The 11 Best Dubai Dance Clubs You Can’t Miss

Dubai is a city that has so much to offer. At night it comes alive with so many different entertainment options that it’s no wonder it has an exceptionally hip and happening dance club scene.

The range of different dance clubs is extreme, providing visitors with abundant choices.

To make the decision process that much easier for you, I have put together a list of 11 of the best dance clubs in Dubai, describing what kind of experience you might expect from a visit to each of them.

1. Club Blu

If dancing the night away to an excellent mishmash of music, with visual and lighting elements to wow the eyes, is what you are looking for, Blu Club is where you will want to be.

The venue comprises a single story with a sufficiently big enough area for dancing and housing the stage where their dancing shows take place.

Some might call this club old-school in that their resident and guest DJs play excellent live music and include an array of dancing tunes. Yet, this is not the only great thing about Blu Club.

Its position provides some spectacular views making it an ideal location for an evening out with friends.

Apart from the music and venue, a great thing about Blu Club is its food and beverages. Their on-site mixologists create superb cocktails that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

They also have a large selection of other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, enough to suit even the fussiest drinker.

  • Address: Al Habtoor City, Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +971 56 501 2039

2. Zero Gravity

During the day, Zero Gravity is your typical beach club. With its fantastic restaurant serving an array of tasty morsels, its pool provides visitors with an ideal location to relax in the sun, sipping on a cocktail or other cold drink.

The beach area is the perfect mix between beach and luxury. Although, none of this compares to what happens at night. When the sun goes down, Zero Gravity transforms itself into an outstanding venue and one of the best Dubai dance clubs.

With its vast stage featuring some of the best local and international DJs, this venue pumps up the beats and provides the perfect opportunity for dancing.

To ensure that you enjoy your experience to the fullest, Zero Gravity provides its visitors with a large selection of beverages and a tasty food menu.

You can sip away at your drink while enjoying the poolside dance floor and stage and the wonderful outdoor setting, allowing you to appreciate the stars while you get in your dancing exercise.

  • Address: Dubai Marina, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +971 4 399 0009

3. SoHo Garden

SoHo Garden is one of those venues that provides you with so many options you might find it challenging to choose where you want to let loose your dancing shoes.

Your choices range from hip and happening house music to techno to live performances by international rap, RnB, and contemporary artists.

The top suggestion at SoHo Garden would have to be SoHo Beach DXB, the perfect venue for House parties. Hive, an elevated club slash lounge, offers visitors exceptional Dubai skyline views and outstanding musical performances.

The Terrace is another popular choice, and you will often hear techno and house music blaring from this dancefloor.

Last but not least, The Playroom is SoHo Gardens’ newest addition and is one of the best places to get your dance on.

The vibe at Playroom is one of outdoor clubbing, and they often host international acts that will ensure you dance the night away.

All of the different facets of SoHo Garden work together to make this one of the best Dubai dance clubs.

4. 1 Oak


If you feel like a bit of a party, then a trip to 1 Oak will be more than satisfying.

The venue is small, intimate, lovely, and accommodating, and the DJs play an excellently versatile music mix, perfect for partying it up and dancing the night away.

1 Oak is decorated to make you feel like you have stepped into a New York City chic club. The entranceway is covered in the writings of Charles Darwin, giving it that historical, evolutionary vibe.

A visit to this venue will not disappoint, and it’s no wonder many consider it one of the best Dubai dance clubs. The vibe is fun and friendly, making this venue a hit, and chances are you will make a few new friends visiting this excellent dance club.

As an added extra, 1 Oak has a delicious array of meals and an exceptional beverage menu. You can also partake in fantastic quality shisha at this venue if that’s your thing.

5. Float

Float is one of the unique dance clubs on this list, and the thing that makes it so unusual is that you will find this venue onboard Queen Elizabeth II.

This vessel is steeped in history but decked out with all the modern amenities to make it an exceptional location. With crystals, lights, flying dancers, and an overall magical setting, this is a dance club you should not miss.

You can take in the gorgeous views of the surrounding Arabian Sea while listening to an eclectic mix of music played to you by the resident and guests DJs.

There are often live performances of skilled dancers and other entertainment shows and events, putting the cherry on top of this fantastic venue.

The music, the venue, the position, and the fantastic vibe that is Float all work together to make it one of the best Dubai dance clubs.

This venue also provides its guests with a top-notch food and beverage menu. If you were worried it was all for the ears, don’t worry, they accommodate your taste buds too.

  • Address: Queen Elizabeth II, Port Rashid 
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +971 54 711 171

6. Mantis


Mantis provides its visitors with an old-school dance club vibe. This venue is a dream, from its music to its lighting and decor.

