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The 12 Best Al Quoz Restaurants You Must Try Next Time

Over the years, Al Quoz has quickly turned from a fully industrial area to a multifunctional living, entertainment, and working town. You find locals, expatriates, and tourists enjoying the facilities available. There are several eating places for everyone to enjoy whether you’re in the area for work, fun, or live there. Some of the best Al Quoz restaurants are listed below.  

1. Cheesy Bites  

Cheesy Bites is a lovely little spot that serves a mixture of Asian, Italian, and Nepali cuisine, taking you around the world on your palette. They mainly specialize in Nepalese food that is super tasty – one of the best in the city of Dubai. The staff is welcoming and humble, and the atmosphere is fun and makes you feel happy!  

Cheesy Bites is the spot you want to go to enjoy with your friends and chill or have a relaxing, tasty meal after work. It is the ultimate destination for any food lover with the variety of dishes available. Their portion sizes are suitable, and you get value for your money.  

The Tom yum fried rice is by far the best dish they have. Other delicious foods they serve are momos, Shezwan fried rice, noodles, pasta, pizzas, and chili paneer wrap. I love their lunch combos for working days around the area, and they always seem to exceed my expectations.  

  • Address: 318th Street, West Zone Mall, Al Khail Road, Al Ameed Mall, Al Quoz 2  
  • Opening Hours: 9:30 am-3 am   
  • Website:   
  • Phone Number: 052 700 5672   

2. Café Rider Custom

Café Rider is a super cool coffee shop with custom motorcycle builders. The concept is highly attractive. If you are working around the Al Quoz area, Café Rider should be your go-to lunch spot. You will often find your feet leading you there if you are not around the area. Café Rider beats the list of cafes in Dubai.  

I only really love a café when they can offer me something unique – something that is not easy for me to quickly whip up at home. There are several options with brunch and lunch café restaurants in the city, but I always gravitate towards Café Rider. They provide great value and exciting food.  

I love their Japanese take on Western food with the Omurice, derived from Japanese yoshoku. Their omelet with chicken fried rice and salad is lovely, but the Japanese-style demi-glace over the omelet takes the show. Their coffee is fantastic, and they offer various options. In addition, the staff is terrific, and the motorbike factory setting is breathtaking!  

  • Address: Warehouse 7 14 C Street, Al Quoz Industrial Area 3, Dubai   
  • Opening Hours: 8 am-8 pm   
  • Website:   
  • Phone Number: 04 321 4411   

3. Sufretna  

The enjoyment never leaves no matter how often you eat at Sufretna over the years. They have kept up the quality over the years with consistency. Their prices are pretty affordable, and their service is up to standard.  

Sufretna is the restaurant I choose when my work colleagues suggest having lunch or dinner together because I know the food will not disappoint. They also have combo offers, another excellent reason to go with a few people at once for lunch.  

The food tastes super close to home food which is fantastic for those who don’t cook at home – it’s what brings customers back time and again. The lamb at Sufretna is my favorite. They have a delicious mansaf and serve soft drinks and yogurt with their meals.  

4. Chai Wala Café  

Chai Wala is a small café with delicious food. I would label this a hidden gem in Dubai because it genuinely is an excellent little restaurant that more people need to know about. I love their ever-changing menu to keep up with requests and daily offers. Their food is of high standards.  

The service is of quality, and it is a little spot that will remind you of the streets of Mumbai. If you love Mumbai Street food or missing Indian cuisine, stop at Chai Wala to soothe your soul. They have various dishes on their menu, each bursting with flavors.  

The do grills, tandoori, curries, biryani, and anything you can possibly think of – these meals will give you a taste of home. The samosas, fried chilies, bread pakora, and chaat bring me back anytime I have cravings. Everything is delicious, and you get actual value for your money. The waiters are attentive and happy-go-lucky, adding to all the fantastic fun vibes.  

5. Samaa Al Manama  

When people talk about busy restaurants, Samaa Al Manama is one example. The food is so good at the restaurant that it is always crowded and in high demand. They are well known for their aloo paratha, which I must admit is the most delicious I have tasted in Dubai. I like to say that these small underhyped restaurants should not be underestimated.  

They offer such elegance in their food from taste to texture and service from décor to friendly staff. Their cuisine is desi style and will give you a range of primarily Pakistani, with a touch of North Indian delight. The vegetables are yummy, and kabab curry is flavorful. The staff is attentive and responds quickly, and the prices are reasonable.   

  • Address: Shop 5, Ground Floor, Efeco Building, Behind Enoc Petrol Pump, Al Quoz   
  • Opening Hours: 5 am-11 pm   
  • Phone Number: 050 941 2552   

6. Fatayer Ala Alnnar  

Fatayer uses the most delicate spices and freshest ingredients with homemade sauces. They have many options on the menu, and everything they offer is absolutely delicious. Fatayer has some of the best kunafa and shawarmas in Dubai. Their pizza is also super yummy, and their sandwiches are tasty. Their beef burgers are always a winner, and you get value for your money.

7. Up Star Restaurant   

Up Star restaurant is one of those places that will remind you of home-cooked meals. Their thalis are excellent – the mixed vegetable, paneer, roti, dhal tadka, and rice will take your tastebuds to another level. It is excellent if you want a restaurant that you can choose long-term and order often – especially if you want home-style food and don’t cook.  

