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The 8 Best Iranian Restaurants In Dubai (Real Persian Cuisine)

A country within a region of vibrant culture, Iran has a unique take on food like many other countries. Iranian food is a part of the beautiful culture within Iran, and it has become a part of every Iranian’s identity. So, if you want to eat Iranian food in Dubai, where are the best Iranian restaurants in Dubai?

There is a large selection of Iranian restaurants scattered across Dubai. Visiting one of these restaurants is a great idea, as for a brief span, you become a part of the Iranian culture and learn to understand the love that Iranian people have for their food. So, if you feel like treating yourself, your family, a loved one, or even impressing a colleague, make your way to one of the best Iranian restaurants I will list. 

1. Shabestan Restaurant

Located in the Baniyas Road Radisson Blu Hotel, the view you get to look over at Shabestan is none other than the beautiful Deira Creek. The Shabestan is a luxury dining experience with some of the most succulent foods. There is always Iranian music playing in the Shabestan, but sometimes they even have live performances from Iranian and Dubai locals!

They are known for their exceptional service, attention to detail, customer care, and the delicious kebabs they specialize in. The Shabestan is the ideal restaurant for you to sit with the people you love and eat to your heart’s content while at the same time enjoying incredible views and a luxurious dining experience.

With over eight international and local awards won, Shabestan has proved that it is one of the best Iranian restaurants you can visit in Dubai. With the majority of their food getting cooked inside an authentic clay oven, the food is undoubtedly the best feature of the experience. Shabestan has also been reviewed multiple times as one of the best restaurants in Dubai in taking safety and health protocols seriously.

It is an all-around exquisite restaurant, and almost anyone will enjoy their time at this beautiful creekside eatery.

2. Iran Zamin Restaurant & Café

Iran Zamin restaurant & café has been situated in Dubai since 2005. A well-established restaurant full of history and culture that stems from the heart of Iran, Iran Zamin restaurant & café is overall one of the best Iranian restaurants to go to in Dubai. 

Iran Zamin restaurant & café is located on Sheikh Mohammad Boulevard. The atmosphere in the eatery is one of Iran Zamin’s main attractions. While the restaurant usually is busy, it is not loud or boisterous. In fact, it is pretty relaxing, with both smoking and non-smoking designated areas designed to cater to anyone who wishes to come.

Iran Zamin restaurant & café pride themselves on providing top quality service and food to their customers. They also boast one of the best delivery services in Dubai. The food at Iran Zamin is a spectacle of note. Beautiful chicken, beef, lamb, and vegetarian/vegan dishes are plenty at Iran Zamin at affordable prices.

A wonderfully relaxed atmosphere, incredible food, and authentic experience of Iranian heart and soul poured into the work of the people who own the restaurant. This restaurant is a must not miss experience! Anyone who does not go to this incredible establishment will never understand the lovely experience they have missed.

  • Location: Sheikh Mohammad Boulevard
  • Website: 
  • Phone: +971 4 447 6655
  • Operating Times: 11:00AM – 01:00AM

3. Farsi Restaurant

Located in Jumeirah Jumeira Rd Cluster R, Farsi is one of Dubai’s most authentically Iranian restaurants. When you step inside this phenomenal restaurant, you will be blown away by the decorations and interior designs. You will instantly feel like you are in a luxury restaurant in the middle of the Iranian city center.

Farsi restaurant is focused on one thing: good food. They claim that although the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of authentic Iranian cuisine is kebab, there is a range of many other foods produced from the heart of Iran. Farsi wants to provide the world outside of Iran with an authentic experience of the Iranian food, traditions, and culture.

Due to Farsi not focusing only on cooking kebabs for their customers, the selection of Iranian foods at Farsi is wide and varying. Delicious starters, a feast fit for a king for the main course, and delicate desserts that just melt on your tongue. Many customers have claimed to leave Farsi happy because of the fantastic food in their stomachs and the outstanding service they received.

If you don’t feel like the more mainstream Iranian food like kebab, Farsi has such a wide range of options that you are bound to find something that you won’t be able to find at many other Iranian restaurants. The authenticity of Farsi is something that the owners can hold their heads up high about. They truly created one of the most authentic and non-mainstream Iranian restaurants outside of Iran.

4. Pars Iranian Restaurant

Everything about Pars Iranian Restaurant shouts that it is a genuine Iranian restaurant. Located within the Mall of the Emirates on Sheikh Zayed Road, the restaurant has its designated dining area with beautiful Iranian decorations that fool you into believing you are no longer in a mall but in the best way possible.

Pars Iranian Restaurant is all you can ask for if you want great food at a great price. Although they are not the most high-class and luxurious restaurant, Pars is the perfect place to go if you want the authentic Iranian experience at an affordable price. Many customers leave the restaurant stunned that they got to enjoy the food they did at the price they paid.

If you are ever skeptical about an Iranian restaurant not being as authentically Iranian as possible, go to Pars. The founders of Pars claim to have over 35 years of experience in the restaurant business, initially in Iran and then in Dubai. All the food gets prepared centrally, while the Iranian owners constantly check the quality of the food cooked by only Iranian chefs.

Pars care about the experience as much as they care about the food. Therefore, they treat their customers with love, and their service is always on time, not to mention the quality of the food they serve. Authentic meats, fish, rice, and bread are the specialties you can expect at Pars Iranian Restaurant, cooked to perfection with a bit of added love on the side.

