The 18 Best Lounge Bars In Dubai Right Now

Would you like to know where the best lounge bars are in Dubai? Dubai is not only known for its many cafés and colossal shopping malls.

It also has excellent nightlife, with something for everyone. Like me, you might prefer the ambiance of a lounge bar to the loud rucked of a club.

Fortunately, Dubai has no shortage of beautiful and stylish lounge bars. While there are too many lounge bars to visit in one trip,

I believe you will make some unforgettable memories by visiting one or two of the lounge bars in Dubai on this list.

1. BLU Dubai

BLU Bar is my number one lounge to visit in Dubai. This is a multi-level bar with a lounge area on one level and a club on the other.

In addition to getting served delicious drinks and fascinating cocktails you may never have heard of, BLU also offers excellent music in the club area.

If you want to experience more than one facet of Dubai’s nightlife, BLU is the perfect place to start. This upper-class lounge has a beautiful aesthetic and polished finish and will transport you to a new world.

BLU is the ultimate introduction to Dubai’s nightlife and keeps you entertained.

  • Address: Al Habtoor City, Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Website: 
  • Phone Number: +971 56 501 2039

2. Coya

Coya will transport you to a completely different world, as this classy lounge bar and restaurant features Peruvian furniture and decorations.

The menu is also from Peru, and you can experience some of the finest Peruvian cocktails and drinks at Coya.

Coya is not only a lounge bar but also a restaurant where you can try some authentic Peruvian dishes. In addition to the beautiful décor, you will enjoy excellent music and a vibrant yet relaxing atmosphere.

Coya is the perfect lounge bar for anyone looking for a quieter nighttime experience in Dubai.

3. Amazonico

Amazonico is another multi-level location featuring a restaurant, bar, and lounge. As this lounge bar is in the financial center of Dubai, you are surrounded by skyscraper buildings and an impressive skyline.

This makes for a breathtaking backdrop against the Amazonian plants and decorations in the Amazonico lounge bar.

When heading to this lunge bar, you can look forward to Latin American snacks and signature drinks.

In addition, the in-house DJ will entertain you with a mix of Latin American and pop culture music, and the scenery will surely make this a night you will never forget.

4. Iris

Iris is another foreign-inspired restaurant, drawing its inspiration from Lebanon. You will find delicious Lebanese snacks, creative cocktails, and excellent music here.

Iris overlooks the downtown Dubai skyline and attracts those who wish to party in the early hours of the morning.

In addition to being a lounge bar, Iris also has an infamous brunch menu from 15:00 – 20:00, making it the perfect spot to grab a bite to eat before the partying truly begins.

The beautiful interior of Iris makes it the ideal location for sunset pictures, and the food and drinks won’t disappoint.

  • Address: Meydan Grandstand, next to the ticket sales office
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +971 56 951 1442

5. The Office

This Office is not a place you go to for business, but relaxation. The Office is an elite lounge bar that offers exceptional cocktails and premium drinks.

However, what makes the Office unique, is that it also offers continuous live shows. Dancers, acrobats, and other performers entertain guests.

The Office attracts a different crowd than other lounge bars on this list. This lounge bar will surely give you a unique experience at a premium price. You must book a table to visit the Office, and I recommend getting a VIP pass if you want to treat yourself.

  • Address: Ground Floor of Hilton Hotel, Al Habtoor City, Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Website: 
  • Phone Number: +971 543 111 777

6. Siddharta Lounge

Siddharta Lounge is located by Buddha Bar in the beautiful Grosvenor hotel. This lounge bar mixes Mediterranean and Asian styles and offers a unique and romantic indoor-outdoor experience.

World-class mixologists make the cocktails at Siddharta Lounge, and all the snacks on the menu pair exceptionally well with the drinks.

Regardless of whether you’re meeting up with friends or want a date night with your partner, Siddharta Lounge is the perfect spot.

You can even enjoy the candlelit pool if the weather allows it. However, even when the weather isn’t the best, the views and atmosphere at Siddharta Lounge will not disappoint.

7. Cé La Vi

Cé La Vi is located in downtown Dubai. While the original Cé La Vi was founded in Singapore, Cé La Vi Dubai offers a unique experience.

With views of the Burj Khalifa and beautiful sunsets, Cé La Vi is a must-see spot. This lounge bar combines a lounge bar, restaurant, and pool deck.

When visiting Cé La Vi, you will enjoy various signature drinks, beautiful views, excellent music, and delicious snacks. What better way to experience the Burj Khalifa at night than to look at it with a unique cocktail in hand?

8. Vault Bar

Vault Bar is another unique lounge bar located in Business Bay. This bar is situated on the 71st and 72nd floors of the JW Marriot Marquis, ensuring you will have breathtaking views.

The uniqueness of the Vault Bar comes from the design. It looks like you’re walking into a vault when you enter the lounge bar.

Inside the Vault, you will find an impressive collection of cigars you can select and enjoy.

In addition, the expert mixologists will create unique and vintage-inspired drinks for you to sip on while you take in the scenery and enjoy the lounge experience. Vault bar caters to the 21 and over age group, giving it a more refined and elite feel.

9. Clap

Clap is a Japanese-inspired restaurant with a lounge area fit for kings. This lounge overlooks Dubai’s financial center and will make you feel like you are dining in the sky.

