The 31 Best Shops In Dubai Marina Mall Right Now

With everything from panoramic views of the skyline to world-class designer shops, it’s easy to lose yourself in Marina Mall’s five-star shopping experience.

While there are more than one hundred beloved stores inside the mall, here are thrity-one of the best shops in Dubai Marina Mall!

Dubai Marina Mall facilitates a fantastic shopping experience thanks to its long opening hours.

From Sunday to Thursday, the stores are open from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm, and on Friday and Saturday, the shops are open from 10:00 am until 11:00 pm.

Let’s explore the best shops in Dubai Marina Mall to make sure you visit the best stores!

1. Mahallati Jewelry

For more than two decades, Mahallati Jewelry has been one of the nation’s leading diamonds and fine jewelry sellers. From conceptualization to creation, Mahallati remains a cut above the rest.

This shop is a true reflection of the country’s rich history with jewelry, which is still prevalent today.

No wonder this renowned shop is a favorite of many Sheikhs and Heads Of State! If you want a glimpse into the world of Mahallati Jewelry, you should visit their Marina Mall branch.

The experts are always ready to help with any of your jewelry needs! In the store, you can browse many exceptional necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, bangles, and bracelets.

All jewelry is made with only the best materials and the highest quality standards, which is immediately evident as you enter the spacious store filled with immaculate displays.

While you might not be able to see the sprawling marina from this shop, there’s plenty of glitz and glamour to feast your eyes upon!

2. Ted Baker

Ted Baker is one of the most popular lifestyle brands around – and one of the best additions to the mall! Since the brand was founded in 1988, its remained committed to quality, attention to detail, and the now-iconic quirky humor.

Originally specializing in shirts only, the entry-level luxury brand now sells a wide variety of men’s, women’s, and children’s wear – and then some!

If you need to buy someone a gift, Ted Baker is the perfect shop to start at. You can even shop for watches, fragrances, bags, scarves, hats, shoes, sunglasses, and tech accessories at this sprawling lifestyle shop.

The best part is the commitment to high-quality products extends to all Ted Baker’s products!

Ted Baker is one of the best shops in the mall because you’re spending money on products designed to last. With constantly updated collections, something is guaranteed to catch your eye in the shop.

While shopping in-store is the best experience, there are plenty of online deals, including 20% off your first order.

3. Cole Haan

Whether you’re purchasing outerwear, footwear, or accessories, no two items from Cole Haan are identical. That’s because all products are exquisitely handcrafted using only the best materials.

Over the years, this brand has earned a reputation for high-quality and comfortable products – and these premium products are now available at the marina!

The expert assistants are always ready to help when you step into the elegant and well-lit store. There are always new arrivals to browse in the store!

You’ll have panoramic views of Cole Haan’s latest collections, which are a testament to the brand’s continued dedication to its craftsmanship and innovative designs.

New arrivals can be found in-store or online. There are also plenty of sales throughout the seasons to nab some must-have items.

Whether you want to shop for high-fashion outfits or cozy comfort clothes, Cole Haan is where fashion intersects with comfort. You’ve only got one life, why not slip into something more comfortable?  

4. Al Jaber Gallery


Al Jaber Gallery is the perfect shop for those who can’t resist antiques, arts, and crafts!

This shop is like a modern souk, specializing in a wide array of high-quality artifacts and souvenirs that reflect and celebrate the nation’s rich and diverse culture.

Art connoisseurs from around the globe are drawn to the traditional artifacts that line the shelves.

This shop strives to offer one of the finest shopping experiences – and it’s certainly succeeding. There are more than twenty-five showrooms open across the country.

You should visit the marina showroom if you want to purchase gifts or unique décor pieces for your home. There are always great weekly deals for customers!

5. Scotch & Soda

Scotch & Soda embraces the free spirit of Amsterdam – which is evident as soon as you step into the trendy Dutch store.

The garments sold at this shop are rich in detail, well-made, and affordable – with clothing options to suit every family member! In addition to the brand’s footwear collection, it stocks menswear, womenswear, and a kids’ collection.

