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The 14 Best City Centre Deira Restaurants To Try

City Centre Mall in Deira is a wonderful place for shopping, chilling, food, and entertainment. It is located close to the border between Dubai and Sharjah, so you find many people on both ends using Deira as their go-to mall. Undoubtedly, everyone is always looking for a good place to eat, including me, so let’s discuss the best City Centre Deira Restaurants.

1. Paul Bakery & Restaurant

 Paul Bakery & Restaurant – more commonly known as Paul’s, is the best place for your favorite bakery items, soups, and coffee. They are a French restaurant with several branches around the city and very well-loved. Their breakfast croissant with avocado is mouth-watering. Their poached eggs are perfectly made, and their creamy, delicious coffee will have all your senses dancing for joy.

The setup and atmosphere of the restaurant will give you all the French feels. Their staff is friendly, and the service and food deserve every praise. I have never gone wrong with a tasty French toast, and I have also tried every dessert on their counter, and not one disappointed me. Whenever I doubt where to eat, I find myself at Paul Bakery & Restaurant.

2. Nando’s

 If you ever want to try something unique, full of flavor, spice, and sauciness, Nando’s is your place. The restaurant specializes in chicken with Portuguese African flavors after being founded in South Africa, and then they set up a base around the world. They have the most flavorsome chicken dishes with fresh salads and yummy, soft bread buns.

My absolute favorite is the peri-peri chicken pieces, hot chicken burger, saucy pitta, and spicy potato wedges. Nando’s will give you the ultimate South African dining experience and guarantee delicious, quality food. You can choose your spice level like mild, hot, or extra hot – a little heat never killed a soul!

  • Address: Level 2, City Centre Mall, Deira
  • Opening Hours: Weekdays 11am-11pm, Weekends 11am-12am
  • Website: 
  • Phone Number: 600 542 525

3. The Coffee Club

If you are looking for a contemporary lifestyle vibe with good food, great service, and excellent coffee, make your way to The Coffee Club In Deira City Centre. The restaurant is welcoming and relaxing and has a delicious menu that includes food, desserts, and beverages. You can stop for a quick coffee or a relaxing breakfast, and you will love both in their cozy and comforting place.

They have several delicious options: French toast, egg, sausages, cappuccino and hazelnut syrup, saffron cake, traditional Emirati balaleet, alfredo pasta, and spaghetti carbonara, amongst a bunch of other items. They even have healthy options and vegetarian food such as a veg beef burger that tastes like actual beef! They even have a fantastic loyalty program to benefit their customers.

  • Address: Level 1, Opposite Carrefour, City Centre Mall, Deira
  • Opening Hours: 8am-11pm
  • Website: 
  • Phone Number: 04 289 1670

4. Gazebo

Gazebo is an Indian restaurant and developer of slow, cooked, steamed biryani. They are home to the finest Indian fare and are known for exquisite delicacies. It is a lot of praise to live up to, but they will exceed your expectations every time. I love that they offer indoor and outdoor seating with a lovely ambiance. Their food is to die for – truly royal, as they claim to be from the Mughal origin.

Their chicken kebabs melt in your mouth, the lamb and beef are tender, and the prawn biryani is super flavorful. One of my favorite parts is all their bread items, such as naan, roti, paratha, Taftan, etc., are soft, fresh, and genuinely tasty. The food is fresh and delectable, and the variety of items available is unique.

5. KyoChon

 KyoChon is a Korean restaurant that reminds you to slow down and enjoy good food in the company of friends and family. It is Korea’s number one fried chicken brand and has become known as Korea’s best fried chicken out of Korea. They serve fresh chicken with the finest ingredients to ensure an unforgettable experience that keeps you going back for more. The place is also super cozy.

Their food is lip-smacking – from the popular fried chicken pieces to the burger bites. Their flavor has immense originality, and they brush the chicken many times to deliver the best, richest taste. You can get free tacos while waiting for your main course, and their sauces are also free. In addition to the chicken options, the cheese bites and veg spring rolls are also delicious.

6. Mr. Chaat Hut

As a long-standing fan of Indian street food, Mr. Chaat Hut has been a favorite over the years when the cravings hit. They are a landmark for veg and non-veg options with a wide selection of Indian food on the menu. They pride themselves on the food quality, and I will admit they live up to their claims. The food is super tasty and fresh.

Some of their popular items are Dahi batata puri, Wada pav, and Mumbai grill cheese sandwiches. The biryani is pretty good, too, and my personal favorite is the pani puri. The presentation of their items is quite appealing. Additionally, if you eat a vegetarian or vegan diet, you can order the veg thali and still enjoy your experience at Mr. Chaat Hut.

