Best Bluewater Island Restaurants Dubai

The 14 Best Bluewaters Island Restaurants (Next to Ain Dubai)

Bluewaters, an artificial island completed in 2018, is a fantastic activity-filled destination. Bluewaters Island is located in Dubai Marina, a playground for attractions. After so much excitement, it is only natural you’d undoubtedly desire to fulfill your food cravings.

While the main fascination might be Ain Dubai, the dining choices on the island are nothing to look down on. This lovely island, surrounded by the Arabian Sea, offers food as diverse as the people who visit it. So, don’t miss out!

1. Puerto 99


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Puerto 99 serves Mexican cuisine with sass and feistiness, taking your taste buds to the wild side. You will never be left unsatisfied at a place where every meal is a party. This restaurant is always bustling and radiant, but how could it not be with such great entertainment? Puerto 99 hosts events such as Taco Tuesday, Brazilian Night, Ladies’ Night, and many more throughout the week!

Puerto 99 prides itself on its menu, providing extensive choices of seafood and steaks. Accompanied by remarkable views, both inside and out, your meals are prepared by outstanding chefs, whether you fancy spicy or sweet. Likewise, their cocktails are as colorful as their décor, brightening and refreshing your day.

Puerto 99 is ready to party with you no matter what the hour it may be. They become filled with glee by helping you form memories that will most definitely last a lifetime. So, why wait?

  • Location: Bluewaters Island
  • Contact: +971 58 962 1822
  • Website: Puerto 99

2. The London Project

The London Project is the place where differences come to harmonize. While dining on their international flavors, you are entertained by the pinnacle of global culture right beside your table! The interior of this restaurant leaped directly from a fantasy book, the décor enchanting you the second you cross their threshold.

Their menu straps you in for a global journey while retaining the British classics like fish and chips. They have everything from tender steaks to rich plates of pasta – even salud caviar! Each dish showcases remarkable technique and presentation, proudly displaying the culture they represent.

So, if you are in Bluewaters, The London Project should be marked as your next destination. So, come along and party with people from all walks of life while among great drinks and delicious food.

  • Location: EA001, Bluewaters Island
  • Contact: +971 54 306 1822
  • Website: The London Project

3. Virgin Izakaya


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Virgin Izakaya produces traditional and contemporary Japanese cuisine within a romantic scenery, the interior showcasing a combination of dark woods and deep reds. The passion-inducing environment is also distinguishable in each meal they serve.

You even can be a part of the culinary process by witnessing authentic elements be brought together with creative techniques. This experience is available thanks to their traditional robata being in the heart of the restaurant, allowing you to observe their precise culinary art directly from your table.

Virgin Izakaya’s menu fully displays its incredible dishes, including raw fish like sashimi, delicious kushiyaki, or grilled robata specialties. In addition, the Virgin Izakaya bar provides a comfortable spot to sip selected wines, first-class cocktails, and rare types of sake while admiring the dazzling skyline of Dubai.

  • Location: Shop SB001, Bluewaters Metal Building
  • Contact: +971 4 589 8689
  • Website: Virgin Izakaya

4. SHI Restaurant & Lounge

SHI is well-known as the restaurant to bring gourmet Chinese cuisine to the Bluewaters locale. With a sophisticated atmosphere and VIP services, the venue guarantees you will leave with a story to tell. Among delectable meals, you can admire the vibrant city skyline while relaxing in the lounge located above the restaurant.

SHI Restaurant and Lounge features numerous Chinese décors displaying their rich historical roots, including Terracotta Warrior statutes. The dark wood of the furnishing elevates the various striking colors (yellow, teal, and light grey) paired with them.

However, their menu offers additional culinary branches for you to choose from, including Japanese cuisine and Cantonese cuisine. This amalgamation of culinary arts allows you to taste various Asian foods under one roof. Some specialties they serve include duck, dim sum, maki rolls, nigiri, sashimi, and several SHI signature dishes.

  • Location: 15A, Bluewaters Island
  • Contact: +971 4 393 9990
  • Website: SHI

5. 88 Terrace

Dubai Bluewaters Restaurants - 88 Terrace

88 Terrace is situated on top of the largest rooftop in Dubai, displaying a stunning view of Bluewaters, JBR, and the Palm. The contemporary lounge forms a charming atmosphere filled with merriment and relaxation. Their services are second to none, making your experience one of a celebrity.

