet Lassi to drink. The food tends more heavily toward Indian cuisine.

6. Sushi Ya

Don’t let the name fool you—Sushi Ya offers more than sushi. It has an expansive menu of authentic Japanese dishes such as seaweed salads with chicken or fish, gyoza, sushiya donburi, tempura, and yakitori.

The food quality is excellent, the sushi is delicious, and all meals are stunningly presented. Seating is traditional Japanese-style, which adds to the authentic atmosphere. The chefs prepare your food from the freshest ingredients, so head there to enjoy sushi, ramen, tempura, or bento boxes.

  • Location: Indigo Spectrum 1
  • Contact: +971 4 221 5111
  • Website: Sushi Ya

7. Xiao Wei Yang International Restaurant

A traditional hotpot Chinese restaurant with authentic cuisine hailing from Inner Mongolia, the Xiao Wei Yang (Little Lamb) Mongolian Hot Pot restaurant offers a fantastic dining experience. It’s very popular and can get packed, but the atmosphere is excellent, and the food well-priced.

The hotpot and grill experience is part of the fun, allowing you to cook your chosen food at the table after ordering from the menu. With a wide selection of sauces to choose from, you can tailor your meal to suit. The staff are welcoming, polite, helpful, and organized

  • Location: Ground Level, B 04 building, China Cluster
  • Contact: +971 54 759 7999
  • Facebook: Xiao Wei Yang

8. Bricks Sports Lounge

If you’re looking for more pub, Western-style grub, the Bricks Sports Lounge at the Ibis will be your perfect hangout. Catch the football at this friendly venue with its stylish interior and fun vibes.

While they have an expansive menu, it’s also an excellent place to grab creative cocktails and ice-cold beers from the friendly bar staff. You can also take part in games of billiards or darts, making it a welcome place for British ex-pats to spend time.

  • Location: Ibis Styles Dragon Mart, Al Awir Road, E44
  • Contact: +971 4 563 0000
  • Instagram: Bricks Sports Lounge

9. Pure Punjabi

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this quaint Dhaba-style restaurant offers authentic Punjabi dishes and warm, friendly service. The venue is small and cozy, and the service is fast and attentive. Expect the taste of Punjab, with excellent quality food and the best paneer dishes in Dubai.

The prices are good, and the addition of Punjabi music playing in the background adds to the overall experience. Try the Bhagwan mushrooms stuffed with cottage cheese, Malia chicken kabob, the paneer Pudina Tikka, and a Punjabi Lassi, and leave feeling absolutely satisfied with the great taste.

  • Location: 18 England-X, England Cluster
  • Contact: +971 4 434 3555
  • Website: Pure Punjabi

10. Shahi Paratha Roll Restaurant

The Shahi Paratha Roll is your go-to place for Pakistani and Indian-Pakistani fusion food in the International City. Get a Paratha served with yogurt and pickle for breakfast, or enjoy a Kafta Kebab Platter for lunch. They are open late for late-night dining and are great for groups.

The staff are friendly and will provide recommendations, while the owner is passionate about food and pays attention to all the details. The food comes in large portions, is excellent value for money, and is delicious. It’s a small restaurant, so expect space constraints.

11. Indi Spice Restaurant


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Experience delicious Indian food and the warmth of Indian hospitality at this unassuming restaurant in the China Cluster. The food is hearty and satisfying, and the service is excellent. This hidden gem can get crowded with locals looking for various spicy and authentic Indian dishes.

The restaurant prices are affordable, prompting its popularity with many local students and Indian ex-pats working in the area. The food is fresh and packed with rich flavor; definitely try the Paneer Frankie and the Paneer Tikka Masala.

  • Location: Ground Level, F 09 Building, China Cluster
  • Contact: +971 52 509 7505
  • Facebook: Indi Spice

12. Diyar al Sham Restaurant

This casual Arabic restaurant is open from early morning to late, offering diners a chance to grab breakfast, lunch, and dinner from its extensive menu. Offering tasty food from the grill, with delicious, fresh meals and attentive, helpful service.

If you’re in the mood for Syrian or Middle Eastern food, head to Dyar Al Sham and try their hummus with pine seeds, lentil soup, and tabbouleh. They have a wide variety of meals, but Shish Tawook is a perennial favorite and one of their most popular dishes.

