The 20 Best Indian Clubs In Dubai (Bollywood Clubs)

Who is in the mood for a rocking night out in Dubai, enjoying some Bollywood and Desi vibes? Me, me!

Dubai is known for having exceptional nightclubs, and the Indian nightclub scene is one of the most fun and vibey. There are some old favorites, and then some new Indian clubs have opened their doors.

Let’s see which ones are the best, hippest, and hottest in Dubai.

1. Raat Baaki

Let’s just say that Raat Baaki has one of the most fabulous dance floors you’ll ever see! It is a floor made of clear cubes lit up with many colors from the inside. There are also fantastic disco lights to give you that proper disco feeling.

Raat Raaki is the UAE’s first five-star lounge, which is understandable when you see what they have on offer.

Their energetic dancers will perform choreographed dances from Bollywood movies that you love. You can watch anything from street and folk dancing to live DJ shows.

The vibe pumps hard every weekend and on the themed nights at Raat Baaki, so it is best to reserve a spot so that you don’t miss out!

Their happy hours are from 8 pm to 10 pm daily. Stay tuned to their Facebook and Instagram pages as they update their events regularly.

2. Simbly South

Simbly South is the largest underground Dravidian club in Dubai. This famous nightclub won a Masala Award in 2018 for being the best Asian club for a night out. Simbly South hosts regular themed events that are sure to entice you to visit them.

Their music isn’t just Bollywood music, oh no! On some weeknights, a fun dance night called Simbly South is held. By their own admission, it’s kitsch and mad and loads of fun!

You can expect to hear all kinds of music, including Mollywood remixes, Kollywood, Bollywood, Dravidian bass, and commercial music. It’s the perfect place for letting loose on the dance floor.

Their Saturday nights get booked up quickly, so if you’re planning to go there, it’s a good idea to reserve your spot.

Their Facebook page is very active, so you can keep up to date with what’s happening and book in advance. The great part is that ladies and couples usually get free entry, and on some nights, the ladies get free drinks.

3. Super 20 Bar and Lounge

Super 20 Bar and Lounge is a classic Bollywood club that immerses you in Bombay nightlife. Think of comfortable velvet couches, neon lighting, a spacious platform, and a great sound system that sets the scene.

You can enjoy all sorts of entertainment, from dancing, singing, and interactive activities – they are sure to lift your spirits.

While you sit with your friends and enjoy the vibe, you can nibble on some of Super 20’s delicious food or enjoy a shisha from their wide selection. The staff is exceptionally fun, friendly, and knowledgeable about their products.

The bartenders enjoy experimenting with new alcoholic mixes, too. The super ambiance in Super 20 is made possible by this excellent combination of factors.

You can follow them on Facebook or Instagram (@super20dxb) to stay updated on events and promotions.

4. Dhadkan Night Club

Dhadkan Night Club is a super-vibey Indian dance bar, club, and restaurant. The décor is elegant, and the food is said to be delicious. Dhadkan has excellent DJs that play all sorts of music, but Bollywood music is at the top of the playlist.

At Dhadkan Night Club, you can enjoy a beer and show off your dance moves on their sensational dancefloor.

You can also enjoy a meal and their live performances or special events. Singers will entertain you in Hindi, Punjabi, English, Arabic, and Bengali.

Dhadkan hosts events regularly, including themed, branded, bachelorette, and VIP events. Sometimes the entrance is free, but big events like the New Year’s Party or visiting DJs require booking a ticket.

Their opening hours are from 9 pm to 3 am, so you can check out their website or  Facebook page to stay in the loop at Dhadkan Night Club.

5. Agni Desi Club

Agni Desi Club is a place that will definitely boost your spirits if you’re looking for a fun Bollywood night out. This Bollywood Desi club has live shows that include Punjabi Bhangra Dhol drums and gorgeous go-go dancers.

In addition, the talented video DJs that play fantastic music will keep you dancing.