The environment of 88 Terrace is enhanced by live music, performances, and art installations that bring about a unique and astonishing experience for the audience to enjoy. However, do keep in mind that 88 Terrace does promote itself for ages 21 and up. So, you can gladly bring yourself, just not your kids.

88 Terrace is all about elegant Mediterranean Spanish cuisine, serving countless combinations of flavors and textures. Their mouth-watering dishes are beloved by tourists and locals alike. The meals are only further elevated by their famous cocktails that are known to instantly excite anyone’s night, allowing them to party the evening away.

  • Location: EB1, Entrance 8, Bluewaters Island
  • Contact: +971 56 881 6888
  • Website: 88 Terrace

6. Leen’s

Leens - Bluewaters Restaurants Dubai

Leen’s follows the ideology of a German entrepreneur passionate about hospitality and diverse flavors. Initially, they began as a cute beachside café but have grown into a multi-outlet casual fine dining extravaganza. The food takes center stage, dismissing any dress code criteria. Leen’s shows remarkable skill by exceeding any expectations guests may predict.

The ambiance upon entering the restaurant showcases a distinctive mix of urban style with specks of sophistication and comfort. Every detail, from décor to furnishing, seeks to immerse you in an environment that focuses on liveliness and comfort.

Leen’s worldwide expert chefs strive to formulate a stellar menu, delivering a culinary adventure with every bite you take. From Latin America to Japan, it seeks to create, innovate, and enhance its dishes, bringing the world’s flavors straight to your table. The vast diversity of their dishes means you can have a different meal with every visit!

  • Location: Bluewaters by Meraas, Bluewaters Island
  • Contact: +971 4 392 0606
  • Website: Leen’s

7. Alici


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Alici provides an Italian paradise beside Dubai’s coastline, allowing you to experience the South of Italy most authentically. From their cuisine to the restaurant’s interior, you become surrounded by works of art from Italy’s most accomplished artists and craftspeople. The oceanic styling of the décor and furnishing forms the perfect canvas against the view of the bay.

Walking into Alici is like exploring a renowned museum. Every piece they display showcases the remarkable skill and stories connected to each piece. Being a lover of historical tales, it sounds like heaven for all history enthusiasts. The restaurant is an enchanting experience with a beautiful ambiance and wonderful food.

Alici’s menu is a masterpiece, serving traditional and authentic Italian cuisine. They also offer choices for either casual or fine dining. No matter what you order, every meal they serve forms an intricate work of art. In addition, their numeral desserts are spectacular, including a unique feature that suggests certain liquors that pair the best with that specific dessert.

  • Location: Bluewaters Island
  • Contact: +971 4 275 2577
  • Website: Alici

8. Ketch Up

Ketch Up - Dubai Bluewaters Restaurants

Ketch Up is a venue that really has it all. Alongside the restaurant is a bar and lounge area, both constantly alive with entertainment and cheering. Ketch Up offers the perfect place for casual dining among friends or family, allowing you to wash any worries away instantly.

Don’t believe us? They have not one but two terraces that display a splendid view of the JBR! With the ocean breeze freshening the air, I cannot find any fault. They also generously provide a venue for any gatherings or events, no matter the size!

Their lineup of dishes provides comforting meals with a healthy twist, ensuring your cravings are fulfilled, and your body is rightly fueled. In addition, they offer several international classics, which enables your taste buds to briefly travel back home. Finally, their beverages are as organic as their meals, all made with fresh produce, prepared directly from the kitchen to your table.

  • Location: Bluewaters Island
  • Contact: +971 50 750 7424
  • Website: Ketch Up

9. Brass Monkey

Once you enter Brass Monkey, you might never want to leave. With its retro-industrial interior, this restaurant taps into your playful side, tempting you to play the night away with countless games for you to partake in. Brass Monkey takes entertainment to a level of its own with old-school arcade games, several billiards tables, and even bowling!

The various bundles promoted by Brass Monkey ensure a great party no matter the occasion. These packages include Ladies’ Night, Taco Tuesday, and Wing It Monday. Brass Monkey provides a lively venue for you and your friends to wind down and monkey around. The restaurant is mostly filled with the wildness of the youth. Hence, there is an age restriction of 21+ to upkeep protocols.

