The 16 Best Kebab Restaurants In Dubai

Dubai is a foodie’s paradise. I love the mix of street kitchens, food trucks, and fine dining spots.

There is so much on offer to satisfy foodie cravings in Dubai; from a traditional british fish and chips to a delicious chicken tikka, Dubai has a variety of cuisines worth tasting.

Dubai is no stranger to kebabs. Kebabs are comfort food and aren’t limited to just Indian and Pakistani restaurants.

Choosing the best place to get kebabs can be tricky, but luckily I’ve got a list that will help you find the best kebab restaurants in Dubai.

1. Purani Dilli Dubai

Purani Dilli Dubai has an entire section of its menu dedicated to Kebabs and Tikkas. Locals love dishes like their Galawati Kebab and the Murgh Malai Tikka.

At Purani Dilli Dubai, you’ll not only get to choose between lamb and chicken kebabs but also vegetarian and vegan options.

Whether you’re into something spicy or looking for a kebab packed with flavor, Purani Dilli Dubai has a kebab for everyone.

The restaurant feels like an authentic Indian restaurant, and its dishes take you back to Old Delhi. However, Purani Dilli has a modern feel to it, with crystal chandeliers and white linen tablecloths.

If you’re craving authentic Indian food and Indian-style kebabs, Purani Dilli Dubai is the place to visit.

2. Bombay Brasserie

The Bombay Brasserie is in the Taj hotel and is its signature restaurant. Dining here promises personal attention, excellent service, and good authentic Indian food with a western twist.

The ambiance and music in the Bombay Brasserie provides a relaxed dining atmosphere. The restaurant is decorated with hues of orange and brown, and the food is plated like fine dining cuisine.

From the bar area, you can gaze over at the chefs prepping dishes. The Bombay Brasserie also offers a set menu option giving guests more variety when choosing their meals.

Some of the most popular dishes include items from their set menu, Chicken tikka masala, butter chicken, lamb chops, and kebabs.

3. Doors Freestyle Grill

Doors Freestyle Grill is known for its live cooking station, knowledgeable staff, and excellent food. Some of their most popular dishes are eggplant salad, beef shwarma, and chocolate sphere.

Doors Freestyle Grill offers a few good kebab options, including their Beef Shish Kebab and the Chicken Shaslik. These are not your average-sized kebabs but are much bigger, perfect for leftovers!

Doors Freestyle Grill is classified as Fusion Fine Dining and offers customers an immersive freestyle dining experience that most other restaurants in Dubai can’t offer.

So if you love fine dining, seafood, steak, and a picturesque waterfront dining experience, Doors Freestyle Grill is the place you should visit.

4. Amala

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At Amala, guests are offered a sensory experience in classic North Indian Mughlai cuisine. Amala restaurant is located in the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray.

This restaurant is adorned with beautiful tiled floors, traditional white tablecloths, and dark wood accents.

Amala is known for its flavorful dishes, and some of its notable menu items include the chocolate fondant masala ice cream, butter chicken, thali, and tasty vegetarian dishes.

Amala is open for lunch and dinner daily, and if classic north Indian cuisine is what you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Amala.

5. Asil Restaurant


Asil restaurant offers an ambiance of elegance, tradition, and modern innovation. This restaurant is located at the Rixos Premium Dubai, one of Dubai’s most stylish hotspots.

In addition, Asil offers live entertainment with a Dj and clarinet player, transforming your dining experience into a spectacular nightlife spot.

The food at Asil is a fusion of arabesque cuisine blending with Turkish senses, Moroccan taste, and Lebanese flavors. There are three menus on offer, including the A’la cart menu, the dessert menu, and the cocktails and beverages menu.

The kebabs at Asil are not your average kabab, and you can expect to enjoy minced kofta balls, grilled lamb cubes, sauteed shallots, sour cherry, and pine nuts.

6. Tresind Dubai

Tresind is a Michelin-star restaurant offering modernist Indian cuisine. Tresind is considered one of the best fine dining restaurants in Dubai and one of the top modern Indian restaurants.

Tresind is decorated with hints of blue, and the décor is sophisticated and romantic.

Their dishes are plated with finesse and the chef’s menu is worth trying. At Tresind Dubai, you don’t just enjoy a meal but an experience.

Both the vegetarian and meat dishes are outstanding, with some of the favorites being smoked tandoori chicken and prawn dishes. So if you’re celebrating a special occasion, Tresind Dubai is an excellent place to dine.

7. Asha’s


Asha’s offers bold flavors with exquisite presentation. At Asha’s, you’ll get to enjoy a multi-sensory feast of North West Indian cuisine.

If you’re looking to experience kababs, Asha’s has an impressive range of chicken, lamb, vegetarian, and seafood kebabs. If you’re looking for an authentic Indian restaurant that offers a wide variety of kebabs, then Asha’s is your best option.

Asha’s is also known for its biryani and signature curries. Asha’s is decorated to make you feel like you’re dining at home.

Sofa seats and classic dining tables make up most of the dining area, with lots of bright oranges to give it that authentic Indian feel.

8. Little Miss India

If you’re up for kebabs and a show, then Little Miss India offers this unique dining experience.

