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The 10 Best Afternoon Tea Places In Dubai (With Sweets & Treats)

The line-up for the best Afternoon Tea places is as much a search for grandeur as keeping up with a 100-year-old high tea custom. The performance of Afternoon Tea in Dubai reaches new heights (literally) as the world’s tea lovers and connoisseurs rub shoulders in posh lounges in the world’s most exclusive, even tallest, hotels.

High or Afternoon Tea is not reserved for super-luxurious leisure but a ritualized enchantment with tea as a refinement. Afternoon Tea treats vary from Arabic sweet and savory canapés, fusion maki and ceviches, finger-sized caviar sandwiches, petits-fours, fondants, and scones with clotted cream.

Here this 1840s British tea-centric meal includes City views, sunsets, a place to be with the glitterati and the fashionable! Dress, poise, and etiquette dominate at Afternoon Teas. Manners are emphasized and you can get a certificate in Afternoon Tea decorum to prepare you for a High Tea sit down in a gilded hotel armchair!

1. Burj Al Arab

The pinnacle of Afternoon Teas for an ambient setting is one of the world’s most luxurious hotels, the 7-star Burj Al Arab. The Sky View Bar (more than 650 feet elevated) and the atrium lounge, Sahn Eddar (in Arabic means’ reception of the house’), personify a once in a lifetime Afternoon Tea.

Modern luxury and extravagance are how one describes Afternoon Tea at Sahn Eddar – a seven-course leisure experience in the world’s largest hotel atrium. This is also where the display of luxury with mosaics and marble floors, fountains, and torches sets the scene for Afternoon Tea. Standing there is punctuated by an overwhelming sense of opulence with the 140 feet high water fountain!

Being here is being part of the world’s richest tea cult experiences. The dress code is ‘lady and gentleman attire,’ and what’s laid out is, as the French say, amuse bouche, which literally translates as amuses the mouth!

  • Address: 1st floor, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah
  • Opening Hours: 1pm – 6pm
  • Website:
  • Phone: +971 4 301 7600

2. The Lounge at Address Beach Resort

Indulging in Afternoon Tea is a special event like one of those fabulous girlfriend get-togethers. So why not have High Tea in style at The Lounge? The restaurant’s très chic interior makes being here unforgettable. The views towards the Burj Khalifa are as magnificent as you can see.

The Afternoon Tea is no ordinary affair at The Lounge. With the ambient décor and the views, you have an out-of-the-ordinary backdrop too. The food stands have delicate sweet pastries, chocolate choux, and choc mendicant. There are freshly baked, hot scones with clotted cream and jam. There’s Golden Osetra Caviar from the Caspian Sea as a gourmet Tea deal on special occasions!

There’s a fine selection of teas to choose from. The savories are delicious – salmon and sour citrus cream, crab rolls, cucumber egg mayonnaise, and Panini with mozzarella and truffle! Pamper yourself with this luxurious experience, and as most high tea lovers here say, you’re so at home that you almost feel you know the maitre’d as you would a friend.

You soon know why Afternoon Tea here is described as exquisite! At The Lounge, you literally lounge alongside the world’s fashionable. And with a close friend there, you can chat and take stock of your actual experiences in one of the world’s most glamorous cities.  

3. Choix Patisserie & Restaurant

Here at Choix Patisserie and Restaurant, the three times Michelin star chef Pierre Gagnaire‘s style for curating an Afternoon Tea is unforgettable. All the way from the Avenue des Champs Élysées, Gagnaire’s passion is self-evident, and his culinary style is best described as premium. His involvement here has put this Afternoon Tea on a map amongst the finest in the world.

It is hard to describe and let you imagine only. But believe me, there are the most luxurious sandwich fillings like tuna mousse, foie gras, and a celeriac mousse! And what you can expect (and definitely will have) are delectable pastries and finger sandwiches, scones, and pastries with one difference.

