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The 17 Best Mandi Restaurants In Dubai (Authentic Taste)

If you want to try some traditional Arabic food while in Dubai, Mandi should be a must-try on your list. The deliciously cooked rice with tender meat of chicken cooked in a pit underground from the Yemeni origin made with a blend of spices is a staple in the Middle Eastern regions. Below are some of the best Mandi restaurants in Dubai.

1. Zam Zam Mandi

If you ask someone in Dubai where to find the best Mandi Restaurant, they will direct you to Zam Zam Mandi without thinking twice. Residents and tourists love it. Customers love all their food and not only the mandi, even though the restaurant is famous for Mandi dishes.

They serve authentic food with perfectly cooked rice and flavorful, tender meat. Their quality and quantity are exceptional and deliciously spiced. They have several branches around the city, and the one in Karama is a favorite for ample seating space and stunning ambiance with friendly staff.

  • Address: Al Fahad Building, Sheikh Rashid Rd, Near LULU Hypermarket
  • Opening Hours: 10am-12am
  • Website: 
  • Phone Number: 04 370 6777

2. Maraheb Restaurant

Maraheb is another famous restaurant in Dubai that offers one of the best Mandi options. Their mutton Mandi is delectable, and I suggest requesting a shoulder or rib piece. They offer authentic Yemeni Mandi. The restaurant is well-loved amongst locals and expatriates in the city.

Don’t be fooled by how simple their meals look. The spicing and flavor are incredible and one of the reasons many people genuinely love and enjoy Maraheb’s food. The Nad Al Hamar branch has a unique seating setup that is spacious and will wow any guest.

3. Bait Al Mandi

Bait Al Mandi is a huge favorite amongst those in Dubai for the special authentic Yemenite dish, Mandi. Some will say it is hands down the best Mandi place in town. Their portions are significant, the chicken is juicy and tender, and the food is perfectly spiced and flavorful.

Bait Al Mandi has several branches in Dubai, with Al Barsha being one of the best. They have friendly staff, and they offer various other delicious dishes. The restaurant is loved for the muton mandi and its authentic Arabic taste.

4. Raidan Mandi

Raidan offers incredible Yemenite cuisine, and their prices and super affordable. The chicken and mutton mandi are yummy, fresh, and perfectly cooked. They provide high-quality dishes, and their service is top-notch. I love the portion sizes at Raidan because you get value for your spending. A great restaurant to take your guests to when in Dubai!

5. Ahl Almandi

If you are fond of various Arabic cuisine dishes, I suggest stopping by Ahl Almandi. They have the most delectable Middle Eastern dishes, and of course, their mandi is at the top of the list. You can order several dishes if you are a few people and get the best of all your favorite Arabic meals. When I want an entire course Arabic meal, I meet with friends at Al Almandi.

6. Joraif For Mandi Restaurant

Joraif offers quality Arabic food and sweets. One of the best things you can enjoy while in Dubai is to order a plate of chicken mandi at Joraif and then kunafa for dessert to complete your experience. You get value for your money with quantity and authenticity. Their meat is fresh and local, and the rice is tasty and cooked to perfection.

7. Tiba Restaurant For Mandi

Whether you are touring or a resident and cant wait to get your hands on some authentic Arabic cuisine, then Tiba is your place to go. Tiba is incredibly fantastic for someone new in Dubai. It’s the spot to try if you want to dip your toe in to get a feel for Arabic food.

They have a fantastic ambiance, and it is a fun hangout spot. Their dishes are delicious, meat is tender, and spices are added to perfectly flavor every taste. The waiters are super friendly and receiving of your requests. If you want to give Mandi a go, Tiba won’t disappoint you!

  • Address: The Citadel Tower, Marasi, Dubai
  • Opening Hours: 10:30am-12am
  • Website: 
  • Phone Number: 04 338 3555

8. Al Romansiah

Al Romansiah has good food, helpful staff, and an amazing atmosphere. They have delicious Yemenite cuisine that is delicious with significant portions and various options. I love the separate family entrance that gives you a Saudi-style vibe, and they also offer indoor and outdoor seating.

Their chicken mandi is a simple yet highly flavorful dish. The meat at Al Romansiah is a must-taste in all shapes and forms. They get super busy, and that’s how you know their quality is worthwhile. Avoid peak meal times if you want a less crowded experience.

9. Madfoon Al Sadda

Madfoon Al Sadda is one of the top restaurants for Yemenite cuisine in Dubai with their various options for chicken, meat, and fish. The mandi is always a winner, and I love the complimentary soup. You can complete your meal with yummy sweet treats like their om Ali or kunafa desserts.  

