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The 14 Best Ibn Battuta Mall Restaurants After a Shopping Spree

Ibn Battuta has been my favorite mall since the first time I stepped into it, even as a tourist in Dubai. It is my go-to mall for everything from groceries to movie night. I always end up having something to eat, and after trying several places and always looking for the next spot to eat, I put together a list of the best Ibn Battuta mall restaurants. 

1. Verdura Mediterranean Restaurant  

Verdura is a true hidden gem and surprisingly found in a mall. Verdura will restore your faith in exquisitely tasteful restaurants. It doesn’t show up when searching for top restaurants, so I had to add it here. The restaurant is elegant, and the staff is friendly. An overall lovely experience is guaranteed at Verdura. 

They offer soul-touching food, and some favorites are the saffron buttery chargrilled tiger prawns, their grilled chef special marinated lamb chops, and the best Fattoush salad you will ever taste. Their menu provides a wide variety of Mediterranean favorites with good portion sizes, and the food is perfectly cooked with tastes that will leave you drooling for more. 

2. Paul Bakery & Restaurant 

Paul is a French cuisine dining bakery and restaurant. They offer a wide range of breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner options. They never fail to deliver mouth-watering desserts to end your time there, and the ambiance of the place will give you all the French vibes. 

Some favorites at Paul in Ibn Battuta are the hot chocolate before the morning grocery shopping bonanza, a tasty pasta for lunch, and soup and fresh bread for dinner. Their items are meticulously made, and you will never regret a coffee at any time, on any day. 

  • Address: Persia Court, Ibn Battuta Mall, Sheikh Zayed Rd 
  • Opening Hours: 8am-11pm, Friday to Sunday 8am-11:30pm 
  • Website: 
  • Phone Number: 04 557 9834 

3. Shakespeare and Co. 

I love that Shakespeare is a restaurant café and patisserie. They have some of the best options, and their starter of herby butter and fresh bread is amazing. Their salads are always scrumptious and fresh, and I always enjoy the four free cookies with their double shot espresso. 

I always go to Shakespeare when I look for that lazy weekend ambiance, and it never fails to give me that feeling. Their portions are considerably big, so you don’t need to order several items, and you can stick to your favorites on the menu. You will be pretty pleased with the wonderful area reserved for smoking with natural light and a cozy vibe if you are a smoker. 

4. Yakitate 

You can enjoy your favorites from the Japanese cuisine at Yakitate’s bakery and café in Ibn Battuta. If you are ever looking for the perfect poached eggs, Yakitate is your place to go. Their pastries are freshly made and absolutely yummy. I had tried a few Japanese places prior, and Yakitate is the one that stuck with me and keeps me going back. 

Everything on their menu is delicious, from the teriyaki dishes to sushi, and even their unique rice burger was surprisingly tasty. The tea is delightful and what I love about Yakitate is the variety on their menu – it’s not just sushi and ramen! 

5. Pizza Express 

While I love a myriad of cuisines and articulated dishes, my palette always craves some delicious, hot, cheesy pizza from time to time. Pizza Express in Ibn Battuta never fails to satisfy my cravings. It is a casual Italian dining experience with pizzas, pasta, and various healthy options. 

I always go back for their pizza, but they are one of the finest restaurants in terms of Italian cuisine overall. The spicy beef pizza, and apollo pizza, are by far my favorite. It is baked to [perfection and keeps you wanting more even when you are full. Additionally, it’s always lovely having friendly staff and quality service.  

6. Alpys Café  

Alpys is a casual, cozy little café, and I love being there when we are a group of people. The vibe is always wonderful, and the staff is attentive. The portions are large, and prices are affordable for the value of quality service and food. You can enjoy shisha at Alpys if you like that, and no matter how long you stay, you continue to enjoy the atmosphere. 

Their smoothies are delicious, and they have tantalizing Arabic food with a wide selection of other options. I love the crazy nachos, chicken cheese infusion, and for dessert, their banana split. My favorite part of the entire experience is watching the chef whip us some tasty Mexican guacamole at my table. 

7. Tony Roma’s  

If you don’t try a place with 50 years of history and 90 locations worldwide, and that too a place known for legendary ribs, then you are immensely missing out. They have the most mouth-watering, juicy, tender, saucy ribs – I’m salivating just writing this! I have tried their wood-grilled steaks and some comfort food from the menu, and I enjoy the twist they add to the dishes. 

People love Tony Roma’s for their friendly, accommodating staff, the large portions they serve, and the quality of dishes with every order! The restaurant is of US origin, and being able to enjoy it in Dubai, with the quality they offer, is incredible. The lovely ambiance adds to the favoritism, and without a doubt, their drinks are also delicious! 

