The 10 Best German Restaurants In Dubai Right Now

If you are craving German food while visiting Dubai, you will be happy to know that many restaurants serve authentic German cuisine.

Dubai is foodie heaven! With so many people from all over the world congregating in this beautiful city, it is no wonder that you can indulge in authentic food from many countries and cultures.

Whether you are from Bavaria or simply love the taste of good currywurst as I do, Dubai does not disappoint! You can find everything from traditional bratwurst to street-style kebabs in Dubai.

1. Baker’s Kitchen Destination Restaurant

If you are after a unique eating experience, you cannot afford to miss Baker’s Kitchen Destination Restaurant! The unique, fun-to-read, extensive menu and delicious food placed this restaurant at the top of the list.

Be warned, though; you may need some time to order! The menu reads like a tabloid, giving history and interesting snippets of the ingredients or dishes.

The dishes are displayed along with a pie-chart infographic complete with the nutritional breakdown.

Not only will you find authentic German dishes here, but as the owner is a fitness instructor, many of the meals are healthy, and there are plenty of vegan and vegetarian options.

Indulge in the leberkaes schmankerl, currywurst, or sourdough spaetzle with goulash, all made with organic ingredients.

The bread basket is another must-try! The artisanal bread is unrivaled! Baked fresh each day, it’s some of the best German bread you will find in Dubai!

Baker’s Kitchen has a relaxed atmosphere. The interiors are rustic but clean, and the restaurant has a lovely view of the Marina.

2. Newton

Come to Newton if you love a posh dining experience. This restaurant’s interiors and décor are chic and high-end, with stylish finishing touches. It’s the perfect place for a romantic dinner, classy cocktail, or brunch with friends.

The atmosphere is easy-going and intimate. There is outdoor seating on the terrace that offers beautiful views of the Madinat Jumeirah canal.

However, we recommend going in the late afternoon for breathtaking sunset views. The ambiance is significantly more relaxed during the evenings; very romantic!

Be sure to try their Angus steak or wiener schnitzel paired with a glass of wine, as Newton is praised for their good wines. Currywurst is another popular german dish.

If you are here for cocktails or brunch, you can’t go wrong with the cheese & charcuterie selection, a platter with cold deli meats, artisanal cheeses, and spreads.

Newton has many vegetarian dishes, and while they have some vegan dishes, there are not many. Luckily, their friendly staff and big portions make up for this.

  • Location: Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Al Sufouh
  • Website: Newton 
  • Phone Number: +971 54 488 8533

3. Moto Rauch & Staub

This restaurant is one of those places that are so unique that you must visit it at least once. Tucked away in a side street and a bit hard to find, it truly is a hidden gem!

Moto Rauch & Staub is a garage-type space with a bike shop, live stage, and a barber upstairs. The décor and interior are a blend of grunge and steampunk. There’s graffiti, guitars, and rock-metal décor on the walls.

The chesterfield couches and aged furniture add to this restaurant’s charm and unique, unpretentious atmosphere.

The live stage and all the guitars have turned this space into a haven of artistic expression for regular artists and musicians. Anyone is invited to go on stage and perform.

The owner (Marco) of Moto Rauch & Staub is from East Germany and takes great pride in his restaurant and service. Visitors become regulars who feel like family. Germans will feel right at home!

In addition to the unique concept of the place and the wonderful atmosphere, the food and coffee are delicious! The house burgers are mouth-watering! Be sure to try the Steak & egg or avocado toast for breakfast.

  • Location: Industrial 3, Al Quoz
  • Website: Moto Dubai 
  • Phone Number: +971 4 321 4411

4. Brothaus Bistro And Bakery


If you are looking for a casual and cozy German dining experience, Brothaus Bistro and Bakery is the place to visit! As the name suggests, there is a bakery inside, but they also offer a variety of meals to satisfy even the hungriest of customers.

Walking in, you are greeted by the homey smell of freshly baked bread and the smiles of the friendly staff. The interiors are rustic farmhouse, with classic German touches of red and a handpainted baked rolling dough on the wall.

There’s outside seating that receives lovely sun during the day. The abundance of plants adds to the relaxed atmosphere. Smokers will be happy to know that this area is smoker-friendly.

On Fridays, you can expect live music and a more upbeat vibe. The sausage platter and german draft beer come highly recommended and are the perfect combo for this event.

Other German dishes that are raved about the schnitzels, currywurst, and pretzels.

5. Ernst Biergarten

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Be transported back to the heart of Bavaria at Ernst Biergarten! The classic german décor and interiors, the german background music, and the festive atmosphere will make you feel like you are in Munich instead of Dubai.

Erns Biergarten is a fantastic place to watch sports. Multiple screens, ample space, and the best beer on tap! They also serve German Witbier on tap, chilled at the perfect temperature to keep the Dubai heat from spoiling your drink.

There is a wide variety of authentic German dishes, including bratwurst, giant pork knuckle, sauerkraut, fresh hot pretzels, and pork belly.