The food overall is excellent. All the dishes on their menu are tasty. The mandi has well-flavored rice and soft-cooked, juicy, tender meat. I would suggest making sure you are hungry and can handle all the delectable meat before attempting the restaurant. The staff service is perfect, and the atmosphere is excellent.

  • Address: Jumeirah Rd, Umm Suqeim 1, Near Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
  • Opening Hours: 12pm-12am
  • Website: 
  • Phone Number: 04 343 5544  

10. Al Marhabani

Any customer that has ever been to Al Marhabani will tell you how amazing their food is. They have the best chicken mandi in the area, a favorite for people all around the city. People drive from one end of the city to the other to eat at Al Marhabani and are never disappointed in that effort.

It was one of the first mandi restaurants in Dubai and, during its time, the most popular. Since the city expanded, there has been a lot of competition, yet Marhabani has not lost its authenticity and popularity. Everything on their menu is phenomenal, and the staff is incredible!

11. Mawared Al Jood Restaurant Mandi & Madhbi Restaurant

Mawared Al Jood is also one of the first restaurants to serve original mandi. Their quality has not decreased over the years, and if anything, it has gotten better. The chicken mandi is my favorite at Mawared – super well-cooked and finger-licking good!

I love their large seating capacity and separate family room. The menu has a limited variety which is great to avoid overordering and any confusion. It also helps you relish what is available to full capacity. The ambiance is quiet, with majlis seating for the whole vibe. Tables are available for those who prefer.

12. Nour Al Madar

It wouldn’t make a list if it wasn’t one of the best Mandi restaurants in Dubai. I have been eating their food for almost three years, and they never fail to wow my tastebuds. They keep consistent with the taste and quality of their food, and the service is at high standards.

Nour Al Madar has phenomenal chicken mandi. I often swop between the meat and chicken option depending on what I feel for, and both options have me craving more. The portions are generous. The price is pretty reasonable for how much you get. The place is neat and clean – definitely a plus point!

13. Halla Al Yamama Mandi Restaurant

If you did not like rice before, Halla Yamama would make you love it! It is the spot that will get you hooked to Mandi whether you enjoyed it before or not, and even if you are new to the authentic Yemenite dish. This is a great restaurant to taste some local food. Their meat is delicious and well cooked.  

They use unique spices to get the best flavor, and the taste will exceed your expectations by a long shot. The atmosphere is neat, beautiful, and serene. The staff is super friendly and will not disturb you while you eat unless you call for them.

14. Saudi Kitchen 

If you ever want the full-on Arabian vibe from the décor to food, you must visit Saudi Kitchen. Their entire concept is Arabian style, even with the family cabins. The food is unique in taste; I love their chicken mandi with yogurt and salsa as a treat.

I have not met one person who went to Saudi Kitchen and hadn’t come back to praise the restaurant continuously. The food is absolutely amazing, and the experience is precisely what you want when in Dubai. In addition, the staff and service are fantastic – it makes for an overall great place!

  • Address: Beach Road, Jumeirah 2
  • Opening Hours: 12pm-1am
  • Phone Number: 04 343 3039  

15. Makarem Restaurant

Makarem is a restaurant in the heart of Al Barsha 3, serving you traditional eastern Arabian food. The dishes are cooked with passion and served with elegance. They have separate family rooms, hence giving you the whole Arabian feel. Their chicken and meat mandi will have you licking your fingers while the meat falls off the bones.  

The best part about Makarem that I love most is that their food is delicious, but the quality has not diminished even through the years of eating there. When I want to wow my guests, I love taking them to Makarem knowing with complete confidence that they will not have a bad experience.

16. Noor Al Mandi

Now here is a restaurant genuinely offering food from the soul. Their passion goes beyond food, as they want every customer to feel like family. I can tell you with confidence that they live up to their motto. The food is divine! Their chicken mandi is delicious – perfectly cooked rice and flavorful, tender chicken. They also offered a complimentary meat soup which is simply incredible.

17. Al Yemen Mandi

Al Yemen Mandi restaurant is one of my favorites because they offer an overall wonderful experience. Their food is tasty, the service is lovely, and they serve you quickly. The meat is of good quality and fresh. Their mandi and other dishes are excellent. It is cooked to perfection and spiced to tantalize your tastebuds. The complimentary soup is always a winner!

They serve authentic Yemeni food, and it is a fantastic place to enjoy your favorite Middle Eastern dishes. Be prepared for waiting times and peak hours. They are in high demand, so a crowd is expected. The environment is lovely. They have sufficient seating and beautiful décor. You will undoubtedly find yourself going back again for more.

  • Address: Bait Al Jabal Building, 38 24 St, Deira, Dubai
  • Opening Hours: 9am-2am
  • Phone Number: 04 266 2207


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