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The 10 Best Nakheel Mall Restaurants (Dubai Palm)

The luxurious Nakheel Mall, located in Palm Jumeirah, offers an extensive list of restaurants serving exceptional cuisine and delectable delicacies. The Nakheel Mall offers over 30 food and dining services, including cafes, casual dining, the great Depachika Food Hall, and fine dining for those special occasions.

The best feeling is a full stomach after a long shopping day. Therefore, I have developed a list showcasing the Nakheel Mall’s diverse cuisine, detailing each establishment’s menu and services. So, please give me the pleasure of being your guide to discover the restaurant for you.

Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung is a restaurant famous worldwide for its remarkable Chinese cuisine. With over 170 restaurants worldwide in 13 countries, this establishment has happily served its customers for many years. 

Their menu has no shortage of options, providing a wide range of dishes, including steamed dumplings and buns, wontons, noodles, their famous xiao long bao, and many more. Additionally, if you possess a sweet tooth like me, they serve mouth-watering desserts guaranteed to separate any sugary cravings.

They provide an entire list of any preferences, such as dishes that are spicy, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, shellfish-free, and egg-free. This key system ensures safety from any allergies while also helping you with your goals. Additionally, they provide cold and warm teas and freshly squeezed orange juice with beverages. They also offer alcoholic drinks with a variety of their signature cocktails.

  • Address – First Level | F-013a
  • Opening Hours – 10:00 to 22:00 (Mon – Thurs) and 10:00 to 00:00 (Fri – Sun)
  • Phone Number – +971 4 580 7788
  • Website – 


The lively SUSHISAMBA offers delicious food with a delicious view. They serve various cuisine, including Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian cuisine. In addition, this restaurant is the perfect venue for party enthusiasts as they offer immersive entertainment, live music, and special guest appearances. You get guaranteed that every meal will be both delectable and entertaining.

SUSHISAMBA’s main menu offers traditional dishes from each cuisine, such as tiraditos, Peruvian, and robata, a Japanese charcoal grill. Corresponding with their name, their sushi is of the finest quality and prepared with the freshest ingredients. The menu also showcases preferences such as gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options with each dish.

They also have a second menu available from Monday to Thursday (12:00 – 14:00). This menu offers a two-course meal within these hours which starts with a miso soup and then proceeds to either two small plates or one from their large plates. SUSHISAMBA is lively, and this gets reflected through their unique cocktails, some of them even exclusive to this specific location. 

Should you wish for more of the norm, please do not fret, as they offer legendary cocktails worldwide. In addition, for non-alcoholic beverages, they provide cold-infused mocktails over 48 hours to maximize flavor intensity and are placed in handcrafted vessels once served. 

  • Address – 51st Floor, Palm Tower
  • Opening Hours:
    • 12:00 – 15:00 & 18:00 – 02:00 (Mon – Fri)
    • 12:00 – 15:00 & 18:00 – 03:00 (Sat – Sun)
  • Phone Number – +971 4 582 1555
  • Email Addresses:
    • Reservations –
    • Events –
    • Information –
  • Website – 

Urban Seafood

Urban Seafood serves fresh and delicious seafood worldwide. So many customers have praised the restaurant’s food and staff, so it is no surprise that it receives so many patrons in return. Their remarkable reputation has unsurprisingly led many people to visit and dive into their tasty cuisine.

Did you know that they have a menu purely designed for people who might be on a tight schedule? The menu gets excellently summarized for quick choices allowing you to pop in and out. While on your rush, you can enjoy a selection of soups, salads, appetizers, handhelds, or any of their signature mains. There are three beverage choices: fresh-squeezed fruit juices, soft drinks, and water.

They have a second menu for customers who can enjoy a lovely meal while admiring the captivating ocean view. There are similarities in dishes between both menus, yet there are even more available for you, such as steamed buckets and additional mains. In addition, there are three desserts that they serve, which include the “Cappuccino Torte,” the “Zafferano Yarn,” and the “Chocolate Cake in a Jar.” 

The beverages of Urban Seafood are also colorful will a selection of fresh juices, sweet milkshakes, water, both still and sparkling, soft drinks, and various options of both coffees and teas. Some unique drinks they serve are the mojito and cucumber Fresca, which provide a freshening finish to the entire meal.

  • Address – Second Level | E-024
  • Opening Hours:
    • 10:00 – 23:30 (Sun-Wed)
    • 08:00 – 02:00 (Thurs – Sat)
  • Phone Number:
    • Restaurant Inquiries – +971 (04) 422-9478
    • Franchise Inquiries – +971 (04) 434-0250
  • Email Addresses:
    • Restaurant Inquiries – INFO@MAGNOLIA-RM.COM
    • Franchise Inquiries – NFO@MAGNOLIA-RM.COM
  • Website –


With its Italian name and theme, you would not expect that Vapiano originated in Hamburg, Germany. However, Vapiano gladly promotes their most important quality: the love of enjoying life and sharing spontaneous and heartfelt companionships. This restaurant is an amazing place to dine with both friends and family anywhere, any time.

Their main menu shows the restaurant’s pride in serving fresh dishes every day by producing their pizzas and pasta with fresh dough and sauces made directly in the establishment. As a result, their Italian cuisine is perfect, serving fulfilling plates of pasta, melting pizzas, and traditional risottos.

They serve drinks to warm the soul and freshen the mind by offering a list of coffees and teas, including their beloved Italian hot chocolate. They also provide various freshly squeezed juices.

Russo’s New York Pizzeria

Russo’s New York Pizzeria is an Italian cuisine-based restaurant that has been serving delicious food from generation to generation. They offer sit-in dining and other services such as ordering online, through their website or app, with free delivery and takeout that can be easily picked up or delivered.

