The 15 Best Jumeirah Road Restaurants for All Foodies

Jumeriah road is known to be one of the city’s trendiest, most entertaining streets and is internationally considered a must-visit in Dubai with its LA vibe.

The area is famous for its exciting eateries that embody food, fun, community, and culture and some of Dubai’s best restaurants are on Jumeirah Road.

Before visiting Jumeriah road, you need to know the best restaurants to try to get the most valuable experience and bang for your buck.

The list below offers you the finest restaurant options with supreme food, remarkable ambiance, and memorable moments to enjoy one of Dubai’s impressive locations – Jumeirah Road.

1. Sand (PickUpSand)

Dubai is known for everything unique. That includes this French-with-a-twist-of-American restaurant on Jumeirah road – a true hidden gem and a must-try for anyone around the location.

The specialty of Sand is that everything is prepared fresh daily, from their SANDwiches and buffalo chicken to their soft, delicate brioche buns. Their crispy, cheesy fries and cheese balls will have you dancing out of your seat.

The restaurant also offers sweet treats like mango dessert, with layers of happiness and drinks to tantalize your tastebuds. Their ambiance is chic yet cozy and certainly Instagrammable.

The waiters are friendly and attentive, and their food is served fast and fresh. The prices are reasonable, and you will get a memorable experience with a happy belly and a satisfying palate.

2. Yaba (By Chef Shaheen)

Yaba is the world’s first restaurant serving modern Iraqi cuisine. An eatery that will take you through one of the most unique dining experiences you will have in Dubai.

Modern architecture flows from the outside, with the first known alphabets in the world by the Sumerian cuneiform to the food inside, so well prepared and served in an utterly unique untraditional manner.

The restaurant is owned by master chef finalist and celebrity chef Shaheen. Every single one of their dishes is delicious, from the 12-hour cooked lamb shack to their interesting black salad.

Their drinks are also uniquely wonderful, with offerings such as a crazy yogurt and Noomi Basra, a dried lime tea traditional to the Persian Gulf States and Iraq.

  • Address: Vita Mall, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 1
  • Website: 
  • Phone Number: +971 58 583 0332

3. Tasca

Tasca is a Portuguese restaurant that serves hearty traditional Portuguese meals in a way that caters to vegetarians, vegans, and meat lovers.

From peri-peri chicken to wagyu tartare, rose pavlova to pastel de nata, Tasca offers a tasteful menu of food and desserts that include kid-friendly items.

When visiting Tasca, you’ll enjoy a spectacular view over Dubai’s skyline on the one side and the Arabian Gulf on the other.

The restaurant offers aesthetically pleasing indoor and outdoor dining situated on a terrace with an infinity pool that overlooks the Arabian Gulf.

A visit to Tasca on a Friday or Saturday will offer you an extra treat with live entertainment that takes the ambiance to another level.

4. Sikka Café


Sikka Café is a Middle Eastern restaurant that serves delectable Arabic dishes. Sikka Café has a variety of Middle Eastern dishes, such as falafel, lamb Kofta, and Tandoori chicken.

The restaurant also has delicious sweet treats like Saffron milk cake, Kunafa, and Turkish delights. Their hummus is a must-try, especially alongside their naan bread!

With shisha on the table and gentle Arabic melodies playing in the background, Sikka Café is definitely a place to visit if you’re looking for an authentic Arabic dining experience.

5. Kayto

At Kayto restaurant, you’ll enjoy Japanese-Peruvian Nikkei delicacies. This unique cultural dining experience is one that you certainly do not want to miss out on.

In true Japanese style, the restaurant serves a variety of sushi options, including vegetarian and vegan options. However, indulging in the restaurant’s set menu is recommended to get a whole Japanese-Peruvian experience.

The main menu at Kayto has a wider variety of meal options, such as hot tapas like rock shrimp tempura and wagyu beef mini tacos. Cold tapas include tuna truffle Ceviche, salmon Tataki, and sea bass Ceviche.

The restaurant has an incredible atmosphere. With live music, gentle lighting, and friendly service, you will enjoy fresh, flavorful meals with a beautiful view of Burj Arab.

6. Flamingo Room By Tashas

Flamingo Room is a glamorous restaurant with a chic dining experience centered around providing dishes incorporating African and Arabic culture to create hearty meals.

You can find lobster linguine, calamari Mozambique, and exotic mushroom open lasagna at the Flamingo restaurant.  

The dessert menu boasts tasty treats, including Pavlova bomb, baked Alaska, and chocolate mousse.

The Flamingo Room has an African flora and fauna ambiance, with flamingo pink being the restaurant’s central theme.

The restaurant has a welcoming atmosphere, with live music often playing, providing an overall positive sensory experience.

7. Samad Al Iraqi Restaurant

Samad Al Iraqi Restaurant is an Arabic establishment that serves Iraqi delicacies in a traditional setting, allowing you to have an authentic Iraqi dining experience.

If you are craving something spicy or trying to bulk up and get a good amount of protein, Samad Al Iraqi ensures you will hit your protein goals most temptingly.

At Samad Al Iraqi, you can enjoy traditional Iraqi meals like Maqluba, Maskouf, Patcha, Iraqi onion soup, Baba Ghanoush, and Shawarma Tashrib.

