The 11 Best Alserkal Avenue Restaurants for Foodies

Alserkal Avenue is the arts and cultural hub of Dubai, with the restaurants and cafes in the area easily complementing the creativity of the artistic spaces surrounding them. It is no surprise, then, that there are several truly inspired eateries and restaurants in the area.

I have put together a list of the best restaurants on Alkersal Avenue that provide visitors with flavorful imaginative fare that enhances the artistry found in the avenue. Let me take you through the gallery of flavor that is Alkersal Avenue.

1. Wild And The Moon

Wild and The Moon is more than a mere restaurant; built on the ethos of creating a healthy lifestyle, it champions health through some of the best vegan fare available.

Wild and The Moon immediately gives a welcoming, friendly, but chic experience, clean stark white tiles make for a great contrast with a myriad of hanging pot plants and wooden surfaces.

The menu is vegan and 100% plant-based, with no processed additives. The menu offerings are homemade on site and only locally sourced fresh produce is used. It is a welcome oasis for those who enjoy healthy living.

Those who like the richer things in life, however, do not need to worry; Wild and The Moon have created some of the most flavorful food currently available. From pressed juices, sweet treats, and salads, to hot meals that I can guarantee will leave your taste buds singing, and they have created the most spectacular vegetarian and vegan culinary delights.

One of the things I appreciated a lot about the restaurant is that there is a no-waste policy – not only do they not use plastic, but they have a program where any leftover food is sold off at reduced prices in surprise baskets.

The Wild and The Moon is wheelchair friendly and caters to children by offering highchairs when needed. Be prepared for a friendly and healthy taste experience.

  • Location: Warehouse 77, Alserkal Avenue
  • Contact: +971 4 343 3392
  • Website: Wild and The Moon

2. Project Chaiwala


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Project Chaiwala is a popular chai café that takes its chai very seriously. Here tea is not a simple drink but a cultural experience. If you enjoy tea Project Chaiwala is a place that has to be visited.

I was blown away by the amazing top-quality chairs they offer. The quality is superb, and all produce is sustainably sourced. What sets Project Chaiwala apart from most cafes is their passion for their craft, which is easily measured by the superiority of the taste one experiences.

Complementing their fantastic chai offerings, Project Chaiwala also serves some truly delicious street food. Drawing from Indian and Middle Eastern flavors, you can pair your chai with anything from a curry to a burger and several snack options.

Project Chaiwala makes for a great stop for light refreshment between visiting galleries. The iced Karak is the perfect cure for a hot afternoon in Dubai.

  • Address: Cinema Akil, Warehouse 68, Alserkal Avenue
  • Contact: +971 52 500 1812
  • Website: Project Chaiwala

3. Le Guépard Dubai


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Le Guépard Dubai provides quintessential French fare and flare to the culinary offerings of Alserkal Avenue.

The restaurant has a very turn-of-the-century classic French feel with a bohemian edge; it’s the perfect brunch spot and offers private dining options.

For art lovers, Le Guépard is a choice option as the décor provides visual delight that works well with the fantastic menu flavors. The food is classic French with a modern twist.

You can enjoy fresh, beautifully presented meals in a delightful setting, and it’s the perfect start to an art-filled day.

Le Guépard also offers a wide tea and coffee range and some truly inspired fruity mocktails that I found to be the perfect thirst quencher.

  • Location: Warehouse 57, Alserkal Avenue
  • Contact: +971 56 687 8486
  • Website: Le Guépard

4. Techarc

Techarc is more than just an eatery; it provides a space that marries the creative spirit and surrounds Alserkal Avenue with food. Techarc is a coworking space that welcomes creatives and artists, providing them a platform and space to produce their designs and art while offering the perfect café setting.

The space is all about comfort, with work desks, as well as lounge-type seating all interspersed with house plants that offer alcoves of privacy throughout the location.

Techarc offers great café cuisine with delicious pastries and coffees. They offer a light tea menu and their pasteis de Natas are worth trying as are the muffins and croissants, making it a great snack stop.

  • Address: Warehouse 25, Alserkal Avenue
  • Contact: +971 4 331 1170
  • Website: Techarc

5. Nightjar Coffee Roasters

Nightjar Coffee Roasters is a fantastic coffeehouse with some of the tastiest coffee you will find in Dubai. They roast and brew their own coffee on-site, ensuring you get only the freshest coffee.

