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The 9 Best Brazilian Restaurants In Dubai (Steaks & More)

You don’t have to travel the world; you can get authentic cuisines from countries worldwide in the city of Dubai. Whether you want Indian, French, Arabic, African, Asian, American, or European restaurants, you will find several for each cuisine. Let’s focus on the best Brazilian restaurants in Dubai for your favorite mixture of European, Amerindian, African, and Asian food combinations.

1. Texas De Brazil

Texas De Brazil, an upscale Brazilian eatery, serves all-you-can-eat grilled meat. It features a carved tableside and salad bar. The salad bar is my favorite – a breath of fresh air – better than any I have previously tried. They have a variety of evergreens, and you will surely go back for seconds.

The buffet-style service’s portion sizes are naturally generous, and the staff is wonderful. The quality of the food is excellent. The premium Gaucho is incredible and includes:

  • Various meat types
  • Premium meat and shrimp
  • Access to the salad bar
  • Unlimited soft drinks
  • A dessert

The meat is served tender, tasty, and perfectly cooked. From the desserts, the chocolate mousse cake is sensational. It is the ideal place when you need that heavy, comforting meal with various options.

2. Fogo da Chao Brazilian Steakhouse

This Brazilian steakhouse is a fantastic restaurant with lovely, friendly, attentive, and helpful staff. I seem to find myself back at this restaurant every couple of months, and the consistency in their quality never fails me.  

The restaurant has a beautiful view, a stunning ambiance, and delicious food! My favorite at Fogo is their steaks. I have often eaten the steaks until I couldn’t anymore. It is an absolutely worth it spot to try, visit again, and recommend to family and friends.

Their smoked salmon is also delicious. The desserts and drinks are great too, and they have fresh cuts of meats that are perfectly cooked and served tender, juicy, and tender. They have a limited menu which allows you to enjoy their specialties.

They even have a ‘market table’ with fruits, cheeses, grilled vegetables, and other various sides that you can enjoy with meat. Their menu is meat-centered, so it is the ideal place for meat lovers. You can still enjoy the salads and veg sides if you are not big on meat.

3. Fogueira Restaurant & Lounge

Fogueira serves authentic South American cuisine with all your Brazilian favorites. It is an all-you-can-eat restaurant with 16+ cuts of meat. The views are exquisite with the Arabian Gulf and the Dubai Marina.

I had the most amazing experience at Figueira Lounge. A perfect spot to enjoy brunch or any other meal of the day. Their service is excellent, and the food is sensational. They have a tasty food selection such as the sushi station, salad bar, cold cuts, and more. The staff also bring various mouthwatering cuts of meat throughout your visit.

The restaurant is often fully occupied (a testament to their wonderful and tasty food), especially during peak hours, so I recommend booking a table in advance. My favorite at Figueira is their ribeye with pineapple – finger-licking good!

I love that they have live music with the majority of Brazilian songs giving you the whole vibe. They even have ladies’ night on Mondays, which is perfect for a girls’ night out! The best part is their continuous serving of meat – nothing beats it.

  • Address: Delta Hotels by Marriot, Bahar 7, Jumeirah Beach Residence
  • Opening Hours: Wed-Thurs 6 pm – 12 am, Fri 12 – 3 pm, Sat-Tues 6 pm – 12 am
  • Website: 
  • Phone Number: 050 189 6214

4. Frevo

Frevo is another restaurant where you can discover authentic Brazilian cuisine. They focus on sharing the churrascaria-style dining with family and friends for good food and brilliant conversation. From appetizers to desserts – they have everything you can dream of.  

The restaurant has a fun and playful atmosphere while they offer you succulent cuts of meat carved tableside, all in the traditional manner. The salads never fail you, and the meat is mouthwatering. The view is stunning, especially while you enjoy dinner at night time. It oversees Ain Dubai the Address Fountains for outside tables.

I recommend reserving a table in advance to ensure you get a spot because they get fully booked quickly. The attention to detail is incredible, and the staff is super friendly and attentive. Their service is phenomenal.

You can get 18 cuts of meat at Frevo steakhouse, and the taste is one of a kind – juicy, tender, and the sauces double the already delicious flavor. The BBQ is fantastic. It is meat-centered, and while there are some vegetarian options, Frevo is definitely for carnivores.

The service is super efficient, and when you book in advance, they call you to confirm your time and table. They even ask about food allergies. Frevo has high standards, and their prices speak for that. It is, however, well worth it and a restaurant you will keep returning to for more.

5. Chamas Churrascaria & Bar

At Chamas Bar, you can enjoy an incredible Brazilian experience with limitless skewers of BBQ meat and chicken. The staff is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, attentive, and passionate. They continue to serve you until you stop them because you can’t fit any more food into your belly.

It is one of those restaurants that will relax you with its calming ambiance. Overall their quality is impressive, with the most delicious Brazilian food. I loved the bottom sirloin with herbs, and the grilled pineapple with cinnamon was the cherry on top.

