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The 15 Best Burger Restaurants in Dubai You Have to Try

There are hundreds of restaurants claiming to offer the best burger in Dubai. However, which one actually has the best? You’ll want to try as many of the below restaurants during your trip as possible.

So, if you’re ready to enjoy a new, delicious burger, keep reading!

1. Black Tap Craft Burgers & Shakes

Black Tap Craft Burgers & Shakes serves the most unique burgers I’ve ever seen. You’ll easily see the creative effort put in every burger in Black Tap’s menu.

I had the Pear Bacon Jam Burger, and I was astounded! The burst of flavors was unmatched by any burger I’ve had. I was wary about the pear and bacon jam, but the jam ended up being my favorite part of the burger.

On top of the wild burgers, Black Tap Craft Burgers & Shakes has the most impressive shakes I’ve had in a long time. I didn’t even know craft shakes were a thing, but I’m glad I learned about them at Black Tap.

I also tried The Cookie Shake on my visit, and I was gobsmacked by the number of toppings they managed to pile on my shake. The shake had sugary goodness stacked well above the rim of the glass.

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, don’t worry; Black Tap didn’t forget about you! Black Tap Craft Burgers & Shakes has plenty of delicious vegan options for burgers and shakes.

You can find Black Tap Craft Burgers & Shakes in the Dubai Mall on the ground floor. Check out the menu on their website before you go!

2. The Meat Co

You’re probably expecting a pretty decent burger with a name like The Meat Co. Their thick burgers will live up to your expectations!

The Meat Co specializes in steaks, but they still know how to make a great burger. The high-quality ambiance of The Meat Co translates to the food served, including their burgers.

The Meat Co offers a high-end dining experience that would be well suited for events like anniversaries, first dates, or business dinners. Plus, The Meat Co has a beautiful outdoor dining area.

This restaurant has two locations in Dubai- one in Souk Al Bahar and the other in Souk Madinat Jumeirah. The Meat Co website allows you to easily set up a reservation and explore their beverage, food, and dessert menus.

3. Lads Burger

Lads Burger offers a similar craft dining experience as Black Tap Craft Burgers & Shakes. However, Lads Burger has more of an emphasis on their burgers, not shakes.

I gave Lads Burger’s Mexican Burger a try and was very happy with my choice. I don’t know what they put in their Mexican sauce, but I hope they never change the recipe.

If you prefer alternative burgers, Lads Burger’s got you covered. Along with beef burgers, Lads Burger offers several chicken burgers, a vegan burger, and a fish burger. Regardless of your preference, Lads Burger has something for you.

What made Lads Burger stand out to me was the exceptional service. Every staff member I interacted with was friendly and helpful.

The Lads Burger website showcases their burger menu, with plenty of information about events and new items you’ll want to try! You can also contact the restaurant with the number +971 800 5237, if you have any questions.

4. High Joint

High Joint is a burger lover’s dream location. Your mouth will start watering just by taking a look at High Joint’s menu. There are loads of unique burgers on High Joint’s menu; every one is better than the last.

Our server recommended the High Burger because it’s one of their best sellers. I can see why! The High Burger has all the toppings you’d expect on a standard burger, but the flavor is much more intense than you’d expect.

The highlight of High Joint wasn’t just the burgers, but their truffle fries. I have a hard time turning down a unique menu item like truffle fries, and I’m glad I tried them! If I was pickier with trying new food, I would have never got to try such a delicious and unique take on french fries.

The High Joint Facebook page makes it easy to reach out to the restaurant. You can also contact them by calling +971 4 268 1586 between 11:30 AM and 12 AM.

5. Chic Republic

I can hear you asking, “what if I want a fast-food burger?”. Chic Republic offers the convenience of fast food burgers, with the flavor of a high-end burger joint. Chic Republic is the answer if you’re short on time but don’t want to sacrifice flavor.

Chic Republic’s menu is packed full of delicious burger options for you to choose from. On top of the delicious burgers, Chic Republic has loads of chicken patties, if you’re more into chicken than beef.

No good fast-food burger is complete without a delicious side of fries. At Chic Republic, you’ll find a delicious selection of fries, and my personal favorite is their sweet potato fries.

You can find the restaurant on Al Tarres Street in Dubai, which is in the United Arab Emirates. If you have any questions, you can call them at +971 4 427 9900.