The lavish décor and attentive and friendly staff make the ambiance. Agni Desi Club hosts many themed nights.

What’s great is that they open earlier than many other Indian clubs in Dubai and have specials for the ‘early birds’. That way, you can be sure to have a good time if you have time restraints.

6. One Music Lounge

One Music Lounge is new on the Bollywood nightclub scene in Dubai and is fast becoming one of the most popular. They offer live music and a DJ on set, and you can be entertained by belly dancing and other performances, too.

At One Music Lounge, they regularly have excellent drinks and menu promotions. You can enjoy a meal, drinks, and shisha with your family and friends because it has such a relaxed vibe.

Of course, they also offer Ladies’ Night promotions with popular bands performing rock music, amongst other themed events.

It’s really worth checking out this new lounge. Follow One Music Lounge on Facebook to keep up with their planned events.

7. Antakshari

Antakshari is considered one of the best Indian clubs in Dubai. The performances from the DJs and dancers stand out above the competitors. The dances are so well choreographed that they compete with Bollywood films.

The DJ will rock you with Hindi, Punjabi, and English tunes that have a great beat and lift your spirits.

While you enjoy the entertainment at Antakshari, you can indulge in some of their delicious meals that will exceed your expectations for a nightclub.

Of course, the food can be a bit pricey, and the soft drinks, too, so it’s not going to be a cheap night out. However, it’s definitely worth it for the entertainment and the ambiance.

Unfortunately, Antakshari doesn’t yet have a dedicated website to check out. Still, you can phone ahead and reserve a table for yourself, so you’re guaranteed a spot.

8. It’s Mirchi

It’s Mirchi is an Indian restaurant and nightclub that offers a sumptuous buffet and live music. It’s a perfect place to go on a date because the music is good, and you can still have a conversation.

However, it’s not a big disco, so you shouldn’t expect it to be as big and vibey as some previously mentioned nightclubs.

Dinner is served from 7 pm to 11:30 pm; after that, the dancing and partying begin. They have live performances, including DJs and dancers. The staff at It’s Mirchi are friendly and helpful.

So take some friends for a night out and make your party happen at It’s Mirchi.

9. Club Boudoir

Club Boudoir is one of the oldest Indian nightclubs in Dubai – established in 2002. It is definitely one of the favorites, too, and is frequented by the elites of Dubai.

Despite having French Renaissance décor, Boudoir hosts regular Bollywood nights that are a huge hit. Their food is splendid, and their liqueurs are ever so tasty.

In addition, they are known for their great music, ambiance, and location.

Boudoir closed temporarily for renovations, so you can expect dazzling new décor and colossal party nights when they reopen. So, it would be best to keep an eye on their Facebook page for their prestigious upcoming events.

10. AKS Nights

AKS isn’t an individual nightclub, but it is the leading brand in the UAE for Asian Club Nights. They launched in 2010 and are known to host absolutely amazing Bollywood and Desi nights.

In addition, AKS hosts weekly Asian parties at various venues, such as Papas or Dialogue.

However, they also have special events at other venues, always supplying excellent performers and party vibes. They feature high on the Masala awards list because of their professional events.

In addition, they partner with many Asian musicians and performers to create the best Bollywood and Desi nights. AKS has even opened some Indian clubs over the years, many of which are still open and popular.

Sometimes you have to book a ticket to attend a Desi night, so it is a good idea to follow their Facebook page or check their website regularly.

Be sure to wear the proper attire, though, as they have a dress code for their auspicious events. You don’t want to be turned away at the entrance!

  • Address: Papa, V Hotel, Al Habtoor City (Fridays) Dialogue (Saturdays)
  • Website: 
  • Phone Number: +971 52 779 9914

11. 321C, The Bollywood Club

321C is a popular Bollywood and Asian dance bar in Dubai that is easily accessible. Given its location, 321C has a variety of international visitors who come to enjoy the Bollywood vibes.

