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The 16 Best Russian Restaurants In Dubai for Expats & Tourists

It’s Russia in Dubai! One of the first things that spring to mind when we think of Russia isn’t always food. Many of us have no idea what Russia and its culture are like in reality because of Hollywood clichés, prejudices, and myths. Well, contrary to what you may believe, Russians don’t only eat cooked cabbage and drink vodka.

Food in Russia is one of the world’s most genuine cuisines, owing to the country’s history, climate, and rich customs. The Russian restaurants in Dubai offer full traditional Russian cuisine. Expatriates from Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, and other Eastern European countries frequent these Russian eateries in Dubai.

So, if you’re craving some delicious pelmeni, borscht, and other delectable traditional Russian dishes, these Russian restaurants are ideal! Let’s look at the greatest Russian restaurants in Dubai right now.

1. Sorp Business Café

This light and airy location offer the ideal ambiance for unwinding and enjoying a delectable Russian supper. This “business” restaurant is usually visited by professionals searching for a quiet dining area. Their exquisite cuisine is a perfect match for the restaurant’s atmosphere. Try their famous beef crepes or pelmeni with shrimp and chicken. 

  • Cuisine: Russian
  • Location: Indigo Icon Tower, Cluster F – Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)
  • Trading Hours: Weekdays 09:00 am to 09:00 pm & Weekends 12:00 pm to 12:00 am
  • Contact Details: +971-4-589-8003

2. Pushkin Russian Restaurant

Pushkin is another fabulous Russian restaurant in JLT. This Russian restaurant has quickly garnered recognition because of its white and red décor and friendly service. Their extensive menu features the finest Russian dishes, including pasta, Samsa, pelmeni, and PO-kievsky.

Visit Pushkin Restaurant after you’ve finished promenading around the Jumeirah Lake Towers. Don’t forget to try their delicious crepes and superb honey cakes. There’s a lot of interest in the cafe’s excellent coffee.

This restaurant’s major benefit is food delivery. The personnel at this establishment are polite, according to the feedback left by visitors. Many reviews deem the service to be excellent. You will be pleasantly surprised by this cafe’s reasonable costs and tranquil atmosphere.

  • Cuisine: Russian
  • Location: Ground Floor, Lake View Tower, Cluster B – Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)
  • Trading Hours: Weekdays 09:00 am to 12:00 am & Weekends 10:00 am to 12:00 am
  • Contact Details: +971-50-387-6300
  • Website: Pushkin Russian Restaurant Dubai – Home | Facebook

3. Ekzotica Restaurant

Ekzotica in Deira is another excellent Russian restaurant in Dubai. The restaurant, which is ideally placed for residents of Al Murar and rental flats in Naif, serves great Russian cuisine.

With its Russian flavors, this establishment will satisfy you with its chopped steak, herring, and fresh salad. This wonderful Russian restaurant is also well-known for its modest prices. This is one Russian restaurant you don’t want to miss the next time you are in Dubai.

4. Eshak Restaurant

Eshak is a wonderful Russian restaurant to consider if you’re searching for a stylish and great location in terms of flavor and cuisine options. It is one of the more costly alternatives among Dubai’s greatest Russian restaurants, but they offer more than just Russian cuisine.

You may sample the basic flavors of Middle Eastern and Arabic cuisines in addition to classic Russian samsas, borsch, salads, and pelmenis, and their Russian honey cake is quite exceptional. 

  • Cuisine: Russian, Middle Eastern, Arabic
  • Location: Al Mustaqbal Street, City Walk – Al Safa
  • Trading Hours: 12:00 pm to 12:00 am 
  • Contact Details: +971-4-385-5435

5. UZB Avenue Restaurant

UZB Avenue provides both Uzbek and Russian cuisine. Gorgeous décor and soft lighting contribute to a rich and sophisticated atmosphere, ideal for nights when you need to get away from it all.

Be sure to try their creamy Borscht, Beef Stroganoff, Vereniki, Olivier salad, Herring Salad, and the Khachapuri with Cheese, which pairs well with the Village Style Potatoes with Mushrooms. The restaurant also has great business lunch offers, ideal for a unique business meeting!

