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The 15 Best Spanish Restaurants In Dubai (Tapas, Paella & More)

Food is a tremendous part of Spanish culture. It is traditionally a social activity celebrated with friends. “Vamos a tapear,” friends will say, meaning, “Let’s go eat tapas.” Such passion melds well with Dubai’s diverse restaurant scene.

From enjoying a flavorful journey across Spain’s 17 regions at Bebemos to indulging in a Sábado de Fiesta Brunch at Casa de Tapas, here are 15 delicious suggestions. Vamos!

1. Lola Taberna Espanola

Lola Taberna Espanola is a neighborhood eatery that understands humble ingredients can create incredible dishes. Voted “Best Spanish Restaurant in the UAE” BBC Good Food in the Middle East Awards, Lola Taberna Espanola is an authentic treat. Each dish has the roots of Spanish culture breathed into it, and their signature dish, arroz caldoso de vogavante, is an unforgettable lobster triumph.

Lola Taberna Espanola’s venue takes inspiration from Lola Flores, a flamenco icon. The lively, relaxed vibe is a pleasure to dine in, be it indoors or alfresco on their inviting terrace. But do make reservations, as its popularity is soaring. They also put together an array of events, so do keep up-to-date on their website, so you don’t miss out.  

2. Bebemos

Bebemos is rated as the number one Catalan restaurant in Dubai and whisks its patrons through a culinary journey through all 17 Spanish regions. The expansive paella grill is their pride and joy, where diners are encouraged to choose from five different paellas. They cater to everyone, from seafood lovers, meat enthusiasts, and plant loyalists.  

Bebemos’ environment encourages dining parties to interact and swap dishes around the table. It is about celebrating food and sharing stories and toasting to the future. To keep up with their specials and events, such as Siesta Sunday, please check out their website and book ahead.

3. Nido Tapas Restaurant & Bar

Nido Tapas Restaurant & Bar is designed as a “speakeasy” and is hidden from view. But those that make an effort to uncover its location will be well rewarded. This playful venue dishes up a DJ from Mexico City and Spanish fusion flavors.

They take particular pride in their gambas chorizo, sautéed tiger prawn with beef chorizo, garlic, and shallots. Their empanadas are also a must-try. Vegetarians are well catered for, including green risotto with spinach, asparagus, and brussels sprouts and their roasted piquillo pepper croquettes. Nido also has an extensive bar menu with cocktails that range from traditional to adventurous.

4. Casa de Tapas

Casa de Tapas, located at the Dubai Creek Yacht Club, is excellent for any meal, but their biggest claim to fame is their brunches, such as Sábado de Fiesta Brunch. Brunches serve up incredible food, unlimited drinks, and live entertainment. Their rustic Bodega-style decor and stunning views add to the whole festive vibe. Their menu is halaal, vegan, and vegetarian friendly, and there are gluten-free options.

Their tapas menu offers up an authentic yet unique selection. For example, there is the tempura-battered eggplant that is paired with rosemary honey. They also have intriguing paellas, such as arroz negro con sepia, where Spanish rice has been dyed black with squid ink and cooked with prawns, cuttlefish, mussels, clams, and octopus.

5. Seville’s

Seville’s is known for its expansive venue where locals claim you can take your entire town out to dine. The restaurant matches the size of its establishment with the portions, ensuring there is enough to share around the table. In addition, there is an incredible selection of tapas. Favorites include their “Austrias” ribeye beef stuff with smoked cheese and chicken croquettes.  

The sangria is delicious, with friendly staff, and the ambiance is wonderful. However, while Seville’s is a hit with many diners, vegetarians will find the menu limited, and vegans will feel left out. So do ensure all your guests are comfortable with the selection before booking.

Thursday & Friday 1 pm to 1 am

6. SOL Sky Bar

If you want to feel like an Instagram influencer, Sol Sky Bar is the place to be with all your friends. The rooftop bar always has music playing and is in a stunning location. It’s the perfect place to chill with one of their floral and fruity cocktails by their pool. Try the house daiquiri, which adds lime and date syrup to spiced rum.

SOL Sky Bar’s pink menu is far from traditional, authentic Spanish cuisine. There is a whole section for smoothies that any upmarket gym would offer. But their fusion tapas and brochettes are made from quality ingredients that pair well with their drinks and the bar’s modern and upscale atmosphere.

7. Taperia

Taperia is a touch of Spain transported into the UAE, and the chef hails from Denia in Spain. You can have a delicious taste of Spanish desserts such as churros and Santiago cake or enjoy a variety of divine tapas. Main courses include dishes such as grilled octopus and garlic gambas.

