The 15 Best Atlantis Restaurants (Palm Jumeirah)

Located in the world-famous Palm Jumeirah, the Atlantis was the first resort built on the luxurious archipelago. It remained a premier vacation destination for the whole family to enjoy.

The Atlantis has numerous world-class restaurants to explore and a host of Atlantian-themed entertainment options! Let’s highlight eleven of the best Atlantis restaurants in greater detail below:  

1. Hakkasan Dubai

Unlike your standard affair of takeaway noodles and fried rice, Hakkasan Dubai elevates these traditional and ancient cooking styles by putting a modern twist on beloved Chinese dishes with complimentary award-winning cocktails.

While there is a wide menu on offer, diners are encouraged to follow the guidance of Hakkasan Dubai’s professional chefs throughout their dining experience – namely, the Dragon or Pearl set menus.

The Dragon Menu features small eats like dim sum platters, salt and pepper squid, and jasmine-smoked wagyu ribs. The main course features rib eye beef stir-fry, assam seafood toban, sweet and sour chicken, and shanghai pak choi.

The Pearl menu features small eats like supreme dim sum platters, fried soft-shell crab, and Peking duck. The main course features fried Canadian scallops, wagyu rib eye, black cod, and mushroom stir-fry.

Along with special events, like their wonderful New Year’s Dinner, there are daily events like Hakkatini Night from 10 pm onwards that are designed to introduce diners to Hakkasan Dubai’s experimental cocktails and complimentary side dishes.

2. Nobu Dubai

Turning our attention away from Cantonese cuisine to an equally ancient and beloved cooking style, we have Nobu Dubai and its unique blend of Japanese-Peruvian cuisine.

The MICHELIN Guide has recognized Nobu, an eatery on the famous Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis, as one of the finest in Dubai.

Despite Nobu being a global brand, each restaurant is subject to award-winning fine dining standards and unique experiences at each location under the supervision of some of the finest chefs in the world!

Consequently, Nobu Dubai meets the highest standards expected of a world-class restaurant at The Atlantis, with arguably the best sushi platters in the entire city!

The variety, colors, and flavors originate from authentic Japanese sushi and preparation methods.

However, Nobu also boasts a host of food items for all patrons to enjoy, like their Japanese tapas, black cod miso, beef tenderloin, salmon jalapeño, and wagyu beef – all of which can be paired and enjoyed with various cocktails or traditional Japanese beverages like sake.

Given the exclusive nature of Nobu Dubai and its focus on fine dining, diners are required to dress smart-elegant throughout their dining experience.

3. Ossiano

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Ossiano Dubai, the winner of one MICHELIN star, is a cutting-edge fine dining establishment with an innovative menu based on the sea and oceans.

As the brainchild of one of the most renowned and respected chefs in Dubai, Chef Grégoire Berger has honed his craft to perfection at Ossiano.  

Ossiano is as much an artistic expression of sustainability, transformation, and immersion, as it is a dining experience.

Chef Grégoire Berger’s dishes are prepared through sustainable, seasonal, and natural sea foraging within 50kms of The Palm’s coastline.

The result is an unmatched progressive seafood dining experience where dishes on display are works of art surrounded by a panoramic aquarium housing various sea life like sharks and stingrays.

Thus physically and emotionally submerging diners in an alien space allows them to fully experience the complexities of the dishes on offer and the story, as well as the range of emotions they want to tell.

Due to Ossiano and Chef Grégoire Berger’s celebrity status, the famed 10 Waves tasting menu and wine pairing sometimes involves collaboration between Chef Grégoire Berger and other world-class chefs like Björn Frantzén, Julien Royer and Enrique Olvera.

4. Ayamna Lebanese Restaurant

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Few cooking styles in the world provide the flavor, color, variety, intensities, and subtleties of traditional Lebanese cuisine.

Consequently, popularity has been resurgent in Lebanese dining across the globe, with Ayamna Lebanese Restaurant looking to be the centerpiece of some of the best Lebanese dining Dubai has to offer diners!

Ayamna Lebanese Restaurant understands and respects the diversity of Lebanese cuisine by presenting diners with an extensive al la carte menu which includes a variety of cold mezzeh, hot mezzeh, chargrilled meats, and an enormous array of desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth!

However, personal recommendations would include their signature starters and mains or one of their set menus (the Bertytus or Ayanma menus), as this allows new diners to enjoy hand-selected dishes which showcase the very best from Ayamna Lebanese Restaurant.

Furthermore, while previous entries on this list focused on fine dining, Ayamna Lebanese Restaurant allows for casual attire. The marble dining room or lantern-lit terrace is a warm and inviting space for all diners throughout the day!