  • Cuisine: Uzbek, Russian
  • Location: Barsha Oasis Building, Sheikh Zayed Road – Al Barsha
  • Trading Hours: 10:00 am to 02:00 am 
  • Contact Details: +971-4-399-9904
  • Website: UZB Avenue | Facebook

6. Nefertiti Restaurant

Nefertiti Restaurant is the nearest Russian restaurant in Dubai for persons residing in Mankhool rental flats. Enjoy a flavorful Russian supper that is both healthful and hearty. For an authentic Russian dining experience, try their Riba Po (Russian-style fish) and shurpa. Lebanese cuisine is also included on the restaurant’s menu if you want something different.

  • Cuisine: Russian, Lebanese, Mediterranean 
  • Location: Opposite Four Points Sheraton, Bank Street – Mankhool
  • Trading Hours: Open 24 hours
  • Contact Details: +971-4-355-8855
  • Website: Nefertiti Restaurant – Home | Facebook

7. Suvoroff Restaurant

This classic Russian restaurant in Dubai’s JBR introduces you to the world of Russian gourmet delights. Choose from a comprehensive menu of soups, salads, and main courses, all prepared and presented with great care. Among their most popular dishes are potato pancakes, pickle soup, and pearl barley with veal.

  • Cuisine: Russian
  • Location: Barih Street – Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) 
  • Trading Hours: 11:00 am to 12:00 am
  • Contact Details: +971-4-437-0178

8. Star Uzbegim Restaurant

Star Uzbegim provides classic Russian meals with a delicious combination of Uzbek and Russian cuisines. This wonderful, reasonably-priced Russian-Uzbek restaurant is located in the posh Dubai Marina and is famous for its Jiz Biz, beef stroganoff, pelmeni, borsch, and piroshki.

For the benefit of its patrons, this establishment provides food delivery services. This facility would not be as amazing as it is without the employees’ hard effort and good attitude. Many customers have praised the company’s stellar customer service.

  • Cuisine: Russian, Uzbek
  • Location: Al Husn Building, Marina Walk – Dubai Marina 
  • Trading Hours: 11:00 am to 03:00 am & Fridays 01:30 pm to 03:00 am
  • Contact Details: +9 714-386-5561

9. Chalet Berezka Restaurant

Chalet Berezka restaurant is located at The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah, and overlooks the Atlantis Hotel and the beach. Chalet Berezka is a haven for the Russian soul, cuisine, and culture from the heart of Russia. An international crowd may enjoy food, music, and karaoke here till the wee hours of the morning.

Fresh ingredients and traditional Russian cuisine are combined with influences from around the world on their menu. Whatever the occasion, Chalet Berezka is the ideal location for a romantic evening or a night out with your friends to enjoy some of the best views in the city.

Stylish furnishings, live music, and shisha will ensure that your visit is one to remember. The food is unmistakably Russian, serving dishes such as Syrniki, Pozharskaya Cutlet, and Olivier Salad.

10.  La Terrazza

This lovely Russian restaurant on the ground floor of Almas Tower in Jumeirah Lakes Towers takes up the entire terrace and overlooks the shimmering lake. La Terrazza is the place to go if you want superb meals and a beautiful view. The restaurant at Jumeirah Lake Towers is a popular pit stop for tourists who have just finished exploring the towers.

 At La Terrazza, you may sample meals from Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. All of the food on this menu is prepared to perfection, and it will leave you spellbound. Drinking Moroccan tea, coffee, or fresh juices is essential when visiting this establishment. Seating is available both indoors and outside.

This facility would not be as great as it is without the dedicated and upbeat employees that work so hard every day. When it comes to service, you can tell right away that this place takes quality very seriously. You should expect to spend a reasonable fee on your dinner. Visitors can unwind here because of the cozy design and calm atmosphere.

  • Cuisine: Russian, Mediterranean, Arabic, Italian
  • Location: JLT, Almas Tower
  • Trading Hours: 08:00 am to 03:am
  • Contact Details: +971 4 457 7033
  • Website: La Terrazza Restaurant & Lounge

11.  Shazka

It’s one of the few Russian restaurants in Dubai that serves fresh, authentic Russian cuisine made by renowned chefs. They are experts in their field. Their creamy beef stroganoff, seafood soup, and Plov highlight this Russian restaurant’s gourmet culinary menu.