  • Address: China Court, Ibn Battuta Mall 
  • Opening Hours: 10am-10pm 
  • Website: 
  • Phone Number: 04 368 5655 

8. India Palace 

India Palace was born in UAE in 1997 with Indian cuisine and rich heritage of Mughlai hospitality. The atmosphere is warm, welcoming, and sophisticated. In my experience, quality control and authenticity of recipes and ingredients set them apart from other restaurants alike. 

I love that their meal portions are sufficient for one person, so I don’t have to worry about wastage or carrying a takeaway baggie if I still want to walk around the mall. Their selection of Indian dishes is charming, from samosas to biryani and drool-worthy butter chicken. Their refreshments and drinks are tasty, with flavors that will take you back time and time again. 

  • Address: Ground Floor, China Court, Ibn Battuta Mall, Sheikh Zayed Road, Jebel Ali Village 
  • Opening Hours: 12pm-11pm 
  • Website: 
  • Phone Number: 04 368 5569 

9. Gazebo Restaurant  

Gazebo is another one of my favorite Indian restaurants and the pioneers of ‘Dum Pukht’ biryani which translates to breath and cook, respectively, better explained as a slow cooking process to perfection. They offer delicate exquisites authentically prepared with age-old recipes from the Mughal era. The best part about their menu is they have a dish to satisfy every gourmand.  

I love their typical dishes, but they always have something to cater to those cravings when I’m up for an adventure. The restaurant is generally quite crowded, which tells you how well known the restaurant is and that its food is in high demand for its quality and taste. You will not face disappointment at Gazebo, from the starters to their desserts.  

10. Barbecue Delights  

I never miss the opportunity to try out a restaurant that offers mixed cuisine, especially from similar origins like Barbecue Delights, which offers Pakistani, Afghani, and North Indian food. Their cuisine is amazing, with the food cooked in the traditional style of charcoal-based cooking. They focus on high-quality and pure ingredients with aromatic spices.  

The joy in eating at barbecue delights comes from the fresh, new start of dishes they make from scratch every day. The design and ambiance of the restaurant will amaze you, and you will not be disappointed in the food. They have options for vegetarians like palak paneer, the naan is soft and yummy, and the meat options are tender, juicy, and perfectly spiced.  

11. TGI Friday’s 

We all love a moment of TGI Friday! I am a personal fan of the famous American restaurant. I grew up hearing about it in movies and never thought I would have the opportunity to try it out until I moved to Dubai. After all the hype through the years, it certainly lived up to expectations. The food quality is great, and the menu is well-priced. It is the classic American cuisine to satisfy all your cravings. 

Their burgers are juicy, fried chicken is crispy, the steaks are tender, and salads are fresh. I love the option of drink refills, and the taste of everything they offer is amazing. You can never go wrong with American fries, and TGI Friday’s provides you with crispy, fresh portions. I also love that they have options for veg and non-veg palettes. The buffalo chicken strips with a side sauce will always stick as a favorite. 

12. Nando’s 

Nando’s was born in South Africa and set up home globally. They specialize in Portuguese-style, flamed grilled chicken. They are popular for their peri-peri marinades. I love the South African dining experience, which is like no other. The food is loved worldwide, and it adds spice to the lives of everyone who eats at Nando’s. The bottomless drink option is a treat and great addition. 

There is not a single item on the menu that is not good. From the pineapple skewers, the sides of spicy rice, juicy, perfectly cooked peri-peri chicken, Prego burgers, and saucy pittas, to the crunchy salad, spiced wedges, and soft buns, it maintains taste and quality. I love the Ibn Battuta branch for its friendly service and lovely ambiance. Their ‘hot’ options will give you an amazing kick on your palette. 

13. Hatam

Hatam is a Persian and Iranian restaurant with a few branches around the city and my go-to in Ibn Battuta for its restaurant setup rather than takeaway service. I enjoy the Persian vibe and ambiance, and the food is wonderful. Some of my favorites to eat are offered at Hatam. If you are looking for lamb biryani, Hatam is where you want to be. 

The mutton stew is finger-licking good, the kebabs are perfectly spiced and tender, and the rice is always delicious. They can get very busy because the food is always so yummy, resulting in long wait times sometimes. That sometimes offends customers, but I think it’s worth it for the food, such as their kobideh kebab that melts in your mouth, and the starter tandoori bread is divine. 

14. Off The Hook Seafood Restaurant 

Off The Hook is a unique seafood restaurant with yummy food. I love all seafood and Off The Hook is my favorite place to go when I am craving some fish or prawns. Their platters are amazing; the food is tasty, tender, and perfectly spiced. It is hard to find seafood that is not either undercooked or overcooked but Off The Hook always provides meals cooked to perfection. 

I love the OTH stew with rice is yummy, and their special sauce with shrimp, crabs, mussels, and salmon pairs wonderfully with red rice and refreshing ice tea. 


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