If you compare it to other Brazilian restaurants in Dubai, their salad bar selection is pretty limited for the high prices, but it doesn’t take away from taste and quality. They have a section for seafood for those who enjoy or want to try that – I did and truly relished the food.

The prices include the sides, desserts, and soft drinks giving you value for your money. The place has that 90s vibe that most millennials will cherish, and their live music brightens the ambiance and provides an exciting, all-inclusive experience.

The restaurant is opposite the Museum of the Future and within walking distance from the metro, making it easily accessible and giving you a stunning view. If you want an all-out experience, visit the restaurant during Christmas as they have gifts on each table to enhance your dining time with them.

6. Holly Organico

Holly Organico is the spot you want to visit for their vegan delicacies and taste of Brazilian food in the city of Dubai. Most Brazilian restaurants are primarily for carnivores because it’s all about the meat. But Holly Organico caters to plant-based eaters, which is widely appreciated by many residents and tourists who prefer vegan food.

Their mushroom burger tastes exceptionally close to a beef burger, and their espresso is what Brazilian espresso should be. It is smooth and has no bitter aftertaste. Their food is delicious. They have Brazilian starter snacks like jackfruit coxinha and main dishes like jackfruit pizza and feijoada. Their desserts are fantastic and a must try.

Sometimes their chef will explain each item on the menu as you ask questions to enhance the experience. That way, you can gain confidence that you are ordering the perfect dish – especially if it is your first time trying their cuisine.

The restaurant has incredible food and an excellent concept, and every dish on the menu is delectable. It will have you going back for more. I love the intimate atmosphere and friendly, helpful staff. One visit will make it your favorite restaurant in the whole of Dubai! There is no doubt you will become a regular customer.

Another perk at Holly is that you can stock up on their frozen meals to take home and always have delicious food at home for when you crave the food but can’t get to the restaurant. The place might be small, but the energy is high and enjoyable.

7. Amazonico Dubai

Amazonico is a Latin-American restaurant serving you the best of South American food, including Brazilian delicacies. The venue is dramatic with trendy flora-heavy décor, and I love the lounge and rooftop terrace. The food is as incredible as the ambiance of the place.

They have a sushi bar, but when you are at Amazonico, you should be trying dishes from their long list of Latin American food. They have tasty cocktails, and I highly recommend leaving some space in your belly for their delectable desserts. They have music playing adding to the fun, funky vibe, and their staff is friendly and helpful.

I personally loved everything I tasted. The ribeye was juicy and tender, the cheese bread was terrific, and the Hamachi deserves a chef’s kiss. The meats are marinated with passion and served with perfection. The whole experience is a mesmerizing culinary enjoyment to the palette while you feel like you are in the heart of the Amazon jungle.

8. Coya Dubai

Coya Dubai is a Peruvian restaurant that serves your favorite Latin-American dishes with flair. It is gorgeous with innovative creations. The spot is well known for its tiraditos and ceviche, which I can attest to as delectable. They have a super cool bar, the scene is lively and fun, and their staff is friendly, adding to the beautiful experience at Coya.

I love how they bring the spirit of Incan heritage to the heart of the Middle East in a city that offers the best of everything. The Latin American culture is visible at the restaurant, and the food is something to be spoken for.

The waiters are knowledgeable and helpful in answering questions and providing recommendations about the food they serve, which I always appreciate, especially when I’m trying something new. The sea bass risotto is a must try, and I love the char-grilled mushrooms coated in a yummy sauce.

Their grilled chicken is also fantastic, and the slow-cooked beef short rib is so tender it falls apart – I absolutely loved it! Coya’s whole concept, from the taste of the food to the cuisine combinations, the execution and presentation are mesmerizing. Indeed it is an iconic place to try in Dubai.

9. Tete Restaurant

Tete is a Lebanese-based cuisine restaurant offering a Brazilian menu for everyone to enjoy. The combined Brazilian service is known as Rodizio. They are a premier restaurant that offers Middle Eastern cuisine with a serving style from Latin America. It is beautifully unique. It is the ideal place to dip your toes into the Brazilian experience with familiar food.

They have authentic dishes with modern influences that create a culinary journey for all your senses. The food is served right off the spit with endless carefully selected servings. Tete has succulent cuts of prime meat filled with robust and earthy flavors that feature old-fashioned dishes with a modern take on traditional favorites.

You can find the popular Taouk to Chicken Liver that is marinated in pomegranate sauce. At Tete, you will find the best of Lebanese cuisine with rich, fresh, and flavorful ingredients. You might not find the Brazilian food you want, but you can enjoy Levantine food with a Brazilian touch.

They also offer shisha and an exquisite view. It is one of my favorites in Dubai. I have visited often to enjoy a chilling shisha session while relishing a mezze platter and fruit cocktail. The staff is welcoming, and the restaurant keeps consistent with its quality.


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