French elegance in service with warm scones placed in a folded linen napkin ready to unwrapped and enjoy. One did not think that the three-tiered stand would be without a macaron. But imagine there are passion fruit macarons amongst an assortment of handcrafted pastries. There’s strawberry and orange jam with clotted cream to have on scones.

You won’t be able to resist hazelnuts coated in freshly grated dates! One can be forgiven for audibly exclaiming: have you ever!

  • Address: Lobby Level InterContinental Festival City
  • Website:
  • Phone: +971 4 701 1127

4. Kambaa

Indulgence is arguably the best way to describe an Afternoon Tea at Kambaa. This stylish setting in the lobby of the Dubai Marina is not just about refinement associated with High Tea but a true love affair with flavor. The food stand, teacups, and napkins set the tone for an elegant Afternoon tea. You’ll be surprised to experience various traditional tastes alongside Arabic, vegetarian, and even a healthy fare!

It is the perfect place to sit down and reenergize. The teas on offer are of the finest in the world. You can choose from, amongst others, Royal Darjeeling FTGFOP1 or the 1837 Black Tea. There’s French Earl Grey and an exotic Indian Night tea reminiscent of the scent of Indian summer nights. The piquant spices give this tea its exotic appeal.

The elegantly prepared afternoon treats combine sweet and savory, light pastries and warm scones! With gourmet sandwiches, wouldn’t you too spend three 3 hours here in this classy 5-star lounge?

  • Address: Dubai Marina
  • Hours: 3.00pm to 6.00pm
  • Tel: +97144367777
  • Website:

5. Al Bayt

The allure of Al Bayt is the Arabian atmosphere, a Downtown Palace that is open to the public. You also have a near-panoramic view of Burj Lake and the Fountain. This setting for Afternoon Tea is unmatched – one of the most unique experiences in any downtown in the world.

Here’s arguably the best High Tea rated on the ambient atmosphere, the setting of the Palace, and the style of service. You can choose from two High Tea options, a traditional and a classic one. There are layers of savory canapés. Above all, I recommend the Arabic fare with delectable sweet Arabic treats on a royal gold stand!

This is where you can indulge in the romance of an Arabic Afternoon Tea in a palatial Arabesque lobby. A suitably regal affair! You can, of course, have the traditional English option, but I fancy the Arabian influence in a Palace. The architecture and ambient décor, burning candles and lanterns, set the scene for what has become a lasting memory.

It appears as if there’s an endless array of treats on the Arabic tray – shawarma and kofta and saffron and cardamom scones! If that’s not enough, you can taste camel milk crème brûlée. This is different from the traditional High Tea with scones, clotted cream, and a dollop of jam.

Afternoon Tea at Al Bayt is a high tea experience at its best. The less formal atmosphere compared to high-end Afternoon Teas in many-starred hotel atriums is relaxing. Scanning the menu, the classic Afternoon Tea is alluring, too – sandwiches, pastries, and the inevitable scones, cream, and jams are served on royal gold-themed stands.

  • Address: Palace Downtown, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashed Boulevard
  • Opening Hours: 2 pm to 6 pm
  • Phone: +971 4 428 7961  

6. Mosaico

Afternoon Tea at Mosaico appears to be a fashion statement like the glamorous Versace Hotel the restaurant is part of. Here fashionistas and influencers mingle and are a necessary part of the décor. You might think you are at a glamorous launch of a high-end fashion brand rather than Afternoon Tea.

And when the High Tea show starts, you are swept into a world of elegance. Dammann Frères tea which you know a tea expert has traveled to find and bring here. The tiers of treats are as good in look as the décor – an assortment of finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream, homemade jam, and delectable lemon curd. It’s as if the art of tea drinking has been elevated to a vogue status.

The pastries can only be described as divine. There’s cheese mille-feuille, beetroot hummus, and as a sweet treat, a bite-sized cone filled with whipped pink mousse.

7. Shai Salon

Spend a decadent afternoon with High Tea lovers and connoisseurs at Shai Salon. Afternoon Tea in the elegant restaurant is the domain of one of the world’s prodigy chefs, Chef Nicolas Lambert. He has a passion for creating a show-stopping culinary experience to match Dubai as a dazzling metropolis. His philosophy is to create a feast for one’s eyes and explore the ultimate in tastes.

