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The 15 Best Pizza Restaurants & Pizzerias in Dubai

With over 10,000 restaurants, Dubai is truly a hub for fine dining. However, finding a restaurant that serves the tastiest pizza can prove daunting, especially if you’ve never been to Dubai before.

So what are some of the best pizza restaurants in the City of Gold?

1. Motorino Pizzeria

Motorino Pizzeria utilizes a traditional Italian approach to pizzas. If you’ve had the luxury of trying authentic Italian pizza, you’ll know what I mean the second you bite into Motorino

Pizzeria’s pizza.

Along with Motorino’s delightfully authentic pizza, there’s a beautiful atmosphere. The world-class interior design, friendly staff, and great food all work together to deliver a top-tier dining experience.

If you time your visit to Motorino Pizzeria right, you may get to experience live music throughout your meal. When I stopped by, there was a musician whose relaxing performance added tremendously to the atmosphere.

If you want to enjoy a combination of mouthwatering pizza and a great ambiance, then you might want to stop by Motorino Pizzeria. And since the highly-rated restaurant is usually packed during peak time, you might want to call  971 56 216 5027 to reserve a table.

2. Pizza Corner

With a traditional Italian pizza restaurant taking the number one spot on our list, we should look at a less traditional pizza restaurant for the second spot. And Pizza Corner, one of Dubai’s best-kept secrets, does not disappoint!

When you try Pizza Corner, you’ll notice a nice blend of traditional Italian roots with innovation, which adds to the overall appeal of the highly regarded spot. I enjoyed the spicier kick to my pizza, but you can also make a milder order if you’re not too big on spices.

On top of the delicious, unique pizza, Pizza Corner is in a good location as it is centrally located, with metro stations nearby.

The solid location and tasty, delightful pizza make Pizza Corner a great restaurant to stop by for a quick lunch while shopping at nearby malls.

If you’re interested in visiting Pizza Corner, you can drop by Al Rigga Al Rigga Rd, Dubai. Also, feel free to give Pizza Corner a call at 971 4 222 2671 for more info.

3. Luigia

It’s hard to talk about the best traditional pizza joints in Dubai without mentioning Luigia, a spacious, well-designed restaurant specializing in high-quality traditional Italian pizza.

You can feel the authenticity of Luigia the second you step foot in the restaurant, courtesy of its outstanding, professionally done Italian decor.

On top of the decor is the extensive wine menu. I’m not a huge wine fan, but my dining partner was enthralled with the types of wine on offer at Luigia.

Along with delicious pizza, there were also other delicious Italian dishes. The Arancini Siciliani appetizer blew us away!

Another bonus of Luigia is the dietary options. Luigia offers dishes for common dietary restrictions like:

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Halal
  • Gluten-free

You can find Luigia at Rixos Premium Dubai, The Walk, JBR Ground Floor, Dubai. Additionally, you can call Luigia at 971 4 349 6950 or visit their website if you’d prefer.

4. California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen beautifully walks the line between Italian and American cuisine. If you’re like me, and you grew up on Americanized pizza, California Pizza Kitchen will make you feel right at home.

Thankfully, California Pizza Kitchen doesn’t take Americanized pizza too far, meaning your taste buds will be in for a treat if you prefer traditional Italian-style pizza.

California Pizza Kitchen also caters to dietary restrictions. The most surprising thing to me was their cauliflower-based crust pizza. I tried it because I’m limiting carbs, but the cauliflower-based pizza is also a great gluten-free option.

The appetizers at California Pizza Kitchen are also to die for! I was impressed by Pizza Kitchen’s Cauliflower Buffalo Bites as an appetizer. I had no idea cauliflower could be so flavorful.

Even if you don’t like cauliflower that much, you still might want to try these bites, as you might learn to love them.

Another bonus of California Pizza Kitchen is its extensive drink menu. The California Pizza Kitchen drink menu has everything from tropical drinks, to shakes, and alcoholic beverages.

If you are in the area, you should stop by California Pizza Kitchen at Mall of the Emirates Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai. Feel free to reserve a table by calling California Pizza Kitchen at 971 4 341 9090.

5. Blaze Pizza

If you’re American, Blaze Pizza could be a taste of home in Dubai as it is a pizza restaurant chain from the United States.

In Dubai, Blaze Pizza is known for its tasty Americanized thin crust pizza and attracts dozens of customers that prefer something different from Italian pizza.

Blaze Pizza is also conveniently located in Downtown Dubai, near Dubai Mall. Therefore, the restaurant’s strategic location and fast service make it a perfect place to stop by for a quick bite!

