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The 14 Best Jebel Ali Restaurants To Try Next

Jebel Ali is an infamous district in the city of Dubai. It is ever-growing, and you will find many labor workers. It is also home to the popular Jebel Ali port, Ibn Battuta Mall, and Al Maktoum airport. I often find myself around the area for work, sightseeing, or visiting friends. When that happens, I like to try different restaurants available there. Let’s discuss some of the best Jebel Ali restaurants that everyone must try.

1.  Sette

 Sette restaurant is magnificent. Their food, service, and vibe are top-notch and majorly underhyped. I am here to hype it up because the place totally deserves that. After ordering, they bring you a selection of fresh and tasty bread with a couple of tapenades. All the food I tried each time I visited the restaurant was delicious.  

Some of my favorite dishes are lamb loin and seabass fillet. The sauces are tasty, and the food is cooked to perfection. The portions are significant, and the desserts are delectable. You have to try their chocolate mousse and panna cotta. Sette finely tunes their dishes and serves them handsomely full of flavor and passion on each plate. The view from the terrace is pretty gorgeous at night while you enjoy your meal.  

2. Nando’s

Nando’s was born in South Africa and traveled globally to set base in many countries. They specialize in Portuguese-style, flamed grilled chicken and are famous for their peri-peri marinades. I love the South African dining experience at Ibn Battuta. The food is loved worldwide and adds spice to the lives of everyone who eats at Nando’s. The bottomless drink option is a treat and great addition.   

I have not found an item on the menu list that is not good. From the pineapple chicken skewers, sides of spicy rice, juicy, tender peri-peri chicken, Prego burgers, and saucy pittas to the crunchy salad, spiced wedges, and bread buns, it maintains taste and quality. I love the Ibn Battuta branch for its friendly service and lovely ambiance. Their ‘hot’ options will give you a fantastic kick if you can handle it.   

3. Nawab

Nawab is an underhyped restaurant in Dubai’s Jebel Ali. I immediately fell in love with it after looking for pani puri while visiting a friend in the area. The vibe is super cute, and the staff is highly attentive, friendly, and helpful. Their food is authentic and original. Desi food is one of my favorite cuisines, so finding an Indian restaurant that offers quality, tasty dishes is always a win.  

They have that real desi vibe with Bollywood music, and I enjoyed seeing the lovely touch to the menu with drinks names called Oudh, Begum, Nawab, etc., which are fun and creative. It is a great place to enjoy the evening bar with tasty drinks and live performers.

  • Address: Jebel Ali Recreation Club, Jebel Ali Village  
  • Opening Hours: 12pm-12am  
  • Phone Number: 055 368 9310

4. Off The Hook Seafood Restaurant  

Off The Hook is a unique seafood restaurant with yummy food. I love all seafood and Off The Hook is my favorite place to go when I am craving some fish or prawns. Their platters are fantastic; the food is tasty, tender, and perfectly spiced. It is hard to find seafood that is not either undercooked or overcooked but Off The Hook always provides meals cooked to perfection.  

I love the OTH stew with rice is yummy, and their special sauce with shrimp, crabs, mussels, and salmon pairs wonderfully with red rice and refreshing ice tea.  

5. Special Kebab

Special Kebab is a lovely kebab shop in Jebel Ali Free Zone. They offer various options like a chicken kebab with saffron rice, grilled chicken, beef, and kebab. The mixed platter with different kebab options is an excellent way to get a feel for their food in one order.

I have to mention that the fish kebabs are pretty tasty, and I’m not typically a fan of fish kebabs. Once I tasted them at Special Kebab, it was pretty challenging to stop because they were yummy. The place is lovely with a calm atmosphere and friendly staff.

  • Address: 6th Roundabout, Mina Jebel Ali, Jafza, Jebel Ali Free Zone
  • Opening Hours: 8 am-4 pm
  • Phone Number: 04 887 2288

6. Hatam

Hatam is a Persian and Iranian restaurant with a few branches around the city and my go-to in Ibn Battuta for its restaurant setup rather than takeaway service. I enjoy the Persian vibe and ambiance, and the food is terrific. Some of my favorites to eat are offered at Hatam. If you are looking for lamb biryani, Hatam is where you want to be.   

The mutton stew is finger-licking good, the kebabs are perfectly spiced and tender, and the rice is always delicious. They can get very busy because the food is always so yummy, sometimes resulting in long wait times. That sometimes offends customers, but I think it’s worth it for the food, such as their kobideh kebab that melts in your mouth, and the starter tandoori bread is divine.  

7. TGI Friday’s  

  We all love a moment of TGI Friday! I am a personal fan of the famous American restaurant. I grew up hearing about it in movies and never thought I would have the opportunity to try it out until I moved to Dubai. After all the hype through the years, it certainly lived up to expectations. The food quality is excellent, and the menu is well-priced. It is the classic American cuisine to satisfy all your cravings.   