321C has a lovely, relaxing ambiance. The DJ is enjoyable, and the dancers and performers are exceptional. The music you will hear is a mix of popular international tunes, including Indian, Arabic, and English.

What’s convenient is that you can enjoy free private parking at the Capitol Hotel while you enjoy your night out. Happy hours are from 9:30 pm to 11:30 pm. You can dine in and enjoy a shisha with your friends.

12. Bollywood Café

Bollywood Café is a restaurant that doubles up as a nightclub. The setting is a Bollywood film theme.

The entertainment at Bollywood Café is a mix of DJ music and dancing performances from popular Bollywood movies, with an urban Mumbai feel.

The restaurant opens at 7 pm, while the music and entertainment start at 9 pm. So, you can enjoy a delicious meal and let it settle before dancing the night away or enjoying a shisha with your friends.

Entrance is free, and your car will be safely parked by the valet service at the hotel.

Bollywood Café can get quite busy as people from all nations like to visit there. The food and drinks can be a bit pricey, but it’s worth it for an enjoyable Bollywood-themed night out in Dubai.

13. Dhamaal D2

Dhamaal D2, Music… Masti… Lounge is an adult bar that offers Indian dancing, music, and possibly even striptease if that’s what you’re after.

Customers compliment the staff on their good customer service, although many rate the drinks and food as quite pricey.

Many people who go to Dhamaal D2 say it is the best club in town. The live music at Dhamaal D2 is great, and the food on their menu is delicious. The dancers are professional, and their costumes are much appreciated.

Dhamaal D2 doesn’t have a website or Facebook page. However, they have created a Channel on YouTube.

14. Chingari Night Club

Chingari, as its name suggests, has the power to ignite the spark that resides inside you. As a result, it is arguably one of the trendiest Indian nightclubs in Dubai.

Dubai’s youth frequent this location for hangouts and its ambiance, making it popular among them.

This Indian nightclub in Dubai offers the ideal fusion of martinis, cuisine, and entertainment. In this nightclub, you can enjoy authentic spicy flavors from India. 

You may either come and unwind with your pals or get on the dance floor and dance till all your cares and problems vanish.

The DJ primarily mixes Punjabi and Indian music with Bollywood songs. In addition, the venue boasts outstanding in-house artists who can dance to techno, disco, Bollywood mixes, jazz, rock, and R&B music for a nocturnal enthrallment.

Additionally, if you intend to celebrate your special days in Chingari, be ready for their quick service and extras like chocolates.

  • Address: Avari Dubai Hotel, 45 C St, Deira, Al Muraqqabat,
  • Website:
  • Phone number: +971 4 295 6666

15. The Mood Night Club

The Night Club will fly your moods to the moon and back. Trendy and charming, The Mood Nightclub is a must-visit venue to enjoy superb drinks in a funky and laid-back atmosphere.

This restaurant offers an all-night Indian cuisine and á la carte menu that is as tranquil as the surroundings, making it a haven for mealtimes. The food is a varied selection of Indian specialties, both creative and delectable.

This wildly popular, award-winning establishment has everything you could want in an Indian club, including a lively audience, head-banging Bollywood music, and, let’s not forget,

The nightclub offers a decidedly upscale venue for its Saturday night Deja Vu Bollywood night.

The DJ will likely perform Desi, a combination of Indian and Western music. You’ll notice that because the party lasts until 3 AM in Dubai, the masses don’t start to show up until after 10 PM.

Designed to always put you in the MOOD with its classical and exotic music, the nightclub is a pleasant reprieve for a weary spirit.

You can enjoy the breathtaking vistas, luxurious surroundings, incredibly welcoming staff, and incredible comfort cuisine.

16. Simbly South

Not all Indian music relates to Bollywood. South India also has a playful, adaptable side, explored through the once-a-month dance event held at Simbly South.

True to its name, it is wild, tacky, and full of insanity. At Simbly South, everything goes loose, from Kollywood, the Bollywood – Dravidian Massive Bass to Mollywood Remixes.