While Clap is less of a bar and more of a restaurant, the atmosphere and scenery of this spot led me to add it to the list.

Clap’s idea is to order a selection of authentic Japanese snacks from the menu, get your favorite drink, and soak up the Dubai financial center skyline.

The setting and décor of Clap will make you feel as if you have entered an alternate dimension, and the food and drinks will make you want to stay there forever.

10. Biggles Pub

If you’re missing home or want to enjoy some sports watching, there is no better place to go than Biggles Pub.

Although Biggles Pub has a vastly different atmosphere than most of the other lounge bars mentioned in this list, the WWII aviation memorabilia is something to admire, especially if you aren’t from the UK.

I wouldn’t head to Biggles for an evening of slow music and cocktails. However, if you’re craving a beer on tap and a decent pub lunch, Biggles is the place for you. You may also get to watch a football game while you’re there.

11. Garden Of Dreams

Garden of dreams is located next to the euphoric dream showroom and offers a much more tranquil atmosphere than its indoor neighbor.

So after catching dinner and a show in the mind-boggling Dream theater, why not head outside for fresh air and a magnificent view of the Dubai skyline?

Simple, sophisticated, and lively are words that come to mind when I think of the garden of dreams. The expert mixologists will make the drink of your dreams. The menu offers various Mediterranean bites that perfectly complement any drink.

  • Address: The Walk, Jumeirah Beach Resort
  • Website: 
  • Phone Number: +971 4 220 0224

12. Bliss Lounge

If you’re looking for something that isn’t located in the sky, Bliss lounge bar is the perfect place for you. This beach lounge bar is located in front of the Jumeirah Beach resort and is the perfect lounge bar for afternoon drinks and sundowners.

Bliss lounge allows you to enjoy the beach’s natural beauty, and the DJ ensures a lively yet peaceful atmosphere. In addition, the décor and furniture of Bliss lounge are understated and timeless.

Therefore, Bliss lounge is the perfect palette cleanser if you feel like you’ve had too many bold lounge bars recently.

13. The Jetty Lounge

The Jetty Lounge at the One & Only hotel is another beachfront lounge bar that allows you to calm your mind and enjoy Dubai’s sunsets while sipping on an expertly made cocktail. You can also enjoy live performances at the Jetty Lounge.

In addition, the Jetty lounge has a menu with delicious snacks, including mezze platters, on offer.

The Jetty Lounge is the perfect place to enjoy a peaceful afternoon and soak up the Dubai sun before heading to one of the flashier spots on this list.

Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen. Enjoy the sand beneath your feet while you drink a delicious cocktail and appreciate all the Jetty Lounge offers.

14. Music Hall

The Music Hall is yet another unique lounge bar, offering you more than just a bar to sit at. The Music Hall has back-to-back performances every night, and you sit in a lounge booth and enjoy the performance while eating the snacks on offer.

Of course, the Music hall has an extensive list of delicious drinks at the ready that you can order and enjoy throughout the show.

There aren’t live shows every evening, so I would recommend contacting the Music hall to see when their next performance is.

You can expect to see at least ten back-to-back performances on show nights, making this a unique lounge bar experience to enjoy.

15. Mercury Lounge

Mercury Lounge is another rooftop bar, giving you a 365° view of the breathtaking Dubai skyline.

This is a Sicilian-themed lounge specializing in Sicilian snacks paired with expertly crafted cocktails and specialty drinks. You can also listen to the live music while taking in everything Mercury Lounge offers.

You can view Jumeirah Beach and the surrounding city atop the beautiful Four Seasons Resort. What more could you want than a gorgeous view, delicious food, and great cocktails?

Mercury Lounge is an excellent spot to get some great photo content for your Dubai trip, so be sure to visit this lounge bar at sunset.

16. SoBe

SoBe brings you a part of the California atmosphere all the way to Dubai. This lounge bar offers exceptional views of the Marina and city skyline. It is perfect for the young folk who wish to party till the early morning hours.

SoBe has a great cocktail selection and offers some unique and delicious Latin-American foods to try.

SoBe also has live DJ performances, so bring your dancing shoes when coming here. The ladies will be glad to know that SoBe has ladies’ night on Wednesdays when women can enjoy special cocktails and discounted prices.

17. Barasti

Although Barasti is technically more a beach bar rather than a lounge bar, I cannot give you my list of the best bars to visit without including it. Barasti isn’t nearly as fancy or high-class as the other lounge bars.

However, this is one of the most famous beach bars in Dubai.

Barasti offers excellent value for money on their cocktails and food, and you’re sure to have a great time soaking up the party vibe at this bar.

In addition, you don’t pay an entry fee for Barasti, making this a more affordable option than many other bars on this list.

However, don’t think Barasti gives you any less of a unique experience. Barasti is definitely a place to visit when you have some spare time.

18. The Penthouse

Lounge bar by day and nightclub after dark, the Penthouse is the perfect way to end my list of the best lounge bars in Dubai.

The Penthouse has comfortable leather couches where you can sit and enjoy your expertly mixed drink while appreciating the sunset over the Dubai Marina and downtown city skyline.

You can choose something from the mouth-watering Japanese menu if you feel hungry.

Finally, if you’re in the mood for a party, stick around until the sun has set. Then, you will see how the Penthouse changes into a bustling nightclub with in-house and guest DJs bringing the lounge bar to life.


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