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The 15 Best Arabian Ranches 1 & 2 Restaurants (Souk and Mall)

From young professionals to families, many people love the tranquility of Arabian Ranches. If you want to bask in the serene atmosphere while enjoying a fantastic meal, you should try one of these acclaimed restaurants!

1. Sansation

For the past decade, Sansation has been an integral part of the Arabian Ranches community, an eatery where passion for food and community are perfectly interwoven. Two brothers founded Sansation after traveling the world searching for new and exciting culinary experiences. The name ‘Sansation’ is derived from Sandwich Station.

While the youngest brother focused on what other restaurants lacked, the older brother concentrated on building trust with the community. This ethos is evident when you step into this open kitchen eatery and browse its eclectic yet simple menu. If you’re looking for the best comfort food in a comfortable venue, you’ve found it!

To start your dining experience, you can never go wrong with authentic hummus, served with fresh bread or pan-fried lamb. However, the Assorted Hot Mezzeh platter is perfect for sharing with loved ones. From Potato Harrah to BBQ Buffalo Wings, there are many other appetizers to choose from.

You can choose between many poultry, beef, lamb, and seafood dishes for your main course. Guests rave about the Chicken Biryani, but the Tenderloin Steak is equally irresistible. The Kleftiko lamb shank is perfect for those with a big appetite. If you’re a seafood lover, you’ll savor every bite of the Parchment Seabass.

For dessert, you’ll love the traditional profiterole, baked puff balls filled with cream and topped with chocolate sauce and raspberries. Other favorites are the Umm Ali dessert, a traditional Egyptian dish, and the Turkish Baklava, filled with pistachios and served with ice cream. With so many sensational flavors to try, you’ll be back at Sansation in no time!

2. Le Petit Belge

Le Petit Belge is a social kitchen originally founded in Belgium, the smallest country in Europe. This eatery truly honors the little things that make Belgium great, from the stunning décor to the carefully crafted menu. If you’re looking to experience a taste of Belgian culture, you should head down to the so-called informal embassy of Belgian food and culture.

While guests often go to Le Petit Belge for the daily lunch specials, they stay for the daily happy hour, which starts as the lunch specials end. If you’re looking for a chic spot to unwind after a stressful week, you can enjoy the weekly cocktail night at Le Petit Belge every Thursday. However, the Double Trouble brunch on Saturdays and Sundays truly lives up to its name.

We highly recommend the brunches if you want to experience the best fusion of Belgian culture and cuisine. In addition to unlimited drinks, you’ll be able to try the most acclaimed dishes on the menu. These signature dishes feature the tastiest European flavors while remaining unpretentious.

Guests always rave about the Belgian Beef Carbonade, which is slow-braised Angus beef cooked to perfection and served with Belgian fries. The North Sea Fish Casserole is just as delectable! You’ll love the truffled mac and cheese or wild mushroom risotto if you’re craving fine comfort food. There are many more flavors to try at your new favorite Belgian eatery!

3. Maison Mathis

Dinner doesn’t always need to be complicated. Maison Mathis is just the restaurant for you if you’re looking for fresh, simple, and honest dining at its finest. At this restaurant, guests will find an inviting atmosphere and many classic dishes from across Europe, all passionately prepared by talented chefs.

There are many signature seafood appetizers, including Grilled Octopus, Crispy Calamari, and Tuna Tartare. The Truffle Beef Sliders are another favorite of Maison Mathis’ patrons, as is the Wagyu Beef Carpaccio. You can also keep it simple with fish or pork tacos!

For your main course, you can choose between burgers, pasta, sandwiches, pizzas, and a selection of dishes from the farm and sea! The Black Angus Grilled Tenderloin is one of the most popular signature dishes, but the Seafood Linguine is just as delectable. As the cherry on top of a great meal, you’ll love the Le Moelleux Au Chocolat; a soft-centered chocolate cake served with ice cream.

4. Nezesaussi Grill

The name of this grill is an homage to New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. If you’re looking for a vibrant sports-themed eatery and bar, this is just the restaurant for you! What better way to celebrate your love of sports than with fantastic food, refreshing beverages, and great company? The Lazy Weekend Buffet and Sunday Roast are also great fun – and just as delicious.

Not only does Nezesaussi Grill have the best selection of pub foods that honors the Southern Hemisphere, but multiple TV screens are showcasing global sports events. If you’d like to help set the mood, you can play your favorite songs on the jukebox. After your meal, why not challenge your friends or colleagues to a few rounds of pool?

5. Ranches Restaurant

Located on the serene golf course, Ranches Restaurant has quickly found a home in the hearts of visitors and residents alike. If you’re looking for relaxed elegance and the best comfort food, you can always count on Ranches – no matter what time. There are many bites to start your meal, including Buffalo Wings, Cajun Calamari, and crispy vegetable spring rolls.

There are numerous Ranch classics and favorites to consider for your main course. If you’re a seafood lover, you’ll savor every bite of the Goan Prawn Curry. However, the Butter Chicken is melt-in-your-mouth good! You’ll love the Steak and Guinness Pie if you’ve got an insatiable appetite. The Sticky Toffee Pudding is the perfect finish to your meal!

