The 11 Best Family Restaurants In Dubai (Fun AND Tasty)

The best family restaurants in Dubai are great for lunches with young kids or dinners to treat your teens.

If you’re anything like me, it goes without mentioning that the ideal hangouts for mom and dad offer a great eat-and-drink experience with superb entertainment for yourself and your children or family.

Fortunately, Dubai has numerous fantastic family restaurants for family events, like celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, or achievements!

They overflow with good food and drinks, play areas with toys, books, games for kids, and sometimes bars for adults. You’ll definitely find something to enjoy!

1. Trattoria By Cinque

This is one of my favorite locales to take my family when visiting Dubai! It’s one of those places where you’ll go once for a Sunday dinner, only to return as a regular customer instead!

The food is delicious, with some of the be calzone pizza, bruschetta, and risotto you’ll enjoy in Dubai.

There are many exciting items to try on the menu, so you’ll be able to try something new with every visit. For instance, you can opt for the Burrata and Arancini, which are both excellent!

For couples, go ahead and share the Calabrese pizza and the Tagliatella Al Ragu Di Agnello, one of the star favorites. The establishment is also perfect for smaller families or couples.

The drinks selection is pretty varied, too. One of my favorites when I visit Trattoria By Cinque, has to be the Limoncello. The staff were attentive and ensured we were comfortable and had a good time.

They’ll ensure your glass remains topped off and go above and beyond with their service.

One of this family restaurant’s best features is the live band, which adds a lovely touch to the restaurant’s atmosphere. When the weather is cooler, you can sit on the terrace, which looks beautiful.

  • Address: Lazuward SW – Jumeirah Village
  • Website: Trattoria By Cinque
  • Phone Number: +971 4 455 9989

2. Café Confetti

This little cafe-bakery sits at Jumeirah Lake Towers. It’s charming and comes with a breakfast and lunch buffet. A terrific venue for Moms and Dads to get together with their children!

My friend celebrated her daughter’s birthday here, and her friends praised the venue, cuisine, and café service.

The food is delicious, especially the strawberry-banana waffles! You’ll be surprised to find they do the decorating, music, characters, and cake. There is also a play area for your toddlers.

The café is most renowned for its herbal teas and nutritious smoothies, but it also serves pancakes, waffles, pizzas, spaghetti, and salads.

There’s also a bit of German cuisine on the menu, like flammkuchen flatbread, chicken bratwurst sausages, and leberkaese meatloaf.

There are wooden and soft toys, vehicles and scooters, kitchenettes, and a little jungle gym with a slide. Socks are essential for both children and adults.

It can be challenging to grab a coffee somewhere with two young kids. So, why not stop at Café Confetti so everyone can relax and have a good time?

  • Address: Jumeirah Lake Towers Cluster U Al Seef 2 Lake Level
  • Website: Café Confetti 
  • Phone Number: +971 4 554 6206

3. Kitchen6

Kitchen6 is a multi-award-winning international buffet restaurant that serves cuisines from all over the world.

View the chefs at work in six interactive live-cooking stations, which include Asian woks, Middle Eastern grills, Indian tandoors, and European breads.

If your kids or other family are picky eaters, they are sure to find something here! Moreover, if you appreciate sampling new sweets, you should stop by one of the dessert stations.

Whenever I visit Dubai, it has become a habit for my family to visit Kitchen6, plus I recommend it to anyone seeking a lovely family-friendly experience.

Furthermore, the staff is kind and attentive to the point where it’s hard to find individuals so dedicated to making you feel at ease! Kitchen6 is a fantastic venue for celebrating anniversaries, birthday parties, and family reunions.

  • Address: Sheikh Zayed Rd JW Marriott Marquis
  • Website: Kitchen6
  • Phone Number: +971 4 414 3000

4. Solo

Solo is a home-grown Italian restaurant and bar that serves ample quantities in a comfortable, friendly environment with a contemporary spin on classic food.

