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The 9 Best Dubai Airport Restaurants (All Terminals)

We all know that airport waiting times can leave us tired, bored, and hungry. Well, you are in luck! Dubai International Airport has a wide arrangement of restaurants for you to visit. These restaurants provide a lovely environment for relaxing and enjoying a delicious meal, causing the tortuous waiting hours to fly away seamlessly.

The Dubai International Airport is the home of a diverse group of dining establishments showcasing various themes and cuisine. Let me introduce you to the best restaurants this airport offers.

The Draft House

The Draft House is a vintage-styled restaurant that appears as a sport-themed bar with 31 screens broadcasting sports channels worldwide. This establishment is a great place to wind down and return home for just a moment before your next flight. This restaurant also provides a remarkable view of the busy runway.

An interesting fact about their menus is that they show famous sports records throughout the years, including well-known athletes like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Their main menu offers early morning delicacies serving eight breakfast dishes with multiple sides. They have bar bites and snacks if you are looking for something small. In addition, they have nine different burgers and sandwiches.

In addition, they have four desserts: cheesecake, chocolate brownie, apple pie, and various flavors of ice cream. Keep in mind that their food menu follows a key system that showcases dishes containing pork, alcohol, nuts, and vegetarian dishes. Their drinks menu has a huge list of options so let me separate them into two categories: acholic and non-alcoholic beverages. 

For beverages containing alcohol, you have a selection of wines, beer cocktails, rum, gin, vodka, whiskies, and various liqueurs. If you are like me and do not partake in drinking alcohol, you also have a wide range of options, including milkshakes, fresh juices, sodas, mocktails, water, and various coffees and teas.

Paul Restaurant & Café

Paul Restaurant & Café is a history-rich establishment that has continued to get passed down from generation to generation. This restaurant brings traditional French cuisine straight to you. Paul holds the quality of their dishes extremely high, serving only the best in taste and presentation.

Their main menu starts with appetizers, soups, salads, and entrées. With these appetizers, you have a list of fries to order. They also have sandwiches and burgers with a side salad, French fries, or a hash brown. 

They have a wide selection of fulfilling mains and deliciously sweet desserts ranging from brownies to ice cream to even pancakes. Their menus follow a key system indicating dishes containing nuts and seafood and vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Even though they serve no alcoholic beverages, they still provide many drinks to sate your thirst. If you want something warm, they serve their signature frappés, signature coffees, and various other warm beverages. In addition, they offer iced coffees, Paul cocktails, fresh fruit juices, still and sparkling water, and soft drinks if you seek something refreshing.

  • Address – Terminal 3, Concourse B
  • Opening Hours – 24/7
  • Email Address –
  • Website – 

Jack’s Bar & Grill

Jack’s Bar & Grill is a family-run restaurant that opened in 2017 and is a bustling place for meals and celebrations. They will never pass the opportunity for you to enjoy one of their meals before your next flight. Their welcoming décor and staff consistently provide a calming environment, ensuring no stress rests on your shoulders.

The restaurant provides hosting for various events, including weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and corporate events. These events come with a buffet menu that offers three options: a bronze buffet, a silver buffet, and a gold buffet. Additionally, tailor-made buffets are available, so you can plan your buffet menu to suit any personal requirements.

Their main menu offers starters and sharers while providing vegetarian and gluten-free options. Then, they have options from their chargrill with the finest well-aged steaks. All dishes from the grill come with complementary sides, including grilled tomato, mushroom, chopped salad, and house chips. They also provide steak sauces, including peppercorn, Dianne, garlic butter, and red wine.

They also have gourmet burgers, fresh, crispy fries, and three of Jack’s classics served from generation to generation. Their beverages include soft drinks, cocktails, bottled beers and ciders, gin and spirits, wines and fizz, and options from their alehouse. Jack’s Bar & Grill also has a kid menu, providing a simple yet delicious three-course meal for your children to enjoy.

Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Café is a 24-hour restaurant providing many other services and delicious food. They also provide catering for parties or events, takeaways, gift cards, and even a shop. They even have special events, from live music performances to special offers, guaranteeing every meal an entertaining experience.

With authentic American cuisine, they provide all the traditional dishes such as burgers, steaks, ribs, and their classic nachos. They even have stacked burgers! Additionally, they serve crunchy sandwiches, which come with seasoned fries and their well-known buffalo sauce. Or, if you seek something more refreshing, they offer various salads that will freshen both the body and the mind.

We all love dessert, and their dessert menu is incredible. There are five choices: cheesecake, apple cobbler, ice cream, milkshakes, and a hot fudge brownie. With Hard Rock Café valuing families, they provide a menu for your kids, ensuring great food and lovely memories for the entire family.

They offer alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages. For alcoholic beverages, they offer various fresh cocktails. You even have a possibility of obtaining one of their collectible glasses! For non-alcoholic beverages, they offer lemonade, milkshakes, and soft drinks.

  • Address – Terminal 3, Concourse B
  • Opening Hours – 24/7
  • Phone Number – +971 4 232 8900
  • Email Address – 
  • Website –

The Gallery

The Gallery is a combination of a restaurant, bar, and lounge open 24/7, offering a cozy corner for rest and filling your belly. They offer various cuisines, including Continental, Indian, Asian, and Arabic dishes.

