The 13 Best JLT Restaurants In Dubai (Jumeirah Lake Towers)

Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) is a bustling metropolis with a wide variety of fun activities. It has a reputation for being a social and family-friendly environment, and the abundance of excellent dining options in JLT only adds to this reputation.

If you are keen to expand your culinary horizons, we’ve compiled a list of the best restaurants in JLT!

1. Hako Sushi Restaurant

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Hako Sushi could be your best bet if you’re craving delicious sushi. Since sushi ranks pretty high on our list of delicious, Hako Sushi is our number one selection on our list of Jumeirah Lake Towers best restaurants. 

Edamame, mushroom dumplings, and Takoyaki are just a few Japanese specialties you can enjoy here. Look out for their frequent discounts and deals in your best interest. 

This is a terrific restaurant to take someone special to if you want to make a good impression. More than that, it’s the only place in Dubai that offers an all-you-can-eat sushi option!

Enjoy the atmosphere at the restaurant or order your sushi for delivery. Either way, you will surely enjoy fantastic Japanese food that will keep you visiting this restaurant. 

2. Wokyo Restaurant

From the streets of Tokyo to the Jumeirah Lake Towers, Wokyo noodle bar will awaken your senses to the world of Asian noodles at their finest.

We love their unique swing on this staple Asian dish, and their customizable dishes are a hit. For that reason, they are our number two. 

Wokyo is a laid-back noodle shop dedicated to celebrating and exploring the tremendous Asian noodle culture.

Each day, the restaurant staff collaborates with their customers to create a type of art. Each noodle meal is the epitome of perfection in terms of taste, texture, scent, and “slurpability.” 

The menu includes stir-fries prepared in a wok, ramen, noodle soups, sides, creamy soft-serve ice cream, and homemade iced teas. 

Wokyo provides you with insanely attractive bowls like Tokyo’s trendy street food. In only three easy actions, patrons of this noodle bar can create a unique gastronomic experience.

Create your own one-of-a-kind dish by mixing and matching fresh ingredients like sauce, noodles, and protein. 

We recommend you pay Wokyo a visit and that you come hungry.

3. Café Isan Thai Streetfood & Tea Bar

If you have ever visited Thailand, paying a visit to Café Isan Thai Streetfood & Tea Bar will feel like you have just returned.

If you have never been, the café will welcome you with the same colorful, smiling nature you would find on a trip to Thailand.

For the authentic Thai experience, delicious food, gorgeous aesthetic, and exotic menu, we are excited to name Café Isan Thai Streetfood & Tea Bar as our number three. 

Café Isan stands out from other JLT restaurants for serving up flavorful, updated classics.

There’s a great selection of authentic Thai street cuisine at this JLT restaurant. Panang gad with chicken and pad Thai goong with shrimp are two of the restaurant’s most popular dishes.

Visit this unique venue for relaxed dining with a twist. Enjoy healthy eating with heart and bring good company for extra enjoyment. 

4. Couqley French Bistro & Bar

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Be welcomed to a French dining experience like no other at Coqley French Bistro & Bar.

The staff at the restaurant treat you like family as they prepare your wonderful meal, pour you a glass of wine, and tend to your every need with a smile and warm hospitality.

For their warm hospitality and fantastic French cuisine, we simply could not leave Coqly off our list of the best restaurants at Jumeirah Lake Towers.

The restaurant was started by a group of close friends with a shared love of fine wine and excellent cuisine. The name is, in fact, a derivative of one of their surnames, Couquelet, and implies excellent culinary expertise. 

Founding chefs Patrick, Ziad, and Alexis, specialize in their Truffle-Mushroom Pasta, Escargots, Tuna Tartare, and Steak-Frites, all of which come topped with their special sauce and are still included on the menu. 

The “Pain Perdu,” a French toast dish topped with caramel and artisanal ice cream, is the restaurant’s most ordered dessert and will leave a smile on your face. 

The restaurant features a dining room, bar, private dining room, and peaceful indoor patio where you can enjoy delectable meals.

The staff is happy to cater to children, and there is a specially designed children’s menu aimed to please young patrons while focusing on providing a balanced meal. 

