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The 13 Best Kunafa Shops In Dubai (Authentic Recipes)

I discovered kunafa after a vacation to Dubai. When I moved over a couple of months later, it quickly became my favorite dessert. Anywhere I go, kunafa is a must. It does help to live in Dubai, where it is so readily available; however, several places have horrible versions. I now have my list of the best spots to find kunafa, and I will share that with you.

1. Feras Al Diyafa Sweets

When I initially settled in Dubai, I looked for that “amazing” kunafa spot. After much inquiry, all the recommendations from Dubai WhatsApp groups said to try Feras Al Diyafa. To my amazement, it was the most incredible kunafa I had tasted and still stands out to date after eating the dessert at several other places.

Feras is a homegrown UAE brand that has a few branches around Dubai. The one in AL Barsha is undoubtedly the best. To get the ultimate best experience, you have to eat it at the store, fresh and steaming. Their staff is friendly, and the place is clean. It is undoubtedly one of my personal favorites and is favored in many others’ recommendations, reviews, and ratings.  

Their cheese kunafa is delectable and commonly praised as the best in the UAE. They have an array of Levantine sweets to tantalize your taste buds, and they never disappoint.

2. Firas Sweets

Many people get confused between Feras Al Diyafa and Firas Sweets. They are called out as the same store but are different. If you have never tried Firas Sweets, you are missing out entirely. If you ask anyone where to get delicious kunafa in Dubai, they will quickly jump at the opportunity to recommend Firas.

When I first tried their kunafa, I was in awe of how soft it was. The kunafa simply melted in my mouth! They layer it with a generous amount of sweet cheese and cream and then stuff it in a fine semolina dough. You get the best of both palettes with sweet and savory and a balance of softness and creaminess.

They have branches in a few parts of the city, including Al Qusais, the best one.

  • Address: Opposite Dune Center, 2nd December St, Al Hudaiba
  • Opening Hours: 10 am-1 am
  • Website: 
  • Phone Number: 04 358 0489

3. Mama’esh

The kunafa at Mama’esh is incredibly delicious, and the place is Palestinian cuisine. Kunafa originates from Palestine, and you get to experience a level of authenticity in the dessert. The Mama’esh branch is based in Al Manara and offers a range of Palestinian street food and some sweet options.

From the ambiance to the service, you will often hear people mention how there is no disappointment at Mama’esh. They will always recommend kunafa and how it has the ideal bite filled with crunchiness and gooeyness, with the perfect balance of sweetness that is not overpowering.

Mama’esh uses organic and quality ingredients in their sweet and savory dishes, and they are highly affordable for the exquisite palette they offer.

  • Address: Union Coop, Villa 1081, opposite Al Wasl Rd, Umm Suqeim, Al Safa
  • Opening Hours: 7am- 12:45am
  • Website: 
  • Phone Number: 600 548287

4. Al Hallab Restaurant & Sweets

Al Hallab is well-loved in the middle eastern range with Levantine desserts. They have a few branches, with the one in Garhoud being best for kunafa. Their service is professional, and the food is of high quality.

The kunafa is widely favored by many who prefer the Lebanese kunafa, which is slightly different than the rest of the Middle Eastern styles because, typically, there is only one layer of the crispy noodles. While this may be a personal choice for specific people, many reviews suggest people love the Al Hallab kunafa regardless.

I often hear people talk about the breakfast kunafa at Al Hallab, which I haven’t tried myself, but I can’t wait to make my way back there to give it a go next time.

5. Ibsais Sweets

Ibsais Sweets is well-known and loved for its popularity in Palestinian sweets. Since kunafa originates from Palestine, it is always wonderful to taste kunafa from its origin cuisine. I remember trying Ibsais after a few months of not having kunafa. I did not want to have a bad experience, and Ibsais did not disappoint.

It is a family business that started in 1878, and they tell the story on the wall, a lovely focal point to enjoy learning how the business passed down generations. The cream kunafa at Ibsais is delicious, and I also tried one called Istanbul with a unique cheese that was also yummy.

The Khalifa City A branch in Abu Dhabi is the best. In Dubai, you can go to the Jumeirah branch and enjoy kunafa and a variety of other Arabic Sweets.

  • Address: Jumeirah 3, Beach Road, opposite MidCare Center
  • Opening Hours: 10am-11pm
  • Website: Instagram Page 
  • Phone Number: 04 221 4488

6. Freez

Freez is an American dessert shop that also offers European and Arabic sweets. I recommend going to the Al Karama branch because they have the best overall ambiance, service, and quality of delectable items.

Do yourself a favor and visit Freez for a melt-in-your-mouth serving of kunafa. Their variety of kunafa is incredible, from options like kinder, Nutella, and lotus to pistachio or the regular cream and cheese options.

Kunafa is best when you have it fresh and warm immediately. But if you are ordering, takeout is best instead of delivery because the order can sometimes get mixed up, especially with specific flavor requests.

  • Address: 39th St, Al Karama
  • Opening ours: 12pm-12:30am
  • Website: Instagram Page 
  • Phone Number: 04 358 3833

7. Mado Restaurant

Mado is a Turkish restaurant with a few branches around the city. While all their branches in the Dubai Mall and Jumeirah are lovely, the ambiance and service are unmatched at Bluewaters Island. Their entire menu is a must-try, but you cannot leave without a taste of their kunafa.

