The 12 Best Cafés In Dubai Marina (Unique Coffee Shops)

You cannot visit Dubai Marina without noticing the trendy cafes along the promenade. These cafes make the perfect breakfast or brunch spot, especially after a long night. But with so many cafés to choose from, which one is best?

Fortunately, being a lover of café culture and delicious coffee, I am delighted to share my picks of the best cafés in Dubai Marina.

Whether you prefer heading to a café for breakfast or brunch, you’re sure to find your perfect spot on this list. Suitable for sweet and savory lovers, these are the best cafés in Dubai Marina.

1. Breaking Bread


Breaking Bread is a French café located in the Marina. This café offers freshly baked bread, French pastries, and some of the best coffee in Dubai.

The perfect café for anyone looking to spend some time admiring the French culinary skills in the heart of Dubai, Breaking Bread is sure to leave you wanting more.

Breaking Bread boasts about using the finest coffee beans and employing world-class Baristas. Fortunately, they put their money where their mouth is, as the coffee at Breaking Bread is undeniably delicious.

And what better way to enjoy coffee than with a freshly baked croissant, staring out over the beautiful Dubai Marina?

2. Ultra Brasserie

Ultra Brasserie is all about combining traditional flavors with modern food trends.

At this café, you can enjoy freshly made pastries and treats with a delectable cup of coffee daily. Ultra Brasserie prides themselves in delivering locally sourced ingredients at affordable prices.

You can sit inside or outside at the Marina location and enjoy the stunning surroundings of the Dubai Marina. Ultra Brasserie caters for the health conscious and brings you delicious, calorie conscious food and drinks.

With an ever changing menu and countless mouthwatering options to choose from, Ultra Brasserie is guaranteed to become one of your favorite cafes in the marina.

3. Shakespeare And Co.

Shakespeare and Co. is dessert heaven. This franchise restaurant started in 2001 in Dubai and has since opened 32 stores across the UAE. They are simply that good!

While there are so many things to enjoy at Shakespeare and Co., such as the beautiful design and perfect location, what you really come for is the dessert.

Shakespeare and Co. specialize in fine pastries and desserts. You can get anything from the finest French petit fours to authentic Italian gelato and soft sorbets.

I recommend dressing comfortably for this experience, as your stomach will need space to grow. At the same time, you enjoy the most delicious desserts you have ever tasted.

4. Café Society

Café Society is the perfect café for breakfast or brunch, as they offer a wide selection of breakfast dishes from around the world. For example, you can enjoy delicious Turkish-style eggs or Spanish egg shakshuka.

Pair the delicious menu with a beautiful design and vibrant atmosphere, and you have the perfect environment to start your day right.

Café Society also offers sweet breakfast options, such as waffles and pancakes. However, when visiting, I recommend choosing one of their delicious egg-based breakfasts or bread baskets.

Café Society offers some of the best breakfast selections in the Marina. In addition, you can also get an excellent lunch or dinner at this restaurant.

5. Counter Culture Café

Counter Culture Café is another excellent café where you can enjoy various breakfast foods, lunch, and dinner. Counter Culture Café also offers delicious, freshly squeezed juices to help you start your day on the right track.

Then, suppose you are in the mood for something different. In that case, Counter Culture Café also has great cocktails and hubbly bubblies available.

Counter Culture Café is excellent if you’re looking for a café that offers more than just breakfast. Counter Culture Café is pet-friendly, meaning you can bring your dog to breakfast.

6. Baker & Spice

Baker & Spice opened in Dubai in 2008 and focuses on delivering their clients delicious, organic produce and food.

In addition to serving delicious coffee and using only organic, locally harvested vegetables in their dishes, you can also experience the delicious breakfast known as the full English breakfast.

Baker & Spice serves European-style breakfasts, pastries, and other delicacies. Their specialty includes some of the best pancakes you will likely ever eat, and even their toast is anything but ordinary.

So for a filling breakfast and decent coffee, I’d recommend going to Baker & Spice next time you visit the Marina.

7. Café Bateel

Café Bateel is one of the more unique cafés you can find in the Dubai Marina.

For one, this café specializes in Arabic coffee and treats. Therefore, if you’re looking for an attractive destination to try some local Arabic cuisine, look no further than café Bateel.

In addition to enjoying local delicacies, café Bateel has many gift boxes on offer that you can purchase to take home.

As someone who loves exploring local cuisine, café Bateel is a must-stop café for me. It is, therefore, a spot that I would recommend to anyone looking for a more authentic experience.

Café Bateel offers various breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, and their date selection is genuinely wonderful.

8. Baker’s Kitchen

Baker’s Kitchen is a delicious café to visit if you are a vegan or are traveling with vegans. From their breakfast menu, you can choose from various vegan-friendly dishes.

And while other cafés offer vegan-friendly food that tastes bland and looks unappetizing, Baker’s Kitchen will have the non-vegans drooling over your food.

Fortunately, their menu also includes various other dishes, such as croissants, pancakes, granola bars, bagels, and more. So there is something for everyone at Baker’s Kitchen, and you can enjoy your café meal inside or outside.

9. Roast Specialty Coffee

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Roast Specialty Coffee is another coffee shop that delivers exceptional quality coffee in Dubai Marina.

In addition to serving delicious, blended coffee, Roast Specialty Coffee also produces a variety of aesthetic drinks with Instagrammable photography in mind. So if you like to drink pretty pink drinks, Roast Specialty Coffee is the perfect place for you.

You can also enjoy a delicious mocktail at this spot. In addition, they have an extensive breakfast and lunch menu, including sandwiches, wraps, and deliciously sweet crepes.

10. EETEN Urban Kitchen

EETEN Urban Kitchen is a café/restaurant located in the Dubai Marina mall. Their menu features something for everyone, from the sweet tooths to the health conscious.

Because they are open all day, you can choose delicious breakfasts or lunch and dinner options, such as crispy cooked fish and chips or Italian-style pasta.

Of course, the coffee at EETEN is also not to be missed, and their expert baristas will give you a delicious cup of jo with a fancy foam design.

While EETEN is in the Marina Mall, you don’t feel like you are in a shopping center. Instead, the café has an edgy and playful atmosphere.

11. City Port Café

City Port café is located on the Marina walk and boasts beautiful views and plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. This café is also open throughout the day, and they have the most extensive seafood selection on this list.

City Port café is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a café that offers a bit more than pastries and breakfast dishes.

The atmosphere at City Port café is relaxing, and the friendly and informative staff will make you feel appreciated and taken care of.

So whether you’re looking for a meeting place with friends or a quiet and romantic evening, City Port café is worth a visit.

12. The Scene


The Scene is another British-inspired café/pub founded and run by chef Simon Rimmer. The Scene offers an extensive, authentic British breakfast menu with black tea and scones.

Furthermore, the Scene also has a delicious lunch menu, offering everything from salads to seafood. The only thing better than the Scene’s food is the view.

Because the Scene is located on the 4th floor of the Marina Mall, you are struck by the gorgeous view of the Marina. This is the ideal way to start, or finish, your day when traveling through the Dubai Marina area.

  • Address: Al Yahoom Street, Pier 7, 4th Floor, Marina Mall
  • Website: 
  • Phone Number: +971 4 422 2328


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