Up Star has North Indian cuisine, and the food tastes precise as you would get it in India. They provide quality dishes, and their staff service is lovely too. They have indoor and outdoor seating, and the whole experience will transport you to the streets of North India.  

The prices are affordable, the restaurant is hygienic, and most of the food is pretty healthy. Sweet dishes are fantastic dessert options and are a great addition to complete your meal and satisfy your palette.  

  • Address: Shop 2, Ground Floor, Citadel Building, Industrial Area 3, Latifa Bint Hamdan Street, Al Quoz 4   
  • Opening Hours: 4 am-12 am   
  • Website:   
  • Phone Number: 04 331 2713   

8. Sayapatri Restaurant LLC  

Sayapatri is a hidden gem alert! It is a small Nepalese restaurant that will blow your mind and set your tastebuds in a light! If you have not been to Sayapatri, the next time you are around the Al Quoz area, you should definitely make your way to this incredible restaurant.  

If you try anything, it should be the Shezwan momos and chicken chow mein. They do not compromise on taste in the slightest bit, and you can even ask them to make your food extra spicy if you prefer. Once you dig into any of their dishes, you’ll wish you had ordered everything on the menu.  

Sayapatri will get you thinking about their food for weeks after being there. The great thing about working around the Al Quoz area is enjoying the food as often as possible. I know a few people who drive from other parts of the city just t get their hands on Sayapatri’s delicious Nepalese food.  

9. Pak Darbar  

Pak Darbar is your place to try if you are a spice lover. They are usually super crowded because their delicious food is high in demand. The restaurant is near workers’ accommodation, so you will mostly find work staff living in Al Quoz. If you want to visit the spot with a family, keep that in mind and maybe stop by when it is not peak meal times.  

One day, I tried some food over a lunch meeting, and I was blown away by their dishes’ taste and flavor. I am a total spice fanatic; bland food is not for me. When I tasted Pak Darbar, I was super impressed. Their chapli kabab, tandoori roti, and rajma side gravy were mouthwatering.  

If you ever crave Pakistani food or you are from Pakistan and missing home food, stop by Pak Darbar and enjoy a taste of nostalgia. The restaurant is colorful and reasonably priced. Some other delicious meals are the mutton Peshwari, dhal, and veggies.   

  • Address: Ground Floor, Toronto Medical Center Building, 44 Street, 1 Adeem Building, Al Quoz 3   
  • Opening Hours: 4 am-2 am   
  • Phone Number: 04 267 0888   

10.  Dine Garden Restaurant

Dine Garden Restaurant in Al Quoz is a lovely, relaxing spot for the family to enjoy a dining experience that has a casual vibe. They have authentic South Indian flavors – primarily Keralite cuisine. The food is delicious, the taste never disappoints, and their prices are pretty reasonable. Their tea is also fantastic.

You can also enjoy shawarmas, Indo-Chinese dishes, and fast-food burgers at DIne Garden. It is a beautiful place to stop and dine alone or with family. It is one of Al Quoz residents’ favorite South Indian restaurants because of its low prices, excellent variety, and consistent quality in service and taste of food.

  • Address: Al Hashmi Building, Al Waha Street, Al Quoz 4   
  • Opening Hours: 4 am – 2 am
  • Phone Number: 052 324 9850

11.  Raju Omelet   

Raju Omlet has a unique concept to offer their customers the best Indian street food that is freshly prepared and based around farm-fresh egg dishes. It is the place you want to be for the most important meal of the day – breakfast! They have a beautiful interior for a great atmosphere, and they offer a fusion of fine dining and food court service, making them even more unique.   

They have mouthwatering options like various omelets, paneer burji rolls, parathas, and a selection of chai and green teas. I love that their cutlery is not plastic but environmentally friendly. It adds a nice touch, and you feel better about eating at the restaurant.  

Order some cardamom tea and a pistachio cupcake if you want a little snack or have a sweet tooth. Their cakes are freshly baked, and the taste is one of the best you will find in Dubai. The restaurant has so much character and will transport you to India and its vibes. Raju Omlet offers fantastic quality food, excellent service, and a beautiful experience.  

  • Address: Shop 2, Ground Floor, Sheikh Hamdan Building, Beside Autofit Center, Near Noor Islamic Bank Metro Footbridge, Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Quoz   
  • Opening Hours: 8 am-11 pm   
  • Website:   
  • Phone Number: 04 388 3355   

12. Bahraini Kabab   

Bahraini Kabab is a lovely little traditional kabab restaurant. It is consistent in its excellence with service and food. They offer a wide variety of options, and each dish is delicious and has the local taste. You will feel like you genuinely have authentic Bahraini grills in Dubai!  

Bahraini kabab provides you with a tray to eat in the car. The concept is super cute and convenient and will remind you of childhood memories. Their tikkas are also yummy, the sandwiches are tasty, and the seafood surprised me.   

  • Address: Opposite Dubai Bowling Centre, First Al Khail Street, Al Quoz, Dubai   
  • Opening Hours: 11 am-1 am   
  • Phone Number: 04 338 0330  


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