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The 11 Best Evening Brunches in Dubai for Night Owls

Sunset drinks and cocktails have a new competitor. The glitzy and glamorous in the world’s business and leisure enclave have an evening version that stands out from the classic breakfast-lunch combo. An evening brunch might be a novel idea, but it will surely be a good night out in Dubai.

Brunching at night has caught on like wildfire in the world’s Indulgent City! Dramatic sunsets and city views are as important as the food. And, you don’t have to set your alarm clock for this brunch affair. Evening brunches aren’t reserved for weekends either. Restaurants compete for popularity, and evening brunches are about music events too.  

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1. Publique

Go to Publique for an out-of-the-ordinary evening brunch. Here the ambiance, décor, and the food are at the top. The themed bar-cum-restaurant dining has the flavors of alpine cuisine in the rustic splendor of a mountain retreat in the heart of this desert. There’s even a Gondola DJ booth! It’s great for friends’ get-togethers with the atmosphere somewhere far away.

Evening Brunch is not the conventional one, and here the menu is about shared dining. You are guaranteed to unwind as you look out across the Arabian Sea! The most wonderful, and yes, you need to like the taste (and aroma), is unlimited raclette! The raclette drips onto side plates from an enormous wedge of cheese.

An evening brunch after work is an excellent time to take stock of a day’s work and plan the weekend’s dining. And indulge, as this is the best description I have for a never-ending conveyor of tastes in a shared fondue.

A typical night brunch is for a group of four. The brunch starts with an overview of authentic alpine cuisine on offer – from starters to main courses and a cheese raclette and chocolate fondue to share. And, believe it, a wintry atmosphere is created in the hottest part of the world with LED lights. There’s even a pseudo hearth!

  • Address:  Souk Madinat Jumeirah
  • Opening Hours:  Saturday to Thursday from 8 pm to 11 pm
  • Dress Code: Smart   
  • Website:
  • Phone Number:    04 430 8550

2. The Penthouse

The hippest by far, many say! And one knows why. The Penthouse’s Skyline Thursday night brunch on the rooftop is the place for an unforgettable soiree. The setting for the Thursday evening brunch is in a jungle! It’s glamorous, and there’s good music. The backdrop is near-perfect for unlimited selfies.

There are unrivaled views through a glass balustrade wall of the Marina, Arabian Gulf, Palm Jumeirah, and Bluewaters’ Ain Dubai! You might want to go on the world’s observation wheel advertised as soaring in the sky before settling for an evening brunch. An evening, good women, dedicated to you!

The exhilaration of the Ain Dubai is a talking point at this chic hangout. From the rooftop, there are endless displays of light. And, to add atmosphere, there’s a live DJ! The food is fabulous with bottomless drinks. There’s wok-fried salmon with teriyaki veg, the Chef’s sushi, seabass sashimi, and prawn tempura!

The Penthouse’s Chef Frederick Faucheux is unstoppable in French and Japanese fusion for a night brunch – perfectly paired with artisan cocktails! The Chicken Gyoza – chicken, served with dumplings and 7-spice togarashi – is divine! So is the Yakitori chicken and leek kebabs served with sliced green papaya.  

Other Japanese and French favorites include beef sliders and Karai baby chicken. The style here is sharing – this also allows you to have many tasty options. Don’t miss out. Order the truffle tart flambé! For dessert, there’s Japanese cheesecake! And an array of delectable sorbets and the Chef’s ice cream.  

This spot doubly establishes itself on the night brunch map with added excitement – there are the Maskerade night brunches!

  • Address:  Five Palm Jumeirah
  • Opening Hours:  Thursday night
  • Dress Code:  Smart   
  • Website:
  • Phone Number:    04 455 99880

3. Ginger Moon

One thing is for sure; there’s always something new in this town. The scene here is the off-beat and laid-back hippy-vibes, popularised as Tulum vibes. The latest hotel, the Mina Seyahi Bay, has a night brunch at its Ginger Moon restaurant that already draws in the fashionable and is funky! The boho-styled eatery has an aptly named Exotica brunch that is no ordinary experience or setting.