A Michelin-star restaurant that offers an eccentric menu and diverse Indian cuisine, Little Miss India should be on every foodie’s bucket list. At Little Miss India, you can enjoy a variety of kebabs from the tandoor and the griddle.

Some of their excellent kebabs include the Murgh Tikka kebab and the Paneer tikka kebab.

Little Miss India has a vibey feel with colorful décor and bright wallpaper, and their outdoor seating area is perfect for candlelit dinners and offers a superb view.

9. Enigma

Enigma offers a lunch and dinner service and is inspired by the Iranian origins of the Michelin star executive chef Mansour Memarian. Enigma’s indoor and outdoor seating provides stunning views of Dubai Creek and the main pool.

Enigma is well known for its Persian kebab offering, and you may be tempted to try them all.

Some famous kebabs include the Kebab Versace (Sliced triple A beef tenderloin rolls with walnut and sweet basil smoked on charcoal) and the kebab morgh (chicken enriched with saffron).

Enigma’s soups, Persian stews, and desserts are also popular among locals.

10. Amritsr

If you’re craving affordable, authentic Indian dishes, Amritsar restaurant is a great option to satisfy those Indian food cravings.

Amritsar has been around for more than 20 years, and their popular dishes include Dal Makhni, Palak Paneer, and Kulcha chole. Experience bold décor and a colorful dining experience at Amritsr.

Guests dining at Amritsr love the blue dining sofas and the blue dining chairs that have added to the iconic look of this restaurant. Besides the outstanding food, their drinks and dessert menu are impressive too.

11. Bombay Bungalow

Bombay Bungalow is more than traditional Indian dining; but is a laid-back experience that treats you to delicious cuisine that is a fusion of classic recipes and universally recognized ingredients.

Some of the Bombay Bungalow’s signature dishes include the Burrata Butter Chicken, the Gruyere Pav Bhaji Fondue, and the Raita Tray.

The Bombay Bungalow welcomes a quick bite or a leisurely meal. Their beachside venue inspires leisurely dining and adds a creative touch to this unique Indian restaurant.

If you love an Indian breakfast, the Bombay Bungalow also offers a daily breakfast from 8 am to 12 pm.

12. Kebab Grill 44

At the Kebab Grill 44, their kebabs are flavourful, marinaded, and grilled to bring out the best Indian and Arabic flavors.

Kebab Grill 44 is affordable and perfect for those looking for a quick lunch or dinner. Their menu is filled with signature dishes and popular Indian desserts like Jalebi and Kulfi.

The relaxed dining space and simple décor elements make you feel comfortable. The atmosphere isn’t overwhelming and the seating arrangements are spacious but still create an intimate feel to your lunch or dinner experience.

A few kebabs worth trying are the charcoal smoked mutton and the pistachio Lamb Chelo kebab.

  • Address: Shop Number G -33 and G -33A, H Tower, Executive Towers, Business Bay
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +971 58 107 4917

13. Danial Restaurant

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Danial restaurant offers Iranian cuisine that is authentic and packed with flavor. At Danial, meals are served buffet style with a mix of flavors that include Iranian, Chinese, Indian, Arabic, and international cuisine.

Since their opening in 1999, Danial has become one of the most well-known open buffet restaurants in Dubai. Expect dim lighting, wooden chairs, and chandeliers at Danial, perfect for evening dining.

14. Al Ustad Special Kebab

Al Ustad Special Kebab is a hidden gem, but popular with tourists and locals for its serving of freshly prepared Persian kebabs. The portion sizes are generous, and the kebab offering is affordable.

This restaurant is located on a street corner and is identified among locals due to its bright blue name in bold lettering, ensuring you can’t miss visiting Al Ustad.

The interior is a mix of photographs, posters, and gadgets. The table glass tops protect an array of banknotes from all over the world, making this a very eccentric dining experience.

Expect large portions, more than enough for takeaways, and an authentic Persian kebab experience at Al Ustad Special Kebab.

15. Awtar


Awtar is a Lebanese restaurant that offers guests an enchanting dining experience with delicious items from their menu and a belly dancing display.

If you’re looking for a romantic, chic, and intimate dining experience that will sweep you away, Awtar is the place to visit. The restaurant is filled with draped curtains and soft lighting.

Their indoor seating area is perfect for intimate dinners, while their outdoor seating offers wooden tables and benches with lots of scatter cushions and a comfortable couch to sit on.

The menu at Awtar offers traditional Lebanese dishes and their portion sizes are pretty generous.

At Awtar you can enjoy a dinner service that provides a Lebanese mixed grill with lamb, chicken, and seafood. Their live entertainment is not only limited to belly dancers but a live band too.

16. Baba Dubai

Baba Dubai is a Turkish restaurant offering an authentic Turkish culinary experience. Baba Dubai is one of the best Turkish steakhouses in Dubai. Each table receives a mezze platter to enjoy while the main meals are being prepared.

Baba Dubai is known for its steaks, but its kebabs, braised octopus, and whole roasted seabass are also popular menu options.

Baba Dubai has been around since 2019 and has become very popular among those visiting Dubai. The dining area is chic with minimalistic interiors. Baba Dubai also has an outdoor seating area with views of the beach.


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