The 11 Best JVC Restaurants Right Now (Jumeirah Village Circle)

Jumeirah Village Circle, fondly known as JVC, is a quiet residential suburb, well-populated with families and young professionals.

The vibe feels more cricket in the park, dog walkers at sunrise, and children on a school bus than cocktails and gourmet restaurants, but there are plenty of hidden gems.

JVC boasts several attractive eateries, ranging from five-star cuisine to budget-friendly pizza. Within this small area, international cuisine is abundant, including Turkish, Korean, Latino, Thai, Indian, and Lebanese options.

If you’re not a JVC local, it’s worth your while to travel down busy Hesse Street to visit these top twelve JVC restaurants.

1. Trattoria By Cinque

Located at the gorgeous Five Jumeirah Village hotel, Trattoria By Cinque is an upmarket Italian restaurant.

Trattoria by Cinque offers old-fashioned, authentically Italian food in a sleek, bistro-style interior. The menu ranges from family and pocket-friendly pizza to date-night Crudo de Pesce, which includes Sicilian prawns and langoustine.

Our family favorites are the Polpette (meatballs) served in a traditional ragout and the Agnello, a beautifully seasoned lamb neck with lamb jus.

Vegetarians have an ample selection of dishes, with the Parmigiana di Melanzane highly recommended. Save space for the tiramisu, or squeeze in a serving of refreshing fruit sorbet.

Locals tend to visit midweek, as the hotel is popular with tourists, but weekends are lovely for a family breakfast or Sunday lunch if you can sit outside.

2. Loui Restaurant And Café

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Loui is a popular Lebanese restaurant, a fixture in the Circle Mall, and our go-to for grilled lamb.

With its elegant marble and wooden interior, punctuated by beautiful pastel-colored velvety chairs, Loui has a charming café atmosphere.

Pop in for a Levantine breakfast, with foul, falafel, labneh, and eggs, accompanied by freshly baked Arabic bread and a selection of pickles. Or grab a couple of mankhees with a coffee if you’re in a rush.

There’s a wide variety of sandwiches, salads, and burgers for lunch, but the grills, with the best lamb in the city, will bring you back for more.

Try the Sheesh Tawook, a deliciously garlicky chicken kebab, and order the kofta with the BBQ sauce on the side.

Post-work dinner is an excellent idea, especially if you want to relax in the shisha lounge or terrace. Snack on some chicken wings while watching the football, before tackling a steak, Fokhariyatt, or Egyptian-style sandwich.

During Ramadan, break your fast at their Iftar buffet with friends and family for a unique, warm ambiance.

3. Socialicious House Of Asian Blends

One of JVC’s best-kept secrets, Socialicious is a neighborhood bistro that offers a fantastic Asian fusion menu.

Their bao buns are a delight, tender steamed bread stuffed with fillings that range from cottage cheese to tempura and BBQ.

Other highlights are their spicy Burmese mutton curry, peanut-drizzled Balinese chicken skewers, and classic Vietnamese pho.

Take time to sample their extensive tea selection from a detailed menu that describes each tea lovingly.

For instance, the China Green Rose tea has the following note, clearly written by a tea enthusiast: “The flavor and aroma of this tea are mesmerizing.”

The small but charming eatery has a lovely outdoor area decorated with lanterns and greenery, where it’s ideal for sitting in winter. Discover this hidden gem for yourself.

  • Opening times: 12:00pm-11.30pm
  • Contact: +971 04 240 0204
  • Address: Condor Castle Residence, Street 14, Mu’allaqat Boulevard, District 10, JVC
  • Website:

4. McCafferty’s

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Situated on the rooftop of Circle Mall, McCafferty’s is an award-winning pub – with the ubiquitous Irish pub décor – jammed to overflowing over the weekends.

Many customers are there to indulge in a Sunday brunch (Dubai-style, with buffet and unlimited drinks from 1-4 pm).

However, it’s reasonably quiet at lunch and early evening, when you can get a table at the window and enjoy the views or take in the breeze on the terrace.

