Dubai In May: A Budget-Friendly Guide to Visit

A trip to Dubai may be precisely what you require for some much-needed relaxation.

Before you finalize your plans, you may ask, Is May a good time to visit the “City Of Gold?” Considering that Dubai is a popular tourist attraction, will the city be crowded? What about the weather?

Most tourists may find Dubai too hot in May, considering the average daytime temperature can soar up to 43.5 degrees.

If you are willing to brave the weather as a bonus, you can enjoy the tourist sites with fewer crowds since it is off-season. Travel is also more affordable during this period.

Proper planning is about enjoying the perfect trip without letting the hot weather discourage you.

If shopping is your forte, the array of air-conditioned Dubai malls, with lots of indoor activities, will make the daytime weather more bearable. A desert safari at night will keep you more relaxed.

Should You Visit Dubai In May?

You can consider traveling to Dubai as a worthy investment. Suppose you plan your holiday well by including indoor activities during the day and focusing more on outdoor activities in the early mornings and evenings.

In that case, you will forget about the rise in temperature during summer.

So, what makes May a month worth considering? Would you be willing to brave the warm weather and travel in May without having to compromise on your holiday? Let’s find out more.

Lower Prices

How would you react if I told you that you could enjoy the beauty of Dubai at a fraction of the price? You may be able to take in the beauty of Dubai without putting a hole in your pocket.

For the budget-conscious, May is considered off-season in Dubai. Due to the reduction in tourists traveling during this period, accommodation in Dubai tends to be slightly cheaper.

The airlines also tend to discount airfares over this period, not to mention the loads of other discounts that the shopping malls offer.

Less Crowds

If you have traveled during peak season, you will be familiar with the frustration of waiting in line to get into a popular tourist attraction.

The good news is that in May there is no influx of tourists. Hence, the lines tend to be shorter, giving you more time to enjoy the sites.

May travel to Dubai is recommended if you want a relaxing break on the quieter side. The once crowded Dubai beaches also tend to be less populated during May.

A beach umbrella, a sun hat, and dollops of sunscreen will help shield you from the sun’s rays.

The warm weather might keep some tourists and the locals away from the beaches, giving you more opportunities to find that preferred spot.


Dubai is a shopper’s paradise and if shopping is the main reason you are considering traveling to Dubai, then spending your days leisurely in airconditioning is a great way to escape the heat.

You will be spoilt for choice, as Dubai has an array of shopping malls. The Dubai mall alone has over 1200 shops.

Apart from the malls, you can also visit the outdoor souk markets, where you can take in the fantastic aroma of spices and fragrances. You can see the largest Arabian gold market in Dubai if you are into gold.

Dubai mall is not just for the shopaholics; there are also some great attractions within the mall. While you are busy shopping at leisure, the rest of the family can enjoy the aquarium and underwater zoo at the mall.


As the temperatures soar, so too does the entertainment. While you keep cool and relaxed with air conditioning, you will also find some enjoyment in indoor activities.

Traveling to Dubai in May will be much more exciting as you take on the hair-raising Dubai slope. You will indeed have an unforgettable ski experience just by getting to see penguins.

Imagine being able to ski indoors while it’s approximately 36 degrees celsius outdoors, this only happens in Dubai, and you too can share this experience.

With over 40 career booths, the realistic set-up of the KidZania amusement center will keep the kids entertained and guide them in making a career choice. A perfect combination of education and entertainment.


Dubai has something on offer for everyone. There are many reasons why millions visit Dubai year after year. You, too, can be privy to this experience; traveling in May can afford you this opportunity.

Feel on top of the world as you visit the Burj Khalifa or be transported back in time as you re-live your memories by dancing to tunes at the Palm Fountain.

So why not hop on to that plane, head to magnificent Dubai, and indulge in some of the famous sites this city has to offer?

Unique Desert Safari

Suppose you are concerned about missing out on the Desert Safari if you travel in May; no need to despair.

Although the warm, dry summer weather might discourage you from visiting the desert during the day. You can happily ditch the dust and see the desert at night.

The bonus is that you can enjoy an overnight experience while looking for Orion’s belt, as you will have the opportunity to stargaze. Did I mention the delicious buffet dinner?

Events & Festivals

The plethora of event facilities is just one reason why Dubai is a famous city for hosting an event. There is a host of events and festivals in May that you can visit.

Over the past year, Eid al-Fitr has been celebrated on the 2nd of May. Although the actual date depends on the moon’s sighting, there is a strong possibility that traveling in May will enable you to join in the festivities.

Factors Worth Considering When Traveling In May

Before heading to Dubai in May, here are some factors that you might want to consider.


The start of summer in May sees the rising weather temperatures In Dubai.

Temperatures tend to sore from 26 degrees to a maximum of 37.8 degrees. As the month progresses towards the latter part of May, temperatures could reach a maximum of 43.5 degrees Celsius.

The chances of rainfall are also very slim, increasing the humidity. A visit to the desert to brave a safari during the day in May could prove futile due to dust storms.

For the beachgoers, adding on some extra sunblock might be advisable as you take a plunge in the glistening Azure waters of the Arabian Gulf.


Dubai is rich in culture, and one of the ways to honor their religion is by observing the religious period of  Ramadan.  A period of abstinence from food during the day; you are only allowed to eat at night.

As a form of respect, it might be advisable not to eat or drink in public during this fasting period.

Although not forbidden, it may be considered disrespectful. You will, however, be glad to note that the restaurants are open later than usual at night.

Dress Code

If you are traveling in May, it might be worth noting that you should consider dressing moderately, especially in public. Islam is the religious beliefs followed and there is a focus on certain traditions and cultures.

It is also during the period of Ramadan.

The weather temperatures also tend to soar in May, so wearing loose-fitting moderate clothing is not only an act of respect for the culture but also a means of keeping cool.

Hence it might be in your best interest to follow the recommended dress code.


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