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The 10 Best Italian Restaurants in Dubai for Pasta, Pizza & More

Are you looking for a taste of Italy in the great city of Dubai? Luckily, there are plenty of fantastic Italian restaurants scattered across Dubai.

1. Cafe Italiano

Cafe Italiano was an easy addition to the best Italian restaurants in Dubai list. Whenever I’m asked what the best Italian places in Dubai are, Cafe Italiano slips out of my mouth without a second thought.

Don’t just take my word for it! Cafe Italiano was awarded Tripadvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Award in 2021, so I’m not alone in my love for Cafe Italiano.

The highlight of Cafe Italiano’s menu has to be their bruschetta. To be fair, I’m naturally fond of bruschetta, but Cafe Italiano knocks it out of the park. Plus, the sourdough bread Cafe Italiano serves with the bruschetta is to die for.

Thankfully, bruschetta is just a starter, so you’ll have room left to dive into Cafe Italiano’s delightful main courses. You’ll probably struggle to choose the main course because there are so many delicious choices, from paninis to burgers to plates of pasta.

Don’t stress too much, though—whatever you choose will be fantastic! Cafe Italiano has a knack for sourcing the freshest ingredients, and every dish is prepared with extreme care and attention to detail.

Give Cafe Italiano a visit at 7 Academic City Road Ground Floor, Arenco Tower Dubai Media City, Dubai United Arab Emirates. Additionally, Cafe Italiano’s phone number is 971 4 453 3318, or you can visit Cafe Italiano’s website if you want more info.

2. Luigia – The Best of Italy

If you’ve ever been to Italy, eating at Luigia will give your taste buds flashbacks. The authenticity of Italian food at Luigia is tough to beat in Dubai.

Luigia has great food, all prepared with fresh ingredients. I usually order pizza when I eat at Luigia, but their risotto and tiramisu are also stand-out meals.

I never skip dessert at Luigia. They serve a top-of-the-line cheesecake, which I just can’t resist. No matter how hard I try to cut out sugar, I always return to Luigia’s cheesecake.

The food at Luigia is fantastic, from appetizers to desserts, but the food is not the only thing that makes Luigia stand above the rest. Luigia’s customer service is what consistently brings me back. The staff at Luigia are exceptionally kind and always eager to answer any questions.

Experience Luigia’s friendliest restaurant staff in Dubai at Rixos Premium Dubai, The Walk, JBR Ground Floor, Dubai United Arab Emirates. Also, feel free to give Luigia a call at 971 4 349 6950 or visit Luigia’s website.

3. Sette

Are you looking for a high-end, authentic Italian dining experience? There’s no better restaurant in Dubai than Sette for an upscale Italian meal.

Sette has a gorgeous interior design. There are hardwood floors, modern lighting, marble walls, beautiful pillars, and floor-to-ceiling windows looking over the Dubai skyline. Sette truly has everything you’d expect from a high-end dining experience.

On top of the decadent atmosphere, Sette has delicious food. I love Sette’s pasta dishes. Plus, they have an extensive wine menu if you’re a wine connoisseur.

Finally, Sette delivers a fantastic customer service experience. I felt like I was part of an intimate family dinner with the friendliness of Sette’s staff.

The delicious food, unbelievable atmosphere, and top-tier customer service make Sette a great Italian restaurant for celebrating a special occasion. If you have a birthday or anniversary coming up, I highly recommend you book a table at Sette.

You can find Sette at Sheikh Zayed Rd. Exit 13 JA The Resort, Dubai United Arab Emirates. If you’re going to celebrate a special occasion at Sette, call ahead at 971 4 814 5566 to book a table.

4. Larte Studio One

Larte Studio One is my favorite restaurant in Dubai to grab a few friends and hang around for a few hours on a nice sunny afternoon. I like Larte Studio One for spending time with friends on sunny days because Larte Studio One has a fantastic outdoor dining area and delicious appetizers.

Let’s start by touching on Larte Studio One’s outdoor dining area. Larte Studio One’s outdoor dining area is adequately shaded, protecting you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Additionally, Larte Studio One’s patio is full of colorful modern art decorations, which add a dynamic feel to the dining area.

Then there are Larte Studio One’s appetizers. I love ordering Larte Studio One’s fried calamari, fresh bruschetta, and delicious pizza. Yes, I know pizza isn’t a conventional appetizer, but that doesn’t stop my friends and me from ordering one as an appetizer.

Larte Studio One also offers an extensive bar menu. Larte Studio One serves almost any drink you can think of. The long list of available drinks is another bonus toward Larte Studio One as a happy hour hangout destination.

Remember, it’s 5 O’Clock somewhere, so stop by Larte Studio One at Studio One Hotel Dubai Studio City, Dubai 0000 United Arab Emirates. Feel free to give Larte Studio One a call at 971 4 581 6780.

5. Da Vinci’s

Da Vinci’s is a hole-in-the-wall authentic Sicilian-style Italian restaurant. If authenticity is your primary deciding factor, Da Vinci’s is where you’ll want to be. The reason is that they have the BEST pasta outside of Italy! In fact, they have chains all over the United States, which means they are that good.

Try Da Vinci’s lasagna Emiliana; it’s my favorite dish served at Da Vinci’s. Also, don’t forget to order their tiramisu for dessert. Da Vinci’s has the tastiest tiramisu in Dubai.

The Italian authenticity spans past the menu at Da Vinci’s. Da Vinci’s even incorporates Italian culture into the interior design of the restaurant. Everything from the wood paneling to the red and white table cloths, and even Da Vinci’s salt and pepper shakers have an Italian feel.

If you have a chance to be seated by the windows at Da Vinci’s, jump on the opportunity. The view of Dubai from Da Vinci’s windows is unbelievable. You can see the skyline of Dubai stretching for miles from Da Vinci’s windows.

