The 11 Best Karaoke Bars In Dubai to Sing Your Heart Out

If you are in Dubai and yearn for a jolly night out that includes karaoke, you’re in luck. Dubai offers many karaoke bars for those who take karaoke seriously and those who just want to release the strained melody trapped within them.

Confident singers can pick a place where you sing with the bar patrons as your audience. For us shy singers, many places offer private karaoke suites.

Get your favorite songs ready and warm up those vocal cords, my fellow songbirds and party animals.

1. Lucky Voice Dubai

Lucky Voice offers eleven private karaoke pods that are private and fully soundproof and can accommodate 6 – 25 people.

Each pod boasts a high-definition LCD lyric screen, professional wireless microphones, and Lucky Voice’s custom-designed sound system.

And the karaoke software? The touchscreen allows you easy access to over 10,000 songs, including English, Russian, Arabic, Bollywood, Italian, French, and Spanish. The chances are you’ll find your song.

To add to the party vibes, you can use the props from the prop box or get your preselected drinks from the mini-bar fridge in the pod.

Better still, you can press the service button to get service direct to your pod, so you need not miss out on the Lucky Voice cocktails or their “light bites”.

If you want to enjoy a full meal, you can dine in their restaurant before or after your karaoke party.

To reserve a karaoke pod, you must email or phone 800-LUCKY (58259).

  • · Address: Lucky Voice Dubai, Grand Millennium Hotel, Barsha Heights
  • Website: 
  • Phone Number: +971 800 58259

2. Miss Wáng


Miss Wáng is a pan-Asian establishment that offers a great vibe while being laid back. It may not seem like a bustling spot, but Friday nights are jam-packed with boisterous patrons bustling to sing karaoke between live bands.

Monday Madness Karaoke is hosted by Winfield Events and Exhibitions every Monday night from 8 pm to 1 am, and you can get 50% off selected beverages too.

Recently, Miss Wáng launched a private karaoke room for private functions. Other treats you can enjoy at Miss Wáng include fine Asian cuisine, yummy brunch specials, and well-priced drinks specials, some of which include unlimited spirits.

3. Hibiki Karaoke Lounge


The Japanese-themed Hibiki Karaoke Lounge is among the many restaurants and bars at the Hyatt Regency. Hibiki offers live entertainment, splendid alcoholic beverages, a snack menu, and, of course, karaoke.

Hibiki Karaoke Lounge is one of the most established karaoke bars in Dubai, possibly even the first (according to them).

Hibiki’s sound system is excellent, and you can choose from more than 50,000 songs in their song library. The staff members are welcoming and friendly and will go out of their way to accommodate you.

The ambiance is relaxed and pleasant. There are regular, seasoned singers who frequent Hibiki, but also a lot of newbies to karaoke who enjoy some uninhibited singing.

4. Kung Korean Club


The Kung Korean Club is an authentic Korean restaurant on the M level of Byblos Hotel and offers private karaoke rooms behind the authentic restaurant.

Each private karaoke room can accommodate a medium-sized group of singers and is equipped with couches, big-screen TVs, and fun disco lighting. The song library is extensive and includes full-motion backing tracks.

If you plan on visiting Kung Korean Club, you would need to book a karaoke room or table in advance due to the popularity of this little gem.

Kung Korean Club is a family-owned restaurant that offers delicious Asian food. The setting is simple and welcoming.

Seating arrangements include Asian-style low tables with cushions on the floor and chairs at higher tables (for those of us not adept at sitting on the floor or getting up elegantly from said floor).

5. Mr. Miyagi’s

If you are looking for a colorful, punny, and fun night out in a Thai-themed spot, you must go to Mr. Miyagi’s. The whole vibe is just so darn enjoyable, and the karaoke is a blast.

Mr. Miyagi offers delicious food and cocktails, and hosts themed events regularly, like Ladies’ Night Classics, Wax On Wax Off Brunch, or Wok n Roll Brunch on Saturdays. The service is excellent!

Mr. Miyagi’s gets packed on weekends, so it’s advisable to make a booking in advance. They have two branches – one in Media One Hotel and another in Studio One Hotel.

Check out their website for the opening times as they differ between the two branches (Media One is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, and Studio One is open daily but with differing opening times).

Mr. Miyagi’s at Media One Hotel

Mr. Miyagi’s at Studio One Hotel

6. Maiden Shanghai

Not only can Maiden Shanghai boast of being the best Chinese restaurant in Dubai, but it can also boast of having the most spectacular skyline views of Dubai.

Maiden Shanghai has a private karaoke room frequented by regulars and is perfect for a private party – Dubai-style. Due to the restaurant’s popularity, booking a table in the restaurant or the karaoke room is essential.

Maiden Shanghai is a 1920’s Shanghai-inspired restaurant that takes up three floors in FIVE Hotel.

In addition to the karaoke room, Maiden Shanghai includes different sections, including private seating areas, a spectacular terrace, and a busy bar.

Some of the regular events that Maiden Shanghai hosts include Friday Brunches, Naughty Noodles Saturday Brunch, and Crazy Rich Ladies’ Night.

7. Z Room Dubai

Z Room offers a different type of karaoke experience from the more Asian-type establishments in Dubai.

During dining hours, you will see fabulous entertainment that could include fire eaters, professional live singers, dancers, and aerial artists. The plushy interior décor is dark marble and gold, and the menu is Slavic-Mediterranean – most delicious.

After 11 pm, the luxurious Z Room transforms from a dining experience to a hub of dazzling and exciting nightlife fun – and that’s where the karaoke comes in.

Tuesday nights are dedicated Ladies’ Nights with discounts on dishes and drinks from 9 pm until late at night.

8. Maxx Music Bar

Maxx Music Bar is geared up for music lovers of the ’80s, ’90s, and ’00s. They offer local talent, international acts, interesting cocktails, beers, and light eating options. And karaoke? Of course!

Tuesday Karaoke Nights with Dahlia start at 8 pm, with some rad specials for the ladies. Keep track of Maxx’s Facebook page for live bands, DJs, and other promotions.

9. The Clavichord Music Lounge

Are you in the mood for a suave jazzy experience? How about some karaoke at Dubai’s favorite jazz lounge (a totally different vibe to a bar) on a Wednesday night?

The Clavichord Music Lounge is keen on encouraging you to release your inner potential, no matter how confident or shy you feel about singing in front of others.

The Clavichord Music Lounge offers live entertainment on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and their promotions include Ladies’ Nights (some drinks are free) on Wednesdays (with the karaoke), plus other specials on food and beverages.

10. The Other Office


You will find another little karaoke gem in the Business Bay of Dubai called The Other Office. The Other Office offers five private karaoke rooms where you can gather up to twelve people and enjoy some karaoke together.

The karaoke rooms are clean and affordable, the staff complement is friendly, and the food is good, despite the menu being a bit limited and pricey.

It is a good spot for an office party or if you want something more formal and less noisy than a bar.

  • Address: 3rd Floor, Gulf Court Hotel, Marasi Dr., Business Bay
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +971 4 247 3333

11. Cross Roads Karaoke Lounge

Cross Roads Karaoke Lounge is dedicated to karaoke and hearing you sing!

They host different promotions regularly, including comedy nights, DJs, TikTok dance challenges, and Party Nights. Happy hour is every night from 6 pm to 10 pm, and they close at 3 am.

Cross Roads has the following daily food and drink specials: 25% discount on food orders, drinks specials that include some buy-one-get-one-free deals, plus a beer bucket for 89 AED.

It’s a good place to dip your toe into the waters of karaoke if you are keen to try it out.


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