Well, Simbly South’s entire concept is original and unique. Started by Jim Thomas and Roshni, a south Indian couple, the event leaves you with unforgettable memories.

Simbly South effectively dispelled Dubai’s stereotype of nightclubs and dance bars.

The nightclub often features after-parties for movie premieres, yacht parties, opportunities for local artists, and the first silent disco (where people use headphones to listen to music).

You can visit and experience the entire nightlife scene in Dubai that seamlessly integrates the club and lounge experiences.

17. Bar Baar

The modern all-day dining and bar concept Bar Baar combines several aspects of global Indian culture.

It satisfies the requirements of the modern urban Indian gastropub and social hub for those who are local at heart but nostalgic in their looks.

But why do I love this club? Simple- it is a home away from home – in some ways, better. Bar Baar is the combination of desi Indian experiences with a twisted new look, more significant than the sum of its parts.

Intending to enhance its offers, the restaurant opens as a tranquil setting in the morning and transforms into a lively, laid-back nighttime locale by sunset. Perhaps fusing the ideas of all-day dining and a casual lounge.

The setting has a lively ambiance, and the furnishings reflect it. As you walk in, you’ll notice the vintage showpieces from the 1970s and the traditional hand paintings.

You will also enjoy fusion dishes such as panipuri served with foam and biryani arancini.

The cocktails likewise take the fusion route and have amusingly Indianized names. For example, I fell in love with Baapu. A delicious cocktail made of beetroot juice, alcohol, and liquid nitrogen.

  • Address: Majestic City Retreat Hotel, Mankhool Road, Mankhool
  • Website:
  • Phone number: +971552608787

18. Copacabana Bar

This is a prime location for social gatherings in Dubai and one of the city’s most popular Indian restaurants cum bars with a magnificent poolside.

Copacabana’s interiors feature cabanas, bamboo railings, rustic furniture, and sand floors, which provide a stunning nighttime appearance for this nightclub. The venue is ideal for everything from a post-work drink to a feast of Indian cuisine.

The club’s menu, which features Indian cuisine, will satisfy your spicy & sour cravings.

Inspired by traditional Indian cuisine, their menu seeks to bring the best of the experiences by offering an array of delicacies, drinks, and sweets, adapted to local tastes and ingredients.

At the same time, you sip French White wine varieties like Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, or red wine varieties like Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot e.t.c.

In Copacabana, Djs play Indian tunes according to the tastes and requests of the crowd. Individuals must make reservations and be over 25 to enter Copacabana.

  • Address: Grand Excelsior Hotel, Lobby Level, Barsha 1
  • Website:
  • Phone number: +971 4 397 8286

19. Mehendi Dance Bar

Mehendi Dance Bar is one of the best Indian clubs in Dubai. It is easily accessible and conveniently located, only a short distance from the World Trade Center. Located in the chic Grand Excelsior, the place frequents businesspeople.

There are several ways to unwind at this location since the establishment includes a rooftop pool table, eight eating options, and beauties swirling and swaying to Bollywood numbers.

The dance bar combines Indian and Arabic music and occasionally hosts DJ nights, and the visitors take great pleasure in the exotic dances and cabarets.

The location is a favorite hangout for business people from Pakistan, India, and other foreigners living in Dubai.

  • Address: Grand Excelsior Hotel, Mankhool
  • Website:
  • Phone number: +97143599992

20. Zinc Night Club

Zinc is the right place for you if you love to party hard. Partygoers from around the city flock to the location because of its fast-paced nightlife.

The club’s in-house DJ, who has a knack for getting the party going, ensures that the dance floor is never empty.

The award-winning club offers different themes every night with local DJs joined by international artists from time to time.

Additionally, Zinc Discotheque offers a variety of promos, including crew membership discounts and daily happy hours tailored to Emirates and other airline crew members.

Zinc is a successful example of a laid-back club that offers beer deals and popular music to partygoers eager to have a good time. The venue has a dining room, although it is separate from the bar and dance floor.


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