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The 15 Best Ethiopian Restaurants In Dubai You Have to Try

Ethiopian cuisine has a distinct and delicious profile, expertly blending earthy, spicy, tart, and sour flavors. If you’d like to discover one of Africa’s best-kept culinary secrets, you should try out one of these fantastic Ethiopian restaurants!

1. Al Habasha Restaurant

Even after twenty years of serving the finest Ethiopian cuisine, guests still can’t get enough of the food at Al Habasha Restaurant. It may even surprise long-time patrons to find out that Al Habasha was the first Ethiopian restaurant that opened in the region.

While many followed suit, as you can tell from this list, Al Habasha continues to set the standard for the tastiest authentic Ethiopian food. When carefully preparing meals, the chefs use only fresh ingredients. There are many unique flavors infused in Al Habasha’s menu, including Teff, a cereal that is only found in Ethiopia.

With a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere, this is the perfect restaurant to come together with your loved ones over the best meals. The staff at Al Habasha truly go out of their way to make each guest’s experience special and memorable, helping them explore a new culinary dimension.

On the menu, you’ll find a traditional mix of vegetables, grain stews, fresh meat sautés, and slow-simmered meats, such as beef and lamb. From Doro Firfir to Misir Siga, there are many signature dishes to try at this Ethiopian eatery. With so many exciting dishes to try, you’ll certainly be back for more memorable dining experiences at Al Habasha!

2. Zagol

Zagol is another iconic Ethiopian restaurant to try out, with the finest selection of dishes – and plenty of vegan and vegetarian options! Whether you’re enjoying signature fusion dishes or the fantastic buffet spread, you’ll love the cozy, homey atmosphere. Styled like a traditional Ethiopian eatery, you’ll be transported on a culinary journey.

If you’re in a sharing mood, you can’t go wrong with the Telek Erat B Mesob, a platter filled with everything from sauteed vegetables to mouthwatering meats and sauces. This platter also makes for the perfect sharing starter to whet your appetite for the other iconic dishes crafted by Zagol’s talented chefs.

We suggest heading to Zagol with a large appetite, as other dishes are also served on large platters. Guests also love eating their meals in a traditional Ethiopian fashion, using their hands and the bread to scoop food and sauces. If you’re looking for an authentic yet intimate Ethiopian dining experience, you can never go wrong with Zagol!

  • Across Burjuman, Al Karama
  • Daily 10:00 – 23:30
  • +97143577740

3. Ethiopia Green Restaurant

Third on our list is Ethiopia Green Restaurant, where guests go for an equally cultural and culinary experience. The chefs at this eatery truly understand the importance of using fresh ingredients to craft the finest food, which also explains the name of this restaurant. If you’re looking for healthy food without compromising taste, you’ll love what the menu offers.

Not only does this Ethiopian restaurant prepare its own homemade dressings and sauces using fresh ingredients, herbs, and spices, but they actively limit the use of processed foods in dishes. We recommend the Milas Senber, Derek Tibis, or the Beyayinet spread to start you off. If you’re with friends and family, why not share all three!

At this authentic eatery, there are always amazing deals and promotions. There are also plenty of Ethiopian breakfast foods for the early birds! Ethiopia Green also has a Fasting Foods menu, which patrons love. If your tastebuds are craving healthy yet delicious food, head on down to Ethiopia Green!

4. Kiloole Restaurant

While Kiloole is the perfect place for an early morning cup of organic coffee, it’s also one of the finest Ethiopian restaurants in the region. Open until midnight, Kiloole is the ideal place for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – especially if your tastebuds are craving rich, robust flavors. If you generally struggle deciding what to eat, you’ll love the carefully curated menu.

For breakfast, there are many signature dishes to enjoy alongside your coffee. For a light breakfast, you’ll love the Bulla or Chechebsa. However, the Siilsi Phuphaa is just as delicious! You’ll love the Kifto Special or Kiloole Special for lunch or dinner, which both offer a fantastic selection of Ethiopian flavors to try.

5. Milen Restaurant

At Milen Restaurant, guests will find a fantastic selection of Ethiopian and Eritrean dishes, all prepared by passionate chefs. Stepping into Milen Restaurant, guests are greeted by friendly waiters and a welcoming atmosphere. If you head to this eatery for breakfast, there are plenty of pastries to try with your morning coffee.

However, if you’re looking for a meal or appetizer to share, you’ll love the Ramadan Chicken Variety Plate, which features a magical infusion of traditional foods and flavors. The Ethiopian buffet is truly a fun experience at Milen, taking signature dishes and the sharing ethos to a whole other level!

6.  Bonna Annee Ethiopian Restaurant

Bonna Annee is more than an Ethiopian restaurant; it’s a culinary hotspot where guests come together to enjoy Ethiopian, Eritrean, and other Sub-Saharan cuisines. Even guests from Ethiopia have raved about the authenticity of the food crafted by Bonna Annee’s expert chefs. For a light breakfast, you’ll love the Egg Crumbs, made with eggs, onions, and chili, served with Injera or French bread.

The Tihlo meatballs make for the perfect light bite for lunch or dinner. These delicious meatballs are served with a special house sauce. The Dereq Tibs is also delectable, fusing garlic, onions, rosemary, and jalapenos with slow-fried lamb. If you’re struggling to settle on one meal, you’ll love the Beya Yinetu, a platter with various authentic dishes.