The menu covers pub favorites, such as hearty chicken pot pie, classic fish and chips, and tender beef sliders served with Ballymaloe relish. I love the heaping portion of spicy chicken wings.

The winner menu item at McCafferty’s is their daily roast, served from noon. Choose between a pepper-crusted sirloin, garlicky roast chicken, or a vegetarian dinner.

Each roast comes with traditional British sides, including roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, cauliflower cheese, roast veg, and sage and onion stuffing, topped with luscious gravy. This is comfort food at its best.

Enjoy live music in the evenings, ranging from standard Nirvana covers to lyrical Irish folk music,

  • Opening times: Sunday-Thursday 12:00pm-2:00am, Friday-Saturday 11:00am-2:00am
  • Contact: +971 55 784 9220
  • Address: Circle Mall, District 11, JVC
  • Website:

5. Soul Street

With its incredible street-art-inspired interior, Soul Street is one of the most Instagrammable restaurants in Dubai, located in the glamorous Five Jumeirah Village hotel.

You’ll find gourmet street food from across the globe, along with stunning street art. There are various Mexican-fusion options, with the quesadillas and shrimp tempura tacos highly recommended.

Or order from the Asian menu and enjoy the soft-shell crab bao buns and delectable duck pancakes.

There are typical pub favorites like fish and chips, chicken wings, and shwarma to round out the meal., but the must-try menu item is from the Indian-inspired section: Dahi Puri or nitro yogurt bombs, a taste experience you can’t miss.

The restaurant is always buzzing with events, such as live music, a trend-setting DJ, and a vibey weekend brunch. On weekends there’s the pool party full of beautiful people, and ladies’ night is a cocktail-based blast.

There’s a cigar and shisha menu for quiet, late-night visits.

  • Opening times: 12:30pm-3:00am
  • Contact: +971 055 700 0515
  • Address:  Five Jumeirah Village, Street 1, District 14, JVC
  • Website:

6. Pide Kefyi

For the tastiest and most pocket-friendly Turkish food in the neighborhood, Pide Kefyi should be on your list.

Pide Kefyi is cozy, with just a handful of tables. However, the tiny café has a pleasant ambiance and a friendly welcome. There are fresh flowers on the table, and the aromas of the bread baking are heavenly.

The food and service live up to these first impressions. Any time of the day you come, you’re assured of an authentic Turkish feast.

Their traditional Turkish breakfast platters are delicious and generous: stuff yourself with eggs, salami, olives, tomato and cucumber salad, cheese, simit, kaymak, honey, jam, tahini, Turkish bread, and cigarette borek.

Their wrap-style sandwiches make an ideal lunch. Try their Iskender and kofta kebabs, both of which are tender and well-seasoned, and dig into the freshly baked pide selection for cheese and carb overload.

Pide Kefyi also supplies family and catering-size meals on order.

  • Opening times: 8:00am-2:00am
  • Contact: +971 04 368 7286
  • Address: Hassani Building 1, Al Qumasha Street, District 13, JVC
  • Website:

7. Santé Ria

This lively newcomer to the JVC restaurant scene is a funky Latin American eatery that transports you to the streets of Santiago.

Featuring a restaurant and cocktail bar on the 29th and 30th floors of the high-rise First Collection hotel, the space is alive with colorful murals, bright furniture, pretty hanging plants, and edgy neon signage.

The menu takes you across South America, starting with cheesy Brazilian bread pockets. Sample their signature Peruvian ceviche – the bursts of lime and passionfruit in the Tuna Tiradito con Jalapeños are mouthwatering.

The Andean Warm Salad with its purple potatoes and strawberry dressing is gorgeous, and the Jamaican Jerk Chicken is spicy and tender.

They also have several meat dishes, including Argentinian steaks and lamb shank in adobo sauce.

Leave the best until last: Tres Leches cake and Churros are the ideal way to end this Latino meal, although you might choose a digestif instead.

Only open in the evenings, Santé Ria gets very busy at happy hour; however, the dining space is separate enough for you to enjoy your spicy adventure with conversation.

