Is November A Good Time To Visit Dubai? A Complete Guide

When planning a vacation to Dubai, timing is the first thing to consider. Considering the climate is the primary aspect, what activities and entertainment will be available during that time, and whether there will be crowds.

The time of the year you visit Dubai could make or break your vacation.

November is a fantastic time to visit Dubai. The extreme heat is over by then, but it is still hot enough with a fresh breeze in the air to help you keep cool.

It is the month of the year before tourist crowds peak and all the winter season entertainment is available.

Planning a trip to Dubai for November can be an excellent decision because November is one of the best months to enjoy the city because of the pleasant weather, fun attractions, and shopping sales.

Why Should You Visit Dubai In November?

If you are concerned about taking your Dubai vacation in November, you can put your worries to sleep because November is a fantastic time in Dubai, and you will not regret it.

Here are reasons why you should book your next Dubai trip in November:  

The Weather Is Pleasant In November

November might still feel too stuffy for someone who doesn’t like getting hot, especially the first half of the month.

For others, specifically those coming from a much colder climate like the USA, UK, etc., where November has already hit low temperatures, Dubai is the perfect place to be and get a slightly extended summer.  

The extreme heat is eased off by November in Dubai, and the climate feels incredible. I always say it’s like a mixture between spring and autumn.

The air feels crisp and fresh in the mornings and evenings, and you get a nice warm day in the middle to still do summer water activities and even get a tan.  

Many people want to know if they will need a jacket in November when visiting Dubai. My answer is no unless you plan on being out in the open desert till late at night.

If you have a desert safari, BBQ, or camp on your itinerary, then yes, make sure you have a jacket. Besides that, November doesn’t yet feel like winter. It simply feels cool enough to be outside without drowning in sweat.  

You Can Beat The Tourist Crowds  

Dubai’s tourism season is between November to April, with December to February peaking highest because of the holiday season and New Year.

If you visit Dubai in November, you could be lucky enough to beat most of the tourist crowds before others travel for December vacations. People with kids will also not travel during that time because of school.  

Dubai gets incredibly crowded during the winter because it is the ideal time to visit the city.

All restaurants, parks, landmarks, and entertainment have long queues and are fully booked. If you want to enjoy a vacation in Dubai before that happens, visit the city in November, March, or April.

Seasonal Entertainment Is Open  

During the winter, places like Global Village, a landmark project of culture, food, shopping, and entertainment, are open and enjoyable to visit. Global Village runs from late October to early April, so you can catch it during November.  

Global Village is also an outdoor venue, so walking around at any other time can be too hot or too cold.

November is also an excellent month for the Expo City – a landmark of history, culture, food, shopping, education, business, and entertainment, carried over after the World Expo 2020 from 2021 to 2022.  

Like Global Village, the Expo City is an outdoor venue and a carless city. Visiting during a summer month could give you a heat stroke. November is the perfect climate to enjoy outdoor venues without feeling too hot or cold.  

Another popular winter attraction site in the city is Dubai Miracle Garden, the world’s largest floral garden, home to 150 million flowers. It is the perfect outdoor Instagrammable spot and is closed during summer because of the heat.

November is ideal for enjoying the location.

Food And Shopping Festival

The Dubai Food and Shopping Festival runs from November to January and sometimes extends to February. All the major malls and parks host it, and you can get some incredible food and shop till you drop at great prices.

Dubai can be expensive for food and shopping, and visiting during a time of sales and offers can help you stretch your bucks and get more value.  

Discounts And Offers  

Besides food and shopping, Dubai can be pretty pricey, especially if you visit as a family and want to enjoy most of what the city offers. Albeit November is peak time for tourists and prices may be high, there are several discounts for many activities.

Attraction sights will compete to get feet in the door, so they will put out offers for entrance tickets.  

There will be many buy-one-get-one-free sales, 20-40% discounts, and they might offer more perks like free meals.

Many hotels may also provide offers that include several bonuses, including free transport to and from attraction sites, knowing it is tourist season and wanting to attract customers.   

November also includes the 11:11 (singles) sales, yellow Friday, and Black Friday sales. You can find some of the best discounts and offers on food, apparel, electronics, and more during this time of the year.

Dubai Design Week  

Dubai Design Week typically runs around the second week of November. If you are interested in architecture, design, or the like, you want to be in Dubai during that time.

If you are in Dubai when the Dubai Design Week runs, you don’t want to miss it. It reflects Dubai as the capital of design in the Middle East and is held at venues across the city.  

Beach, Pools, And Water Parks

Whether you plan a Dubai beach holiday or not, you can’t go to Dubai and not visit at least one of its beaches, pools, or mesmerizing water parks like Wild Wadi or the largest in the world – Atlantis Aquaventure.

During the summer months, you are likely to get a heat stroke being out in the sun doing water activities, and for a couple of months after November, it sometimes feels too cold and windy.

There are specific times in the day in winter for you to enjoy those things, but you could get sick quickly because of the wind.  

November has the ideal climate for water fun and other outdoor parks like Miracle Garden, kids’ playground parks, outdoor dining, desert safari, desert BBQ, and so much more.

It also means you won’t be sweating trying to get from your hotel to the car or the taxi to a mall.  


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