The 8 Best BBQ Restaurants In Dubai for Meat Lovers

Having BBQ food is one of those meals that will be a forever classic. It never fails to make people happy, is always delicious, and is great any time of the year.

Unfortunately, in Dubai, with the apartment setups, not everyone can enjoy a barbecue all the time. You must find a park that allows it or make your way to the desert.

Luckily, plenty of restaurants offer yummy BBQ food. In the list below, you can choose from the best BBQ restaurants in Dubai.

1. Hashmi Barbeque

Hashmi Barbeque is a Kenyan franchise restaurant based in central Dubai. Most people go back timeously to Hashmi because of their mouthwatering sauces that enhance the taste of the already deliciously marinated food.  

Their barbeque dishes are finger-licking good, and anyone I have ever taken to Hashmi has enjoyed the food and said the same thing.

The staff is engaging, and they have a beautiful ambiance. It is undoubtedly the place you want to visit while in Dubai, whether you are a tourist or a resident.

The best part about Hashmi is the Indian twist to the food. The East African style cuisine mixed with a few Indian spices and cooked to perfection leaves the barbecue all the more succulent and flavorful.

If you’re a resident and want to feed guests from abroad, Hashmi is the restaurant that will wow them.

2. Barbeque Nation


Barbecue Nation is that grill spot you want to go to at any time, any day. Their vast variety menu, affordable prices, beautiful interior, and delicious buffet warmly invites you while the staff helps you feel comfortable and acknowledged.

Their cuisine comprises an Indian-style barbecue and includes several types of food like fish, chicken, prawns, etc.

They also offer dishes like paneer, Indian street food, desserts, delicious drinks, and a fantastic salad bar. They have vegetable options, too, so everyone can enjoy them.

I recommend making a booking before you go, especially if you plan to visit during peak mealtimes.

Barbecue Nation is one of my favorite spots to eat with a bunch of friends if we are craving BBQ food and don’t want to do it ourselves. They have a few branches around Dubai, each one up to standard.

3. Hurricane’s Grill

If you are looking for a contemporary steakhouse with a relaxing atmosphere, Hurricane’s Grill is where you want to be.

Based in downtown Dubai, in the famous Dubai Mall, you can enjoy delicious BBQ while exploring the city, working, or shopping. If you want to enjoy luxury fountain views while enjoying your meal, Hurricane’s won’t disappoint.

Their grills are mouthwatering, and my favorites are the ribs and steaks. The portions are generous, giving you plenty of fries with your dish. They put some popcorn to share at the table while you wait for your food.

The food quality remains maintained no matter how often I visit, and on a date night with the stunning ambiance, that is always appreciated! Their meat is perfectly cooked – tender, flavorful, and melt-in-your-mouth wonderful.

I have had one of the best-grilled burgers at Hurricane’s and noticed that the kid’s portions are adult sizes.

It is delightful to know you get that value for your money. You can order one meal for two people or take the leftovers home to enjoy later.  

4. Doors Freestyle Grill – Steakhouse

Doors Freestyle is a steakhouse, and a seafood restaurant is an urban sensuality that brings you traditional classics.

They have an exquisite menu with a refreshing array of premium-cut meats and succulent seafood. They also offer salads and yummy desserts, with tantalizing mocktails.

The restaurant has an elegant design and royal ambiance, friendly, attentive staff, and a gorgeous backdrop of Al Seef by Dubai Creek.

I personally love when the staff are knowledgeable and can answer any questions or make confident recommendations about the menu items. They serve most dishes with a trolley and fun gimmicks.

Doors Freestyle has my favorite butter lamb in Dubai. Their steak is mouthwatering, and everyone must try the wagyu beef pita.

If you want a complete sensory experience, I recommend beef Asado and lamb neck. It is impossible to name one dish that I did not enjoy.

It is also a delightful experience overall to take a guest for an afternoon or evening of great food and royal treatment.

  • Address: Palace of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed the Emir of Qatar, Al Seef Street, Bur Dubai, Umm Hurair 1
  • Website: 
  • Phone Number: 02 204 9299

5. Logs & Embers

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Logs and Embers is an American Smokehouse Restaurant in the luxury Palm Jumeirah. One of my favorite barbecue restaurants for a date, whether it is lunch or dinner.

I love the selection of smokehouse specials. The short rib and beer can chicken is always a winner.

The Texas-style platter is an excellent option to try. It comes with three types of meat and four sides. Their BBQ-pulled beef fries are scrumptious, and the desserts are delectable.

The menu also offers a great selection of drinks. I recommend ordering the Sunday Roast meal but ensure to book in advance.

Logs and Embers has a unique flavor to their beef that is slowly roasted over low heat, and they serve a massive portion of roasted potato.

You will notice that they always strive to improve and please their customers if you go to the restaurant more than once. It is a great visible initiative and why I feel compelled to return for a new experience each time.

6. Sumibiya

The best thing about BBQ is that you get a wide variety of cuisines. Dubai offers cuisines from around the world, and it would be unfortunate not to make the most of the opportunity to try different options.

Sumbiya is a Korean cuisine and one of the city’s first Yakiniku-style Korean BBQ restaurants.  

Sumbiya’s food is incredible but also an excellent option if you want a barbecue in the summer in Dubai. You can enjoy slow grilled meat, chicken, shrimp, salmon, and more.

It is not like traditional BBQ because Korean food requires getting used to the taste, but the flavors are delicious and leave you wanting more. The sauces are also tasty and a must-try.

You can grill the food yourself, which is fun. The staff are helpful and accommodating. It is like having the whole BBQ experience but doing it in a hotel restaurant.

The price can be more luxurious, but you can catch offers and get value for your money while enjoying the experience with a friend.

7. Automatic Restaurant & Grill 4

You can’t be in Dubai and not eat Arabic food. Each cuisine has a unique concept of barbecue food with flavors and a grilling process that will have you love the art of a BBQ more than before.

Automatic is a Levantine restaurant that serves delicious Lebanese grills and never disappoints with their quality and taste.

The mixed grill platter is always a winner and an excellent choice for a first-time try of Arabic BBQ. The service is quick, and they offer indoor and outdoor seating.

You can enjoy the fantastic hustle of the Jumeirah Beach Residence Walk with the outdoor seating ambiance in the cooler months while relishing a tasty meal.

Automatic Restaurant and Grill is an affordable BBQ option with more value for your money in their family-sized portions. They also offer yummy shawarmas and side dishes to enjoy with your meats.

The restaurant also provides grilled fish if you want a change from meat. The grilled chicken goes well with a salad, and you will be wishing you took some food home to enjoy the next day.

8. CZN Burak

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CZN Burak is a restaurant by Burak, the Turkish chef, restauranteur, and social media superstar. He has curated Turkish and Syrian food and caught the attention of people worldwide through food blogging on social media.

I first visited the Dubai brunch with family members obsessed with his TikTok videos and wanted to try the food.

I will admit, we were pleasantly surprised. It is a high-end restaurant so save it for a special occasion. Bookings are also necessary because there is always a long line of customers waiting to enter, especially at peak mealtimes.  

We tried the grilled platters. Everything is delicious. The food was incredible, from the beef and chicken to the kebabs and rice sides.

A barbecue can be as cheap or expensive as you prefer, but CZN Burak offers a luxury experience with quality food that is a must-try for all.


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