5. Saffron Asian Buffet Restaurant

Although buffets may be a staple of resorts across the globe, few have the diversity, quality, and specialization of the buffets at The Atlantis. The first buffet featured on our list from The Atlantis is the Saffron Asian Buffet Restaurant.

As the name implies, Saffron Asian Buffet Restaurant is a celebration of Asian food from across the continent, meaning that diners can indulge in over 220 dishes from China, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, India, and more!

A highlight of the buffet includes the twenty live cooking stations, where diners can enjoy quality food straight from the cooking stations under the supervision and recommendations of some of Dubai’s best chefs!

Due to the various cuisines on offer, Saffron Asian Buffet Restaurant has decided to give each cuisine type a focal day for customers to enjoy every day of the week.

These special days include Seafood Tuesdays, Katsu, and Kimchi (Korean cuisine), Indian Express, Spice Route, Flavours of Malaysia, Taste of Thai, and Singapore’s Origin.  

Saffron Asian Buffet Restaurant allows for casual dress during breakfast and dinner while requiring smart-casual dress during brunch.

6. Kaleidoscope Buffet Restaurant

Moving to our second buffet option at The Atlantis, we have the Kaleidoscope Buffet Restaurant.

While the Saffron Asian Buffet Restaurant had a particular focus on Asian cuisine, the Kaleidoscope Buffet Restaurant offers patrons Asian, Arabic, and continental dishes for the whole family to enjoy!

Staying true to its name, Kaleidoscope Buffet Restaurant has an extensive array of dishes that maximize the sensing and culinary demands of all patrons, whether you are looking for appetizers, hearty grills, soups, salads, baked goods, or decadent desserts.

Despite the variety on offer and the size of the Kaleidoscope Buffet Restaurant, you can rest assured that each dish was prepared from the finest ingredients and remain under the careful observation of world-class chefs throughout the buffet.

However, while the Kaleidoscope Buffet Restaurant provides daily international cuisine, special events highlight specific dishes from certain parts of the world, like Italian Night, Arabian Night, and Indian Night.

Diners of all ages are encouraged to enjoy the various dishes on offer, with the Kaleidoscope Buffet Restaurant allowing casual wear during operating hours for diners.

7. Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen And Bar

Although Gordon Ramsay’s fiery television appearances and famous internet rants have made him a pop-culture icon, it’s easy to forget that he is one of the best chefs in the world.

Consequently, Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen And Bar is a must-visit for fans of authentic continental cuisine.

Housed in a London warehouse setting and flanked by an open-air garden, Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen and Bar focuses on traditional English and continental food while putting a modern twist on classic food items like fish and chips or their famous beef Wellington.

Under its traditional pub fare, most dishes can be expertly paired with select beers, wines, and gins. Some food items are infused with crafted beverages for added flavors and depth (like craft beer batter!)

Special events like Wellington Wednesdays and Ramsay’s Roast are a great way to experience the best that Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen and Bar offers in a warm and inviting setting (fortunately, without the fierce celebrity chef berating your dining choices!)

8. Gordon Ramsay’s Street Pizza

Staying with Gordon Ramsay restaurants, we have Gordon Ramsay’s Street Pizza.

Like Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen and Bar, Gordon Ramsay’s Street Pizza is a showcase of the diversity and flexibility of the Gordon Ramsay brand and how it can seamlessly pivot from fine dining to fast food.

However, while the laid-back setting and focus on bottomless pizzas and soda may appear to be a basic meal for younger diners, the quality of the ingredients on offer and the traditional wood-fired Italian pizzas means that all the dishes on offer are of the highest standard!

Some examples of the quality and uniqueness of pizza on offer include the corn and chorizo pizza and the “daily special,” which is a chef-curated pizza using only the finest and freshest in-season ingredients!

Along with pizzas, the menu also features healthy snacks, salads, starches, desserts, and a host of alcoholic beverages to enjoy, like craft beer, wine pairings, cocktails, and Prosecco.

Consequently, Gordon Ramsay’s Street Pizza is one of the best casual dining places to kick back and relax at The Atlantis!

9. Seafire Steakhouse And Bar

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The Seafire Steakhouse and Bar at The Atlantis understands that steak is a global dish.

Therefore, unlike most steak houses that usually follow a single cuisine’s style of basting, preparations, and cuts, the Seafire Steakhouse and Bar has cuts and styles from New York, Australia, and Japan.

Another appeal of the Seafire Steakhouse and Bar is the level of customer-chef interaction to help patrons achieve the perfect steak.

Therefore, patrons are encouraged to select their own cut, age, marbling, knife, salt, and condiments, then Dubai’s best chefs prepare your steak in accordance with your instructions.

Further to the above, the Seafire Steakhouse and Bar has some of the best live entertainment at any of The Atlantis’ restaurants.