6. The Exit Sports Bar

We’ve touched on craft burgers, high-end dining burgers, and fast food burgers. What about a solid pub burger? This amazing burger is what The Exit Sports Bar specializes in. The toppings were fresh and delicious. Plus, The Exit Sports Bar takes pride in its beef quality.

A highlight of The Exit Sports Bar was its interior design. The Exit Sports Bar balances modern design and the atmosphere of a bar perfectly. Plus, they have a beautiful outdoor dining area.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a great day to be sitting outside when I visited The Exit Sports Bar, so I only got to see the patio from a distance. I’ll be returning on a sunny day to experience The Exit Sports Bar’s outdoor dining area.

The Exit Sports Bar is part of the Mercure Dubai Barsha Heights Hotel, which is a wonderful place to visit during your trip! You can find out more about the bar on the hotel’s website.

7. Salt

We still haven’t touched on the snack-sized burger- sliders. Salt has my favorite sliders in all of Dubai!

Despite being a fan of burgers with unique toppings, my go-to order at Salt is the original sliders. The flavor and quality of Salt’s original sliders can not be beaten!

You may have guessed I’m a fan of outdoor dining areas. I love a nice outdoor dining experience, and Salt delivers that experience every time.

Salt has a beautiful waterfront indoor-outdoor hybrid dining area like I’ve never seen before. There’s also a beautiful view of the water through floor-to-ceiling windows from every table in Salt’s dining area. The view simply can’t be beaten in all of Dubai!

This is another burger restaurant located in the Dubai Mall. You can keep up with them by following the Salt Facebook page. Or, if you have questions, you should call +971 4 457 9990.

8. Slider Station

Sticking with the slider theme brings us to Slider Station. Slider Station has a long list of sliders for you to choose from.

You can also rest easy knowing whatever you order will be delicious. Slider Station only uses the freshest, most delicious ingredients in their burgers and sliders.

I’m big into spicy food, so I like to go for the Dynamite sliders, topped with cheddar, grilled onions, jalapenos, and my favorite sauce, chipotle ranch. If you like spice as much as I do, I recommend giving the dynamite sliders a try!

I haven’t had a chance to try out Slider Station’s full-size burgers yet, because I always fill up on sliders. However, I’m sure Slider Station puts the same level of care into their full-size burgers, so you can be sure they’re delicious too.

Their website isn’t currently up to date, so you’ll want to call +971 600 544005 to have your questions answered.

9. Pickl

Pickl restaurant offers a convenient, fast-food dining experience. Don’t be turned off by the fast-food style Burger; Pickl has a high-quality burger! I’ve even heard people say Pickl has the best Burger in all of Dubai!

Consistency is the key to Pickl’s success as a burger joint. When it comes to fast-food burgers, you’re often taking a gamble. Not with Pickl. I’ve eaten at Pickl several times, and they always deliver consistent quality.

Pickl also caters to dietary restrictions. My girlfriend is vegetarian, so we appreciate Pickl offering a delicious vegan meat patty option.

Another huge bonus is the speed of service at Pickl. When I’m grabbing a fast-food burger, I want it to be quick service, and Pickl nails it in that regard. Pickl gets me in and out within 10 minutes, even when there’s a long line.

You can check out their delicious menu ahead of time by visiting the Pickl Burgers website. You can easily reach out to them through the page too, if you want!

10. West Beach Bistro & Sports Lounge

If you’re looking for a modern sports bar with a superb burger, West Beach Bistro & Sports Lounge won’t let you down. West Beach Bistro & Sports Lounge manages to make me feel like I’m at an upscale restaurant, with all the friendliness of a local sports bar.

My favorite part of West Beach Bistro & Sports Lounge is their pool tables. My girlfriend and I love pool and play it every chance we get! Thanks to West Beach Bistro & Sports Lounge, we can play pool while enjoying a great burger.

My go-to order at West Beach Bistro & Sports Lounge is their Angus Burger. The toppings are always fresh and add to the overall deliciousness of the burger.

On top of a delicious menu, incredible interior, and fun games of pool, West Beach Bistro & Sports Lounge has some of the friendliest staff in Dubai. I’ve visited West Beach Bistro & Sports Lounge a handful of times to play pool, and every time I’m greeted with a warm smile and polite attitude from the staff.

The lounge stays open until 4 AM, so if you have any questions, you have plenty of time to ask! Reach out to the restaurant by using the number +971 4 449 8888.