This dance club employs futuristic technologies to ensure its guests have the time of their lives, and the results are in the pudding. The setting makes you feel like you are in a magical space, and the music helps to make this a reality.

The vibe of Mantis is one of a friendly and fun nature. The club setup also makes you feel safe while you party, especially if you are a woman.

The bar staff serves delicious cocktails, mocktails, and other tasty concoctions, satisfying the taste buds and leaving you feeling refreshed. They also have a selection of food items that will leave your tummy happy.

The great thing about Mantis is that they often feature live performances with dancers and singers, which makes a nice difference, and adds to the venue’s charm.

So if you are looking for a fun night out dancing and enjoying some good vibes, then head out to Mantis for a night to remember.

7. Dark Room

If you are looking for an Afro-vibed dance club, Dark Room is the place for you. The resident and guest DJs play amazing, electrifying music providing visitors with an exclusive clubbing experience.

This venue is a great place to get your dance on, and they also frequently host exceptional events and live acts by international musicians.

Dark Room is perfect for all aspects of a night out, with comfy chairs and bar stools to relax on when you need to rest your feet.

Their extensive beverage menu includes a range of delicious and perfectly mixed cocktails, spirits, beers, and wines. Those who enjoy a good smoke will be glad to hear that they also have excellent shisha on offer.

Good music, drinks, and comfy seating are not the only things that Dark Room provides. They also have a good food menu, including excellent sushi, salads, pizza, pasta, fish, and Wagyu beef sliders.

With a pumping atmosphere and all the added extras, it’s no wonder many consider Dark Room to be one of the best Dubai dance clubs.

8. Cavalli Club


Glamour, Swarovski crystals, and VIP guests are only some of the charming aspects of Cavalli Club.

If you feel like rubbing shoulders with some of Dubai’s elite, visiting this fantastic dance club/ lounge/ restaurant should be on your bucket list.

The venue even features an exclusively private jazz room where an invitation is the only way you will gain entrance.

Yet, the central area is where all the magic happens, from vibing beats to incredible performances featured on their center stage. Cavalli has it all.

When visiting, ensure that you sample some of their great drinks, perfectly mixed by their on-site mixologists. They also offer a lovely Italian menu, perfect for those who feel a bit hungry.

If you plan on resting your feet once in a while, it might be a good idea to pre-book a table before heading to Cavalli. This way, you know you will have somewhere to recoup between dancing and socializing.

9. White

If spectacular views, exceptionally upbeat music, fantastic light shows, and delicious drinks are what you are looking for, White is the dance club for you.

This club is one of the best dance clubs in Dubai and provides visitors with a unique clubbing experience that combines cabaret-styled shows with amazing DJs.

Performances that include flying hair hangers and performers dressed up in Broadway-Esque-styled costumes are the game’s name and add that extra bit to the electrifying DJs sets.

The music provides the perfect backdrop to dance the night away while taking in the sweeping views of Dubai’s beautiful skyline.

To make the night much more spectacular, ensure that you treat your taste buds to a few of White’s expertly mixed signature cocktails.

Pair your drink with their globally refined food menu that includes mouth-watering options such as smoked salmon, delicious sushi, cheese platters, seafood platters, salads, and exceptional mains.

When considering this venue, one thing to remember is that they temporarily close in the summertime, so check that they are open before visiting.

10. Toy Room

Toy Room features an eclectic range of music from Hip Hop to Classics, Deep House, Techno, Trap, Big Beats, Baseline, and more.

The musical geniuses behind the beats are some of the best in the world and include club DJs, Hip Hop performers, and homegrown talent right from Dubai.

This funky dance club is home to Frank, a giant teddy bear who dances alongside visitors on the dancefloor and is happy to pose for photos with you, ensuring there is laughter during your night of partying.

They have some great drinks available for those who get a bit thirsty or who need some fuel for their dancing shoes. The venue’s dress code is smart/ elegant so ensure that you dress the part; otherwise, they will send you home to change.

Another thing to consider before visiting this fantastic dance club is that the venue only holds a certain amount of people, so if you want to ensure that you get in, you might consider pre-booking a table.

11. Sky 2.0


A feat of technology is what you can expect when visiting Sky 2.0, as this venue utilizes a plethora of bendable screens, a lilting sound system, and a grand lighting design to ensure that your experience while visiting is one that you will not soon forget.

The venue is spherically shaped and open at the top, allowing you to view the stars while you dance and party with friends. The light shows, and disco lighting is exceptional, adding to the overall atmosphere of the club.

Their bar offers a selection of tasty and refreshing drinks, with non-alcoholic options for those who do not wish to indulge.

Overall, the venue, décor, lighting, sounds, and vibe make this venue a must-visit, ensuring it is on the best Dubai dance clubs list.


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