Visit Da Vinci’s at Casablanca St Al Garhoud, Dubai 13018 United Arab Emirates. You can also give Da Vinci’s a call at 971 4 702 8811 or visit Da Vinci’s website for more info.

6. Carluccio’s

There’s a reason Carluccio’s has multiple locations open all around Dubai; they deliver a delicious Italian dining experience. Regardless of which Carluccio location you visit, you’re sure to receive fresh and consistent food quality.

If you have strict dietary restrictions, Carluccio’s has you covered. Carluccio’s has vegetarian, vegan halal, and gluten-free dishes available. A great trait of Carluccio’s diet-friendly food is that they cater to dietary restrictions without sacrificing flavor.

If you’ve never had Sicilian Arancini, I recommend you order a serving as an appetizer at Carluccio’s. I had never heard of these delicious fried rice balls before our server recommended them at Carluccio’s. After trying Sicilian Arancini, it quickly became an Italian favorite of mine.

Another driving factor for my love of Carluccio’s is their friendly staff. Carluccio’s staff is always happy to help out, and I’ll forever be in debt for being introduced to Sicilian Arancini by Carluccio’s staff.

Give Carluccio’s a visit at one of their many locations! You can check out all their locations in Dubai at Carluccio’s website.

7. Bella Restaurant & Lounge

Bella Restaurant & Lounge serves world-class authentic Italian dishes that will be sure to leave you satisfied. Not only is Bella offering world-class Italian food, but they also have some of the friendliest staff members and the most incredible restaurant location in Dubai.

Bella Restaurant & Lounge is on the top floor of the Grand Millenium Hotel. Don’t worry—Bella takes advantage of being a top-floor restaurant by offering a beautiful view of Dubai’s stunning city skyline in all directions.

With a world-class view comes world-class food. Bella Restaurant & Lounge offers truly authentic Italian dishes. I recommend Bella’s Wagyu tenderloin, but you could order anything on Bella’s menu and be just as satisfied.

The service at Bella Restaurant & Lounge is on par with everything else Bella has to offer: world-class. The staff is consistently helpful and friendly. I assure you, you’ll never have a bad customer service experience at Bella Restaurant & Lounge.

See why I’m raving about Bella Restaurant & Lounge for yourself by visiting them at Marasi Dr 20th Floor, Grand Millennium Hotel Business Bay, Rooftop, Dubai United Arab Emirates. Keep in mind that tables fill up quickly at Bella Restaurant & Lounge, so you’ll want to call ahead to 971 4 873 3377 and reserve a table.

8. Splendido

Splendido lives up to its name by offering a splendid authentic Italian dining experience. Everything from the food quality to the ambiance was spot on at Splendido.

Thanks to Chef Francesco, every meal served at Splendido is perfectly prepared. I’m a huge fan of bruschetta and have it regularly, but Splendido still managed to blow me away with their bruschetta. I don’t know what Splendido’s secret is, but they’ve managed to concoct the best bruschetta recipe in Dubai.

On top of delicious bruschetta, Splendido offers plenty of other delicious appetizers like burrata e pomodori or vitello tonnato. Splendido also has loads of main course options, from pizzas to salads. Whatever your preference, Splendido can cater to you.

Like Cafe Italiano, Splendido is a Trip Advisor’s Travellers’ Choice Award recipient. Splendido earning a Travelers’ Choice Award gives me confidence and reminds me that Splendido delivers the best possible Italian food.

I almost forgot to mention Splendido’s outdoor dining area! The outdoor dining area impressed me most with how high class it felt.

Too often, restaurants forgo including high-end decorations in their outdoor dining area. Splendido is not one of these restaurants. Splendido delivers high-end decor indoors and outdoors.

Stop by Splendido for yourself at The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence, The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai, Dubai United Arab Emirates. Also, call ahead to 971 4 399 4000 to book a table at Splendido. I hope you have a splendid time!

9. Eataly

Eataly is among my favorite Italian restaurants in Dubai, and not just because of their clever name. Eataly serves delicious, well-presented Italian dishes with consistent quality.

The menu at Eataly is chock-full of delicious Italian pizzas, soups, salads, and plates of pasta. Usually, I stick with Eataly’s pizzas, but everything else on their menu is also gold!

A neat feature of Eataly is the restaurant-grocery store hybrid. I like buying Italian ingredients for the meal I just had at Eataly, so I can try recreating it at home. Unfortunately, the end product usually makes me remember why I order my Italian food at Eataly instead of making it at home.

If you’re more confident in your Italian cooking skills, Eataly is a fantastic location to purchase some Italian cooking ingredients while enjoying a nice meal out.

Whether you want to sit down and dine or grab some Italian groceries, stop by Eataly at Lower Ground Level The Dubai Mall, Downtown Burj, Dubai United Arab Emirates. You can also call Eataly at 971 800 328259 or visit Eataly’s website for more information.

10. Al Fresco Italian Restaurant

Al Fresco is my favorite Italian restaurant to grab a delicious authentic pizza. Al Fresco has a large pizza menu with loads of different topping combinations.

My favorite pizza at Al Fresco is the Hercules Pizza. The Angus beef strips are a delightful pizza topping I would have never thought of in my own kitchen.

Al Fresco’s menu spans far past pizzas. They offer main courses like lemon seared salmon, almond-crusted lamb chops, and deliciously marinated chicken.

If you enjoy sipping on a cocktail throughout your Italian dinner, Al Fresco can help you! Al Fresco has an extensive bar menu with loads of different cocktails.

Visit Al Fresco today at Crowne Plaza Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai 23215 United Arab Emirates. Al Fresco’s phone number is 971 4 331 1111 if you want to call for additional information or book a table.


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