7. Denny’s Diner & Breakfast 

If you are a fan of classic American-style diner food, you may want to give Denny’s Diner a try. Their pancakes had me hooked from the first bite, and I love their all-day breakfast option. You can enjoy your morning breakfast there, go back for dinner, and still have an amazing experience. Their soups, sausages, and burgers are delicious.  

Their fried chicken is fantastic, and the banana pancakes are tasty and fluffy. Unexpectedly, the salad is also delicious, and you have to try their seasoned fries. Your kids will love the spaghetti, and their salmon steak with boiled veg and mash is pretty flavorsome. Add iced tea to your order, and you are good to go. The Diner is quite favored for the substantial portions they serve.  

8. Teriyaki Boy & Sizzlin Steak

Now here is a spot you want to try out for a fusion between sizzling western food and oriental Japanese cuisine. The chicken wings are the best, with wonderful staff and quick service. The food prices are fairly reasonable, especially for the incredible flavor in their dishes.

I would recommend their beef or chicken gyuniku ramen – it is top-notch! The sizzling sirloin steak is super yummy; you will go back for more. Another amazing dish on the menu is the premium tori ramen. The ambiance is lovely even when crowded, and they never fail to give you decent service.

9. Raju Omlet

Raju Omlet has such a unique concept. They offer you the best Indian street food that is freshly prepared and based around farm-fresh egg dishes. It is the place you want to be for the most important meal of the day – breakfast! They have a beautiful interior for a great atmosphere, and they offer a fusion of fine dining and food court service, making them even more unique.

They have mouth-watering options like various omelets, paneer burji rolls, parathas, and a selection of chai and green teas. I love that their cutlery is not plastic but environmentally friendly, it adds a nice touch, and you feel better about eating at Raju Omlet.

10. Shake Shack

I have tried many burgers over the years as a burger fanatic. Shake shack always has me comparing every burger I ever taste to theirs. Their food is drool-worthy, and every bite has you asking for more. They are an acclaimed hamburger restaurant which is probably why the burgers are so good. They are a modern-day roadside burger shop and offer the most delicious food you will eat.

From the double beef hamburger and flat-top dogs to frozen custard and more – it has fresh, simple, high-quality food at reasonable prices. There is a lot of value for your money. They use all-natural ingredients. The ambiance is beautiful and relaxing, and the service is wonderful. Additionally, I can’t go without mentioning their super delicious creamy, satisfying milkshakes – especially the chocolate flavor!

11. The Bhukkad Café  

The Bhukkad Café is another incredible restaurant offering excellent Indian street food. It was launched in Dubai and created a new but nostalgic landscape for its cuisine. Each dish on their menu has special significance and is inspired by the busy streets of India, where the food originates in its authenticity.

I love the quirky touch to each dish, and they present it in a manner that works up your appetite. Some of the most popular and genuinely delicious foods Bhukkad offers are kheema pav, mithibai grill sandwich, rangeela pani puri, chips ki chaat, paneer cheesy bites, samosa, and watermelon kala khatta. Each item is created with passion and served with perfection.

12. Pizza Al Taglio

It is always a pleasure going to a restaurant that has its seating well planned out, has friendly staff, and has yummy food. Pizza Al Taglio is an Italian restaurant that offers the best pizzas and tasty pasta. They allow you to customize your pasta order according to your desire as an added benefit, making the food even better.

You can’t go wrong with the sun-dried tomato pesto pasta with chicken, and their five-cheese pizza is to die for! The potato wedges are always a winner, and their portions are pretty generous. I always find myself reordering the Hawaiin pizza and alfredo pasta when I want comfort food and a place with a sweet ambiance to enjoy some me-time.

13. Emly Chilli

Emly Chilli offers South Asian cuisine and culture and is a hub of tradition. They have diverse collections with spicy flavors and prepare their food with utmost care and precision, leaving your tastebuds asking for more. The atmosphere and décor are funky with love. Their Pakistani cuisine is wonderful, and the food allows you to indulge in Pakistani street food cravings.

The mixed BBQ platter is excellent; the rotis are soft and tasty, the mutton and seekh kebabs are tender, and the biryani is perfectly spiced. The French fries are fresh, and the salad is lovely. I love their colorful lemonades alongside my meal. The marination of their coal-grill meat is top-notch, and the meat is so tender that it melts in your mouth. No doubt, their food is finger-licking good!

14. Chili’s

Chili’s is the classic spot for that juicy burger, saucy ribs, and flavorful fajitas. They provide Southwest spirit and have branches around 33 different countries globally. I also find Mexican food on my top favorite list of cuisines, and the restaurant does an incredible job providing quality taste.

Their appetizers are my favorite. The steak at Chili’s is well-loved with tantalizing sides like a Ceasar salad, broiled veggies, mashed potatoes, and toasted bread. You are never disappointed. The staff is accommodating, and the décor is super fun!


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