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What Is The Best Time To Visit Dubai? Read Before Booking

Dubai is a bustling city that should be on everyone’s bucket list of travel destinations. However, when to travel to Dubai is one of the most significant considerations when planning your Dubai trip. As great as the weather is in some seasons, it can be horrible during others. So, what is the best time to visit Dubai?

The best season to visit Dubai is in winter, or between November and February. During this time, the weather is the most temperate, and there are many festivals and events happening in Dubai. However, visiting during the transition months is also an option, as the weather is also moderate.

This article will discuss the best season and months to visit Dubai, depending on what you want to do while there. We will also discuss when you should consider visiting Dubai outside of the peak season, even though the weather isn’t ideal during this time. This article is a guide to choosing the best time to visit Dubai.

When Should You Plan A Trip To Dubai?

Plan Trip to Dubai

Dubai only really has two seasons, winter and summer:

  • Winter stretches from November to February.
  • Summer is between June and August.

The other months are in between summer and winter and are better described as transition months rather than spring or autumn.

Daytime temperatures are still scorching during the transition months and can get as high as 100°F (38°C). However, the evenings during the transition months are moderate. You can, therefore, comfortably visit Dubai during these months.

The high or peak season in Dubai is during winter when daytime temperatures are about 77°F (25°C), and the evenings are cool. Therefore, winter is also the best time for you to visit Dubai, not only because the weather is best but also because most events and festivals in Dubai take place during the winter.

On the other hand, summer is the worst time to visit Dubai. Daytime temperatures are well over 100°F, and frequent sandstorms make it near impossible to plan for a trip outside. Therefore, if you wish to go sightseeing or leave your hotel while visiting Dubai, don’t go in the summer.

However, regardless of when you wish to visit Dubai, there are various sights to see and events to attend. While winter is the peak season in Dubai, there are some advantages of visiting this city out of season, too.

Why Visit Dubai Out Of Peak Season?

Dubai Beaches Peak Season

Regardless of when you visit Dubai, you are sure to have a packed itinerary. Dubai holds events throughout the year in an attempt to draw tourists to the city outside of the peak season, too. We will discuss which events occur during all the seasons later in this article.

Apart from the events, visiting Dubai during the transition months (April to May and September to October) provides you with the best beach weather. Because the days are hot, and the evening cool, you can spend your days lying around on the beach and do some sightseeing in the evenings. Be sure to pack enough sunscreen, though!

Another big advantage of visiting Dubai outside of peak season is that everything is cheaper, including flights, accommodation, and food. Therefore, you will be able to do a lot more in Dubai for less money than you would in peak season. There is also more availability in hotels during the off-season, and you won’t have to wait in long queues to access the tourist attractions in Dubai.

Dubai also has a big summer sale in June and July to attract tourists. You can then buy high-fashion items at a much more affordable price. Therefore, the shopaholics among you might consider a trip to Dubai during the hot summer months.

When Are The Best Events In Dubai?

As mentioned before, Dubai holds events throughout the year. This attracts more tourists throughout the year and keeps the economy going off-season. So, what events can you look forward to in each season?

Winter Events In Dubai

Dubai Shopping Festival

Because Dubai’s peak season is in winter, there are also the most events happening during this time. These are some events you can attend in the winter:

  • Dubai Design Week takes place in November.
  • Remembrance Day is celebrated on the 2ndof December.
  • The Dubai International Film Festival is also held in December and attracts many celebrities.
  • The Dubai Rugby Seasons also takes place in winter.
  • In January, many people visit Dubai to celebrate the new year.
  • The Grand Dubai Shopping Festival follows the new year celebrations.
  • The Dubai Marathon, Dubai Golf Tournament, and Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Championships also occur during the winter.
  • Dubai also hosts an annual Jazz Festival and boat show in winter.
  • Finally, the horse racing world cup also takes place in Dubai during the winter.

As you can see, multiple events occur in Dubai during the winter. This makes it the best time to visit Dubai, aside from the weather being the best. While you might experience some light rain during your stay, the skies will be clear for the most part.

Summer Events In Dubai

Surprise Summer Sale Dubai

Although summer isn’t the greatest time to visit Dubai because of the scorching weather, Dubai still organizes some events to attract tourists. These are some events you can consider during Dubai’s summer months.

  • The Dubai Summer Surprises Festival is held for ten weeks during Dubai’s summer. At this festival, you can find clothes and other fashion items on sale.

Although summertime isn’t great for outdoor activities, Dubai has air-conditioning inside all the shopping centers, restaurants, and hotels. Therefore, if you wish to spend most of your time indoors, visiting Dubai in the summer is certainly worth considering.

Events In Dubai During Transition Season

Food Festival Dubai

The transitional seasons in Dubai offer a unique experience. The days aren’t as hot as the summer days, but it is hotter than winter days. Therefore, the transitional season is the perfect time to visit Dubai for all beach lovers. In addition, there are also several events during the transitional season in Dubai.

  • The Dubai Food Festival takes place in April. This is when all of Dubai’s local cuisine is showcased.
  • The Dubai Music Festival occurs in September and features foreign and local music groups.

The transitional seasons in Dubai are a great alternative to visiting Dubai in winter. You also benefit from paying out-of-season rates during these months, meaning you can visit Dubai for a lower price than you would in peak season.


The best time to visit Dubai is in winter when the temperatures are comfortable. Dubai’s winter is from October to February, and many events occur in Dubai during this time. Another great time to visit Dubai is during the transition months (from April to May and September to October). The weather is also comfortable during this time, and some events occur.

Summer months are exceptionally hot, and therefore summer is the worst time to visit Dubai. However, you can visit Dubai for a lot cheaper than the other seasons. Dubai also has air conditioning in most buildings, meaning that you can have a comfortable trip to Dubai.


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