A delighted customer reviewed Mado mentioning how they have the best kunafa ever. She also explains that you can choose between different kunafa types describing all of them as delicious, and further says to have them alongside some tea.

Mado lives up to the expectation of taste kunafa; unlike many restaurants, which offer a high-end experience, the food is moderate.

  • Address: 34JF+25, Bluewaters Island
  • Opening Hours: 9am-1am
  • Website: 
  • Phone Number: 04 222 2338

8. Madfoon Al Sadda

Madfoon Al Sadda is a Yemenite cuisine restaurant and offers a lovely range of Arabic dishes that are perfectly cooked and wonderfully flavored. It is surely a place where you should go hungry because you will regret it if you don’t have enough space to enjoy their delectables.

The desserts are incredible, alongside some tea or coffee. Madfoon Al Sadda is the perfect place to have some rich Nutella kunafa – the best Nutella kunafa you will taste in the UAE.

Madfoon Al Sadda offers quality service, and their portions are huge, so you can get the best value for your money.

9. Maraheb Restaurant

Maraheb is another Yemenite cuisine restaurant with a selection of foods and sweet desserts. It is perfect if you want a traditional experience. While they might not have the best ratings and reviews on their delivery service, you will be disappointed if you dine in.  

I would suggest only trying out the branch in Al Safa if you want overall benefits from service to taste. Their kunafa is top of the charts, so even if you are not interested in having a meal, you can go to Maraheb only for their mouth-watering kunafa.

The best part about enjoying your yummy portion of kunafa at Maraheb is the homely atmosphere and floor seating to allow you the complete experience.

10. Nabeel Nafia Sweets

Nabeel Nafisa is a sweet shop with a few branches in Dubai. The Al Barsha shop is a favorite for the majority, who continue to rave about all the store’s desserts. They are known for having the best kunafa nebula in Dubai. They have a range of Syrian and Oriental sweets to choose from and offer a cute atmosphere with some seating to enjoy.

Nabeel Nafisa is often described as having the best kunafa in Dubai by many happy customers. Their quality and service continue to improve, and they take their customers’ reviews very seriously. They strive to give each customer the best experience and make sure you feel heard when a request is made.

Their drive to please and offer only the best edibles is why they are well-loved and highly favored for their delicious kunafa.

11. Belad Al Sham Restaurant

Belad Al Sham is favored of the best Arabic restaurants in the region that serve authentic dishes with a wide variety. Their prices are affordable, and they offer a Syrian cuisine that is highly favored by customers everywhere. They are known for their mixed grills and shawarmas in meals and kunafa in sweets.

If you are a fan of cream kunafa, Belad Al Sham is the place to go. Their service is top-notch and speedy, and they offer quality products. The kunafa is perfectly balanced between crunchy and soft, and the sweetness is at the perfect level.

You cannot go wrong at Belad Al Sham with the delicious meals and mouth-watering kunafa that will leave you drooling for days after you taste it.

  • Address: Nasbatha Building, Near Free Zone Metro Sation. 114 Al Nadha St, AL Twar, Al Qusais
  • Opening Hours: 9am-3am
  • Website: Instagram Page 
  • Phone Number: 04 261 3332

12. Al Baba Sweets

Al Baba Sweets offers you some of the tastiest Levantine sweets. They sell freshly made desserts and chocolates and have a wide variety of options. Whether you are looking to enjoy some yourself or want to gift a friend some Arabic sweets, Al Baba Sweets is where you want to go.

They offer delicious kunafa and are often known as the place for the best kunafa. You can find cheese kunafa, kunafa ashta bun and kunafa bun. It has become quite popular for its kunafa over time. They offer delivery, and unlike many businesses, their kunafa delivery is quality service.

Their name describes a small and rich sponge cake soaked in sugar syrup. Kunafa is a very similar concept that makes them live up to their name exceptionally well.

  • Address: Auris Boutique Hotel Apartments Building, Ground Floor, Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Barsha
  • Opening Hours: 8am-10pm
  • Website: 
  • Phone Number: 04 399 0624

13. First Cup Sahara Restaurant & Café

Sahara in Marina Walk might not be famous for kunafa generally, but it is a bonus on the list because of a personal favorite for me. They often don’t make it to the top lists because their service and quality are described as average. I always say that it is a hit or miss. They have a lovely atmosphere overlooking the water and Marina buildings from the terrace and offer shisha.

The primary reason why I fell in love from the first time I visited was because of their Kunafa ice cream. The combination of the warm kunafa with the ice cream and drizzled melted chocolate is unmatched. I keep going back for it no matter how much time passes and how many other places I try.

It is the perfect, decadent dessert. It is rich and tantalizes your palette in more than one way. The portion is huge, so sharing would be ideal – to get the most value for your money without wastage.

  • Address: Marina Walk, Marina View Towers, First Floor, Dubai Marina
  • Opening Hours: 1 pm-4 am
  • Website:  
  • Phone Number: 04 361 9591


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