Are CBD And Weed Legal In Dubai? Read Before Boarding!

Undoubtedly, CBD or weed products can transform your once cranky, sleep-deprived grumpy self into the epitome of calm serenity. Trust me – I know!

CBD and weed are not legal in Dubai. The Federal Decree-Law No.30/2021 prohibits using any products containing THC, CBD, hemp seeds, or hemp substances.

Although the revised narcotics law is more lenient, it is not advisable to travel to Dubai with any goods that contain CBD or weed.

Thus, it’s only natural to wonder whether you can legally use these little lifesavers in Dubai – without getting into a heap of trouble or doing jail time.

CBD And Weed Use In Dubai: What You Should Know

While the good news is that the UAE’s previous stance on the use of CBD or weed has changed from harsh punishments to rehabilitation, they are still illegal. So, how have the laws around the use of CBD and cannabis changed?

Before the new UAE narcotics laws were promulgated, anyone caught with products that contained traces of cannabis would have been legally detained and criminally prosecuted for drug possession or importation.

If an incarcerated person was convicted in a court of law, they would either be jailed for nearly 10 years or deported if they were not UAE citizens.

While it is true that Dubai is one of the most progressive countries in the region, you could be incarcerated if cannabis is detected in your blood.

It might sound like an urban myth. However, a traveler from Nevada who legally used cannabis in his state was hospitalized in Dubai for pancreatitis.

When a simple urine test detected cannabis, he was promptly arrested and faced up to four years in jail.

Furthermore, numerous travelers have been incarcerated merely because tiny amounts of cannabis were detected in their clothing or luggage that they were not even aware of.

So, they are all cautionary tales that will hopefully remind you to thoroughly check your luggage before you depart for the UAE, especially if you have been legally consuming cannabis in your home country.

What Happens If You Are Caught with CBD And Weed In Dubai?

Although the UAE’s relatively new law on the use of cannabis products is more lenient, the Federal Decree-Law No.30/2021  prohibits the use of any products containing THC, CBD, hemp seeds, or hemp.

So, you might consider what would happen if you accidentally traveled to Dubai with any items containing CBD or weed substances, especially because so many products you can legally buy in your home country may be illegal in Dubai.

Fortunately, the revised laws state that any products, food, or drinks that contain mind-altering chemicals will be confiscated or destroyed and are not punishable by law if it is your first offense.

The list of prohibited mind-altering substances in Dubai includes the likes of morning glory, Dronabinol, cannabis tinctures, resin and extracts, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), including Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol.

While it is definitely not advisable to travel with any CBD or weed products in Dubai, the punishment for those apprehended with e-cigarettes containing cannabis substances is far more severe as they will be subject to criminal prosecution.

Especially because smokers are always aware of what vape cigarette substances they are smoking, it is seen as a wilful contempt of the law prohibiting drug use.

It’s important to understand that while the laws around using CBD and weed products like medicine, food, and drinks are less harsh, consuming any narcotic is a crime in the UAE.

Therefore, should you be a regular smoker, rather buy vaping juice from a licensed shop in Dubai to play it safe.

While UAE anti-narcotics laws do allow for the use of medical cannabis if it is prescribed by a reputable physician, it is not a common practice, and most users obtain it illegally by other means.

Possession Of CBD And Weed Penalties In Dubai

If for some or other reason, you are considering taking a chance and using CBD or weed products in Dubai, the following legal penalties  might give you pause for thought:

  • First-time offenders detained for the possession of cannabis may be imprisoned for 3-12 months, fined between USD5,400 and USD27,000 for the offense, or forced to remain in a rehabilitation center for a stipulated amount of time.  
  • Repeat offenders may be sentenced to jail sentences ranging from 6 months to 2 years and incur hefty fines between USD 8,000 and USD27,000.

While the penalties mentioned above are severe, the UAE is taking positive steps by setting up special rehabilitation or detention centers with vocational training and sports facilities across the region, which will focus on treating addicted people instead of merely punishing them as they did in the past.

Moreover, UAE judges are no longer obliged to deport ex-pats who are found in possession of cannabis, especially if it is their first offense.

Although the matter will stay on record, should the person repeat the crime, their punishment will be far more severe.

Dubai CBD Beauty Products Are Legal

After all that doom and gloom, you could be surprised to find out that CBD-infused beauty products are now legal in the UAE, and that’s great news for anyone who has discovered the incredible anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and soothing properties of cannabidiols, or CBD!

Until not too long ago, all CBD-marked products were illegal in the UAE and could not be purchased or sold anywhere in the region. Thanks to Jassim Al Nowais, all that has changed.

Al Nowais has advocated for using CBD substances in beauty products for some time.

Fortunately, it worked as he convinced the authorities that while it is extracted from marijuana plants, CBD does not contain any THC or mind-altering substances. Therefore, it should be legalized for its regenerative healing properties.

Fortunately, trailblazers like Juana Martini have now developed the first legal CBD-infused beauty products in the UAE blended with botanicals and clinically tested in European laboratories.  

In fact, the UAE’s first legal CBD beauty product contains powerful healing properties that have consistently proven to provide dramatic relief for those who have severely dry skin or have psoriasis or eczema.

While you could travel to Dubai with your own CBD-enthused beauty products, it would be wise to purchase them in the UAE instead and err on the side of caution.


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