  • Opening times: 5:00pm-2:00am
  • Contact: +971 04 275 6630
  • Address: The First Collection at JVC, 29th & 30th Floors, Street 1, District 14, JVC
  • Website: 

8. Nawab

Fans of desi street food will love Nawab, which brands itself as providing authentic Indian food. The décor and Indian music add to the traditional ambiance.

Pleasingly pocket-friendly, Nawab is well-known for its chaat, especially the Pani Puri, which brings customers back again and again.

Their butter chicken and samosas are legendary. You also have to try their biriyani, whether the prawn or Hyderabad-style mutton – both are rich, spicy, and flavorsome.

Vegetarians won’t be disappointed in the selection, which includes delicious Paneer Tikka and Soya Chaap.

The masala chai and minty lemonade are particularly refreshing to sip once you’ve ordered food, although you don’t have long to wait for your meal.

Popular with families, Nawab is one of the best Indian restaurants in JVC.

  • Opening times: Monday-Thursday, Sunday: 10:00am-10:00pm, Friday-Saturday: 10:00am-12:00am
  • Contact: +971 55 526 4373
  • Address: Circle Mall, District 11, JVC
  • Website:

9. Sticky Rice

This friendly, family-style Thai restaurant is one of JVC’s hidden gems. Their tagline says, “Bona fide Thai food,” and that’s what you’ll get, in abundance.

Sticky Rice’s passion for food is evident in the fantastic Thai classics: the Tom Yum soup is coconutty and spicy, the Green Thai Curry is zingy, and their Pad Thai is the best street food.

They often have specials, so look out for the Kalipap (chicken and potato puffs).

Sticky Rice has a curated vegan menu, and we recommend the veg spring rolls stuffed with glass noodles. Their coconut ice cream has a cult following and is superb served with the sticky mango rice.

The playful interior has colorful yellow furniture and features a matching yellow plush duck named Kew, the restaurant’s cute mascot. Eating here will make you happy.

  • Opening times: 12:00pm-10:00pm
  • Contact: +971 04 580 835
  • Address: Shop 6, Sobha Daffodil, Street 14, District 13, JVC
  • Website:

10. The Coffee Mug

Lovers of Korean cuisine must rush to The Coffee Mug, a friendly neighborhood eatery with a quaint feel and delicious food.

Don’t let the restaurant’s name fool you into thinking this is a coffee shop (although they do serve coffee).

The menu has an Asian-fusion inspiration. You’ll find many Korean favorites, including a fiery Kimchi Gimbap, Japchae noodle salad, and the best Topokki (tteobokki or simmered rice cakes) around.

Try their legendary chicken wings – the BBQ Teriyaki ones are incredible. Give your tastebuds a workout with the aptly entitled Volcano wings. If you ask for a dish to be spicy, it will be – you have been warned.

The Coffee Mug also has tasty poke and lunch boxes, which are reasonably priced and always generously served with radish pickle on the side.

The patient staff makes you feel at home, and once you become a regular, they’ll welcome you like family.

  • Opening times: 10:00am-10:00pm
  • Contact: +971 04 557 7691 or +971 052 481 5253
  • Address: Gardenia 2, Emirates Gardens 1 – G2, JVC
  • Website:

11. The Desert Wok

This neighborhood hole in the wall isn’t pretending to offer fine dining – instead, the Desert Wok will become your favorite local when you want to guzzle Chinese food or relax with a takeaway.

This eatery offers generous portions of Chinese and Indo-Chinese food, which is reasonably priced and incredibly tasty.

Their best-selling chicken lollipops are crunchy, with a kick of spice, and their deep-fried prawns are luscious. Try a variety of dim sum or go straight for Kung Pao chicken and heaped portions of noodles. The sweet and sour chicken is our go-to.

You can’t go wrong with the Desert Wok unless you get there too late to get a booth. The tiny eatery fills up quickly, so be prepared to wait or have your supper delivered.

  • Opening times: 12:00pm-11:30pm
  • Contact: +971 04 447 5022/23 or +971 55 826 4389 (Whatsapp and calls)
  • Address: Bijada Boulevard South, District 13, JVC
  • Website:


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