Their burgers are juicy, fried chicken is crispy, steaks are tender, and salads are fresh. I love the option of drink refills, and everything they offer tastes fantastic. You can never go wrong with American fries, and TGI Friday’s provides you with crispy, fresh portions. I also love that they have options for veg and non-veg palettes. The buffalo chicken strips with a side sauce will always be a favorite.   

8. La Mensa Restaurant

 La Mensa is an Italian restaurant with a mission to provide every customer with a whole Italian dining experience. I can tell you that they have exceeded my expectations with their quality, quick service, and flavorsome food. I love their pizza and risotto frutti di mare. It was incredibly mouth-watering.  

All their dishes are cooked to perfection with the perfect tincture of spices, and you can combine your meal with their mojito, with is super refreshing and tasty. It is a lovely place to take a friend, a date, or have a lunch meeting.  

  • Address: The Galleries 1, Downtown Jebel Ali  
  • Opening Hours: Weekdays 10 am-11 pm, Weekends 11 am-11 pm  
  • Website:  
  • Phone Number: 04 880 8966

9. Verdura Mediterranean Restaurant  

Verdura is a true hidden gem and surprisingly found in a mall. Verdura will restore your faith in exquisitely tasteful restaurants. It doesn’t show up when searching for top restaurants, so I had to add it here. The restaurant is elegant, and the staff is friendly. An overall lovely experience is guaranteed at Verdura.  

They offer soul-touching food, and some favorites are the saffron buttery chargrilled tiger prawns, their grilled chef special marinated lamb chops, and the best Fattoush salad you will ever taste. Their menu provides a wide variety of Mediterranean favorites with suitable portion sizes, and the food is perfectly cooked with tastes that will leave you drooling for more.

10. Wadi Al Arayesh  

 I popped into Wadi Al Arayesh after hearing about the famous Illy coffee offer several times from several people. I enjoyed the coffee, but the entire restaurant stole my heart. The food is super tasty and comes at reasonable prices. The service is terrific, and the atmosphere is calm, clean, and decent.   

My favorite restaurants to eat at are buffet-style places. I love having the option of being able to try a little of everything without the pressure of reordering or realizing I don’t like the food I have to pay for. With Wadi Al Arayesh, the buffet is the ideal way to eat for someone like me who enjoys trying many different things on the menu.  

11. Gazebo Restaurant

Gazebo is another one of my favorite Indian restaurants and the pioneers of ‘Dum Pukht’ biryani, which translates to breath and cook, better explained as a slow cooking process to perfection. They offer delicate exquisites authentically prepared with age-old recipes from the Mughal era. The best part about their menu is they have a dish to satisfy every gourmand.   

I love their typical dishes, but they always have something to cater to those cravings when I’m up for an adventure. The restaurant is generally quite crowded, which tells you how well known the restaurant is and that its food is in high demand for its quality and taste. You will not face disappointment at Gazebo, from the starters to their desserts.  

12. Orgaret Restaurant

Orgaret in Jafza, Jebel Ali, needs way more praise than it gets through general word of mouth. I hardly hear someone mention the restaurant’s name. I was lucky enough to try it with a friend who invited me over for Lebanese food.  

Regardless, I was pleasantly surprised by the variety on their menu and the flavorful food. Orgaret is the ideal place to stop for lunch if you work nearby in the area, and all their options are delicious, so you won’t be disappointed.  

13. Barbecue Delights  

I never miss the opportunity to try out a restaurant that offers mixed cuisine, especially from similar origins like Barbecue Delights, which offers Pakistani, Afghani, and North Indian food. Their cuisine is impressive, with the food cooked in the traditional style of charcoal-based cooking. They focus on high-quality and pure ingredients with aromatic spices.   

The joy in eating at barbecue delights comes from the fresh, new start of dishes they make from scratch every day. The design and ambiance of the restaurant will amaze you, and you will not be disappointed in the food. They have options for vegetarians like palak paneer, the naan is soft and yummy, and the meat options are tender, juicy, and perfectly spiced.  

14. Al Baalbaki Restaurant  

Al Baalbaki is an authentic Lebanese street food restaurant that brings back memories of home food for the Middle Eastern palette. The generous portion sizes stood out for me, and the food was hot and fresh. They have some of the best shawarmas in the area, and the manakish zaatar made me drool. Another item that cannot go unmentioned is the Lahm bi ajeen with cheese – so yummy!

I also love their kizak, falafel, mixed grill, and sujuk. To my surprise, the french fries were also fresh and crispy. There is visible passion from the team, which they portray in the service and the taste of the food. Their hummus and tabouleh that I have tasted at many restaurants took the show even as simple as they are. I went back there a few times and always enjoyed the experience.


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