The pretzels, served with mustard, are incredible! Desserts feature black forest cake and apple strudel with custard.

Ernst Biergarten hosts several events that are worth attending. Oktoberfest and Sommerfest are celebrated annually, while Ernst Bavarian Brunch Fest runs every Saturday.

  • Location: 25hours Hotel Dubai One Central, Trade Centre
  • Website: Ernst Biergarten 
  • Phone Number: +97142102511

6. German Doner Kebab

The first German Doner Kebab opened its doors in 1989 in Berlin. There are many international branches of this hugely popular fast-food chain, including several in Dubai.

If you are craving delicious German-style fast food from friendly staff, head to the nearest German Doner Kebab. Its distinct orange and black brand colors are hard to miss!

German Doner Kebab serves traditional Doners with a gourmet twist. The original german doner kebab is highly recommended, while the doner box with fries is another firm favorite on their menu.

  • Location: Dubai Mall Main Food Court
  • Website: German Doner Kebab 
  • Phone Number: +971 800 36637

7. Villa Gourmet Fashion

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The concept of this restaurant is so unique, and the interiors so instagrammable that we just had to add it to our list!

Villa Gourmet Fashion is a fusion restaurant with a twist!

Offering a fusion of German, Japanese and Mediterranean dishes, it also added a surprising fourth element to the mix; fashion! At Villa Gourmet Fashion, high-fashion meets gourmet foods, and the encounter is pure magic!

The décor and interior are glamourous and stylish yet cozy. The space is trendy and designed to look and feel like you are dining at home, a luxurious home nonetheless. There is a movie room and a lounge with a comfy fireplace.

Menu items are playfully named with fashion terms like “Loungewear Fashion” for breakfast items and “Gourmet Fashion” for the mains.

The in-house German bakery offers some of the best German bread and includes vegan and gluten-free options. You can’t go wrong with avocado toast on german bread, served with a poached egg for breakfast.

Try the German feast, a bread basket with assortments of deli cheese spreads, and meats like salami and smoked turkey for brunch. The lamb shank is perfect for hungry diners!

  • Location: 225 Jumeirah St, Umm Suqeim 1
  • Website: Villa Gourmet Fashion 
  • Phone Number: +971 50 251 3310

8. Alphorn Restaurant

Alphorn Restaurant is a Swiss-German restaurant located in the Revier Hotel. This hidden gem is ideal for a romantic dinner or a casual family lunch.

Alphorn offers tasty food, some of the best german beers in Dubai, and equally impressive prices.

The outside seating by the pool, background music, and comfortable contemporary furniture and décor contribute to the inviting atmosphere.

You can find a variety of German dishes on their menu, but the wiener schnitzel is by far the most popular. Other must-try German dishes are the Züricher Geschnetzeltes and, for dessert, the Apple Strudel.

9. Smart Brat Restaurant – German Bratwurst Grill

You will find this little food truck gem right next to Kite Beach. Great location and great food; what more could you ask for?

Smart Brat Restaurant serves the best German street food in Dubai! Their secret? They import their spices from Germany, giving their food an unmatched authentic taste.

Picnic benches provide outside seating. It’s the perfect place to stop by for lunch while spending the day relaxing at the beach. The atmosphere is welcoming, and the currywurst is to die for!

  • Location: Kite Beach, Umm Suqeim 1
  • Website: Smart Brat 
  • Phone Number: +971505515430

10. Doner Deli

Doner Deli is a small, fast-food restaurant at the ENOC gas station that serves surprisingly good German food. The taste is on par with other fast-food kebab restaurants in Germany.

The atmosphere is very casual, exactly what you can expect from fast food restaurant. Although prices can be a bit high, the portions are generous, and dishes like the wraps and shwarmas are fully stuffed with fillings.

If you are craving something German, you should go for the Doner Box! For the meat, choose between chicken, veal, or a mix of the two. The Dürum bread is another German dish that will satisfy a German palette.

  • Location: ENOC Gas Station, Marrakech Rd
  • Website: Doner Deli 
  • Phone Number: +97143333013

Bonus. Little Bavaria & Beach Garten

Previously called Das Brauhaus, Little Bavaria & Beach Garten is a German gem inside the Pearl Hotel.

The atmosphere at Little Bavaria is casual and welcoming. There is indoor and outdoor seating (by the pool) and a play area for the kids. On Friday nights, they have guitar players for a fun weekend vibe!

The restaurant offers a variety of German, Mediterranean, and international cuisines and some of the most delicious german food in Dubai!

The portions are sizable, and the chefs have impeccable knowledge of complimentary flavors as the side dishes go well with the mains.

Not only is the food tasty and the atmosphere wonderful, but the staff is quick on their feet, welcoming, and prides themselves in exceptional service. Little Bavaria is a fabulous place to visit for authentic bavarian meals and a pleasant experience.

Their Chef’s special is highly recommended, as does the currywurst, Weiiswurst, and crispy fried pork knuckle (Scheinshaxn). If you crave traditional german-style mashed potatoes, they have that too!


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