What happens inside is as impressive as the signature Mina Seyahi’s 31-story presence near the Harbour. The establishment lives up to its 5-star rating – a product of the Westin and Le Meridien Mina Seyahi hotels. Ginger Moon is adjacent to the infinity pool with views across Palm Jumeirah. At night, the twinkling lights of the Marina and the world’s best skyline attract.

With plenty of mingling and chatting, no wonder Ginger Moon is the new epicenter of night brunches. Characteristic of night brunches, there are free-flowing drinks! There are shared platters, outdoor seating, sunsets, and city views! You also can dine indoors in the boho-styled eatery.

And what’s on offer? The inspired Chef’s Pan Asian menu includes a variety of flavors. You could go the sticky lamb ribs route or, as recommended, have the citrus-topped sashimi and crispy-fried calamari. The burrata encircled with edible flowers, a fresh salad as colorful as a garden posy, and lobster dressed with floral petals are bright, tasty, and Instagram-worthy.

  • Address:  Mina Seyahi, Marina
  • Opening Hours:  Wednesday night
  • Dress Code:   Smart
  • Website:
  • Phone Number:    +971 50 794 3078

4. 1OAK

The Business Bay nightclub started in New York and is buzzy with electric vibes, a swish nightclub atmosphere, and a fabulous look-out terrace. Here Dubai’s party set gathers – it’s the liveliest place in town! There’s fun to be had at ‘1-OAK’ or ’10-AK’ as patrons playfully juggle with the restaurant’s name.

This original New York club is an import, and there are others in the world, too, like in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. The name means one of a kind! Once inside, you know why this spot is so popular – it’s uber-luxe, and the mood is glamor and style! You know you need to dress to be there. There’s a labyrinth of mirrors for selfies. And, the fashionable arrive after midnight!

When 1 OAK opened, the acclaimed London chef Richard Turner devised the menu. Known as the ‘meat man,’ he says his choice for the menu here is the best food that the City loves. His menu includes a delectable cheese grilled sourdough bread with finely sliced truffle, onions, and herbs. There’s deep-fried chicken served on a soft brioche bun.

The atmosphere is electric, and the dishes are a feast at this night brunch. Few can resist the taste of sautéed onions, fresh lettuce, tomato, a marinated beef patty, and 1-OAK’s signature ogleshield cheese. The cheeseburger is served on a potato bun.

  • Address:  JW Marriott Marquis Hotel
  • Opening Hours:  Thursday 9 pm till late
  • Dress Code: Smart   
  • Website:
  • Phone Number:    +971 52 881 8888

5. Mr Miyagi’s

Wit drips from every word on the menu – it is pho-nominal your world wok’d to thai-tastic! This bit of Asian cuisine pulls out all the stops. No wonder it’s called the wok’ n roll brunch. Being at Mr Miyagi’s is unforgettable. There’s live entertainment, you can even get some karaoke stardom, there are liters of beer and prosecco flowing, and a menu that’s so good!

Being at Mr Miyagi is an experience with a five-course menu and three hours of unlimited drinks. The menu is popularly Asian – dim sum, dumplings, wonton, and bao buns! If you feel like having a party, this is the place  – there are glitter stations and games.

The décor is funky and playful and sets the scene for a fun evening. It’s more like a stage set than a traditional restaurant.

  • Address:  Media One Hotel  
  • Opening Hours:  Thursday & Fridays 8pm – 11pm
  • Dress Code: Smart   
  • Website:
  • Phone Number:   (04) 420 7489  

6. Kimura-Ya

Kimura-Ya, synonymous with top venues in Tokyo, is where you can get authentic Japanese food. Though associated with high-end places, the restaurant follows Japan’s izakaya style, meaning it is a casual place. Kimura-Ya is known for its shabu-shabu hotpot – a shared meal ala western fondue style. There are many other hotspots too. Don’t miss out on this authentically Japanese experience.