They have lovely breakfast dishes for those early morning landings and other light dishes such as soups and salads. However, they offer many traditional dishes worldwide if you seek something more fulfilling. This arrangement of dishes guarantees that they will be able to satisfy any cravings you may obtain almost immediately.

The range of their beverages is as generous as their dishes offering various alcoholic drinks such as wines, beers, gin, rum, vodka, whiskey, tequila, and cocktails. However, if you seek non-alcoholic drinks, they offer soft drinks, iced teas, energy drinks, various coffees and teas, and juices that are freshly squeezed and chilled.

Giraffe World Kitchen

Giraffe World Kitchen thrives on setting a good example for the public by eradicating any form of judgment, discrimination, or alienation from their establishments. Therefore, by promoting diversity, they hope to bring more people together around a table to form precious memories while enjoying some superb food.

The main menu, also known as their “All Day Menu,” offers nibbles and small plates, accommodating vegans and vegetarians. Their burgers are quality guaranteed as they state that their beef patties are British and Irish hand-selected cuts of sirloin, chuck, and brisket. Should you arrive early in the morning, their breakfast menu has lovely dishes to help you begin your day with a good attitude.

The kid’s menu offers a wide range of dishes for your children, including breakfast, mains, and even desserts for their sweet tooth. And speaking of sweet cravings, their dessert menu provides you with eight different puddings to choose from, and quite surprisingly, you can also find a list of cocktails and hot beverages on the same menu.

Their drinks menu has no shortage of options providing non-alcoholic beverages such as soft drinks, smoothies, hot chocolate, coffees, and teas. However, if you wish to drink beverages with an alcohol touch, they offer cocktails, spirits, wines, beers, cider, spritz, gin, and seltzers.

Cho Gao

Cho Gao serves fresh Asian cuisine with flavorful ingredients and impressive presentation. The restaurant’s décor, with its wooden features and earthy tones, is also meticulously designed to bring a finer immersion during your dining experience.

They serve a great range of dishes from salad and soup to curry, noodles, and stir fry. Their selection of meat is also vast, offering many options such as roasted chicken, crispy duck, BBQ ribs, braised lamb chops, and seared salmon. Additionally, they produce traditional Japanese dishes such as Tuna Tataki, Goma Wakame, and Daikon.

Cho Gao has many special offers that occur on certain days at certain times. Below is a simplified table showcasing all these special offers and when you could potentially obtain them.

Therefore, this is the restaurant to visit if you ever seek authentic South Asian cuisine. Not only is it credited with various rewards, but they are also continuously praised by the customers that they welcome every day with warm rooms and delicious food.

  • Address – Terminal 3, Concourse A
  • Opening Hours – 24/7
  • Phone Number – +971 (0)4 505 2000
  • Email Address –
  • Website – 

Cadiz – Ahlan Lounge @

Cadiz is ready to serve yummy food at any time of day. So, no matter what time you may arrive or depart from Dubai International Airport, Cadiz is ready to fill your stomach and relax your mind before the journey ahead of you. Its wooden features and warm color palette provide an aesthetic that I can only describe as comforting.

They provide breakfast dishes from 5 am to 11 am. You can choose classic breakfast meals such as omelets, porridge, pancakes, fruit platters, and cereals. In addition, they offer various salads, soups, and snacks if you are seeking something smaller. However, if you need something more fulfilling, they have juicy burgers and sandwiches, butter chicken, spicy curries, and traditional plates of pasta.

Of course, we can’t skip dessert and their lovely choices. You can choose between a vanilla crème Brulée, strawberry cheesecake, sticky toffee pudding, and various ice cream flavors. In addition, the entire menu gets marked with keys signifying dishes with either shellfish or nuts to assist you in avoiding any allergies should you have any.

In the drinks department, they offer a list of alcoholic beverages such as various wines, gin, rum, tequila, vodka, whiskey, and draft beers. However, they also provide non-alcoholic beverages such as soft drinks, water, and chilled juices. In addition, they serve hot chocolate, tea, and coffee if you want something warmer.

Shake Shack

Shake shack originated to stand for something good and has continued to spread this message over 300 locations. By producing classic American cuisine, they do not only hope to serve delicious food but also influence every single customer. They hold their values in their ingredients, such as cage-free eggs and any of their meats containing hormones or antibiotics.

Shake Shack’s burgers are made from 100% natural Angus beef and have a vast selection of big and small choices. They also serve classic New York-styled hot dogs, consistently showcasing their American roots. With all their dishes, you can obtain fresh crinkle-cut fries that perfectly compliment the entire meal.

Their drinks should also not get passed on. They produce various flavors of milkshakes – my favorite being the vanilla cookies and cream shake. However, they also have floats if you are seeking more of a combination. They serve cool beverages, including lemonade, water, orange juices, and soft drinks. However, they offer lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, and teas if you seek something warm.

Shake Shack’s desserts will immediately make your mouth water, serving red velvet cake, strawberry cheesecake, and various flavors of ice cream. However, their delectable chocolate combination caught my eye, which contained chocolate custard, fudge sauce, chocolate truffle cookie dough, Valrhona chocolate pearls, and touched off with chocolate sprinkles.


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