These clothing collections effortlessly connect the expected with the unexpected, daring to redefine how we stylize ourselves. No matter how daring an item’s design may be, it’s always rooted in practicality.

If you’re ready to express your creative freedom, you should take a trip to Scotch & Soda for quality the whole family can trust!

6. Lakeland

Lakeland, one of the United Kingdom’s foremost kitchenware specialist retailers, has opened a branch in the marina! From your kitchen to your laundry room, this shop stocks an unrivaled selection of products to make life at home easier.

While you can buy everyday utensils, there are also never-been-seen-before gadgets to help you cook, bake, clean, and garden.  

All products sold by Lakeland are high-quality and designed to last – which is why every product comes with a standard 3-year guarantee!

If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, the friendly staff will help you get a replacement or refund. This fantastic guarantee means you can shop confidently at this fantastic marina shop!


Co-founded by Japanese designer Miyake Junya, MINISO is a beloved designer brand selling smart products designed to simplify life!

The possibilities are endless at this fan-favorite shop, from household items to fashion accessories and digital products! Consumers love these high-quality and sustainably made products because each solves a problem!

Even products as simple as comfortable bathroom slippers are designed to be comfortable to wear at home, with EVA textures that prevent skidding.

The Bluetooth speaker is a perfect makeshift soundbar with a large battery and fantastic bass. Visit the shop today and see how MINISO’s stellar products can streamline and simplify your life!

8. Bath & Body Works

The name of this shop says it all! Bath & Body Works is a global retailer specializing in body care, fragrances, candles, and more. You can rely on this shop for the newest fragrances that are equally fresh and trendy.

You can shop many collections in-store, including the Pampering Collection with coco shea, essential oils, and fragrances.

The Men’s Collection is just as popular, with fragrances that help men feel clean and refreshed. Not to mention the luxurious selection of hand soaps, sanitizers, and home fragrances!

There are always specials for customers, including frequent Buy-Two-Get-Two-Free deals on candles and body care products. Bath & Body Works also sells pre-packed sets that make for the perfect gift!

9. Dwell

Dwell has inspired homeowners with its interior design solutions and home furnishings for nearly two decades. Customers will find a wide variety of designer brands at this shop, with products to suit everyone’s taste.

The Christy Alex Bedlinen Collection is one of the most popular product lines, helping anyone add a touch of elegance to their bedroom.  

Keep your eye out for any orchids you see when visiting this shop. Luxury Artificial Orchids are one of Dwell’s best-selling items – and one that customers can’t believe is not real.

No watering required! If you want to painlessly add a touch of elegance to your bedroom, you can’t pass up a visit to this spectacular shop!

10. Rituals Cosmetics

Rituals Cosmetics wants to help you turn your everyday routines into meaningful moments with their home and body cosmetics. This philosophy is at the heart of every product in this stunning store.

Even the store’s design embraces this ethos, letting you admire the beauty of nature while shopping!

There are always deals for customers at Rituals Cosmetics. You can sign up for the Rituals newsletter in-store to be the first to hear about exclusive offers.

While you’re there, don’t forget to browse the limited Soulful Rituals and Private Comfort collections!

The stellar customer service doesn’t end when you leave the store – you can get stellar advice from Rituals Cosmetics by sending them a WhatsApp message.

11. Borders Express

Borders Express specializes in the latest books, board games, fun toys, and a sprawling stationery collection. Regardless of how young or old you may be, you’ll find something you love at Borders!

The fiction section is always well-stocked, with plenty of new releases and deals. Kids of all ages will love browsing educational books and toys in-store!

There’s truly something for every interest at the nation’s favorite bookshop – which is why Borders always has your back when you need to buy a thoughtful gift for a birthday or special occasion.

Take your time browsing through Borders Express; there’s always more than meets the eye!

12. Virgin Megastore

Virgin Megastore stocks everything from toys to electronics, homeware to fashion, and DVDs to games. If you’re looking for entertainment, this shop has it all!