  • Location: Al Awir Road, Russia-V
  • Contact: +971 4 430 8843
  • Website: Diyar al Sham

13. Warsan Mandi Restaurant

A great place to meet friends for lunch and dinner, with a heavy emphasis on Mandi and Arabic rice dishes. The food is delicious and provides excellent value for money. Try their Mutton Mandi, with lamb marinated in traditional spices, before being cooked in an underground oven.

The service can be slow, but the food is slow-cooked and authentic, rich with flavor. The staff is friendly, and you can also order food for delivery if you’re not in the mood to eat out. Expect hearty meals that will fill you up, rich with spices and authentic tastes.

  • Location: Warsan 1, Building E02, EMR 1
  • Contact: +971 4 423 2688
  • Website: Warsan Mandi

14. Amma’s

Known for its traditional South Indian food and delicacies, Amma’s restaurant offers vegetarian Indian cuisine, redolent with the flavors and spices of the South. Open from early til late, you can grab breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and it’s family-friendly.

The pricing is moderate, and you can choose from a good variety of dishes, such as Podi Dosa, Sambar Idli, and Vegetarian Thali. They have excellent coffee and are a fantastic place for a proper South Indian breakfast. Parking can be challenging, and it can be very crowded in the morning.

  • Location: France P18, Manama St, France Cluster
  • Contact: +971 4 430 8038
  • Website: Amma’s

15. Golden Fingers

A no-frills family-friendly dine-in and take-out restaurant offering great value meals. It provides Pakistani, Indian, and Chinese dishes but specializes in Kerala cuisine. The service can be hit and miss; if it’s busy, don’t expect the same level of quick, polite service as quieter times.

If you’re looking for beef and fish dishes, come try their food, as these are top-notch here, and the beef is soft and delicious. Have a Beef Puttu Biriyani with fresh milk tea. Be aware that this restaurant serves primarily Indian clientele, and the food will be spicy, perhaps more so than you’re used to if you are from a Western culture.

  • Location: R25 Warsan 1 St, France Cluster
  • Contact: +971 4 360 8091
  • Facebook: Golden Fingers

16. The Black Pearl Café & Shisha Lounge

Black Pearl Shisha Lounge International City

The Black Pearl café is a shisha café that also offers food. The food has an Arabic-Fusion feel, with lamb chops, hummus, potato bread, and kababs alongside cheese-loaded potato skins. They also offer pizzas, pasta, and burgers, and the staff are friendly and vibey and treat you like family.

Breakfast is available, and if you’re craving a waffle with Nutella, French toast, or an omelet, you can head here anytime in the morning, as it’s open 24 hours. The fruit platter is delicious, fresh, and more than enough to share.

It’s also a great place to relax with a shisha and play games of dominoes with friends while grabbing something to eat.

  • Location: England Cluster X01 – Z4
  • Contact: +971 55 207 6339
  • Website: Black Pearl Café

17. King Chef Restaurant

Serving Indian food, breakfast dishes, and grilled food, King Chef, is a popular fast-food family restaurant and tea shop with a wide range of food and daily specials. Chicken Biriyani is one of the most popular dishes. Their food is good value, with breakfast, starters, salads, mains, and many beverages on offer.

They strongly focus on customer satisfaction, with a  friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Try the Crab masala or the Kunjan Mathi curry. Dishes such as Pothin Kal (beef leg) are served on fresh banana leaves, and servings are generous and sure to fill you up.

  • Location: 5C92+5C5, Italy Cluster
  • Contact: +971 56 995 5333
  • Instagram: King Chef

18. Penuel Restaurant

Kerala, which means “God’s Own Country,” is famous for its culture and traditions and delicious cuisine. The cuisine of Penuel is an attempt to recreate the flavorful, homestyle fare of traditional Kerala. They make every dish taste like it was made in Kerala.

They provide wonderful service and a classy atmosphere, both of which help you relax and feel rejuvenated. Penuel dishes may transport you to Kerala with only a few bites, allowing you to kick back and enjoy the experience. They take great pleasure in being warm and welcoming and always ready to serve you brunch, lunch, Happy Hour, or supper.

While you relax and enjoy the ambiance, you will be guided through the menu of excellent substantial meals and gorgeous desserts by some of the most skilled wait staff in the industry. The weekend buffet is legendary, and the terrace is second to none.