The restaurant embodies Arabic culture, with mosaic windows creating a genuine Arabic experience that will warm your heart and stomach.

8. OSH Restaurant

Osh Restaurant serves authentic central Asian (Uzbek) cuisine with a Middle Eastern twist. Their food is above any expectation you might enter having.

The vibe is stunning, transporting you into another world. Their open kitchen adds another layer of the exciting atmosphere, and the menu selection is to die for.

Osh is unique as it has a Fusion Smoke Shisha menu with signature Shisha mixes, including fresh fruit and fumed cola. They also have a live DJ.

Osh restaurant is a fantastic option when you want food and entertainment. It is recommended to make reservations ahead of time since it gets pretty busy.

  • Address: La Mer, North, Unit 703, Jumeirah 1
  • Website: 
  • Phone number: +971 55 963 6756

9. Khun Chai Thai Restaurant

Khun Chai Thai Restaurant offers authentic Thai food that includes vegetarian meal options. The restaurant is relatively small but is known for providing high-quality Thai cuisine.

The food portions are excellent – total value for your money. The dishes are well prepared and well served, with some options for vegetarian customers too.

Naturally, the restaurant sells crowd favorites like Pad Thai and green curry. The menu also offers other Asian staples like Tom Yum seafood with noodles, stir-fried glass noodles, and beef soup.

If you want a taste of Asian food on a budget while in Dubai, you don’t want to miss Kun Chai Thai restaurant in Jumeirah.

10. Monah Egyptian Restaurant  

Monah Egyptian Restaurant prides itself on providing authentic Egyptian cuisine suitable for meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans.

The restaurant is known for providing top-notch, tasty, affordable Egyptian meals with meal options of pickled eggplant salad, falafels, and cheese sandwiches.  

The crowd favorites at Monah are their sandwiches, with their best sellers being their Egyptian street Hawawshi, a sandwich made from oven-baked Baladi bread stuffed with minced meat and pickles.

Many also enjoy the Kebda Eskandarani sandwich, a fino sandwich of Alexandrian liver served with tahini and pickles. Monah also offers unique Egyptian desserts, such as their tasty rice pudding.

11. Amanos Restaurant & Cafe


Amanos is a Mediterranean restaurant that is famous for its shwarma. If you want the most worth for your money with the best Mediterranean experience, enjoy the restaurant’s buffet option, which allows you to taste various Mediterranean dishes.

However, if you’re not up to doing the buffet, there are breakfast options and various main meals and desserts.

They have breakfast options like Shakshouka and Moutabal, lunch and dinner options like Turkish kebabs and fish Taouk, and desserts like warm date cake and Halawa cheesecake.

Amanos has a vibrant, welcoming ambiance. With melodic tunes and shisha wafting through the air, the restaurant offers an experience that stimulates your senses of taste, smell, and sound.  

12. Scalini Dubai

Scalini Dubai serves authentic Italian dishes and boasts a wide range of drink options. The restaurant is a must-visit for cigar lovers.

While the restaurant sells various cigarettes like Malboro red and double switch, the main attraction is its cigar selection. Scalini’s cigar options include Montecristo No. 2, Partagas Serie P2, and Hoyo de Monterey Epicure No. 2.

The food menu focus is pasta, but it offers various pizza options. The restaurant also serves options like lamb chops, veal shank, whole baby chicken, and Waygu beef rib eye.

Scalini fosters an enchanting dining experience. Guests can enjoy their meals on an intimate terrace or inside the charming restaurant that embodies the southern Italian coastal vibe.

13. COYA Dubai  


COYA Dubai is a Peruvian restaurant that fosters a Latin American dining experience. On COYA’s menu, you’ll find a host of Peru’s fusion foods, including dishes made using ingredients like wild mushrooms and seabream.

The setting is beautiful, providing you with a lovely ambiance and their food and cocktails are spectacular.

The eatery offers intriguing dessert options such as orange shortbread, lime churros, and passion fruit ice cream. COYA creates an immersive Peruvian experience with tribal beats from COYA Music and Peruvian art pieces decorating the restaurant.  

14. Buffalo Wild Wings  

Buffalo Wild Wings is a lively sports bar that prides itself on serving phenomenal chicken wings with a range of signature sauces. The wings are available in traditional style and boneless, with various exciting sauces to choose from.

While the restaurant is best known for its wings, it also provides other meals, such as nachos, quesadillas, burgers, and grilled shrimp, with standard sides and a range of desserts.

Buffalo Wild Wings is an informal, entertaining restaurant that is ideal when you’ve got a massive appetite and are in the mood for some meat, carbs, and a load of sugar to be enjoyed in a light-hearted environment.

15. Chocolate Molecule

Chocolate Molecule is not the spot you want to visit for food, but certainly the perfect location for dessert and coffee. It is a little hidden gem in Jumeirah, next to Yaba restaurant.

You can find all your chocolate and pastry delicacies here, and they even offer a course for guests to learn the art of preparing their items with a certificate at the end.

It is a cute coffee shop to enjoy after a hearty main meal or if you are simply looking to enjoy a drink and some cheesecake as you explore the streets of Dubai.

The desserts offered are immaculate and tasty, made with high-quality ingredients, and an experience worth every bite.


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