At Shai Salon, you are treated to Lambert’s inspiration he gains from being in this City. He promises to serve nothing but sweetness! The signature Arabian afternoon is described as a royal affair, and being here is pure indulgence. Lambert takes Afternoon Tea to a new level with his French and Arabic fusion, and, just as an aside, he makes the most delectable coffee choux with caramel.

An Afternoon Tea at Shai Salon has been described as poetry. The Chef prepares raspberry and lychee treats, pistachio orange blossom choux with local honey, and the piece de resistance, a mango, and saffron aihch bulbul tart. Afternoon Tea is choreographed, and being at Shai Salon is rated as the best-tasting experience. If you’ve been, you’ll agree.

You can sip the world’s finest teas made with Avantcha’s loose-leaf teas to add to the afternoon’s styled and choreographed eats. You have the opportunity to have tea experts guide you to find your perfect blend to add to this memorable Afternoon Tea.

8. Raffles Salon

Afternoon Tea has a long history associated with Duchesses and Queens. At Raffles Salon, your treats don’t only come on a Victorian-styled gold stand display, but the Afternoon Tea here is themed – floral. The restaurant has a partnership with Forever Rose London, so Goddesses, come on, treat yourselves! This is where the traditional Afternoon Tea takes on special meaning.

Be seduced and transported by floral essences as you enjoy the ambiance of Raffles Salon. You can enjoy savory cured salmon with hibiscus extract and fresh mango, a rose-shaped brie mousse with edible flowers, a herbed sponge with basil leaves, and fig compote on pumpernickel bread.

Your choices include scones, not just served with clotted cream and strawberry jam, but rose water! You can indulge as you savor an orange blossom custard cream and have a jasmine flavored chocolate ganache served with honey sable cookies. Pastry chef Wolfgang Wagenleiter creates an epicurean feast that is memorable and unique.

This is only the tip of what’s on offer. The floral theme does not stop with the eats. You can sip refreshing mango and strawberry tea. Or be treated to Raffles Salon’s signature Persian Rose Tea made with whole Iranian rosebuds, which emit a delicate rose petal aroma. And, Moms, there is a dedicated area for afternoon tea for the kids!  

  • Raffles Dubai, Oud Metha
  • Daily from 2 pm – 7 pm
  • Phone: 04 324 8888
  • Website:

9. Al Fayrooz Lounge

You might have decided to come to Al Fayrooz Lounge for the views of Burj Al Arab, but there’s far more here to entice you. The Al Fayrooze Lounge is the closest you can imagine a traditional Arabic-style lounge looks – large comfortable armchairs and, in one of the City’s most impressive hotels. Here you can sit down and arguably enjoy one of the best Afternoon Teas.

The Afternoon Tea is the traditional English one and leaves nothing off the menu that even Queen Victoria would have taken umbrage to. You have tea cakes, sandwiches, and the iconic scones to keep to tradition. You can enjoy your choice of tea with a slice of Victoria sponge, and there’s English fruit cake too.

  • Jumeirah Al Qasr, Umm Suqeim
  • Daily 2pm – 6pm
  • Tel: 04 432 3232
  • Website:

10. At.mosphere Restaurant & Lounge

Once you’ve been, you’ll know why At.mosphere is described as the Afternoon Tea spot that’s elegant and has a timeless charm. The restaurant’s name has a double meaning – both referring to the ambiance and reaching the furthest away from ordinariness. At.mosphere is not only clever in name but fancy to the extreme for Afternoon Tea.

You can quickly tell by the number of leisure tourists here that At.mosphere is on the map for Afternoon Teas. Berries and cream, savory delights, treats that burst with flavor and give High Tea here that distinction. There are the most delicate pastries and, in good form, freshly baked scones! Besides the actual tea, you also have breath-taking views of the City and surroundings.


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