5. Mythos Kouzina & Grill

Do you fantasize about spending the summer in Santorini? Well, stop daydreaming and book a table at this stunning Greek restaurant to be taken on a gastronomic adventure with authentic Greek food

Mythos recreates the atmosphere of the famous Greek island of Santorini in Dubai with its rustic hardwood flooring, white stone walls, and basic monochrome furnishings accented with pastel blue.

If you’re looking for a genuine Greek dining experience in JLT, go no further than this restaurant. 

The straightforward but tempting menu is a medley of classic Greek cuisine; when you indulge in your go-to dishes, you’ll notice that they’re made with only the finest, hand-picked ingredients for a clean, light, and healthy culinary approach.

Dine alone, with colleagues, friends, or family for an entertaining and fulfilling experience at Mythos. The fresh ingredients will keep you coming back for more, while the tantalizing tastes will make the meal memorable. 

6. Manzoni Bistro & Bar

In the heart of JLT, Dubai, you can indulge in delicious, traditional Italian fare. Manzoni Bistro & Bar, with seating both indoors and out, is a cozy spot that exudes an air of casual elegance reminiscent of a picture-perfect Italian bistro.

For Manzoni’s Italian feel and freshly prepared food with a sense of theater, we love that it has made it onto our list at number six. 

The restaurant boasts elegant fireplaces that provide a cozy atmosphere, making this the ideal spot for a leisurely lunch or dinner.

Enjoy your meal while gazing into the open kitchen, where the chef prepares traditional Italian and Mediterranean-inspired dishes from the best and freshest chosen ingredients.

Indulge in a happy hour at the bar, book a business lunch, or bring the family for lunch or dinner. Manzoni Bistro & Bar is sure to be a winner for hearty meals made with fresh ingredients.

Watching the chef at work is a treat, as you can see what goes into your flavorful meal.

  • Location: Cluster T (Adjacent to Dubai Marina Metro station)
  • Contact: +971(0)45671100
  • Website: Manzoni Bistro & Bar 

7. Saigon Restaurant

Saigon is proud to provide some of the most outstanding Vietnamese cuisine, which is famous not only among native Vietnamese but also among western foodies seeking a taste of the wonderful, healthful flavors of South East Asian cuisine. 

We love the décor at Saigon; with its colors, lanterns, plants, and artwork, you are bound to feel inspired as you enjoy your healthy meal.

In keeping with the norms of traditional Vietnamese cuisine, Saigon places a premium on exactness and meticulousness.

Since nutritious fare is central to Vietnamese cooking, you can be sure that their seasoned chefs will prepare your meal with this principle in mind. 

Professionalism, a lively atmosphere, and delicious food are just a few of the things that diners anticipate at a good restaurant.

When you visit our eatery, it is precisely what you will receive. Your order will be served with the utmost attention, whether one of their delicious appetizers like spring rolls or one of their hearty main courses like their pho.

Expect fresh ingredients prepared to precision and served at affordable prices

8. Buffalo Wings & Rings Restaurant

Enjoy an all-American meal with great value and super-sized portions at Buffalo Wings & Rings Restaurant. For this restaurant’s unapologetically American ways, we are happy to list it as our number eight. 

This restaurant has been dedicated to providing terrific cuisine and the best possible sports-viewing experience for its customers since 1984, as it served its first Buffalo wing in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Although they may have always been fascinated with wings, their development is remarkable. There are more than 80 Buffalo Wing & Rings locations, and the chain constantly expands with new restaurants and crave-able menu additions. 

Thanks to their continued success, the restaurant has become a popular place for friends and families to socialize in the company of one another while sampling distinctive dishes and sipping on their handcrafted cocktails. 

Buffalo Wings & Rings is a fantastic place to indulge in fried food, and due to its popularity, mozzarella sticks are a must-try. The restaurant believes that when customers leave, they should feel better about themselves than when they came in.

9. Le Petit Belge Restaurant

Le Petit Belge gets that Dubai is home to the world. For that reason, their menu caters to a multinational palette focusing on mainly European tastes. We celebrate our number nine for the social dining experience of Le Petit Belge. 

The menu is designed to be shared if you wish but be warned. The dishes are delectable. You may want to devour them yourself. There is something for most tastes, including vegans, vegetarians, and the health-conscious. 

Even if you choose not to share, Le Petit Belge is a beautiful place to enjoy a meal with good company. The atmosphere lends itself to conversation and spending hours in joyful banter. 

