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The 8 Best French Restaurants In Dubai (Gastronomic Cuisine)

Whether you are looking for a fine dining Michelin star French restaurant with the likes of Chef Pierre Gagnaire or a fun night out with girlfriends sipping Martini with the Parisian chic crowd at La Cantine du Faubourg, you are spoilt for choice!

So, here’s my carefully crafted list of the eight best French restaurants in Dubai – you can thank me later!

1. Couqley: Award-Winning French Bistro

This charming French bistro is top of my list, and it seems that thousands of online reviewers agree with me.

If you are looking for a soulful restaurant with sublime food and delicious wines at affordable prices – look no further!

Try their signature quintessentially French house dishes: saucy Steak-Frites, Escargots, Tuna Tartare, Cote de Boeuf, Foie Gras, Steak Tartare, or their morish Truffle-Mushroom Pasta. Then try their gourmet Pain Perdu, which consists of French Toast smothered in caramel, crowned with decadent ice cream.

The Couqley menu is also family orientated as it offers a carefully curated kiddie’s menu, including sumptuous vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian-friendly meal options.  

The bistro is also a wine lover’s paradise! Sommeliers are passionate about pairing wine with their signature dishes, and they offer a wealth of knowledge concerning their substantive collection from around the world.

There are various dining areas to choose from (depending on your mood) consisting of the bar (with great happy hour deals), a large, elegant dining room, including private areas where you can enjoy a peaceful, intimate meal.

So, if you are looking for a bistro that offers superb luxurious French cuisine at an affordable price, look no further, and I have been told on good authority that their lady’s nights are great fun!

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2. Mina Brasserie Dubai: Foodie Heaven

The fun yet elegant MINA Brasserie offers hearty breakfasts, lunches, and dinners expertly prepared by renowned Chef Michael Mina and served in a spectacular ambient setting with divine Instagram-worthy dishes that are such works of art. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to eat them!

The brasserie menu (a foodie-heaven) consists of a wide variety of carefully curated gastronomical delights crafted from the finest seasonal ingredients to produce exceptional dishes and moreish desserts that must be savored to be believed.

The MINA Brasserie’s signature dishes include Michael Mina’s sumptuous Oak Grilled Octopus, Tuna Tartare adorned with garlic, pine nuts, and mint in a spicy sesame-habanero oil, including Wood Fired Chicken, and a wide variety of sizzling steaks.

MINA devotees are constantly bowled over by their incredible seafood, especially the raw salmon. Their life-affirming, decadent oysters, including the sumptuous octopus and fish dishes, are perfectly paired with tasty accompanying side dishes.

However, the comprehensive menu also includes wholesome vegan and vegetarian-friendly meals that reflect Chef Mina’s passion for gastronomical innovation and flair.

While the restaurant is a fantastic venue for business lunches and large gatherings as they offer delicious sharing platters with exceptional hospitality and service, it also offers private dining areas for romantic date nights.

Alternatively, watch the sun go down on their fabulous outdoor terrace amidst the lush stately trees, with a refreshing aperitif on hand from their gleaming bar, or saver a craft gin from their famous gin trolley after a long, hard day; what’s not to love!

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3. At.Mosphere: Elegant Fine Dining With Spectacular Views

At.Mostphere is a one-of-a-kind fine dining experience! This award-winning restaurant towers a staggering 442 meters above ground level and distinguishes itself as the world’s highest restaurant with stunning panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf.

This critically acclaimed restaurant menu offers a wide array of bespoke, quintessentially French culinary delights in a fabulous ambient setting, coupled with world-class service.

Guests are certainly spoilt for choice with dishes like A’La Mer Tiger Prawns, Canadian Lobster, Chicken Ballotine, Rougie Duck Breast, and divine Vegan steaks.

Alternatively, enjoy their signature tasting menu, which consists of pairings for Amuse Bouche, coupled with Moët et Chandon, Rosé Impérial Champagne; or the melt in your mouth Faux-Filet De Boeuf accompanied with a delicious Bodegas Arzuaga, La Planta from Spain.

At.Mostphere is also renowned for offering an elegant yet, generous amount of High Tea treats like their delicious Veuve Cliquot and numerous other delectable sweet and savory bites, which can be enjoyed seated at a window-side table with fabulous views.

While At. Mostphere’s service is impeccable; a Hight Tea guest was disappointed that they limited gluten-free options on the menu.

While another diner who ordered breakfast At. Mostphere’s enjoyed his warm welcome and the attentive staff. Although, he was not impressed with his expensive and lackluster breakfast.

However, if you are looking for a restaurant to impress a business dinner guest or a loved one, this restaurant will blow their socks off!

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4. La Cantine du Faubourg: Quintessential Parisian Chic

La Cantine du Faubourg epitomizes all our romantic notions of “the city of love” with its multisensory marriage of music, subtle lighting, vibrant art, and divine cuisine that transports you back to the chic pulsing heart of Parisian fashion on rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

This lively artistic and gastronomical hub was created by Helena Paraboschi Pierre Pirajean, two visionary artists and sculptors, which is far from boring!

La Cantine du Faubourg’s food is also works of art, with signature dishes like their grilled octopus, accompanied by a delectable yuzu dressing and delicious potatoes, Truffle Croque Monsieurs, and sumptuous Gambas.

Alternatively, enjoy getting your hands dirty with their divine salsa and feta prawns, a feast for the eye!