You won’t be able to tear your eyes away from all the exciting new gadgets and innovative products that line the displays in Virgin Megastore.

There are many deals and limited-time offers for customers on everything from tech to beauty products. This store is truly one of the most diverse stores in the mall, which is why it’s no wonder it’s so popular with shoppers.

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or buy someone a gift, there’s something to entertain personality at Virgin Megastore!

13. Nike

Nike is a premium sports store that specializes in clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and children with active lifestyles. The shop also sells dedicated sports gear and clothing for athletes.

If you’re ready to take your style and fitness to the next level, you’ll love Nike’s seasonal collections.

There are always exciting new products to shop for! If you want to unlock in-store deals and discounts, you can sign up to become a Nike Member for free.

Nike members can also shop for exclusive styles, access workout plans, and customize their shoes. You don’t need to think twice about visiting the Nike shop – just do it!

14. Superdry

Superdry is one of the newest (and best) additions to the mall, specializing in upscale urban clothing collections!

This fantastic brand caters to both men and women, with clothing influenced by modern rock, Japanese graphics, and vintage Americana. The influences are all tied together with the brilliant British tailoring of the garments.

There are five main collections to shop in-store. While the Original & Vintage collection takes it back to the brand’s roots in British thrift shops, the Studios collection pays homage to premium fabrics and classic silhouettes.

The CODE and PERFORMANCE SPORT ranges are designed to optimize your workouts, while Superdry X is for those looking to express their visual identity.  

15. His and Hers

His and Hers is a local niche retailer specializing in premium clothing for all ages. The shop stocks ever-evolving clothing collections for men, women, and kids.

You’ll find many premium brands under one roof, including Hanro, Falke, Emporio Armani, Max Mara, and Derek Rose. Think of His and Hers as your one-stop premium shop!

All products are carefully selected to ensure customers purchase only the most comfortable leisurewear, beachwear, sleepwear, and underwear.

As soon as you step into His and Hers, it’s clear that the slogan is correct: this store is where comfort lives!

16. Steve Madden

As one of America’s most established shoe designers, it goes without saying that Dubai Marina Mall would have a Steve Madden store.

The store sells fashionable shoes for men, women, and children. If you’re looking to buy unique, stylish shoes, then it’s worthwhile to stop by the Steve Madden store!

17. Birkenstock

Given all the walking you’ll be doing in Dubai Marina, you’ll undoubtedly need to stop at the Birkenstock store! The German brand stocks various sandals that are so comfortable that you’ll feel as if you’re walking barefoot.

The store sells Birkenstock shoes for men, women, and children, ensuring every family member can walk around in comfortable shoes.

18. Aldo

Aldo sells high-quality, trendy shoes for men and women. Additionally, the store sells accessories like hats, purses, and handbags, with most of their goods made of genuine leather.

For a range of fashionable footwear, Aldo is definitely the store to check out.

19. Charles & Keith

The Charles and Keith store is where all fashionistas need to be. If you’re looking for clothing that borders on professionalism while boasting a casual look, then Charles and Keith should be on your list.

The women’s range at Charles & Keith is quite diverse, ranging from chic modern styles to formal, professional styles. In the women’s department, you’ll find no shortage of options; from skirts to purses, they have it all.

The shoes in the women’s department are particularly intriguing as they include chunky heels in various colors, formal shoes, sneakers, and boots that are available in chunky styles and slim fits.

20. H&M

H&M is the ideal store to find almost every fashion item you need. The store rocks affordable accessories, handbags, and clothes for men, women, and children.

H&M should be your go-to first stop if you’re looking for essential clothing items.

The shop sells affordable clothes that are of decent quality and are styled in a manner that keep up with the latest fashion trends, ensuring that you look stylish while on a budget.

The H&M shop is worth a visit if you’re looking for clothing items for babies and children. You’ll find cute, well-fitting items for newborns and developing babies. The kid’s clothes available are pretty basic.

21. Balmain

Balmain has quite a range of clothing. The store offers sophisticated suits and casual clothes such as t-shirts and jeans for men and women.