5. Toranj Restaurant

Do you want the most top-quality ingredients served in highly generous proportions while at the same time sitting in a luxurious restaurant in a beautiful setting? Well, if you do, Toranj is the place to be. Toranj aims to create an atmosphere that projects a family-friendly, relaxing experience. Toranj is genuinely a beautiful restaurant to sit and eat in.

The founders of Toranj wanted to bring Iran to the world. Why travel when you can have the heart of every different part of Iran on your plate right in front of you? Toranj is dedicated to only using the freshest ingredients to produce the most flavorful food possible. They take pride in all the foods Iran has made.

From kebabs to every kind of stew that an Iranian local could think of, the selection at Toranj is nothing short of impressive. There are dozens of different meat, kebab, and stew dishes, almost guaranteeing that you will find something on their broad menu that you are bound to enjoy.

All the foods, drinks, and platters for multiple people get sold at affordable prices. That is because of the care for spreading Iranian culture that the owners of Toranj claim to do. They do not want to charge people too much; they want it to be affordable so that everyone and their grandmothers can try to experience the Iranian soul that the staff at Toranj loves so much.

  • Location: Hessa Street, Al Barsha 3, Dubai
  • Website: 
  • Phone: +971 4 3305775
  • Operating Times: 11:00AM – 12:00AM

6. Hatam Restaurant

Hatam got founded in 1989, so they have a ton of experience and success when it comes to providing top-quality Iranian food to the general public. Not only is Hatam one of the best Iranian restaurants in Dubai, but Hatam restaurant is also one of the top-notch restaurants in Dubai. It is a fan favorite, with delicious foods at affordable prices and a top-quality experience every time you wish to visit.

Hatam Restaurant wants to promise every customer that they will immensely enjoy their time at their restaurant. The owners at Hatam restaurant have shared their focus on the food, the experience, and how their restaurant looks. Hatam is one of the most authentic Iranian-looking restaurants, with the interior design just blowing away people who visit.

Once you enter, you feel like you have gotten instantly teleported to Iran, but it does not stop there. A lovely restaurant is essential, but a restaurant does not stay afloat for over 30 years by simply looking nice. Many customers describe the food at Hatam as perfection. Although you can try to replicate Iranian dishes at home, nothing comes close to the authentic Iranian food produced at Hatam, with only top-quality fresh ingredients.

Hatam is different from other Iranian restaurants because it can get nearly classified as fast food with the sit-in experience you would get at restaurants with seemingly more delicate service. Hatam restaurant is quick, but their service is still impeccable.

7. Alvand Restaurant

Alvand Restaurant is another Iranian restaurant in Dubai that takes pride in how they care for their customers and the food they produce for everyone who comes. Founded in 1991, Alvand has been one of the pioneers in creating Iranian cuisine in Dubai and has set an example for the rest of the world. If there is any restaurant that another restaurant should follow, it is Alvand.

A family-owned Iranian restaurant that uses recipes from decades ago, producing the most authentic Iranian food you could think of. Since 1991, Alvand has focused on changing the way Iranian cuisine has been brought to the world. All of their recipes were made generations ago, in the same family as the founders and the people who run the restaurant now.

Perfection takes practice, and the food that Alvand makes is the closest thing you could imagine to perfect Iranian food. From the food to the plates it is served on, everything at Alvand is as traditionally Iranian as it gets. 

Many customers deem the food served at Alvand as the best Iranian food in Dubai. The menu is jam-packed with different traditional Iranian dishes precisely as how they were made by the founder’s ancestors in Iran decades before. At relatively affordable prices, the food seems almost like a steal. Alvand is right in the city square; it has become quite popular among celebrities who want a good bite to eat after their late-night gigs and nights out.

8. Anar Restaurant

Anar restaurant is the best restaurant to visit if you want to enjoy traditional and historic Iranian cuisine mastered by modern techniques and adaptions of the recipes. The idea behind Anar was to build a high-class luxury restaurant that provided the world with Iranian cuisine with a touch of modernness added to it.

The inside of Anar is phenomenal. The interior décor and the architecture within the establishment are quite a sight to see. The interior design of Anar is possibly the most successful attempt at taking the traditional interior aspects of older Iranian households, restaurants, and buildings and intertwining them with modern architecture and modern interior décor. They have done a fantastic job at providing an incredible experience at their restaurant.

Anar’s food is at the same caliber as the visual experience. Almost any review you read about Anar will certainly highlight their enjoyment of the food. The recipes they use come from centuries of traditional Iranian cooking adapted to a more contemporary and modern style. Only people of Iranian descent work in the kitchen to providing the customers with hopefully the best-tasting food they have ever had.

The view at Anar is also a sight to see. It is next to a beautiful river in the Souk Madinat Jumeirah. The atmosphere is also very wonderful at Anar, with the noise of people being soft enough to enjoy an excellent relaxing time, almost as if the atmosphere has been controlled. If anyone is in Dubai, this is a place you should not miss, and it will indeed be an experience you never forget.

  • Location: Souk Madinat Jumeirah
  • Phone: +971 4 368 6505
  • Operating Times: 12:00PM – 11:30 PM


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