However, if seafood is not your thing, choose the succulent honey-glazed wagyu, or they melt- in- your -mouth wagyu striploin Kagoshima with one of their delicious French Martinis – if you don’t mind maxing your credit card.

Then end your sumptuous feast on a high note with La Cantine du Faubourg’s iconic salted caramel vanilla mille-feuille that is simply divine.

The restaurant offers various eclectic seating areas ranging from a comfortable lounge, a dining area, and a vibe terrace that looks incredible when lit up with sparkling fairy lights each winter.

La Cantine du Faubourg was revamped in 2021 and now includes Gohan, which is a fun clandestine Japanese-themed speakeasy hidden behind a mirrored entrance.

While this lively restaurant is not a quiet venue, it’s the perfect destination to have a fun night out if you enjoy Parisian flair at its finest with great live music. So, book that table!

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5. Beau Rivage: Critically Acclaimed Restaurant

The Beau Rivage Bistro, situated on the Dubai waterfront, offers panoramic views of the canal and cityscape in a lively, unpretentious setting where you can even watch sports matches and enjoy lovingly prepared, hearty intercontinental meals, a relaxed atmosphere, and soothing music.

While the bistro offers a wide array of French cuisine, it includes numerous sumptuous Mediterranean, Italian and international dishes, and it’s the perfect place to enjoy one of their delicious signature cocktails or craft beer while chatting to the friendly mixologists after a long day.

The menu features quintessential French dishes like succulent Confit Chicken Breasts, crispy roasted parsnips, and thyme jus, including Pan-Fried Seabass with ratatouille, spinach, and a zingy lemon and garlic butter. Followed by a delicious Vanilla crème Brulé adorned with berries.

However, the Beau Rivage Bistro’s greatest asset is its loyal staff, who make a concerted effort to take care of each guest and recommend signature dishes based on their preferences.

So, it’s no wonder that so many diners have described the bistro as a home away from home, especially when traveling through Dubai.

Alternatively, head over to the Beau Rivage Bistro for their budget-friendly happy hour from Sundays to Thursdays, which includes two beverages, including delicious nibbles. Or have fun with your friends on one of their raucous ladies or gentlemen’s nights, followed by a leisurely Friday brunch.

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6. Bagatelle: Fine French Cuisine In A Fun Setting

If you are looking for a vibe restaurant that combines the finest French cuisine with live entertainment throughout the week, book a table at Bagatelle, as it ticks all those boxes!

This elegant French restaurant bathed in soft, ambient light features plush velvet sofas that create the perfect place to spend countless hours with great friends enjoying the party vibes.

Chef Timothy Newton’s impressive menu features divine signature dishes like freshly prepared indulgent gnocchi smothered in a decadent truffle and parmesan sauce, including succulent truffle chicken with jus and baby potatoes.

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7. La Serre Boulangerie & Bistro: Travelers Choice Award

The magnificent two-story La Serra Boulangerie (bakery), with its pristine glass-encased façade, in Downtown Dubai is the perfect amalgamation between a charming Parisian bistro and an ultra-chic French restaurant that serves (hands down) the best French breakfast!

With its marbled cocktail lounge and luxurious banisters, this elegant restaurant features a critically acclaimed menu coupled with an inspiring Chef’s Table, which gives diners a glimpse into the chef’s fine craftsmanship.

La Serra’s Boulangerie’s signature dishes include morish pastries and artisanal loaves of bread, including French breakfast staples like a crepe stuffed with Emmental cheese, mushrooms, smoky turkey, and a creamy bechamel sauce.

Other favorites include the classic eggs benedict and black truffles, alternatively, create your own delicious breakfast by adding items to your liking, and the chef would be happy to oblige.

If you simply can’t tear yourself away, enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner at the La Serrie Bistro with its picturesque view of the adjacent boulevard.

The comprehensive La Serrie Bistro menu offers a plethora of succulent French classics like Tartare de Boeuf, Truffles entres, hearty Boeuf Bourguignon de La Serre, and divine Risotto de Champignons de Saison

So, it’s no surprise that La Serra won a Trip Advisor’s travelers choice award as they thoroughly deserve it!

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  • Reservations: La Serre Boulangerie: +971 4 528 3778/La Serre Bistro: +971 4 528 3779
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  • Website:
  • Address: La Serre, Vida Downtown
  • Opening Hours: 07:00 AM-03:00PM (times vary)

8. Pierre’s Bistro: World-Class French Cuisine

Pierre’s bistro offers Michelin star authentic gastronomical French delicacies lovingly crafted by

Chef Pierre Gagnaire expresses his passionate joie de vivre without the stuffy pretentiousness of some restaurants. 

Situated at the Dubai Festival City waterfront, this elegant restaurant has a laid-back atmosphere that is only rivaled by its delicious culinary offering that caters to a wide range of clientele.

Pierre’s Bistro service is fantastic, and the staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable about pairing the various French delicacies with the finest wines.

The Pierre’s Bistro menu includes delicious starters like Burrata, which comprises artichoke slices accompanied by crunchy pine nuts adorned with mint. Including a Duck foie gras terrine amplified with roasted hazelnuts and chestnuts.

Other generously proportioned signature dishes include the smoked salmon gravlax, frogs’ legs smothered in a rich Poulette sauce, or   Koh Taen beef fillet tartare accompanied by French potato allumettes with a subtle hint of rice vinegar, including melt-in-your-mouth Wagyu steak.

However, if that is not enough to sway you, their eclectic list of delectable signature cocktails and live Jazz performances might make you change your mind (you can thank me later)!

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