The 13 Best Shops At Dubai Airport (DXB) – Duty Free!

Shopping is surprisingly one of the biggest attractions at Dubai Airport because of Dubai’s extraordinary selection of shops.

Shoppers can buy a fashionable jacket at Gucci or Louis Vuitton or enjoy a delicious combination of Arabic and Rock-style cuisine at the Hard Rock Café.

If you need a travel essential, consider Boots, Bath & Body Works, and Le Clos for various alcoho l choices.  

Duty Free, in particular, is the name under which all the shops operate on a no-tax basis. In other words, airport goods are significantly cheaper than buying them online or at a regular street shop.

1. Boots

Boots have almost anything from makeup to supplements, anti-persistent face wipes, shaving cream, and toothbrushes.

So, if you find that you didn’t pack something important – like lip balm or acid reflux tablets – you can likely pick it up from Boots!

Boots has a great selection of beauty and healthcare products if you have dry skin and are looking for a moisturizer. You can expect to find brands like Rimmel, Essence, Revolution, Isadora, Bourjois, Maybelline, No77, and L’Oréal.

Boots also have a hand pharmaceutical department with all the essentials for living healthily, ranging from low-cost medications to prescription medications and vitamins.

You can also download the Boots app for a more personalized shopping experience.

It allows you to locate the nearest Boots and search for products according to price, brand, and category. Secure payment methods are also available on the app.

  • Location: Terminal 1, Concourse D, Lower Level  and Terminal 3, Concourse B (Near Gate B8)
  • Website: Boots 
  • Phone Number: +971 4 419 0820 (Concourse D) / +971 4 419 0571 (Concourse B)

2. Duty Free Shops

Dubai Duty Free offers a superb assortment of perfumes from renowned brands such as Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana, and Armani. Moreover, you can expect to find a solid collection of the best skincare and beauty items.

Dubai Duty Free has the leading presence at Dubai Airport, boasting a shop at each concourse around the airport. They offer a plethora of product choices – they have almost anything you could possibly need when you travel!

You’ll find plenty of tobacco and alcohol for sale and kiosks for everything from perfume and literature to chocolate and gadgets.

If you intend to travel through Dubai Airport in December, keep an ear to the ground for when they announce the infamous December sale. It offers huge discounts on leading items for two to three days.

Interestingly, Duty Free stated alcohol is their best seller, followed by perfumes and cigarettes. Moreover, perfume sales reached more than 1.1 billion United Arab Emirates Dirham, totaling about 15 percent of all items purchased at Dubai Duty Free.

  • Location: Many Stores in Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Terminal 3.
  • Website: Duty Free 
  • Phone Number: +971 4-216 2453 / 8004443 (UAE Toll Free)

3. Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works is ideal for treating yourself or picking up a last-minute gift. You can expect to find show gels, fruity body lotions & creams, and irresistible fragrances!

Bath & Body Works is a go-to for presents or a few candy-scented goodies for your trips, with pleasantly-smelling products. Its extensive collection also allows you to browse three-wick candles, hand soaps & sanitizers, and gifts. 

There are goodies for Grandma, teachers, parents and dads, and everyone else on your list! Bath & Body Works is a terrific location to find a present for a birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day.

In fact, if you’re like me and have no idea what to get, the shop will go as far as to help you come up with some present ideas or select and put together the ideal gift.

You can opt to download the Bath & Body Works app if you want to browse their selection or plan ahead.

  • Location: Many Stores in Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Terminal 3.
  • Website: Bath & Body Works 
  • Phone Number: +971 4 419 0457

4. Le Clos

Le Clos is a high-class beverage store that offers top-notch international choices.

You may also opt to partake in their in-store tastings on selected grapes in short measures in Departures, as well as complimentary bottle engraving to help you personalize a gift.

They have traditional grape varietals from around the world, including Australia, the United States, Italy, and France.

Moreover, you may also choose from an exquisite selection of juniper drinks and malt beverages from Japan and Scotland. 

Perhaps one of their most invaluable services is their Click & Collect service.

You can purchase your favorite beverage to consume or as a gift and have Le Clos meet you in DXB Arrivals to collect them – whether you order before flying out or online before you arrive in Dubai.

  • Location: Terminal 1 – near Gate D13, Arrivals Hall (Wine & Whiskey). Terminal 3 – Concourse A, Near Gate A1, Concourse – B, Next to Gate B8, Arrivals Hall, Macallan Boutique by Le Clos, near Gate B10, Between Emirates First & Business Class Lounges.
  • Website: Le Clos 
  • Phone Number: +971 4 259 5418 (T1, Gate D13) / +971 4 220 3633 (T3, Concourse A) / +971 4 259 5418 (T3, Concourse – B)

5. Candylicious

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Candylicious is a massive open-plan candy store stocked mostly with Hershey’s and Reese’s goodies. Expect large varieties of chocolates, candies, and other sweet treats.

You can opt to purchase delicious keepsakes or stock up on snacks for your flight at the central pick-and-mix bar. 

Candylicious does a great job of catering to multiple occasions with their very own Candylicious pop-up offering Spun Candy and Candy floss for birthdays, school fairs, and even baby showers

Garrett Gold is a luxury treat from Candylicious and a brand inspired by the characteristic popcorn of famous Garrett Popcorn Shops. It provides unique flavors and a range of bonbons created from the tastiest ingredients.

Cube is another gourmet candy creation from Candylicious. It specializes in high-quality sweets from across the world. The candy is customizable for special occasions, allowing tasters to experience a fun and exciting flavor to match the event. 

  • Location: Terminal 3, Concourse B (Near Gate B28)
  • Website: Candylicious 
  • Phone Number: +971 4 330 8700

6. Hard Rock Café

The legendary Hard Rock Cafe Rock Shop offers a wide range of collectible tees, pins, and glasses for souvenir collectors of all ages.