These performances are heavily influenced by American jazz, rock n’ roll, and big bands, including tribute performances to Frank Sinatra every Monday and Elvis every Sunday!  

Consequently, The Seafire Steakhouse and Bar is an excellent choice for diners looking for a night out, a space to enjoy a special occasion, or to host business partners after a work function!

10. WHITE Beach Restaurant

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Flanked by two swimming pools and a large open terrace, the WHITE Beach Restaurant is an outdoor dining experience with access to one of the best beach bars and outdoor party venues in Dubai (which is often host to some of the biggest live music acts and DJs in the world!)  

The WHITE Beach Restaurant takes influence from its beach setting. It focuses primarily on Mediterranean dishes, tapas, sushi, and a host of fruity cocktails to sip on while soaking up Dubai’s ever-present sunlight!

However, while we would recommend lighter meals while lounging by the poolside, the al la carte menu features more substantial main meals like pasta, grills, desserts, and unique sharing options such as the Rock Salted Mediterranean Sea Bass and the Australian Wagyu Grade 9+ Tomahawk!

Consequently, the WHITE Beach Restaurant and its facilities are designed to keep patrons happy and fulfilled throughout the day and into the night!

11. The Wavehouse

Like the WHITE Beach Restaurant, the Wavehouse styles itself as the perfect place at the Atlantis to have family-friendly fun while enjoying delicious meals and drinks in between a host of exciting activities!

Activities and events at the Wavehouse include, but are not limited to, bowling, arcades, live sport, live entertainment, and a state-of-the-art wave rider!

Meanwhile, the international menu includes fast-casual favorites like burgers, fries, chicken wings, nachos, cheesecakes, sundaes, and various beverages like milkshakes, cocktails, and smoothies.

Although the Wavehouse is focused on comfort food designed for sharing, such as their 1kg buckets of chicken wings, there are health-conscious options like salads and power bowls for those fitness fanatics looking to maintain their “summer-bod” while exploring the beaches surrounding The Atlantis!

12. Arianas Kitchen Restaurant

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At Ariana’s Persian Kitchen, the aromas of meats, grains, and vegetables merge with those of fruits, nuts, and floral perfumes, transporting you to a world of fragrant Persian delicacies.

The first restaurant of cookbook author, and award-winning TV chef, Ariana Bundy, is a female-led venture that offers a new perspective on traditional Iranian cuisine

Ariana’s complex but soothing flavors, combined with an array of textures, flavors, spices, and her gracious and generous hospitality, are all inspired by traditional family recipes passed down through the generations.

13. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

For dinner, try Dinner by Heston Blumenthal’s modern spin on traditional British dishes dating back to the 1300s at his restaurant. 

This one-of-a-kind and visually magnificent restaurant is a hidden treasure for foodies and connoisseurs, taking diners on a fascinating stroll through the kitchens of ancient Britain with a modern twist.

Michelin-starred chef Heston Blumenthal set out on a mission to develop a menu that would incorporate fascinating finds from the past into a dynamic, forward-thinking eating experience.

His Meat Fruit, wacky mandarin and chicken liver parfait, and his spit-roasted pineapple dessert, Tipsy Cake, date back to about 1810 and have become household names due to their popularity.

The restaurant also features a private dining area decorated in the Tudor style of the 1600s that can accommodate up to twelve people around an oval rosewood and Sapele table with plush, red velvet-upholstered chairs.

14. Jaleo Restaurant

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Platters at Jaleo Dubai are intended to be shared amongst friends and savored while listening to engaging conversation.

Chef José Andrés conceptualized Jaleo as the first chef in the world to have a 2 Michelin star and 4 Bib Gourmand restaurant designations.

The menu features delectable renditions of Andrés’s childhood favorites from throughout Spain. Here we offer a range of the finest Spanish wines, sherries, and cheeses, alongside our famous tapas, substantial paellas, refreshing sangrias, and more.

Try to taste something that will live on in your memory for all time, combining history and imagination in one unforgettable bite.

15. La Mar Restaurant

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The unique and varied flavors of Peruvian cuisine may be experienced at La Mar by Gastón Acurio, a forward-thinking Latin American restaurant run by the renowned chef.

Elegant Sabores Autenticos like traditional Peruvian causas potato dumplings, freshly grilled anticucho “street food style favorites,” and sashimi-style tiraditos may all be found on the tempting menu.

A trip to “Peru” isn’t complete unless you’ve had a drink of Pisco with your dinner at the chic indoor restaurant or while watching the sun go down from the rooftop bar patio.

Peruvian society’s array of cultural traditions has significantly impacted the country’s food.

Peruvian cuisine is among the greatest in the world thanks to its unique mixture of influences from a wide variety of cultures, the country’s diverse geology and climate, and its reliance on locally sourced ingredients from a rich traditional agricultural tradition.


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