  • Location: Building P-06, France Cluster
  • Contact: +971 4 526 9209
  • Facebook: Penuel Restuarant

19. Chongqing Noodle House

Chongqing Noodle House is a must-visit for foodies who enjoy visiting cozy, small restaurants with a wide selection of delicious dishes.

The food is irresistible, and the service and atmosphere set the bar for customer pleasure. Their won tons and beef noodle dishes are certain crowd-favorites, and you may adjust the spice levels to suit individual tastes.

20. Bikanervala Restaurant


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With roots in the city of ‘BIKANER’ in the princely state of Rajasthan, India, Bikanervala is a household name for authentic Indian snacks, sweets, and cuisine. The company was founded in 1905. These delicious family recipes have been passed down through the ages, and the handmade goods they produce represent a rich cultural heritage.

Today, there are more than a hundred locations in six different nations, and every day it supplies millions of consumers with meals. Popular among Dubai locals, Bikanervala serves South Indian and authentic Indian Street-Food.

This International City vegetarian eatery has fantastic prices, authentic Indian flavors, and a wide selection of dishes. This International District restaurant serves you everything from paneer tikka to Raj kachori. Karama, JLT, Al Seef, and Al Qusais are only some of the city’s nine additional locations of Bikanervala.

  • Location: Ground level, The Pavilion, France Cluster
  • Contact: +971 4 242 4032
  • Website: Bikanervala Restaurant

21. Royal Hyderabad Restaurant

The Royal Hyderabad Restaurant, conveniently near the Greece cluster, serves vegetarian and meat-based dishes.

Your demands for authentic Indian and Hyderabadi cuisine will all be satisfied here. The restaurant’s renowned Hyderabadi Biryani, chicken tikka masala, and daal tarka all taste just like they did when you were growing up, and they all come at a reasonable price.

22. Al Humsani Restaurant

Your journey from the modern conveniences of Dubai’s Silicon Oasis to the traditional flavors of Levantine street cuisine may begin and end at Al Humsani Restaurant.

While serving some of the best Arabic food, Al Humsani has also managed to cultivate a welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that customers of all backgrounds may enjoy the restaurant’s signature scent and flavor.

Culinary items include Falafels created from fresh chickpeas, various Hummus dishes blended with extra virgin real olive oil, fast bite sandwiches offering a mouthwatering delight to your everyday appetite, and best Pans meals assuring a truly excellent eating experience for family and friends to enjoy.

In their backyard, they have some of the best chefs who work tirelessly to ensure that your meal is the best Arabic food you’ve ever had.

  • Location: Shop no. 2 Cartel 2 Tower (Ahli House J), opposite RAK Bank HQ, Dubai Silicon Oasis
  • Contact: +971 4 222 2797
  • Facebook: Al Humsani

23. Mystic India Vegetarian Restaurant

Mystic India Vegetarian International City

Mystic India is an inexpensive option for vegetarian diners in International City. Delectable Indian cuisine, including street dishes and traditional favorites, at a convenient location for people living in China Cluster apartments. Pav bhaji, stuffed parathas, and pani puri are just a few of the customer favorites.

  • Location: Building C-15, China Cluster
  • Contact: +971 4 422 1560
  • Order Online: Mystic India

24. Yalla Momos Restaurant


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Those in need of a fast bite can stop by Yalla Momos in International City for a healthy lunch. If you need something, Yalla Momos has it. The restaurant’s name gives it away: the steaming shrimp momos and the spicy chicken momos are to die for.

Hakka noodles, in both vegetarian and nonvegetarian forms, are also available in substantial portions. They now have locations in Umm Hurair and Karama, serving their customers with the same great Yalla Momos quality and warm hospitality.

  • Location: Building V-17, Russia Cluster
  • Contact: +971 4 276 5772
  • Website: Yalla Momos

25. Chili’s Restaurant


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To continue our tour of Dubai’s finest dining establishments, we now head to one of the city’s greatest Mexican restaurants, Chili’s International City.

Chili’s has earned a reputation for delivering tasty, creative takes on traditional Mexican fare. Nachos, rib-eye fajitas and margaritas at this Mexican eatery are some of the most popular items on the menu. The Dubai neighborhoods of JBR, Deira, and Mirdif all boast their own Chili’s restaurants.

  • Location: Ground level, Dragon Mart 2, Al Awir Road
  • Contact: +971 600 563 1112
  • Website: Chili’s


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