Dubai Zip Postal Codes

Does Dubai Have Zip Codes Or Postal Codes?

Around the world, postal codes help the postal service identify the address of a place. These zip codes are usually comprised of a combination of letters and numbers. However, many people have wondered whether the emirate of Dubai uses a postal code system!

Dubai does not utilize a postal code system. Instead, there are other postal and geographical addressing systems in place:

  • Firstly, Dubai residents can register for P.O. Box numbers at a post office.
  • Secondly, Makani numbers are used to provide the location of a building’s entrance.

If you’re wondering why Dubai doesn’t use postal codes, we’ll look at the reasons behind this and what to do when you’re asked to enter a Dubai zip code. However, we’ll also explain which postal and geographical addressing systems are used in their place!

Does Dubai Have Postal/Zip Codes?

Does Dubai Have Zip Codes

Postal codes are alphanumeric codes that help identify a place. The postal services in a country will use these postal codes to properly determine where a piece of mail is being delivered to. Of course, this streamlines getting mail delivered to the correct location, let alone address!

However, people around the world have questioned whether Dubai utilizes zip codes. If you’ve ever searched for Dubai postal codes to no avail, it’s because Dubai does not have a postal code system in place. None of the states that comprise the United Arab Emirates utilize postal codes.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a clear-cut reason why Dubai doesn’t use postal codes, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one. While there’s much speculation about this online, there is no definitive answer as to why.

However, just because the UAE doesn’t use zip codes doesn’t mean they don’t have other postal systems in place! There are two aspects to consider in this regard:

  • Firstly, we need to look at P.O. Boxes in Dubai.
  • Secondly, we need to consider the importance of the Makani Number.

What Does Dubai Use Instead Of Postal Codes?

No Zip Post Codes Dubai

As we explained, Dubai does not use a postal/zip code system. Instead of using a zip code system, other postal systems have been put in place for residents, namely P.O. Boxes and Makani Numbers. Overall, this means there are two options for Dubai residents to use. Let’s look at each!

P.O. Boxes In Dubai

While Dubai doesn’t use zip codes, P.O. Boxes are widely used by UAE residents. Of course, these function much like they do in any country. By registering for a P.O. Box at your local post office in Dubai – or one of the other emirates – you’ll be issued a P.O. Box number. Of course, this Post Office Box Number can then be used to ensure your mail is delivered to the correct location.

In Dubai, P.O. Boxes largely replace the function of getting mail delivered to your home. Due to fantastic service delivery, using P.O. Boxes is highly effective in Dubai. We’ll explain how to register for a P.O. Box in Dubai later in this article. First, let’s consider the importance of Makani Numbers in Dubai.

Makani Numbers In Dubai

So far, we’ve established that Dubai does not utilize a postal code system. However, there is another geographical addressing system used in many of the emirates, including Dubai, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, Ajman, and Ras Al Khaimah. This system is known as Makani, which translates to ‘my location’ in Arabic.

Makani numbers will consist of 10 digits, with the number providing the location of a building’s entrance. If you need to get anything delivered within Dubai, you should make sure you provide the delivery location’s Makani number to ensure your mail or package is delivered to the correct place!

What To Do If You’re Asked To Enter Zip/Postal Code In Dubai

Enter Zip Code Dubai

When you’re shopping online, you’ll always be asked to input a delivery address. In many instances, a postal code is required to proceed with your payment. Since Dubai does not use postal codes, many people wonder what to do about this mandatory field.

There’s a simple, widely-used solution to this problem! If you’re ever required to provide a postal or zip code in Dubai – or any of the other emirates – you can use the code 00000. The Central Post Office in Dubai provides this information to Dubai residents. Luckily, that’s the only postal code you’ll need to remember in Dubai!

Your Guide To Using P.O. Boxes In Dubai

PO Boxes Dubai

Two types of P.O. Boxes can be rented in Dubai: a personal or corporate P.O. Box. If you’d like to rent a P.O. Box in Dubai, you’ll need to visit the Emirates Post official website, where you’ll be able to rent a P.O. box.

To apply for a P.O. Box, you’ll need to create an account on Emirates Post, which we linked to above. By clicking on ‘Rent A P.O. Box,’ you can browse different options and review their price plans.

The next step is to review the details of your application.  Finally, you’ll need to choose a P.O. Box agent. Of course, this can be a family member or trusted friend who can access your P.O. Box on your behalf.

Finding A Makani Number In Dubai

Find Makani Number Dubai

Regardless of where you are in Dubai, it’s easy to find your Makani number. Typically, this 10-digit number is displayed on a plaque at the entrance to a building or property. However, there are other ways to find a specific Makani number in Dubai!

Firstly, you could search a Dubai address on Google to find the Makani number. You can even find the Makani number of your current location through Google Maps. Finally, you can visit the Makani website to locate a specific Makani number through an interactive map!


There is no postal code system in Dubai. Instead, residents use P.O. Boxes for mail deliveries. Instead of zip codes, Makani is the geographical addressing system used in Dubai. These 10-digit Makani numbers are typically displayed on a plaque at the entrance to a property. Whenever you’re asked to enter a Dubai zip code, you can simply enter 00000.



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