The 10 Best Dim Sum Restaurants In Dubai Right Now

Dubai is a foodie’s paradise, but where it truly shines is with its diversity of pan-Asian cuisine. Dim sum is not an exception here, either – Dubai has some of the best dim sum eateries on the planet!

Here is our top 10 list of Dubai’s best dim sum joints. The first half of this list excels with its world-class food and beautiful ambiance, while the second is ideal for tourists on a budget.

Whether you love fine dining or fast food, you’ll find a perfect, succulent Chinese meal in the list below.

1. Maiden Shanghai

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Maiden Shanghai is an award-winning show of modern Chinese cuisine, trendy, gourmet, and decadent. You can’t go wrong with this superb restaurant – its hand-folded dim sum is excellent.

The baked wagyu beef puffs, the turnip puffs, and cristal shrimp dumplings were all to die for!

Maiden Shanghai also boasts some fantastic entertainment. As well as themed brunches, this restaurant offers ladies’ nights, a karaoke room, and a live DJ. Maiden Shanghai’s dim sum isn’t only a culinary experience – it can be a party.

Not only that, but Maiden Shanghai also gives excellent views. And we’re not just talking about the meals or the beautiful people attending this restaurant’s delicious brunches.

No, Maiden Shanghai is perched atop the FIVE Palm Jumeirah hotel. You’ll have a panoramic view of the world city and its beaches as you dine.

2. Ba – Boldly Asian


Ba – Boldly Asian is a standout Chinese and pan-Asian restaurant, and their dim sum is no exception.

This restaurant on the Dubai Palm boasts a mouth-watering selection of buns, platters, and if you’re in the mood, excellent entrées. From crispy wontons to wagyu tartare, Ba has it all.

The service here is outstanding, too – even for Dubai’s notoriously high standards. The staff is consistently polite and helpful, and they have the menu memorized to a T.

But, of course, you’ll need something to wash that dim sum down. That’s where Ba’s extensive drinks list comes into play. Ba has a bar stocked with classic and modern cocktails, plus several popular beers and award-winning wines.

3. Hutong


Hutong was Time Out’s Best Chinese Restaurant in Dubai for 2021. It isn’t hard to see why – with dark, elegant décor and a signature spicy style, this Hongkonger restaurant is an excellent pick for dim sum. Indeed, that’s what they do best.

Our favorite pick is the chicken siu mai dim sum, which has a fiery flavor that’s sure to impress. Other excellent choices are the king oyster and shitake mushroom, crystal vegetable, and wagyu beef flavors.

These dumplings come with either of Hutong’s world-class brunches – which also boast several decadent alcoholic options.

Hutong also offers something we love: a signature menu, tailor-made to ensure that every meal is among its most refined.

It’s a perfect date option, complete with wine pairings and dessert – and, of course, dim sum. We highly recommend this Michelin-star North Chinese restaurant.

4. Royal China

An award-winning Cantonese restaurant, Royal China quickly has one of the most impressive dim sum menus in Dubai. As well as having all the staples, this restaurant has some fascinating modern takes on classic dumplings.

For instance, where else could you order a black gold yolk lava bun in Dubai? Exactly. If you’re looking for refined, Imaginate dining, give Royal China a try.

Their standard dim sum is excellent too, with the radish, scallion, and crab soup options being our favorites.

Also, Royal China has some of the best décors out of all the restaurants we visited. There’s nothing as great as scarfing down gyoza and Cheung fun on their outdoor patio.

5. Long Yin

Long Yin is a high-class, stylish Chinese restaurant in the Northern Garhoud suburb.

With its cozy atmosphere, rustic décor, and outside seating options, Long Yin impressed us from the moment we walked in. The menu didn’t disappoint either.

This restaurant offers steamed and deep-fried dim sum, with every filling from chicken and prawn to crab to rainbow kingfish.

Although this dim sum can easily be a full meal, there’s no reason not to try out some of Long Yin’s entrées. Their wide selection of Sichuanese and Cantonese dishes is a welcome sight and is authentically prepared.

