Dubai In August: Is It The WORST Time To Visit?

Dubai is a fantastic holiday destination: it has the world’s tallest skyscrapers, indoor theme parks and is a shopper’s paradise. However, August is mid-summer in the UAE and Dubai’s second hottest month. Is August a good time to visit Duba?

August is a good time to visit Dubai if you plan to be indoors with air-conditioning and avoid the midsummer heat and humidity.

It’s off-peak for tourism, so flight and hotel deals are available. Dubai was built for the heat, so there’s a wide variety of indoor shopping and entertainment venues.

The combination of desert and ocean means Dubai faces sweltering heat and sandstorms in summer. However, don’t let the weather put you off enjoying this incredible tourist hot spot. Let’s look at why August is a good time to visit Dubai.  

How Hot Is Dubai In August?


Visiting Dubai in August means a holiday in a desert country in mid-summer: temperatures soar, humidity rises, and sand blows everywhere. There is no chance of a refreshing thunderstorm.

Few people can stand outside temperatures of 110-114⁰F (43-47⁰C). It’s as hot in the shade as in the sun, and temperatures drop only a couple of degrees at night.

Outdoors is not appealing and, frankly, can be dangerous. By law, laborers must take a break between 12 and 3 to avoid heatstroke, sunburn, and dehydration, so follow their example.

It’s so hot that outdoor pools are cooled, not heated. Restaurants close their outdoor seating areas for a couple of months, and attractions like Global Village and Dubai Miracle Gardens close for the summer.

Outdoor activities like swimming, beach volleyball, sea-kayaking, dune-bashing, and BBQ in the desert aren’t the best choice for August.

Do You Like Indoor Vacations?

Don’t let the hot weather put you off from visiting Dubai in August, so long as you’re happy to spend most of your vacation indoors.

The city was designed to make life as comfortable as possible in the heat, so everything is air-conditioned.

All public buildings, including hotels, mosques, shopping malls, museums, restaurants, movie houses, and banks, are air-conditioned, so once you’re indoors, it’s pleasantly cool.

Taxis, trams, and the metro are all air-conditioned so that you can travel around the city in relative comfort. Walking from place to place isn’t a great idea, but taxis are reasonably priced.

In fact, you should pack a light jacket, wrap, or cardigan, as you can feel chilly when inside.

Is August Peak Tourist Season In Dubai?

Summer is the peak tourist season in Europe, with people flocking to Greece, Spain, and Italy. However, it’s the off-peak season in Dubai.

Because August’s off-peak, prices of hotels drop in Dubai, so it’s the cheapest time of the year to visit.

Since the pandemic, flight prices have remained high, but you can usually get reduced fares to Dubai in summer.

There are also fewer tourists in Dubai in August, but note that tourist numbers are always high.

What Are Staycation Specials?

As many expats and locals exit Dubai in summer, and it’s off-peak for tourists, you’ll find many deals on staycations.

Taking a staycation is a Dubai tradition. Many hotels and resorts, including those on the coast, offer specials during August.

If you want to stay in a fabulous hotel (Burj Al Arab, anyone?), this is the time to book, especially if you have small children. Many hotel specials include children’s board and lodging free.

Do You Enjoy Shopping?

Whatever the weather or season, Dubai is the ultimate shopping destination.

With enormous and beautiful malls, like Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, and Dubai Hills Mall, there are enough high-end, designer stores to satisfy any hunger for shopping.

The Gold Souk, Spice Souk, and Perfume Souk in the old part of Dubai are uncomfortable in August.

However, Souk Madinat in Jumeirah and the souk in Dubai Mall offer the marketplace experience without the heat and dust.

For bargains and factory-shop prices, head to the Dubai Outlet Mall or Dragonmart, where you will find items you never knew you needed.

Many shopping malls participate in summer shopping festivals like Dubai Summer Surprises, with plenty of sales and discounted items.

Is Indoor Entertainment On Offer?

When you’ve shopped your heart out, head for the many indoor activities available. You’ll find good deals on some of these attractions in August. Here’s a sample of the best indoor entertainment in Dubai.



There are many world-class tourist sights in Dubai, and you’ll find shorter queues in August than at other times of the year.

  • The Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, provides incredible views. Take the elevator up to the enormous viewing deck to watch the sunset. For a different perspective, visit the Dubai Frame, although the walk from the parking area is through a park.
  • The Museum of the Future, housed in a spectacular building, is Dubai’s latest attraction. You’ll gain a fascinating insight into our changing world and the technology that impacts it.
  • The Burj Al Arab is the world’s only seven-star hotel. You can tour the hotel and marvel at the magnificent interiors, then enjoy afternoon tea or a gold cappuccino.

Activities For Families

Keeping the whole family busy and working off some energy is a holiday must. There are many theme parks and physical adventures for youngsters and the young at heart.

  • Motiongate and IMG Worlds of Adventure are indoor movie-inspired theme parks with family-friendly rides, restaurants, and other attractions.
  • Ski Dubai allows you to experience winter in mid-summer. With a massive ski slope, Ski Dubai gives visitors the opportunity to take skiing lessons, meet penguins, and enjoy the snow park.
  • KidZania in Dubai Mall offers a scaled-down replica of Dubai. Children can explore different professions through role-playing games. This exciting attraction is fun and educational at the same time.
  • VR Park is the world’s largest virtual reality park where you can explore virtual and augmented reality experiences.
  • Dubai Autodrome is a go-carting enthusiast’s dream, with an indoor track. Also, enjoy laser tag when your need for speed is sated.
  • Indoor Skydiving is an excellent idea if it’s too hot outside. It’s also safer for those who want the thrill without the danger.

Enjoying Nature

When the skyscrapers and bright lights overwhelm you, head to one of Dubai’s indoor nature destinations to relax and recharge.

  • The Green Planet, an indoor biodome, houses a tropical rainforest with jungle birds and animals. Children can interact with sloths, parrots, and reptiles. Look out for the daily rain showers!
  • Dubai is home to two aquariums, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo in Dubai Mall and The Lost Chambers Aquarium at Atlantis on the Palm. Both are fascinating and offer beautiful insight into the underwater world. There are opportunities to dive with the fish and feed penguins.
  • Take a cruise around Dubai’s Marina, and enjoy the ocean views from the luxury of an air-conditioned boat.
  • Deep Dive Dubai is the world’s deepest diving pool, full of fascinating underwater treasures to explore. The facility offers activities for beginners and experienced divers.


Dubai is home to some impressive theatre-style shows, which are suitable for young and old.

  • La Perle by Dragone is an incredible circus-like show in a purpose-built theatre. The dream-like tale follows a young girl and her adventures and features dance, acrobatics, and aerial and aquatic stunts.
  • The Theatre of Digital Art presents three-dimensional music and immersive artwork experiences using state-of-the-art technology.

For a fantastic round-up of indoor activities over the summer, take a look at TimeOut’s bucket list.


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