The atmosphere is so Japanese that you think you’re in Tokyo. There’s traditional sushi and ramen and deep-fried dishes (agemono). Imagine deep-fried octopus balls! The best experience is the hot pots – sliced meats and bite-sized vegetables you can cook at your table, and Wagyu marinated in the restaurant’s signature sauce. There are plenty of vegetables and mushrooms to quick fry too.

The Chef, Kobayashi Kohe, has ensured enough kome (rice dishes) on the menu. From the sashimi here to the tempura rice bowl and chicken katsu curry or the soba and udon noodles dishes, the taste is authentically Japanese. You can order tempura, salmon, tuna and saba-bo sushi rolls, and spicy prawn ramen.

On the menu, the word that stands out is Irasshaimase! This phrase in Japanese is an invitation to come in closer and enjoy. This ethos makes an evening brunch at Kimura-Ya one of those memorable nights out.

  • Address:  The Oberoi Centre
  • Opening Hours:  Midday to Mid-night
  • Dress Code:   Smart
  • Website:
  • Phone Number:    04 444 1455

7. Miss Tess

Are you in the mood for a night brunch with a party mood? Well, Miss Tess is where you need to be. You have it all here – the Taj Dubai’s Burj views and a Pan-Asian street-food-style eatery. The cuisine is as colorful as the décor, and Miss Tess is always busy!

Miss Tess has a story to tell – an Asian woman’s tale inspires the gastronomic feast. She grew up on the streets and learned the best on offer: aromas and flavors. She used this experience to come up with delicious Asian fare. And this is what’s waiting at Miss Tess – street chefs and flame-grilled food. The décor includes a Tuk-Tuk center stage!

Wednesday night’s brunch is a feast with burlesque performances and surprises for patrons, especially women. The theme of a night brunch is a busy Asian street market. You know, abuzz with life and activity! The right place for a birthday bash! And, as patrons say, it’s a celebration of the Asian way. There’s a DJ all night to have the energy excited.

  • Address:  The Taj Hotel, Business Bay
  • Opening Hours:  8 pm – 11 pm
  • Dress Code: Smart   
  • Website:
  • Phone Number:    050 498 8505

8. Kanpai Lounge & Restaurant

The name Kanpai is the epitome of Asian hospitality and means cheers or good health and prosperity! Kanpai is in the prestigious Souk Al Bahar District near the Mall, Fountain, and the Burj Khalifa. While Kanpai has been here, it has made an impression as a traditional Japanese restaurant.

Brunch at night extends the presentation of Kanpai’s unforgettable culinary dishes. The atmosphere is ambient, and it is here that chefs show their grit and use fresh produce from a sustainable source only. The sushi chefs have mastered the art of serving the best quality seafood and seasonal produce. Each dish is also masterfully crafted.

Kanpai is where you go when you want to experience culinary artistry that speaks of passion, precision, and finesse.

With evening brunches in vogue and Chefs’ imaginations stretched, an Asian-inspired night brunch with a party atmosphere is always a good choice. And knowing that there is unlimited sushi on the menu, sure, this is the place to be. On a Thursday night, there are three hours of Shoyu Salmon, Black Cod, Tiger Prawns, Takoyaki, Chicken, and Beef Yakitori.

Besides endless feasting on sushi and Asian delights, there are Kanpai-styled cocktails to give the edge to the party element at the night brunch.

  • Address:  Souk Al Bahar, Downtown
  • Opening Hours:  7 pm – 10 pm
  • Dress Code:  Smart   
  • Website:
  • Phone Number:    04 441 9262

9. Karma Kafe

Being at Karma Kafe is as much about the evening brunch as the fantastic setting and the design concept behind the restaurant. From Raymond Visan’s stable of concept restaurants, Karma Kafe is a focal point for evening brunches. In the late nineties, Visan broke ground in the restaurant scene with his chic nightclub vibe eating concept.