In addition to a wide variety of coffee-inspired beverages, Nightjar also offers some pretty tasty meals to boot. Once again, artistry comes to the fore, and Nightjar has taken creativity and applied it to typical Al Quoz with the result of some very tasty dishes.

The restaurant has a modern, chic, but relaxed artisanal feel to it. Industrial chic with natural wooden surfaces and wonderful color, and textural play with plants and lights. It has a somewhat ethereal feel at night and provides a great dining ambiance.

Nightjar Coffee Roasters offers dine-in and is a good spot to meet for dinner or even to get in a spot of work fueled by great coffee.

6. Pekoe Tea And Bread Bar

Pekoe - Dubai Alserkal Avenue Restaurants

Pekoe Tea and Bread Bar is a gem of an Asian teahouse and bakery. It is a beautifully appointed space that exudes serenity and calm and offers a wonderful selection of Asian-styled teas and baked goods.

The Pekoe manifesto is to do everything well, and it is plainly seen in the tranquil and well-thought-out space in which the Pekoe staff provide not just delicious teas and treats but a truly immersive experience with tea.

This is a small eatery where one on one engagement is encouraged to provide a more fulfilling experience.

In addition to the overall culinary experience, Pekoe also offers a small store both in the tea bar and online, making ordering more of their fantastic offerings easy.

  • Location: Warehouse 59, Alserkal Avenue
  • Contact: +971 4 359 3553
  • Website: Pekoe


KAVE - Alserkal Avenue Restaurants Dubai

To truly understand the ethos of this eatery, one needs to go into its core values. KAVE is focused on environmental sustainability, upcycling, and community.

They emphasize shared knowledge and respect creativity, particularly within a consciously sustainable framework. All cutlery and crockery on the premises are upcycled and, when broken, are recycled  – there is an effort to minimize waste as much as possible.

KAVE provides a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere for creatives to interact. They offer various workshops and live music and are pet friendly, with visitors being welcomed to bring their pets.

The eclectic menu focuses on fresh, wholesome, hearty, and flavorful. You will find Mediterranean, Arab, and Turkish-style flavors abound.

KAVE is about community and has a pay-it-forward initiative to ensure everyone gets a full belly through a community food program.

KAVE is easily one the best family-friendly restaurants in Alserkal Avenue, with many activities for children to participate in. It s a great way to spend an afternoon and immerse oneself in creativity accompanied by good food.

  • Address: Warehouse 20, Alserkal Avenue
  • Contact: +971 55 102 4469
  • Website: KAVE

9. Not So Guilty


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No list of good restaurants is complete without sweet treats, and Not So Guilty provides the ultimate street food sweet treat.

With roots in traditional Arab cuisine, Not So Guilty aims to remove the guilt from indulgence in treats by returning to tradition and authenticity.

Using traditional ingredients and adding modern twists, Not So Guilty have perfected the evolution of traditional Arab sweet treat making. The Mix’N Matcha cookie is sublime.

They also offer a small but delicious range of iced teas, making it a great way to take a mid-morning or afternoon break.

  • Address: Alserkal Avenua, First Al Khail Street entrance
  • Contact: +971 50 438 8781
  • Website: Not So Guilty

10. Moby

Moby provides a plant-based sushi offering. Using locally sourced produce and having an environmentally conscious ethos, Moby provides a vegan and vegetarian sushi option that bursts with flavor.

Moby uses traditional Japanese ingredients and recipes with a modern flare and combines flavors that complement western tastes. Meals are beautifully presented in a simplistic, minimalist setting allowing the food to stand as the centerpiece both aesthetically and in flavor.

There is a strong mushroom theme, and the Truffle Onigirazu dish is a taste delight.

In addition to the sushi dishes Moby also offers a nice selection of coffees, teas, and baked treats for those wishing for a small snack.

11. FOMO

FOMO, while not strictly a restaurant, provides the best contemporary street food, with the humble burger as the main act.

Playing with the artistic license a setting like Alserkal Avenue amply provides, FOMO has taken the burger back to its very essence while setting it up for the future. When it comes to creativity, they definitely understood the assignment and created some of the best burgers I have ever eaten.

Their buns and patties are as fresh as one can get and prepared to perfection. You are going to experience severe burger FOMO once you’ve had one of these and will want to keep going back for more.

In addition to burgers, FOMO also offers top-class fries. If you’re a burger fan, this is a great way to get your fix.

  • Address: Food truck on First Al Khail Street
  • Phone Number:+971 50 739 5208


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