If you’re a dim sum purist, that’s great, too. We understand, and so does Long Yin – they have a Wednesday and Thursday special on their dumplings, transforming Long Yin from a good restaurant into one with spectacular deals.

6. Golden Dragon Restaurant

Without the Golden Dragon – Dubai’s oldest Chinese restaurant – no dim sum list would be complete. Golden Dragon has stood the test of time, serving affordable and authentic dim sum for nearly twenty-five years.

What stood out the most was their shrimp har gao, excellently flavorful seafood dumplings.

And while Golden Dragon might not have the most expansive menu, each dish is well-prepared, and the portions are more than generous. To say we enjoyed the har gao is an understatement. We stuffed ourselves there.

Ensure that you book in advance, however. Golden Dragon’s food is as popular as it is delicious. Don’t turn up and expect to get a table without a reservation.

  • Contact: +971 4 357 7022
  • Address: 66 2 St, Oud Metha

7. Din Tai Fung

An excellent Taiwanese entry into Dubai’s dim sum selection, Din Tai Fung specializes in the dish. Yeah, the entire restaurant focuses around providing you the best possible menu of Chinese dumplings.

Din Tai Fung’s selection of dim sum is truly astonishing. If you’re genuinely interested in trying every dumpling out there, then this restaurant chain is an ideal place to start.

However, our best would have to be the red bean or golden lava buns – the uniquely sweet taste is always a great surprise. Likewise, their service is also surprisingly fast!

Not only that, but Din Tai Fung also offers excellent deals with its dumpling platters. While this restaurant remains on the classier side, it can nevertheless be surprisingly affordable. That’s all the better for ordering extra dim sum, then.

8. China Sea

If you love authentic homestyle cuisine, put the China Sea restaurant on your bucket list. This humble, no-frills establishment might not be much to look at, but their dim sum is another matter.

We haven’t had dumplings like these since our holiday in China – the flavor and portion size are unmatched. Although their English isn’t impressive, the staff are friendly and gave us prompt service.

Not only that, but China Sea offers excellent deals, perfect for diners on a budget. We’re talking about six-inch dumplings here. Who can say no to a giant crispy prawn dumpling?

So, the China Sea is perfect if you’re looking for a no-frills lunch in a quieter part of Dubai. Another great thing about its seclusion is that you’ll never have to wait for a table.

9. Sizzling Wok

While foodies might know Sizzling Wok for its expansive Pan-Asian menu, this restaurant doesn’t pull its punches with dumplings. We were pleasantly surprised at how high-quality Sizzling Wok’s dim sum was and its low prices.

The casual atmosphere is also a huge plus. Although Sizzling Wok’s latest branch is situated in the Citymax Hotel, the restaurant is a great place to chill out and enjoy cheap, well-made dumplings.

Last, if you’re big eaters like us, you’ll live Sizzling Wok’s Wednesday special. It’s an all-you-can-eat dim sum buffet, plus a house drink.

And that’s for less than most of their main courses. The dim sum come in a choice of chicken, prawn, or vegetarian – steamed or pan friend – with a delicious anglo dipping sauce.

10. Fat Aunt’s at Streetery Foodhall  

Last but not least is the Streetery Foothall. While this food market boasts several Asian restaurants, our pick for dim sum is Fat Aunt’s. Don’t let the odd name turn you off either; we definitely fattened ourselves up at this relaxed little joint!

This Cantonese dim sum is outstanding and affordable, too. Whether you’re a business hotshot trying Zen’s newest enterprise or a sandal-wearing backpacker, you won’t say no to a second helping of these dumplings.

The ambiance is outstanding, too. Even if the Streetery Foodhall gets busy, that’s no problem.

Enjoy the crazy lights and bustling crowds while you wait for your chicken soup dumplings and char siu bao. The spicy Sichuan dumplings are another great choice, as are the prawn wontons.


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