The main menu provides much more than their traditional pizzas. They also offer catering to kids so your children can savor this great experience with the entire family. In addition, they offer dishes for any cravings, such as salads, soups, New York-styled pizzas, authentic Italian portions of pasta, heart-warming calzones, fulfilling sandwiches, and desserts that melt in your mouth.

Additionally, Rosso’s allows you to customize your pizza to suit your favorites and preferences! All their sauces get made freshly every day, and their toppings are guaranteed to be hormone-free with no artificial flavors. You also can custom choose your pizza size, their sizes being 12″, 16″, 16″ square-shaped, and 28″. You can even design a single slice of pizza if you want to! 

And if you follow a strict calorie intake, do not fret because Rosso’s labels all their dishes with the number of calories each dish contains, ensuring full support for any of your health goals.

  • Address – First Level
  • Opening Hours – 11:00 to 23:00 (Mon – Sun)
  • Phone Number – 800787767
  • Email Address –
  • Website –

Kris Kros

Kris Kros brings the best Lebanese cuisine to Dubai. This restaurant is young as it firstly opened on 30 August 2015. However, this restaurant wishes to share this amazing cuisine with the rest of the world. Furthermore, they wish to preserve the culture and history of the country previously known as the “Switzerland of the Middle East.”

A charming main menu with many Lebanese delicacies. Did you know that every page of the menu tells a different fact about ancient Lebanon? Incredible and extremely unique! Their diverse menu includes dishes such as shawarma, sandwiches, falafel, wraps, mini bites, and mixed pots.

However, you could never forget the dessert and how Kris Kros’ desserts do not disappoint. Their beverages are suitable for any occasion. If the weather is warm or cold, you have access to several cocktails, juices, soft drinks, and various coffees and teas to satisfy your thirst.

The Noodle House

The Noodle House is an international branch that brings Asian soul food right to you. They have various establishments for you to dine at and the option to order your meal for delivery. They also have an Instagram to openly showcase many of their dishes and staff for your perusal.

The main menu serves many classic Asian cuisine dishes. Their entire menu features a key system that shows many different preferences, assisting you in finding what suits your tastes and conditions. The preferences that they showcase are as follows: Vegetarian, Vegan, Shellfish, Egg, Gluten-free, Contains Nuts & Seeds, Soy, Fish, Dairy, Raw Food, Spicy, and Very Spicy.

They serve plenty of traditional Asian cuisine, including ramen, wok, yakitori, umami goodness, etc. The restaurant also has a lovely dessert section which includes ice cream and sorbet. Accompanying the usual beverages most restaurants provide, The Noodle House is famous for its extensive list of various delicious tea blends.

  • Address – First Level | F-018
  • Opening Hours:
    • 10:00 – 22:00 (Mon – Thurs)
    • 10:00 – 00:00 (Fri – Sun)
  • Phone Number – 800 – NOODLE (666353)
  • Website –

Le Pain Quotidien

The name, meaning the daily bread, represents the restaurant’s objective to cook delicious food and form permanent memories between friends and families alike. This combined bakery and restaurant serve their delicious cuisine worldwide, bringing people together with stylish ambiances and delectable dishes.

The dishes are guaranteed to be made from the highest quality ingredients, focusing on simplicity and authenticity. Le Pain Quotidien produces amazing food such as colorful breakfasts, grouped with cereal fruits, yogurt, and croissants filled with mouth-watering fillings. Additionally, they offer toasted tartines, soups, salads, and quiches on their main menu.

Their bakery provides a vast arrangement of various desserts, including tarts, donuts, cakes, and brownies. In addition, their drinks are as diverse as cool and warm beverages such as juices, lemonade, smoothies, coffees, and various organically iced drinks.

  • Address – First Level | F-082
  • Opening Hours – 08:00 to 00:00 (Mon – Sun)
  • Phone Number – 04-4190972
  • Email –
  • Website –

Famous Dave’s

Famous Dave’s brings the best authentic American cuisine to Dubai, allowing all their customers to enjoy one of the most enjoyable BBQ experiences. Do not believe me? Well, I’m sure the fact they have received over 700 awards worldwide can be convincing enough. This restaurant has a great reputation and special dishes and is not one to miss.

The BBQ joint also provides an extra service catering for any event you might be planning – big or small! They offer catering for events such as business luncheons, weddings, graduations, school functions, or any corporal events. Additionally, the process is so quick. It is as simple as going to their website, filling in their form, and receiving a quote.

The restaurant serves freshening salads and award-winning ribs. But, of course, you cannot forget about the staple of American cuisine, the burger, which they also serve with their spiced fries! They also have various desserts that are handmade and just delicious to see.

  • Address – First Level | F019C
  • Opening Hours:
    • 10:00 to 22:00 (Sat – Thurs)
    • 10:00 to 00:00 (Friday)
  • Phone Number – +971 4 227 0050
  • Website –

Five Guys

Five Guys has expanded its branch too numerous locations to serve its amazing food to the masses, filling stomachs and bringing people together. They hold the quality of their food very high, stating that they only use freshly ground beef and peanut oil. In addition, they do not possess any freezers at any establishment, further proving their goal for both goodness and freshness.

A beacon of authentic American cuisine serving traditional burgers, hotdogs, and sandwiches. Most of these main dishes come with complimentary fries, which could add additional spice to a juicy meal. In addition, they serve various cool drinks, including a long list of milkshakes flavors – even bacon flavor!

  • Address – Ground Floor
  • Opening Hours:
    • 10:00 to 22:00 (Mon – Fri)
    • 10:00 to 00:00 (Sat – Sun)
  • Phone Number – 04 3972231
  • Website –


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