7.  Africana Home Restaurant

For people across the African continent, Africana Home Restaurant has quickly become their home away from home. From Ethiopia to South Africa, there are many bold dishes to try at this authentic African eatery. The staff and chefs at Africana Home truly strive to provide their guests with an authentic dining experience.

The chefs at this restaurant combine traditional recipes with their own unique flair and methods. Regardless of which dish you decide on, it will have the perfect blend of herbs and spices. For nearly three decades, Africana Home Restaurant has been delivering a taste of Africa with every bite!

8.  Kiza Restaurant & Lounge  

At Kiza Restaurant & Lounge, guests are treated to the finest blend of African dining, music, fashion, art, and entertainment. If you’re looking to explore more than just African cuisines, we encourage you to visit Kiza and embark on a sensory journey through the many diverse regions and cultures of Africa.

By fusing these elements together, guests can truly experience the vibrancy of the African continent. If you want to experience the heritage and culture of Ethiopia and other cultures, this Pan-African hotspot is the perfect place to explore. From light lunches to late nights, the Kiza experience offers something for every guest.  

9. Cucina Mesob

This premium restaurant offers excellent service and some of the best Ethiopian dishes in the region. At Cucina Mesob, there are always specials to try. Whether you go for the daily special or the Cucina special, you’ll be treated to a delicious array of flavors and spices. For the ravenous, the Shiro or Misir stews are ideal!

For seafood lovers, there are many authentic dishes to try. From the Fish Goulash to the Salmon, the freshest flavors await. The Kitfo and Tibs specials can’t be passed up for those looking to dive into authentic Ethiopian dishes! There are also plenty of vegetarian options, including Potato Firfir. With your meal, you can enjoy delicious Ethiopian coffees and teas.

10. Dukem Grill And Restaurant

Dukem Grill and Restaurant is another eatery that’s always ready to satisfy your craving for Ethiopian food. With a menu that’s both eclectic and elaborate, all your dining options are fantastic! Guests will find many signature dishes and house favorites on the menu, including Kornis, Tripa, and Dirkosh Ferfer Quanta.

If you love poultry, we recommend the Checkena Ferfer, which is served with rice. The Muaba or Awaze Tebs is perfect for guests with an insatiable appetite. If you’re looking for a warm stew, you’ll love every bite of the Yebeg Key Wet.

11. Mechot Restaurant

At Mechot Restaurant, guests will have the finest selection of dishes and drinks from the African continent, focusing on Ethiopian cuisine. While you decide what to order, you’ll love the shisha flavors available at Mechot. The friendly servers will expertly guide you through your culinary tour of Ethiopia.

The simple yet well-curated menu makes it easy to decide what to eat, but the flavors keep guests coming back! On the menu, you’ll find Agelgel, Beyayinet, Chicken Legs, Chicken Salad, Timatim Kurt, Doro Wot, Dulet, Full Special, Chechebsa, Bula, Tebse Ferfer, and more. Let your tastebuds lead the way at Mechot Restaurant!

12. RAS Beach Vibes Lounge

At RAS Beach Vibes Lounge, guests are treated to more than breathtaking views of the Palm Jumeirah; they’re treated to a fantastic selection of Caribbean, Jamaican, and other international cuisines. Formerly known as Gursha Ethiopian Restaurant, many of the staff members and iconic meals live on at RAS Beach Vibes Lounge.

This Caribbean-themed restaurant truly offers a unique dining experience to guests. While enjoying your mouthwatering dishes, performers will serenade you with live music. Overall, there’s a great atmosphere at this lounge and restaurant that will keep guests coming back for many more memorable moments!

13. Piassa Restaurant

Piassa Restaurant is another great Ethiopian eatery to try out when your tastebuds are craving fresh and bold flavors. With an affordable selection of tasty dishes, dining guests can curate their meal and experience. From the Siga Firfir to the Special Kitfo, there are many dishes you’re guaranteed to love at Piassa!

You could keep it light with a salad or pasta, but you’ll be missing out on the other complex, rich dishes on the menu. If you’re craving a warm slow-simmered stew, you’ll love the Tegabino or Misir Besiga stew. Alongside your meal, you can enjoy a delicious shisha and a refreshing selection of traditional beverages.

  • Al Hazm Building, Deira
  • Daily 10:00 – 00:00
  • +97142941714

14. Jima Restaurant

At Jima Restaurant, guests will find wonderful Ethiopian chefs cooking up a storm! However you like your dishes prepared, the chefs are always ready to provide you with a memorable meal cooked to perfection. If you’re not sure what to try, the mixed plate with a variety of meat and vegetable dishes is the best place to start your dining experience.

If you’re already a lover of African cuisine, you’ll feel right at home in Jima Restaurant. However, for those who have yet to discover their love of Ethiopian cuisine, the friendly staff members will be ready to guide you through your meal!

  • 6th Street, Al Murar
  • Daily 08:00 – 23:00
  • +97142717610

15. Blue Nile Café

If you’re looking for Ethiopian food that’s equally affordable and delectable, Blue Nile Café has what you’re looking for! With beautifully decorated interiors inspired by Ethiopian heritage and culture, this is the perfect restaurant for those who love seafood. The Fish & Chips is a house favorite. Besides the stellar seafood selection, there are plenty of other fantastic dishes to try, including delicious wraps and salads.


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