The substantial dishes available at reasonable prices are a major draw of this eatery, and it is ideal for guests on a budget who want to eat delicious Russian cuisine.

12.  Arbat

The Ambience in this restaurant is magical. The friendly, helpful staff makes the entire dining experience amazing, and the price of the drinks and food is reasonable. They offer great promotions and are known for their pizza and club sandwiches! Their happy hour is fantastic, and the chicken in the mixed kebab and grilled prawns are a must-try!

This Russian restaurant does not skimp on its portions either. This is one of the best places to relax on the weekend after a long week. It is a nice place to enjoy good food and drinks with friends, and there are even dancing girls for live entertainment. What a vibe! Be sure to pay them a visit the next time you visit Dubai!

  • Cuisine: Russian
  • Location: Baniyas Road Al Rigga Rd 1st Floor, Carlton Tower Hotel 
  • Trading Hours: 6:00 pm to 03:00 am
  • Contact Details: +971 4 506 9636 

13.  GURMAN Restaurant

“GURMAN” greets its guests with the warmth and hospitality of a true Slavic village. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you Russian-Ukrainian cuisine in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and we look forward to welcoming you to our establishment.

GURMAN Restaurant invites diners to immerse themselves in the comforts of their own homes. Not only can you dine at Slavonic kitchen, Dubai, but you can also come here to unwind and spend time with loved ones and friends.

Their famous dishes include Ukrainian Borsch, Kiev cutlets, Solyanka Soup, Galupci, Russian Salad With Herring, Djiz Biz, Beef Stroganoff, Draniki with Mushroom and Bacon, and Sirniki.

14.  Donaza Restaurant

This eatery specializes in Russian and Uzbek cuisines and serves various dishes, including Lagman, Borsh, Shurba, Mastava, Acroshka, Manti, Vareniki, Donaza, and Morkovcha. Visit Donaza Restaurant for some tasty kebabs, samosas, and chicken.

This establishment is well-known for its excellent customer service and helpful employees. The prices are reasonable from the perspective of the tourists.

  • Cuisine: Russian, Uzbek
  • Location: Al Jabri building, Dubai Opp Sahara Center 
  • Trading Hours: 12:00 pm to 12:00 am
  • Contact Details: +971508441460

15.  Oompa Loompa Russian Restaurant

This brand-new restaurant, which offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, will be a favorite among readers of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. With a Russian flair, the menu offers a variety of foreign dishes. Considering what happened to Violet Beauregard, it might be wise to stay away from blueberries! (Not really, they’re delicious!).

The Oompa Loompa Restaurant offers a colorful playroom and soft play zone that will occupy the small ones for hours. It was inspired by Willy Wonka’s wacky, colorful chocolate factory and Oompa Loompas, those little round, orange people that manage it.

The kids can watch a movie or color while mom and dad get to finish their waffles in peace. But it’s not only about this beloved children’s book; Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland fans who pay close attention will note that the walls are covered in hand-drawn artwork that references Alice’s adventures.

You may even enroll the kids in a 90-minute masterclass using edible paints that are themed after Willy Wonka because what kid doesn’t want to try making their own chocolate, right?

  • Cuisine: Russian, International
  • Location: Al Mamsha Street (Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) 2.9 miles from Palm Jumeirah
  • Trading Hours: 10:00 am to 12:00 am
  • Contact Details: +971 4 578 6093

16.  Tashkent Restaurant

It’s a great place to go if you’ve never eaten Russian food! Customers who visited this charming restaurant gave it their highest recommendations for tourists who value excellent service and gracious hospitality and wish to sample Russian and Central Asian cuisines.

Their reasonably priced menu is extremely high quality. It features some truly amazing dishes, including a Samsa appetizer, Russian dumplings, Manti, lamb with rice, raisins, carrots, and beef cutlets (beef patties like frikadellen), and exceptionally fresh and delicious salads.

  • Cuisine: Russian
  • Location: 1 Al Barsha (2.2 miles from Burj Al Arab)
  • Contact Details: +971 4 447 0706


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