Why Is Dubai The Best Place To Live Right Now?

Dubai is a beautiful city with great food, wonderful cultures, and breathtaking sights. As a result, many people are considering moving to Dubai. Is this a wise decision, you might ask? Well, Dubai is the best place to live now, and there are a few good reasons why.

Dubai is the best place to live at the moment because of its stable economy, tax-free income, reliable public transport, and safety are some reasons why. In addition, Dubai also has an excellent healthcare system and many internationally recognized schools to choose from.

Living in Dubai has some cons, such as strict laws and sweltering summers. However, you will discover after reading this article that the pros of living in Dubai far outweigh the cons. This article lists why Dubai is currently one of the best places to live and why so many foreigners are relocating to Dubai.

Why Should You Live In Dubai Right Now?

At first glance, this desert oasis might not look like where you want to live. Going there on holiday is one thing, but packing up your life and relocating to Dubai is another story. However, you will soon see several brilliant reasons why relocating to Dubai is a marvelous idea. This is why Dubai is currently one of the best places to live.

1. Dubai Is Not A Dangerous City To Live In


Because Dubai has many strict laws, it does not take kindly to violent crimes or any crime. Offenders are swiftly and thoroughly dealt with. Therefore, the crime rate in Dubai is extremely low, making it a safe city to live in. Serious crime continues to decrease, making Dubai an increasingly safe city.

Dubai is safe for solo travelers and families with small children. In 2020, Dubai was among the top ten safest cities to live in. In addition, not only is Dubai safe, but so are other cities in the UAE.

2. Dubai Has Many Job Opportunities

Dubai has many job opportunities for foreigners. You shouldn’t have trouble finding work in Dubai if you work in the oil industry, healthcare, hospitality, and education. Dubai also offers competitive salaries and a lower living cost, giving you more reasons to move to Dubai for financial gain.

Finding a job in Dubai is relatively easy. The best way to do so is by contacting a reputable recruiting agency. They will help you find a job and negotiate your contract. Be sure to bring proof of your qualifications and experience when moving to Dubai to make it easier to find work.

3. Dubai Has A Lower Cost Of Living

This is mainly thanks to Dubai’s tax laws. You don’t pay income tax in Dubai. You also don’t pay tax on goods you purchase at the store. Therefore, you keep more of your salary, meaning you can have a more luxurious lifestyle in Dubai than in another country.

In addition to not paying tax, accommodation and transport is also affordable in Dubai. Because Dubai is so safe, you can live in any area. Therefore, you can live in a cheaper place, lowering your cost of living. Public transport, such as the metro, is also affordable and reliable. Therefore, the cost of living in Dubai is less than in other First-tier cities.

4. Dubai Has An Excellent Healthcare System


Most people have a big fear of the healthcare system in other countries than their own. However, when moving to Dubai, you don’t have to worry about the healthcare system. Dubai has excellent healthcare and doctors from all over the world working in hospitals in the city.

Dubai’s hospitals employ highly trained healthcare workers from across the globe to work in their hospitals. These doctors and nurses are competent and friendly. In addition, depending on the terms of your contract, your employers might also pay towards medical cover, allowing you to go to private hospitals in Dubai.

5. There Are Brilliant Schools In Dubai

Suppose you are moving to Dubai with your family. Then, you should be glad to hear that there are excellent international schools in Dubai. Many of these schools have a USA or UK syllabus, ensuring your child will get the best education possible.

The international schools in Dubai also apply many foreign teachers to ensure your children get sufficient exposure. Furthermore, the public school system in Dubai is also reliable and delivers excellent results. All the students in Dubai’s public schools learn English, meaning your child will be able to converse with students outside of class.

6. Dubai Has Many Interesting Attractions

Now that we have discussed the important logistics and considerations when moving to Dubai, we can consider the other reasons you might consider moving there. The first reason is that Dubai offers various activities and attractions. This means you will never be bored or run out of things to do in Dubai.

You can go on desert safari trips, visit one of the many cultural sights, or go shopping in one of Dubai’s biggest malls. These malls also offer activities such as skiing. Therefore, you are sure to have plenty of fun in Dubai.

7. Dubai Has A Huge Airport

Dubai has one of the biggest international airports in the world. This means you will not have to travel far to reach an airport that can take you home or to another destination. Therefore, flights from Dubai are usually relatively quick. Furthermore, depending on when you fly, you can get a plane ticket from Dubai for a reasonable price.

Dubai is a popular tourist destination, meaning you will never feel isolated or alone. Dubai has a flourishing ex-pat community that continuously grows, and many foreigners visit Dubai when they have a layover in the city.

8. Dubai Offers Freedom Of Religion

Although Dubai is an Islamic state, they do not mind if you practice your religion in Dubai. Just be considerate of other religions and adapt to the customs and rules you are expected to follow because of the Islamic requirements.

Drinking in public is prohibited in Dubai. However, as long as you accept and respect the other religions around you, you can practice whichever religion you choose in Dubai.

9. You Can Invest In Dubai

Recent amendments to property laws now enable foreigners to purchase and own property in Dubai. In addition, foreigners are also allowed to own property in Dubai. This means that Dubai is a much better place to live long-term than many other cities.

You can also invest in the open market in Dubai. Because Dubai has had a steady economic situation for the past few years, holding steady against the dollar and euro, Dubai is seen as a safe place to invest money. Therefore, having an investment in Dubai is an excellent option if you intend to stay in Dubai for a long time.


There are multiple reasons why Dubai is the best place to live. This article discussed nine reasons, although this list is not comprehensive. Dubai’s safety, lower living costs, and good healthcare systems are some reasons why Dubai is the best place to live at the moment.


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