Dubai in January: Is Winter A Good Time To Visit?

As an avid traveller, opulent glamour, sun-drenched beaches, and massive shopping malls come to mind when I think about Dubai.

However, that isn’t all there is to Dubai; adventure, sport, and outdoor activities are also a-plenty, as is a natural beauty that is well worth exploring.

January is an excellent time to visit Dubai. Mild temperatures are ideal for outdoor adventures and adrenaline-boosting activities.

Stores offer huge discounts and impressive prizes during the Shopping Festival. The Miracle Gardens are on show in January, and the Dubai Marathon takes place too.

Winter is an ideal time to visit Dubai; January, in particular, has milder weather. There is so much to do in January, and a short stopover may not be long enough to take in everything the city offers.

January Is An Ideal Time To Visit Dubai


One of the advantages of visiting Dubai in January is the weather, which is comfortable. The days are balmy but not excruciatingly hot, unlike the summer months.

The evenings are cool but not cold. Average temperatures in January range from lows of 58 degrees Fahrenheit and highs of 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity is lower in January, an ideal time to spend a day on the beach.

The best beaches are Jumeirah Beach which stretches for miles, Al Mamzar Beach, which is family-friendly; and La Mer Beach, the newest beach in Dubai. Kite beach, as the name suggests, is the best for kayaking, windsurfing, and kite flying.

Dubai caters to Extreme Sports Fans

In January, the Dubai skies are clear, and you can see for miles. There isn’t much rain, so outdoor activity is possible on most days. There is a beautiful selection of options for those who want excitement in the fresh air.

Skydiving is a thrilling experience, and there are many places to skydive in Dubai. However, skydiving from the Palm Drop Zone for 13 000 ft is an adrenaline rush second to none.

The view is sensational, with unending vistas of the Arabian Gulf, the Palms, and the city itself. Visibility is good in January, making the sights so much more captivating.

Other great outdoor experiences include ziplining at Jebel Jais, the longest zipline recorded in the Guinness World of Wonders.

The zipline is high and fast and takes you at a speed of 99 miles per hour over rugged mountain tops and the impressive Arabian Gulf. Experienced instructors accompany you and make sure to harness you safely.

If you aren’t afraid of heights like I am, try the Sky Trail and Climbing Wall at Magic Planet Mirdif City Cente.

It will test your stamina to the hilt at 42 feet above the ground, letting you prove that you are an action superhero in the making.

There are several other climbing walls in Dubai, and if climbing is your thing, check out tourist brochures for alternatives.

Spend Time Outdoors Enjoying Nature And Amazing Views


January is excellent for hot air ballooning, and many tourists take to the skies. Hot air balloon adventures often start at sunrise, giving visitors spectacular views over the desert.

Most of these adventures take several hours but are well worth the time. They usually include lunch or breakfast and a falconry show.

The breathtaking desert floral display at Miracle Garden is a must-see. The garden has 150 million flowers in bloom cultivated on desert sand. The gardens are not open in the summer, so January is the perfect time to enjoy this outdoor artistry.

There is also a mountain bike trail in the Mushrif National Park. There are different tracks to cater to the level of challenge you want, and this track takes you on a beautiful 31-mile forest ride through 70 000 trees.

Outdoor dining takes on a new meaning in the Dinner in the Sky restaurant. If you have the stomach for it, dine in the sky in a suspended restaurant at 165 feet high.

Fine cuisine is on the menu, and the views from your table are breathtaking. The restaurant is one of the most unusual dining experiences in the world, but you must be strapped in while you dine.

Sporting Events Take Place In January

Not for the faint-hearted, the Dubai marathon usually takes place in late January, and athletes from all over the world head to Dubai to participate in this prestigious race.

A substantial amount of prize money is up for grabs, and competition is high in this 26-mile race. The event includes a 6,2-mile marathon and a 2,5-mile fun run. The terrain is fortunately flat, with no grueling uphills.

There are several motor racing events in the winter, and in January, there are various motorsports at the Dubai Autodrome. Karting is ideal for tourists looking for a fast thrill.

Booking is convenient; you can make an online reservation. Other motorsport activities are available if speed is appealing to you.

January Is The Time To Shop In Dubai


The Dubai shopping experience is well-known, with most designer brands having stores in the city. Many tourists stop in Dubai for the pleasure of good quality clothes, perfume, jewelry, and electronics at reasonable prices.

Seasoned shoppers will tell you that the best time to shop in Dubai is in January. The Dubai Shopping Festival is a shopper’s paradise.

The high-end and designer stores have sales and offer huge discounts. There are many shopping competitions to enter, most of which have jaw-dropping prizes. The event takes place city-wide.

The Dubai Mega Mall has a special sale day in January where stores offer up to 90% discount and extend trading hours to allow shopaholics to spend money. If big shopping malls don’t appeal to you, visit one of Dubai’s street markets.

Deira Old Souq is one of the most popular where you can buy cheaper clothes, jewelry, bric-a-brac, and beautiful Persian fabrics. Street food is also a delight to eat; treat your taste buds to some authentic Arabian cuisine.

Explore the City And The Desert

If you want to explore Dubai, there are also enchanting options. Dhows are unique ways to cruise around Dubai, and many of these cruises also include dining and live music.

Dhow cruises are a delightful way to see the landmarks in Dubai, like the Burj khalifa, the tallest building in the world at 2761,5 high. It also has the most elevated observation deck in the world; visit it if you can.

January is ideal for taking a walking tour of Dubai and exploring the city’s heritage and history. Several guided walking tours in Dubai introduce you to the old town.

If you are an avid photographer, your photos will be up close and beautifully detailed. A highlight of any trip to Dubai is a desert safari in the moonlight or an overnight desert experience.

The weather in January makes these trips pleasant; however, it is advisable to take warmer clothes with you for the evening. Sandboarding and camel rides make a desert safari all the more enjoyable.


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