11. McGettigan’s JBR

McGettigan’s JBR delivers a classic Irish pub atmosphere with classy modern additions. I had the luxury of visiting McGettigan’s JBR, and I loved the clash of classic Irish pub and modern bar aesthetics.

The McGettigan’s Signature Burger is everything you’re looking for in a pub burger. Delicious fresh ingredients stacked on top of a juicy Angus beef patty. It doesn’t get much better than that!

You’ll come to McGettigan’s for the Burger, but you’ll stay for the appetizers. McGettigan’s Chili Garlic Prawns and the Irish Space Bag are some of the best appetizers I’ve ever had.

If you’re looking for a classic Irish pub to celebrate this upcoming St. Patrick’s Day with a perfect pub burger, McGettigan’s JBR is the place for you. Just be sure to call them first! Their tables can fill up quickly.

When you’re ready to check out the menu and place a reservation, you should visit the pub’s website.

12. Jones the Grocer

Don’t worry; I’m not advising you to go to a grocery store and make your burgers. Despite seeming like a grocery store at first glance, Jones the Grocer offers some delicious restaurant meals.

Among Jones the Grocer’s delicious meals are their famous burgers. My favorite order at Jones the Grocer is The Ultimate Mr. Jones. The Ultimate Mr. Jones is a delicious wagyu beef burger topped with bacon, fresh greens, and cheddar housed in a premium brioche bun.

Jones the Grocer offers so much more than a delicious burger. As a coffee fan, I always look forward to getting a latte from them.

Then, of course, there’s the dessert menu. I’m usually the type to skip dessert, but not at Jones the Grocer! Their dessert menu is packed with freshly baked goodies like carrot cake, layered honey cake, and many more sweets to cap off a delicious meal.

Jones the Grocer is another stop you can make in the Dubai Mall. If you want to learn more, make sure to reach out to the staff using the number +971 4 325 3020.

13. Somerset’s Bar

Every great bar offers a great burger, and Somerset’s Bar is no exception. Hidden amongst Somerset’s Bar’s extensive menu is a delicious burger.

I always order the Beef Burger and Beer combo when I visit Somerset’s Bar, and I’ve never been disappointed. Whatever they put in their secret sauce over at Somerset’s Bar is a secret that I wish would get out.

Another fantastic bonus to Somerset’s Bar is the cleanliness. Somerset’s Bar is always spotless, which can, unfortunately, be a rarity for other bars.

Somerset’s Bar also has pool tables. I can’t picture a more enjoyable night out than chowing down on a delicious burger, sipping on a draft beer, and playing a couple of games of pool.

You can learn more about the location through their webpage. It also lists plenty of ways to contact them, if you need to get in touch.

14. The Dubliner’s

The Dubliner’s is an authentic Irish pub dining experience. You’ll enjoy delicious Irish beer and a menu filled with Irish pub meals.

The star of the pub menu is The Dubliner’s Burger. It’s topped with the freshest ingredients and cooked perfectly every time- you can’t go wrong with this order!

You’ll also experience a charming wait staff that lives to help out their customers. I’ve never seen an employee without a smile on their face at The Dubliner’s.

The location has an extensive menu- you’ll want to browse before you go! You can check out their desserts, burgers, wine, and more by visiting the menu page on their website.

15. Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Gourmet Burger Kitchen is for you if you’re craving delicious food and large portions! This restaurant offers fast-food-style burgers without compromising the quality of its ingredients.

I’m not usually a fan of fries, but Gourmet Burger Kitchen won me over with their shoestring french fries. The shoestring french fries at Gourmet Burger Kitchen were golden brown and served hot!

Then, there are the burgers at Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Wow, I couldn’t believe how high they managed to stack these burgers! Taking the first bite was like opening wide at the dentist, but worth it; the burgers are delicious at Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

I recommend trying out Gourmet Burger Kitchen’s Taxi Driver Burger, with a side of shoestring fries, of course! The Taxi Driver burger is stacked high with a fresh crispy onion ring. The chef then tops it with their special smoked chili mayo, tomatoes, onions, and lettuce. The highlight was the crispy homemade onion ring!

Check out Gourmet Burger Kitchen on the Promenade Level of the Dubai Marina Mall. Additionally, you can give Gourmet Burger Kitchen a call at +971 4 399 7705 or visit Gourmet Burger Kitchen’s website for more info!


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