Check out Blaze Pizza at The Dubai Mall, Financial Center Rd, Dubai. If you want to look at Blaze Pizza’s menu, you can check it out on their website.

6. Al Dente

We’ve been focusing on Americanized pizza too much in the past couple of restaurants; let’s look at some authentic Italian pizza! Al Dente is probably the most authentic Italian pizza restaurant on this list.

Everything from the half brick walls in the restaurant to the thin-crust authentic Italian pizza, every part of Al Dente looks like it’s out of Sicile. The authenticity of decor and flavors make Al Dente a dream location for hardcore Italian pizza lovers.

Plus, Al Dente has some of the most hospitable and friendly staff I’ve ever encountered. The dedicated staff is always prepared to help out with anything and will serve you like the treasured customer you are.

Feel free to branch off Al Dente’s pizzas too. Their menu is chock-full of other Italian dishes you’ll be sure to love.

Al Dente’s is conveniently located at Ground Floor Al Muntazah St, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. For more information about the menu and reservations, you can give Al Dente a call at 971 56 118 5301.

7. Freedom Pizza

Freedom Pizza, as the name suggests, gives you the freedom to have pizza even when on a strict diet. The restaurant specializes in low-carb and gluten-free pizza, with cauliflower crust options.

Not on a strict diet? Freedom Pizza still has you covered. Even though Freedom Pizza specializes in delicious cauliflower crusts, they still offer fantastic regularly crusted pizzas.

Freedom Pizza’s interior exudes class and warmth. There isn’t much seating space indoors, but that adds to the restaurant’s hole-in-the-wall charm.

Make sure you pencil Freedom Pizza into your pizza tour of Dubai. Freedom Pizza’s address is Rose Building, Al Murooj Rotana Complex, Dubai and their phone number is 971 4 342 5755.

8. Solo Dubai

Solo Dubai is an upscale dining experience that offers excellent pizza options. Solo Dubai upgrades the traditional Italian pizza with an upscale restaurant presentation and flavor.

Solo Dubai has an extensive menu with loads of delicacies. However, nothing can live up to its delightful pizza.

The interior decor at Solo Dubai incorporates brick walls and beautiful paneled windows, which make for a nice Italian atmosphere. The unique look is completed by modern lighting and furniture that add to Solo Dubai’s overall appeal.

I can’t write about my time at Solo Dubai without thanking the staff for the amazing service. Every employee I came across was kind and helpful throughout my meal. They were also extraordinarily intensive, ensuring I felt valued from the moment I stepped into the restaurant.  

Try out Solo Dubai for yourself at Wafi City, Shk Rashid Rd Hotel Raffles Dubai. You can also check out their website or give them a call at 971 4 324 8888 for more info.

9. Eataly

Along with a clever name, Eataly offers a top-tier dining experience in Dubai. Eataly starts with a high-quality light pizza crust as a base for all their pizzas. The toppings at Eataly are fresh and delicious.

If you stop by Eataly, you have to try their Buffalo Pizza, especially if you’re a fan of some cheesy yet spicy pizza.

The taste of Eataly’s pizza is so authentic that I didn’t even realize it was a chain until after I left! It turns out there are Eataly restaurants across the globe!

After eating at Eataly, I understood why they’ve formed a successful chain. The culture among the employees is light-hearted and friendly. Plus, the quality of food and ingredients are off the charts.

Stop by Eataly at Lower Ground Level The Dubai Mall, Downtown Burj, Dubai. You should give them a call at 971 800 328259 to reserve a table.

10. 800 Degrees Pizzeria

800 Degrees Pizzeria lives up to its name. You can tell by the crispiness of their crust that the kitchen staff at 800 Degrees Pizzeria know how to cook a perfect pizza, and they do it consistently!

There are also some unique topping options on 800 Degrees Pizzeria’s menu. For example, I tried their Dynamite Shrimp Pizza, which was fantastic! If you’re a fan of spice and shrimp, the Dynamite Shrimp Pizza is a solid option.

800 Degrees Pizzeria is also conveniently located in the Mall of the Emirates. There are all kinds of activities around 800 Degrees Pizzeria for you to enjoy before or after your delicious meal.

Give 800 Degree Pizzeria a call at 971 4 347 0137.

11. Trattoria

Trattoria easily beats out its competition in terms of outdoor dining space. I sat at a beautiful waterfront patio with breathtaking scenery in every direction. I had a hard time focusing on my food because of the incredible atmosphere.

Even sitting on a beautiful terrace, I could still appreciate the quality of pizza served at Trattoria. The toppings, crust, and sauce were all cooked to perfection. But after the first bite, I completely forgot about my beautiful surroundings.