Solo takes pleasure in procuring local farm products when the harvesting season in the UAE allows, as well as importing seasonal ingredients from Italy.

One of the reasons why Solo’s food is so great is because they make everything themselves, from the breads to the sauces and pastas.

The restaurant promotes the notion of family and friends sharing across various aspects of the restaurant.

You can expect it at the Main Eating Area, the Vinobar, the Mezzanine Level for a pleasant experience, and the Terrazza for outside Al Fresco dining.

The restaurant features a vast soft-floor outside play area and an indoor movie theater for children. You’ll also notice a  jumping castle for the kids when you visit for breakfast on Saturdays. 

  • Address: Sheikh Zayed Rd JW Marriott Marquis
  • Website: Kitchen6
  • Phone Number: +971 4 414 3000

5. Señor Pico

I had a fantastic time visiting Señor Pico with my kids and family. I went with my mom, sister, and her vegan friend, and we had superb options. The portobello tacos, in particular, were delicious!

We also appreciated the prompt food preparation, and the service was friendly and professional. Moreover, the music was great for setting the mood and making conversation more enjoyable.

The cuisine at Señor Pico offers a new spin on the classics, plus a vibrant and spicy appeal to a broader range of diners.

You can expect to find hearty torta sandwiches, famous tacos árabes, signature crispy cheese quesadillas, and specialty-seasoned rotisserie meats.

Whichever you choose, dining at Señor Pico is a true exploration of Mexican American cuisine.

  • Address: Palm West Beach
  • Website: Senor Pico
  • Phone Number: +971 4 568 2502

6. Wavehouse

Wavehouse is a first-rate restaurant that provides entertainment and delicious meals for the entire family.

You may try your luck at the bowling alley, get a high score in the arcade, or put your skills and balance to the test on the Surfs Up wave rider.

There’s also an adult-only bar if you want to enjoy your favorite drink while the kids have fun at the arcade. Moreover, the food is affordable and has a wide variety of food choices.

Afterward, dig into a burger or pizza in the industrial-chic restaurant, stroll outside the sun-drenched terrace to listen to the festival music vibe, or opt to enjoy a delicious burger and pizza in the industrial-chic restaurant. 

It’s a wonderful venue for birthdays or celebrations, and everyone – including myself – whose been at least once highly recommends it for a memorable family experience.

I really enjoyed the live music at the venue because it added much more to the vibe and social ambiance,  plus the staff were friendly and accommodating to ensure we had a memorable day!

  • Address: Crescent Rd Atlantis The Palm
  • Website: Wavehouse 
  • Phone Number: +971 4 426 2626

7. BLVD On One

No matter what time of day, BLVD On One is a fantastic venue that sports an all-day dining restaurant with alfresco seating.

Serving delectable breakfasts in the morning, tantalizing poolside lunches in the afternoon, and outstanding Levantine cuisine at Beirut Night, not to mention a selection of shisha for you to enjoy at Dubai’s Best Lebanese Restaurant.

This vibrant brasserie truly has something for everyone.

If you want to have a good time, I highly suggest you give the hotel a try. They had a large pool directly in front of the restaurant, which gave me a vibe that was as pleasant as it was memorable. 

This restaurant, located in the gorgeous Five Palm Jumeirah, with fantastic views, lovely ambiance, and superb hospitality, is well worth a visit.

  • Address: No 1, Palm Jumeirah Five Palm Jumeirah
  • Website: BLVD On One
  • Phone Number: +971 4 455 9989

8. The Grill Shack

The Grill Shack is a lovely establishment if you’re a restaurant-goer who appreciates superb staff interaction, quality foods, and an emphasis on a well-packaged service and environment.

At its heart, the establishment is American cuisine with global influences. The Grilllshack is a Dubai original, serving a largely meaty cuisine of steaks, ribs, and burgers in a casual yet industrial environment in The Dubai Mall.