The restaurant is popular, and seating is limited, with space for 60 people on the outdoor terrace and 60 people seated inside. The atmosphere is vibrant and cozy, often showcasing live flamenco. Taperia is genuinely an exciting dining experience and can be found in JA The Resort Dubai.

8. Salero Tapas & Bodega

Salero Tapas & Bodega is known for Spanish cuisine with a modern twist. The seafood paella is a firm favorite, but their vegetarian version is worth a taste. The grilled octopus with truffle mashed potato is another excellent choice. But of course, there are the tapas. There is plenty of variety, but don’t miss out on the sautéed garlic mushrooms in a white wine sauce complete with fried peppers.

Salero’s atmosphere is also welcoming, with live flamenco, singers, and delightful servers. The kitchen is lively and happy to interact as they prepare delicious delights. An excellent dining experience for all.

   Friday 1 pm – 1 am


Boca has no shortage of events occurring, and this exciting Spanish restaurant is not to be missed. Their menu changes every few months but is always full of mouth-watering dishes, including tapas, paellas, and some modern fusion. They also cater to those that prefer to avoid meat or dairy, making it an excellent choice for vegan diners.

Boca has won numerous awards, such as The Best Short Wine List of The Middle East & Africa 2021 and Time Out Dubai Best European Restaurant Finalist 2021. The atmosphere is vibrant and intimate, and the perfect restaurant to taste a variety of exceptional Spanish dishes. It is a popular Dubai restaurant, so best to make a reservation ahead of time to ensure you will get a seat.

10. El Sur

El Sur promises a rich and lively restaurant experience. The menu incorporates traditional Spanish dishes with modern takes on each meal. Don’t miss the berejena a la miel, eggplant filled with honey, soy, and cheese. Their calamari is lightly fried, and there is always an abundance of paella.

El Sur’s weekend brunch is a popular event, from 12:30-3:30 pm. It is laid back but bursting with patrons, so book ahead. El Sur is in an easy-to-find location close to the Dubai Harbor and the Dubai Media City Park. Reservations are encouraged by either phone or WhatsApp.

  Monday – Saturday: 6 pm – 10.30 pm

11. Deseo

Deseo takes inspiration from Spain, Latin America, and Mexican food to curate its menu. A night out here promises live music performances and an exciting adventure for your taste buds. Wagyu picanha is a can’t-miss dish, marinated in chilies and coriander, then seared. Even simple offerings, such as guacamole, is worth savoring.

Deseo does serve alcohol and takes it to the next level. A pina colada comes on a dry-ice platter, making the event of its arrival almost as delicious as the drink. But don’t leave Deseo’s without dessert, such as the addicting dulce de leche.

12. Asador De Aranda

Asador de Aranda was founded in the heart of Spain and has since arrived in the UAE. Their meals are based on traditional Spanish recipes with modern twists on them. Asador de Aranda has been known to host celebrity and royal guests, and their Dubai branches offer nothing short of their royal treatment.

The menu has halal, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options available. In addition, Asador de Aranda serves alcohol for those that enjoy it. Both indoor and outdoor seating accommodates their guests’ preferred style of dining. There is a valet service and parking in front of the restaurant.

13. Argentina Grill

The Argentina Grill won a 2021 Traveler Choice award and can be found in La Mer, close to the beach. Spain and Argentina inspire the flavors of each meal, and their dishes are a work of art. The offerings change but are always memorable. Such as their platinum steak, where real platinum foil is seared to the outside while the inner slices reveal pink, juicy flavor. Decadent, indeed.

Argentina Grill has a spectacular view for its guests to witness while dining as you overlook the skyline and the daily show at the Pointe. The atmosphere is exciting and intimate, making Argentina Grill the perfect place for a date or dinner with friends. Make sure to call in to book a table ahead of time.

  Monday – Thursday 4pm – 1 am

14. Myrra Restaurant

Myrra Restaurant takes inspiration from Spanish and Greek traditions and marries them to create divine cuisine. The menu is diverse, catering to an array of preferences, including vegetarian, and each dish is made from fresh and flavorful ingredients. But if you do eat meat, don’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy their 24-hour braised lamb kleftiko.

Myrra is a gem on the Palm Jumeirah. The establishment is beautifully laid out. The outdoor seating has an incredible view of the coastline, making it feel like you are eating on the beach (without the sand in your food).

15. Noir

Noir has an atmosphere of exclusivity and decadence. Every Thursday, there is ladies’ night and a live DJ over the weekend. Noir has bespoke cocktails and a unique menu that caters to everyone’s tastes. It is a favorite restaurant among the locals of Dubai and many travelers who pass through.

The cuisine draws inspiration from Spanish and Asain meals, and there is seating for 70 people indoors and 35 seats available outdoors. Noir is a lively and vibrant venue that will leave you feeling like a celebrity.


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