6. Dubai Polo Bar

With breathtaking views of Polo action from the outdoor terrace, you’ll love the effortlessly chic atmosphere that Dubai Polo Bar offers. From hubby bubbly to the finest bar bites, this lounge-style eatery has a lot to enjoy. There are many daily specials for patrons, from happy hour to sliders, wings, and pizza deals!

To start off, you’ll love the Shrimp Tempura, Chicken Satay, or Fried Mozzarella Sticks. You’ll love the Mezze Platter or Cheese Board if you’re in a sharing mood. For the truly hungry, there’s the Black Angus steak. However, the Butter Chicken, Spaghetti Arabiatta, and the Mushroom Risotto are just as acclaimed! Dessert can be as simple as a Nutella cookie or as indulgent as a topped waffle!

7. Sella

Sella is a unique and elegant equestrian-themed restaurant where you’ll have splendid views of the horse-riding arenas. While the young ones enjoy the playground, you’ll be able to enjoy fantastic views of the riders and horses! You can even bring your pets along to dine with you at Sella!

There are many flavors to try at Sella, but on Saturday evenings, you’ll find the best taste of Asia at the iconic themed evening. There’s more to discover at Sella than acclaimed international meals. On Fridays and Saturdays, you can watch your favorite films while floating around the pool – now that’s an aquatic cinematic experience!

8. Tuk Tuk Thai

For the most scrumptious Thai cuisine, you need to head down to Tuk Tuk Thai! Serving unique and delicious meals from across Thailand, this restaurant prides itself on providing guests with the best Thai food experience. Guests may be surprised to learn that all the key ingredients used in dishes are flown in directly from Bangkok!

We recommend the Gai Satay, Goong Mi Cop, or the crispy Peek Gai Tod for your appetizer. You’ll love the Gang Daeng, a delectable Red Curry for your main course. However, the sweet and sour Pad Priew Wan is just as delicious. Seafood lovers will savor the Crispy Garlic and Pepper Calamari. There are many Thai delicacies to try for dessert!

9. Carluccio’s

For relaxed dining in the heart of the community, you’ll love Carluccio’s for any meal. You can start your day in the mornings with a tasty pastry and a fresh cup of Italian coffee. For a light lunch or a delicious appetizer, you’ll love the Tomato Pesto Bread, the Mini Meatballs, or the Tomato Bruschetta. The Appetizer Platter is perfect for sharing!

You’ll have trouble choosing between all the delicious options for your main meal. Poultry lovers will love the Milanese Chicken, which is herb-crusted and served with rosemary potatoes. The Seafood Skewers, Angus Rib Eye, and Grilled Salmon are just as mouth-watering!

10. The Hamptons Café

At The Hamptons Café, you’ll be dining in a Long Island-themed café surrounded by tranquil greenery. Guests rave about the warm service, charming atmosphere, and the menu – which features many signature dishes and sweet treats. You’ll love every bite of your meal, regardless of whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or high tea!

Seafood lovers will devour the Dover Sole Fish, Prawn Risotto, or the Seafood Pie. The Chicken Satay and Buttermilk Fried Chicken are just as delectable. If you can’t resist lamb, you’ll love the Lamb Tagine or Lamb Saffron Risotto. For dessert, why not try the Cappuccino Tiramisu or the Choco Fudge Cake?

11. Man’oushe Street

For the best selection of Lebanese and Middle Eastern flavors, you’ll love what Man’oushe Street has to offer! You’ll love the spinach, zaatar, and cheese bites served with Arabic bread and a side salad to whet your appetite. You’ll love the Baked Halloumi, Manakeesh, or one of the crispy pizzas served with hummus and labneh for your main course. For dessert, the Nutella banana is just as delicious as it sounds!

12. Shakespeare and Co.

You can expect friendly service, high-quality food, and a relaxing atmosphere at Shakespeare and Co. A juicy Mixed Grill is always a good choice for your main course, as it has tender sirloin steak, lamb chops, chicken sausage, and more. The scrumptious Lamb Shank, which is served with dry apricots and dates, is another great choice. For those with a sweet tooth, the crepes with a side scoop of ice cream are the perfect way to end your meal!

13. Patiala House

At Patiala House, guests will find the best selection of rustic Punjabi cuisine, prepared with care and traditional flair. There’s truly something for everyone with a variety of dishes to choose from! You’ll find unique categories on the menu like tikey shikey, roti shoti, dal sabzi, and meetha sheetha. In addition to the appetizers and mains, there are many chaat dishes and combos to enjoy at Patiala House!

14. Café Bateel  

Café Bateel is truly a celebration of Mediterranean flavors, offering guests an eclectic range of gourmet dishes curated by award-winning chefs. Recently, Café Bateel won the BBC Good Food Magazine Award two years in a row! From the club sandwich to signature risotto, there are many light and satisfying meals to choose from. With so many options to choose from, you won’t want to leave – luckily, Café Bateel is open nearly all day!

15. PAUL Bakery

PAUL Bakery is a French eatery that’s perfect for scrumptious breakfasts, light lunches, and gourmet dinners. For your entrée, we recommend the Truffle Cheesy Rock or Avocado Shrimp Basket. For your main course, you’ll love the acclaimed Beef Stroganoff or Ginger Chicken Cashew Bowl. For dessert, pancakes and ice cream always make for a perfect combination!


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