The open format kitchen adds a distinct element to the food court atmosphere, allowing guests to feast with their eyes while also enjoying the theater of the kitchen.

Their burgers are incredibly juicy with all the right amounts of beef, cheese, and flavoring. I’m especially fond of the Angus beef & double cheeseburger for lunch – it brims with a mixture of juicy & savory, perfectly cooked the way I like it!

As for the drinks, you can enjoy hot beverages like teas & coffees, cold drinks like Mojitos, juice, and 0 percent alcoholic beer, and deliciously healthy drinks that include mango, pineapple &  passion fruit.

Their healthy options are superb because they’re pure, natural,  and nutritious. They contain 100 percent fruit and vegetables, meaning they still retain all their natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Moreover, there’s no added sugar, preservatives, artificial coloring, or flavoring!

  • Address: Grilllshack, 2nd Floor Food Court, The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai
  • Website: The Grill Shack
  • Phone Number: +971 4 388 2382

9. Kinara

Kinara is a magnificent combination of traditional and modern, paying respect to Indian cooking in an inexpensive and approachable manner.

It gets inspiration from the raw beauty of home cuisine and the wonderfully diversified areas of India and South Asia.

Kinara features authentic Indian dishes with an exciting twist, including the smoky flavors of the Tandoori oven and delectable Indian spices.

You can expect to find signature dishes like Dahi ke Kebab (Yogurt Kebab), Kinara’s spin on Chicken Makhani, and a choice between four mouthwatering chutney flavors like Bengali tomato-nigella and Konakni pineapple-fennel seed pickle.

One feature that makes Kinara an excellent place for the family is its focus on shared dishes and various dishes for vegetarians. You’ll enjoy exceptional Indian wines and craft beers alongside your dishes with mixology.

  • Address: Exit 13 JA Lake View Hotel
  • Website: Kinara 
  • Phone Number: +971 4 814 5555

10. Luigia

Making good on the Italian tradition of leisurely family meals, Luigia offers a lovely atmosphere and some of the best pizzas in Dubai.

At Luigia, you can enjoy tacos with chicken nuggets, avocado, grana padano, and datterini tomatoes. Otherwise, take your pick of pizzas, like matrioska with smoked salmon, steaming potatoes, mascarpone cheese, and ricotta.

There’s also langarola – a personal favorite when I visited, with fresh baby spinach, beef carpaccio, burrata, and honey citronnette). The restaurant also provides pasta and other classic meals influenced by Italian nonnas’ traditions.

The restaurant features an indoor theater, a specialized playground, and a soft play area. Kids can enjoy one of the well-stocked books, toys, and coloring supplies.

A foosball table and a video game console with oldies can keep older children entertained.

  • Address: Rixos Premium Dubai, The Walk, JBR Ground Floor
  • Website: Luigia 
  • Phone Number: +971 4 349 6950

11.  Baker’s Kitchen

Baker’s Kitchen staff practice a high degree of customer service, meaning they were always helpful and pleasant communicators with friendly smiles.

Due to the Dusit Princess Residence’s location in the middle of Jam Marina, Baker’s Kitchen features outside seating with a magnificent view of the marina.

The setting was one of my favorite elements; the vista provides a beautiful ambiance, and the location is conveniently accessible.

Furthermore, they had a pleasant atmosphere and excellent hygiene, and the tables were really comfy owing to their huge size.

In comparison to others, the pricing is really fair. Bakers Kitchen is a terrific destination to get specialized and artisan breads and healthful options.

Breakfast bowls and salads, vegan burritos, fluffy pancakes, sausages, stews, sirloin, and salmon are just a few of the nutritious options on the menu. Otherwise, you can select from a variety of freshly-baked bread.

Children may enjoy an indoor soft play area with a wooden jungle gym, slides, swings, toys, and a library.

  • Address: El Emreef Street Dusit Princess Residence, Dubai Marina
  • Website: Baker’s Kitchen
  • Phone Number: +971 56 824 0790


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