Brass Monkey will leave your energy spent, so why not take a gander at their scrumptious menu. Their flavorful Mexican meals combine sour and spice to boost your energy levels for round two! Their drinks are forever flowing from the bar, the diversity of colors as stunning as their neon lights, forming a rainbow under the night sky.

  • Location: Bluewaters Island
  • Contact: +971 4 582 7277
  • Website: Brass Monkey

10. Sah El Nom

Sah El Nom offers fine dining within a luxurious venue. This restaurant showcases an extravagant mix of white and gold and transports you to a celestial kingdom. If you choose to dine outdoors, you are surrounded by lush trees and shrubbery, providing natural décor while dining under the shining Arabian night sky.

Whether you desire and quick snack or a fulfilling meal, Sah El Nom’s menu presents plentiful Syrian dishes for your enjoyment. This restaurant offers a broad range of well-constructed dishes, from crunchy salads to juicy steaks. Their drinks are just as pleasing as their meals, taste, and presentation.

Sah El Nom is constantly serving people throughout the day, which further proves people’s love for their cuisine. However, we recommend organizing a reservation to ensure your experience goes without a hitch.

  • Location: Ground Floor, Building 7, Bluewaters Island
  • Contact: +971 4 587 7096
  • Website: Sah El Nom

11. VAGA Restaurant

VAGA Dubai - Bluewaters Restaurants

VAGA, a gorgeous new upmarket restaurant on Bluewaters Island, is a buzzing social destination where exciting new experiences await. The word “vagabond,” meaning “a person who roams, wanders, and explores,” is where VAGA gets its inspiration.

VAGA personifies this method by bringing its guests on an exciting voyage of discovery by fusing the ancient and modern practices of two separate civilizations, the Armenian and the Arabic.

VAGA is the first restaurant of its type since it combines traditional cuisine and culture with modern values. Give in to your wanderlust and immerse yourself in a fantastical universe where you may experience life as another character, distant from your own. VAGA believes in living vicariously!

  • Location: Ground Floor, The Wharf, Bluewaters Island
  • Contact: +971 56 800 0990
  • Website: VAGA

12. Clay

An intellectual and artistic exchange. Clay presents Nikkei, a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, for your dining pleasure. Cooked with precision and care, highlighting the freshness of the ingredients. Nature-themed dishes.

Here we put aside our sorrow and remember the good we have accomplished for a while. An extraordinary cultural experience promotes equilibrium and mutual understanding and is a step above the mundane. Let your senses run wild in our cozy restaurant with a show kitchen at its heart.

Enjoy the beautiful skyline of Bahrain from our terrace bar. Peruvian culture’s deep, earthy tones meet the precision and detail of Japanese design.

  • Location: Bluewaters Island
  • Contact: +971 4 422 5600
  • Website: Clay

13. Two.O By Cove Beach


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Cove Beach is a unique destination in the city’s center because of its stylish and modern interior design, influenced by the Mediterranean, and individualized service.

Visitors from all walks of life, including jet setters, celebrities, influencers, athletes, and locals, enjoy frequent visits to the beach, restaurant, and pool. The Rosé lounge is the lifeblood of the venue, pumping vitality into the whole beach club from its prime location.

Starting the night off right with a chilled glass of Cove Beach Rosé from the lounge, some great tunes, and the sound of champagne bottles bursting is a celebratory way to have a great time and stay out late. Two.0 by Cove Beach is the best restaurant in the area due to the unparalleled service and authentic Cove Beach vibe it provides.

  • Location: Caesars Palace, Bluewaters Island
  • Contact: +971 50 454 6920
  • Website: Two.O

14. Demon Duck Restaurant

Demon Duck - Best Bluewaters Restaurants Dubai

Chef Alvin Leung, a TV celebrity chef and among Asia’s most infamous cooks, has opened his first restaurant in the Middle East, serving creative takes on traditional Asian and Chinese dishes and a Duck gourmet menu.

Demon Duck features a hip converse bar serving Hong Kong-inspired cocktails and an exceptional Pan Asian menu, all in an eccentric, high-energy, and whimsical theatrical setting. Dover sole is Chef Alvin’s signature fish dish, and he uses the yin and yang philosophy from ancient China to create a dish that honors both the fish and the chef’s special relationship with it.

Seaweed is used to make a black cream that contrasts visually with the béchamel but complements the sauce’s umami flavor.

  • Location: Banyan Tree Hotel, Bluewaters Island
  • Contact: +971 4 556 6466
  • Website: Demon Duck


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