Then, of course, there was the service. Trattoria hit the nail on the head with quality of service. Our server was on top of our drink refills as I’d never seen before. Plus, the kitchen staff was working hard too, based on how fast our food arrived.

I highly recommend trying out Trattoria, especially if you’re big on outdoor dining. There are a lot of compliments to pay to Trattoria, but none as significant as their outdoor dining area.

You can stop by Trattoria at Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Jumeirah Beach Road, Near Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai. Make sure you reserve a seat on their terrace by calling ahead to 971 4 432 3232.

12. Pitfire Pizza

If you’re looking for a hole-in-the-wall pizza joint in Dubai, look no further than Pitfire Pizza. This small pizza restaurant reminds me of the kind of pizza restaurants you would find in New York City. Pitfire Pizza is a small restaurant with only enough room for a couple of tables.

Not only does the size of the restaurant remind me of New York City, but the pizza does too. Pitfire Pizza specializes in thin-crust New York-style pizza. The pizza’s slices are so New York-style that I folded mine in half so it wouldn’t droop over.

Usually, I like to grab a pizza with all sorts of new and interesting toppings, but at Pitfire Pizza, I felt inclined to get the standard pepperoni pizza.

I was not disappointed in my choice of pepperoni pizza! Every ingredient was cooked to perfection, especially the crust. The crust had puffed up on the edges while staying nice and thin under the ingredients.

If you’re a fan of New York-style pizza, I can’t recommend Pitfire Pizza enough. Stop by at Pitfire Pizza, Lake Terrace Tower, Cluster D, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai. You can also give Pitfire Pizza a call at 971 800 7483473.

13. Russo’s New York Pizzeria

If you are a fan of Pitfire Pizza, I have another New York-style pizza joint for you to check out in Dubai, Russo’s New York Pizzeria.

Russo’s offers an extensive menu with every combination of pizza toppings you can imagine. On top of their pizza selection, Russo’s has enough other Italian dishes to please even the harshest of food critics.

I like to stop by Russo’s to grab myself a quick slice for lunch. And since Russo’s New York Pizzeria’s slices are huge, I like to just grab one as a quick meal when I’m in the area.

My affinity for Russo’s slices is not to say their full pizzas aren’t delicious as the restaurant offers some of the best New York-style pizza in all of Dubai!

Are you looking for a taste of New York? Look no further than Russo’s New York Pizzeria, located at Jumeirah 1, Jumeirah Centre, Jumeirah, Dubai. Feel free to give Russo’s friendly staff a call at 971 800 787767.

14. Il Forno

Il Forno is among my favorite Dubai pizza restaurants to dine in. There’s something about the atmosphere that makes it feel so authentically Italian.

The helpful and friendly staff also help to warm up Il Forno’s Italian atmosphere. You can tell Il Forno strives to deliver a unique Italian experience. I think the only way you could match Il Forno’s Italian experience would be to book a plane ticket to Naples!

Il Forno’s menu has some delicious specialty pizza options. My personal favorite is Il Forno’s Mediterraneo pizza.

It should be noted the menu at Il Forno spans far past delicious pizzas. Il Forno’s menu has other authentic Italian plates of pasta, salads, soups, paninis, and so much more! There’s something on Il Forno’s menu for everyone.

Give Il Forno a visit at Dubai Mall Zabeel Expansion, Dubai. Also, feel free to visit Il Forno’s website or give them a call at 971 4 325 3080 for more info.

15. Borbone by the Beach

Our next pizza restaurant, Borboone By the Beach, lives up to its name. Order yourself a delicious Italian-style pizza, and enjoy a nice beachfront view at Borbone By The Beach.

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s my love for a beautiful outdoor dining area, and you can’t get a much better outdoor dining experience than at Borbone’s. Chowing down on Borbone’s delicious pizza while lounging on the beach is always the highlight of my day.

Don’t worry, the beautiful waterfront location does not cloud my judgment as Borbone By the Beach does make delicious Italian-style pizza.

By recommendation of the friendly employee working at Borbone By The Beach, I ordered the Mimosa Pizza on my last visit. I didn’t know what to expect, considering the unique toppings like boiled potatoes and black truffle cream. My fears diminished the second I took a bite and I highly recommend trying the Mimosa Pizza if you visit Borbone By The Beach.

Feel free to stop by this waterfront pizza restaurant at Kite Beach, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Also, don’t be afraid to give Borbone By the Beach a call at 971 800 2672663 or visit its official website.


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