The concept spread worldwide, famed in Monte Carlo, Moscow, and Manila, and in London became the gorgeous Buddhabar Restaurant. Now Karma Kafe is set to make an impression.

Blushing Dragon at Karma Kafe’s appeal is a picturesque setting with views of the iconic Burj Khalifa and nearby the Fountains. Karma Kafe is famed for the equally dramatic plates of food. The night brunch is pure indulgence – there’s miso black cod, Wagyu beef gyoza, and Japanese tuna pizza!

You might wonder what a Japanese tuna pizza is. Well, the Chefs have come up with a novel twist. It’s a grilled tortilla, yellowfin tuna sashimi,  tomato, truffle oil, wasabi aioli, and kabayaki sauce! You’ll enjoy the asparagus carpaccio served with grapefruit salsa, chive oil, and shallot vinaigrette. Be sure to order the Japanese coconut curry with charred tofu, Broccolini, asparagus, and baby root veg.   

Described as a decadent foodie-focussed brunch, one knows why. There is an atmosphere and unlimited servings of soft, house, or sparkling beverages.

  • Address:  Souk Al Bahar, Downtown  
  • Opening Hours:  8 pm – 11 pm
  • Dress Code:   Smart  
  • Website:
  • Phone Number:    971 4 423 8306

10. Marina Social

When the celebrated Michelin chef Jason Atherton came to Dubai, he had the experience of opening 17 restaurants across the world. His choice for Marina Social is the views across the Marina’s pristine waters. The large terrace is a casual yet chic setting. And so too are the indoor restaurants understated in sleekness. An evening brunch here is a must.

The menu is innovative and rich in imagination. Part of the cuisine design concept is a chance to chat to the chefs as they prepare your share-style dishes. Nothing less than that sizzling-hot-seared yellowfin tuna served with avocado puree and salted cucumber. The goat’s cheese churros are delectable.

Patrons agree Marina Social has the best tomato and burrata – a tomato with a burrata inside! And there are trolley loads of sweets and the most divine sticky, caramelized apple tart tatin.

  • Address:  Intercontinental, Marina
  • Opening Hours:  7 pm to midnight
  • Dress Code:   Smart
  • Website:
  • Phone Number:    0 4 446 6788

11. Zero Gravity

If you’re yearning for that dream of a picture-perfect French Riviera setting, you can experience that kind at Zero Gravity. No wonder Zero Gravity is one of the stalwart beach clubs with its Riviera-inspired backdrop. Thursday night has the vibes of Monte Carlo – a funfair and playground.

The clinking of glasses adds to the vibe – soak up the last rays of the sun; there are free-flowing beverages and what seems to be limitless food. You can have wild mushroom pithiviers – those exotic-looking artisanal pies. The soft, sweet choux pastry with cream and lashings of chocolate sauce is the best way to end a splendid meal.

Yes, and if you’re part of the action at Helter Skelter, Zero Gravity surely rocks! The best pool and beach bar. You can’t escape the mood and fun. Be sure to dress up for this fairground with lots of fun and play. It’s outdoors and has food and drinks stations every Thursday night. The setting for an unforgettable evening brunch.

Themed between a fun fair, circus, and an upmarket brunch venue, there are a host of fun activities too. You can play ping pong (old-fashioned badminton) and even get your friends to team up for an air hockey game. And if you reminiscence about childhood, there are Jenga blocks to build with and classic video arcade games to play.

Don’t forget to tuck into the food, shellfish, and sliders – get your meal done just as you want at live-cooking stations.

  • Address:  Zero Gravity, Sky Dive
  • Opening Hours:  8 pm to midnight
  • Dress Code: Smart  
  • Website:
  • Phone Number:    04 318 1313


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