From comfort to casual, the Balmain store has you covered. Fair warning, though, the stylish items at the Balmain store come at a hefty price.

22. La Senza

The La Senza store is entirely dedicated to lingerie. The store boasts an array of high-quality, appealing lingerie for women.

They offer a variety of lingerie styles, ranging from comfortable, simple underwear to more flaunty items. The brand is inclusive and provides lingerie in all sizes, catering to all body types.

  • Location: Ground Floor
  • Website:
  • Phone number: + 971 4 3997365

23. Lululemon

If you’re an active individual or someone who feels most comfortable in activewear, you must stop at the Lululemon store! This brand sells yoga-inspired, comfortable, athletic apparel.

At this store, you’ll be able to find men’s and women’s activewear, travel accessories, and basic accessories like hats, socks, bags, and gloves.

24. Seafolly

Seafolly is an Australian beach and swimwear brand that stocks fashionable swimwear. This brand sells beachwear and swimsuits ranging from modest to not-so-modest.

The store sells beach hats, full swimsuits, bikinis, dresses, and maxi skirts. If you’re hoping to hit up one of Dubai’s many beautiful rooftop pools, then you might want to look at the beachwear options Seafolly offers.

25. Sephora


Every beauty product fan knows that Sephora is the place to be when it comes to stocking up on the world’s best make-up and skincare products. Sephora can accommodate you if you’re not too clued up on beauty products too!

The store has trained beauty consultants who will be able to guide you on the skincare and make-up that will best suit you.

Additionally, they can provide you with excellent tips on gift ideas. Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to try the range of beauty products to decide which ones you like best.

26. MAC


MAC is the go-to store for make-up artists, which means it’s the go-to store for anyone hoping to do their make-up as well as a make-up artist. The store sells luxury beauty products that are made to suit people of all ages, races, and genders.

You can purchase high-quality make-up at the MAC store, such as lipstick, foundation, eyeliner, and mascara.

If you’re not too clued up on make-up, their trained beauty professionals are willing to help you find the best product for your make-up needs.

27. Kiko Milano

The Italian brand Kiko Milano is a must-see for all make-up lovers! At the Kiko Milano shop, you’ll find high-quality lipsticks, foundations, eyeshadows, and plenty of other make-up essentials.

Beauty addicts will love the diverse range of shades, textures, and tones that the brand’s professional make-up range offers.

If you’re still new to the make-up world, fear not, because the Kiko Milano store has welcoming sales assistants who will ensure you choose make-up that suits your style or help you pick out a make-up gift for a loved one.

28. L’Occitane en Provence

If you desire products that will make you look, smell AND feel good, then you definitely need to visit the L’Occitane en Provence store.

This cosmetic store offers face, body, and home products such as fragrances, make-up, soaps, and skincare made from natural ingredients and essential oils.

A purchase from this store is guaranteed to leave your skin feeling soft and your home smelling welcoming.

29. Lovisa

Every jewelry lover needs to make a stop at the Lovisa store. The store is known for its affordable, stylish jewelry.

The brand sells earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and even sells tiaras! The Lovisa store has you covered if you’re looking for modern or classic jewelry.

30. Nespresso

Naturally, Dubai Marina Mall caters to all coffee lovers! The mall has a Nespresso store that stocks the latest Nespresso machines and a variety of pods.

If you’re looking to buy a Nespresso machine, or get some new coffee pods for your existing Nespresso machine, then you’re in the right place.

31. Waitrose

If you’re feeling peckish or need some groceries, you should pop by the Waitrose supermarket for fresh, high-quality food.

The store has a butchery, bakery, fishmonger, and delicatessen. There is also an array of fruit and vegetables that boasts exotic and rare fruits and vegetables.

Importantly, unlike the rest of the shops in Dubai Marina Mall, Waitrose has different opening hours as it is a supermarket.

On Monday-Thursday, Waitrose is open from 08:00 am to 11:00 pm. On Friday-Sunday, Waitrose is open from 08:00 am to 12:00 am.


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