Hard Rock Cafe DXB is one-of-a-kind in mixing Arabic elements with Hard Rock’s worldwide renowned style.

The unique combination receives further appreciation from the collection of authentic and priceless music memorabilia from international musicians.

Hard Rock Cafes are among the world’s best eating and entertainment destinations, s Serving consistently superb cuisine and thirst-quenching drinks in a comfortable setting.

You can expect to find mouth-watering fajitas, iconic burgers, nachos, and hot fudge brownies for those with a sweet tooth! Moreover, they also serve dishes with proportions that are perfect for on-the-go eating. 

Whether you’re looking for a sit-down dinner before a flight or a quick bite on the fly, Hard Rock is an excellent pick for any rumbling belly! 

7. H&M

The world-renown apparel store H&M brims with fashionable items at Dubai Airport, with a solid selection for men, women, kids, and even babies.

If you need something eye-catch or comfy for your travels or even something to impress, you’ll find it here! 

If you visit this shop, you can expect to see dresses, shirts & blouses, swimwear, underwear, onesies, jackets, coats, blazers, and more!

  • Location: Terminal 3, Concourse B (Near Gate B27)
  • Website: H&M
  • Phone Number: +971 4 419 0928

8. The Macallan Boutique

The Boutique idea, inspired by the splendor of our state-of-the-art Distillery Experience and The Macallan Estate, employs architecture, aesthetics, and immersive elements to bring the brand’s legacy and reputation to life.

The gorgeous characteristic oak lattice above is the focal point of the Boutique, evoking the brand’s origins in Speyside, Scotland.

The room aims to provide a sense of familiarity to everyone who attends, from single malt enthusiasts to those discovering The Macallan for the first time.

You’ll be able to explore their single malts and their impressive whiskey collection of sherry oak, double cask, triple cask matured, and rare cask.

  • Location: Terminal 1 – Terminal 3, Concourse B (Near Gate B8)
  • Website: The Macallan Boutique
  • Phone Number: +971 4 220 3633

9. Victoria’s Secret PINK

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The Victoria’s Secret offshoot store carries a wide selection of women’s items, sleepwear, and swimming costumes.

The Victoria’s Secret PINK apparel shop in Dubai airport stays true to its American lingerie, beauty, and nightwear brand. It’s a fantastic choice if you want to spoil yourself or buy something special for that special someone! 

There is a broad range of items that will capture your attention, like underwear, sleepwear, the most fabulous and most functional bags, shirts & bottoms, swimsuits, and skin care essentials.

Furthermore, you can also download the Victoria’s Secret PINK app for more accessible and convenient shopping!

10.  Chanel

This Chanel boutique within DXB Duty Free is open 24 hours daily and welcomes all international outgoing and transit travelers.

You can find a lot of high-quality leather goods, sunglasses, watches, accessories, shoes, and fine jewelry to complement the aesthetic appeal you desire.

Virginie Viard’s Chanel Fall-Winter 2022-2023 pre-collection reinvents the world of ambassador and spokeswoman. The subtleties in the collection accentuate the presence and regal charm of a literate young woman and horsewoman.

Moreover, you can grab the Sycomore and Maisons D’art Coffret, a new and limited edition new fragrance inspired by the majestic sycamore tree; it recounts the splendor of the natural world.

  • Location: Terminal 3, Concourse B
  • Website: N/A
  • Phone Number: +971 4 505 3110

11.  Louis Vuitton

Like other Louis Vuitton shops worldwide, this one sells top-notch fashionable items for both men and women! You’ll find lovely fragrances like Matière Noir, sneakers and pumps, and stunning jewelry pieces to add the final touches to your favorite outfit!

Furthermore, you can also have the shop personalize one of your favorite apparel or timepieces. You can do so with handbags, fragrances, leather goods, and classical timepieces.

Of course, nothing beats Louis Vuitton’s My Creation service for the ultimate customization.

Louis Vuitton has been designing products to satisfy clients’ exact demands or wildest fantasies since its inception over a century ago.

They continue this heritage with the My Creation service, allowing customers to tailor-make current models or design new items.

Customers, for example, can select from over 40 trunks and hard-sided products. This service provides over 20 canvas and leather exterior treatments and almost 40 internal lining options to ensure clients have the precise trunk they want.

  • Location: Terminal 3 – Concourse B, Departures
  • Website: Louis Vuitton
  • Phone Number: +971 800 884 8866

12.  Etisalat

If you have aspirations to remain in Dubai for a lengthy period, you may want to consider a provider like Etisalat, which allows you to purchase phone and internet packages.

Etisalat is one of the UAE’s leading telecommunications providers, with extensive 3G and 4G mobile technology coverage.

When traveling overseas, you can continue to use your Etisalat SIM card with Data alone or Voice & Data plans to make and receive calls and stay connected to the internet.

Furthermore, thanks to their numerous daily, weekly, and monthly packs, you may subscribe to the pack now and use it when you go.

Several payment alternatives are available, like Postpaid Plans, TV & Internet, Prepaid plans, and Quick Pay & Recharge, allowing you to pay your bills without having to log in.  

  • Location: Terminal 1 – first entrance left side, Departure.
  • Website: Etisalat
  • Phone Number: +971 800 101

13.  Gucci

If you’re itching for some fashion, consider exploring Gucci for some of the best Italian fashion and accessories. You can expect to find exciting women’s and men’s bags, fashionable pieces for every occasion, miniature leather products, and scarves. 

Gucci is open twenty-four hours a day, so if you want to grab a perfume before your flight or pick up something as a gift, it’s a great choice! 

  • Location: Terminal 3 – Concourse A
  • Website: Gucci
  • Phone Number: +971 4 505 3445


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