There’s more to the restaurant than just being a place to eat and drink. You should make Le Petit Belge your first stop if you are searching for a good time in JLT. The buzzing energy within will put you in a positive frame of mind.

10. Maiz Tacos Restaurant

First appearing as a food truck in 2018, Maiz Tacos is now a permanent fixture in the JLT neighborhood of Dubai.

Since Tacos are not only for Tuesdays, and we love a good success story, Maiz Tacos comes in at a delicious number ten on our list. 

This restaurant’s success is mainly due to its lack of frills and its streamlined menu. Many foods on the menu provide a lighter and healthier alternative to the classic Mexican fare

Since the beginning, its primary mission has been to provide reasonably priced, freshly prepared food.

The restaurant has been recognized by both “What’s On” and “Time Out” as one of the very best Mexican restaurants in their respective price ranges.

Select from Maiz Taco’s broad menu and enjoy your choice of starter, bowl, taco, and more. Like authentic Mexican food, the fare served at this restaurant is light and fresh. 

Enjoy a tasty bite from Maiz Tacos with friends or family for a good time and a happy belly.

  • Location: Cluster Y Lakeshore Tower, Lake level unit B10
  • Contact: 045144712 
  • Website: HOME | Maiz Tacos

11. Nola Eatery & Social House

Nola is a popular spot in Dubai for the weekday happy hour crowd, bringing authentic Southern hospitality from Louisiana to the desert.

An upbeat and social environment is created by the presence of live jazz bands and a touch of indulgence. 

If you are looking for good food and fun, you will be glad Nola is on our list. We sure are. 

The exciting menu is halfway between hot and cheerful, thanks to the inclusion of beverage and cuisine ideas inspired by South America.

Rather than taking themselves too seriously, the menu offers a lighthearted spin on traditional Southern fare.

They mean it when Nola Eatery mentions that they are a social house. From the layout of the restaurant and table arrangements to the entertainment and regular ladies’ nights and happy hours, you will find a party at this establishment. 

The food is hearty and served in suitable proportions, and the atmosphere is fun and energetic, and you will find yourself dancing the night away. This is an excellent place to visit with friends or to make new friends along the way. 

12. Vietnamese Foodies Restaurant

Sitting in JLT’s Vietnamese Foodies outlet is like sitting in a fresh, light oasis. The environment mirrors that of the Vietnamese people and is friendly, welcoming, and warm.

We love spending time in this venue and recommend it for a solo meal or with family and friends. 

Vietnamese Foodies’ founder and executive chef, Lily Hoa Nguyen, has been perfecting her skill since she was 5 years old and spent her adult years in Saigon, Istanbul, Paris, and Dubai, serving delicious traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

The trained staff at Vietnamese Foodies prioritize traditional Vietnamese tastes and nutritious fare.

The Vietnamese chefs insist on sticking to the country’s time-honored cooking practices. Foods prepared in a Vietnamese kitchen are among the healthiest available.

Their menu is based on the tastes of Southern Vietnam, with an emphasis on fresh vegetables, seafood, lean meat, herbs, and bone broth simmered for 14 hours to convey a harmonious symphony of sweet, salty, sour, and mildly spicy notes.

As a company, they believe in providing outstanding service with a positive attitude. Whether you want to dine in, order takeout, or use their delivery service, they promise to do everything they can to exceed all your expectations.

The menu is purely Vietnamese and, as such, caters to vegetarian and vegan palates. The restaurant is comfortable and relaxed and is also child-friendly

13. Jazz@PizzaExpress

The first Jazz@PizzaExpress outside of the United Kingdom, this Dubai spot is tucked between the towers of the famous Jumeirah Lakes Towers.

Anyone who enjoys fine Italian cuisine and the sophisticated sounds of world-class musicians is welcome at this cozy eatery. 

Never, ever do they skimp on quality ingredients. You may rest assured that only the finest ingredients went into making the substantial meals on your plate. The air is also crisp and clean, not just the food. 

To ensure you have the best eating experience possible, they continually develop new dishes, refine their service, and refresh the ambiance.

Mainly, they haven’t changed their recipe for success since they opened in 1965: they’re enthusiastic about creating delicious cuisine and enjoyable customer experiences.

Book your table for a ladies night out, brunch, a working Wednesday lunch, or any of their other special deals during the week. This venue is an attractive option for groups of friends wanting to explore the city together or have fun for an evening


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